Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Interface Trigger

All Superinterfaces:
Named, Qualified, QueryPart, Serializable

@Pro public interface Trigger extends Qualified
A meta model of SQL TRIGGER objects.
Lukas Eder
  • Method Details

    • getTime

      @Nullable @Nullable TriggerTime getTime()
      The time when a trigger fires.
    • getEvents

      @NotNull @NotNull Set<TriggerEvent> getEvents()
      The event types on which a trigger fires.
    • getExecution

      @Nullable @Nullable TriggerExecution getExecution()
      The execution scope of a trigger.
    • getTable

      @Nullable @Nullable Table<?> getTable()
      The table of the trigger.
    • getFields

      @NotNull @NotNull List<Field<?>> getFields()
      The fields of the trigger if it is an UPDATE trigger.
    • getWhen

      @Nullable @Nullable Condition getWhen()
      The condition that is checked before executing a trigger.
    • getActionOrder

      int getActionOrder()
      The action order of execution for this trigger's action.
    • getAction

      @Nullable @Nullable Statement getAction()
      The statement that is being executed by the trigger.