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JDBC Connection

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Sometimes, access to the JDBC java.sql.Connection is required from code that would otherwise use jOOQ. Your DSLContext and Configuration is configured with a JDBC Connection or DataSource via a org.jooq.ConnectionProvider, but rather than going through those SPIs, you can access (and acquire) a java.sql.Connection directly from your DSLContext. This can be done easily using DSLContext.connection() or DSLContext.connectionResult(). Just write:

// When you don't produce any results:
create.connection((Connection c) -> {

    // Modify your JDBC connection or get information from it
    c.setClientInfo("key", "value");

    // Run statements directly with JDBC
    try (Statement s = c.createStatement()) {
        s.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO author (id, first_name, last_name) VALUES (3, 'William', 'Shakespeare')";

// When you produce results
int rows = create.connectionResult(c -> {
    try (Statement s = c.createStatement()) {
        return s.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO author (id, first_name, last_name) VALUES (3, 'William', 'Shakespeare')";


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