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jOOQ for PROs

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jOOQ isn't just a library that helps you build and execute SQL against your generated, compilable schema. jOOQ ships with a lot of tools. Here are some of the most important tools shipped with jOOQ:

  • jOOQ's Execute Listeners: jOOQ allows you to hook your custom execute listeners into jOOQ's SQL statement execution lifecycle in order to centrally coordinate any arbitrary operation performed on SQL being executed. Use this for logging, identity generation, SQL tracing, performance measurements, etc.
  • Logging: jOOQ has a standard DEBUG logger built-in, for logging and tracing all your executed SQL statements and fetched result sets
  • Stored Procedures: jOOQ supports stored procedures and functions of your favourite database. All routines and user-defined types are generated and can be included in jOOQ's SQL building API as function references.
  • Batch execution: Batch execution is important when executing a big load of SQL statements. jOOQ simplifies these operations compared to JDBC
  • Exporting and Importing: jOOQ ships with an API to easily export/import data in various formats

If you're a power user of your favourite, feature-rich database, jOOQ will help you access all of your database's vendor-specific features, such as OLAP features, stored procedures, user-defined types, vendor-specific SQL, functions, etc. Examples are given throughout this manual.


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