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Ignore procedure return values (deprecated)

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In jOOQ 3.6.0, #4106 was implemented to support Transact-SQL's optional return values from stored procedures. This turns all procedures into Routine<Integer> (instead of Routine<Void>). For backwards-compatibility reasons, users can suppress this change in jOOQ 3.x

This feature is deprecated as of jOOQ 3.6.0 and will be removed again in jOOQ 4.0.

XML (standalone and maven)
<configuration xmlns="http://www.jooq.org/xsd/jooq-codegen-3.16.5.xsd">
new org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration()
  .withGenerator(new Generator()
    .withDatabase(new Database()
myConfigurationName(sourceSets.main) {
  generator {
    database {
      ignoreProcedureReturnValues = true


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