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Extended types

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In addition to all the data types specified by the JDBC specification such as SMALLINT, INTEGER, BIGINT, VARCHAR, and many more, jOOQ includes support for additional standard SQL data types, which JDBC ignores.

These data types are very convenient when they work out of the box, although you may prefer to roll your own, e.g. using converters or bindings.

Specifically, in the case of spatial types, which are available to the commercial editions only, you may want to opt out of jOOQ's code generation support when you're using the jOOQ Open Source Edition.

Support for these four data types can be configured in code generation:

By default, all of the above data types are supported, and support is enabled. To disable support, use:

XML (standalone and maven)

See the configuration XSD, standalone code generation, and maven code generation for more details.

new org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration()
    new Generate()

See the configuration XSD andprogrammatic code generation for more details.

generationTool {
  generator {
    generate {
      intervalTypes = false
      jsonTypes = false
      spatialTypes = false
      xmlTypes = false

See the configuration XSD and gradle code generation for more details.


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