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Package org.jooq

Interface BindingScope

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
BindingGetResultSetContext<U>, BindingGetSQLInputContext<U>, BindingGetStatementContext<U>, BindingRegisterContext<U>, BindingSetSQLOutputContext<U>, BindingSetStatementContext<U>, BindingSQLContext<U>

public interface BindingScope extends Scope
A Scope that lives in the context of a data type Binding operation.

Known subtypes of various binding operations

The various Binding operations and their corresponding BindingScope subtypes include:


The various Binding operations are very short lived operations and thus this scope is also very short lived, although some implementations (e.g. BindingGetResultSetContext) may be cached for the duration of an ExecuteScope for performance reasons.

The map is that of the parent scope, which is:

This allows for interacting with the rendering lifecycle or the execution lifecycle from within a custom data type Binding.

Interactions with other Scope types

Most but not all BindingScope types are also ExecuteScope. Specifically, the BindingSQLContext type isn't an ExecuteScope because it can also be used in non-execution use-cases, such as DSLContext.render(QueryPart), where a bind value needs to render its SQL to the output SQL string, without the SQL string ever being executed.

Lukas Eder