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Build your own

Applies to ✅ Open Source Edition   ✅ Express Edition   ✅ Professional Edition   ✅ Enterprise Edition

In order to build jOOQ (Open Source Edition) yourself, please download the sources from and use Maven to build jOOQ, preferably in Eclipse. The jOOQ Open Source Edition requires Java 8+ to compile and run. The commercial jOOQ Editions require Java 8+ or Java 6+ to compile and run, depending on the distribution.

Some useful hints to build jOOQ yourself:

  • Get the latest version of Git or EGit
  • Get the latest version of Maven or M2E
  • Check out the jOOQ sources from
  • Optionally, import Maven artefacts into an Eclipse workspace using the following command (see the maven-eclipse-plugin documentation for details):
    • mvn eclipse:eclipse
  • Build the jooq-parent artefact by using any of these commands:
    • mvn clean package
      create .jar files in ${}
    • mvn clean install
      install the .jar files in your local repository (e.g. ~/.m2)
    • mvn clean {goal} -Dmaven.test.skip=true
      don't run unit tests when building artefacts


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