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Catalog and schema version providers

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For continuous integration reasons, users often like to version their database schemas, e.g. with tools like Flyway. In these cases, it is usually beneficial if the catalog and/or schema version can be placed with generated jOOQ code for documentation purposes and to prevent unnecessary re-generation of a catalog and/or schema.

For this reason, jOOQ allows for implementing a simple code generation SPI which tells jOOQ what the user-defined version of any given catalog or schema is.

There are three possible ways to implement this SPI:

  • By providing a fully qualified class name that implements any of org.jooq.meta.CatalogVersionProvider or org.jooq.meta.SchemaVersionProvider respectively for programmatic version providing.
  • By providing a SELECT statement returning one row with one column containing the version string. The SELECT statement may contain a named variable called :catalog_name or :schema_name respectively.
  • By providing a constant, such as a Maven property, for instance.

These schema versions will be generated into the javax.annotation.Generated annotation on generated artefacts.

XML (standalone and maven)
<configuration xmlns="http://www.jooq.org/xsd/jooq-codegen-3.16.0.xsd">
      <catalogVersionProvider>SELECT :catalog_name || '_' || MAX("version") FROM "schema_version"</catalogVersionProvider>
      <schemaVersionProvider>SELECT :schema_name || '_' || MAX("version") FROM "schema_version"</schemaVersionProvider>
new org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration()
  .withGenerator(new Generator()
    .withDatabase(new Database()
      .withCatalogVersionProvider("SELECT :catalog_name || '_' || MAX(\"version\") FROM \"schema_version\"")
      .withSchemaVersionProvider("SELECT :schema_name || '_' || MAX(\"version\") FROM \"schema_version\"")
myConfigurationName(sourceSets.main) {
  generator {
    database {
      catalogVersionProvider = 'SELECT :catalog_name || '_' || MAX("version") FROM "schema_version"'
      schemaVersionProvider = 'SELECT :schema_name || '_' || MAX("version") FROM "schema_version"'


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