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Table-valued functions

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Some databases support functions that can produce tables for use in arbitrary SELECT statements. jOOQ supports these functions out-of-the-box for such databases. For instance, in SQL Server, the following function produces a table of (ID, TITLE) columns containing either all the books or just one book by ID:

RETURNS @out_table TABLE (
    id INTEGER,
    title VARCHAR(400)
    INSERT @out_table
    SELECT id, title
    FROM book
    WHERE @id IS NULL OR id = @id
    ORDER BY id

The jOOQ code generator will now produce a generated table from the above, which can be used as a SQL function:

// Fetching all books records
Result<FBooksRecord> r1 = create.selectFrom(fBooks(null)).fetch();

// Lateral joining the table-valued function to another table using CROSS APPLY:
create.select(BOOK.ID, F_BOOKS.TITLE)


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