The jOOQ Release Note History


jOOQ Release notes


Version 3.19.10 - June 14, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Features and Improvements

#16806 Clarify EmbeddableRecord Javadoc
#16820 Allow for specifying inputs to the gradle CodegenTask in order to participate in incremental builds
#16828 Add Source.resolve(String) to allow for varied, string based input sources
#16829 The code generation initScript property should be able to read from the file system

Bug Fixes

#16735 Redundant policy related logic in UpdateQueryImpl
#16740 Internal SelectQueryImpl::copy behaviour may produce inconsistent copy of WINDOW clause
#16746 Wrong SQL rendered for MS Access CONCAT function with more than 2 arguments
#16756 Work around BigQuery's SELECT without FROM clause cannot use aggregation limitation
#16763 Parser meta lookup fails for DUAL table
#16770 Work around BigQuery ORDER BY clause limitation where identifiers cannot be resolved if the table and the column share the same name
#16774 Work around BigQuery limitation of using: HAVING clause on a non-aggregate query
#16778 Support BigQuery's QUALIFY .. WINDOW keyword order
#16787 Fix null treatment syntax of window functions in BigQuery
#16793 Inconsistent formatting of HSQLDB DUAL table emulation
#16798 Parser error when trying to parse hypothetical set function with FILTER clause
#16811 MULTISET nested projection's ContextConverters don't receive correct ConverterContext
#16822 Don't delay jOOQ-codegen-gradle's configuration until execution by default


Version 3.19.9 - May 30, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

#16647 BlobBinding and ClobBinding should fall back to byte[] and String binding also in HANA
#16652 TableRecords should refresh() themselves for HANA dialect, when any non-identity value should be fetched after an insert
#16657 Improve warning log message about static type registry usage and how to remedy it
#16663 Wrong source code generated when newline escape sequence of long view source is split into two
#16672 Update using multi-column set clause with DSL.row and custom type logs warn on deprecated static type registry
#16676 SQLite "Cannot parse or interpret sql for table" error with both unique columns and foreign key constraints
#16687 Error in CockroachDBDatabase when running SHOW INDEXES for table valued function
#16692 Work around KT-68407 compiler error in generated AbstractSpringDAOImpl class in kotlin 2.0
#16697 Memory leak in DefaultCacheProvider when large amounts of arbitrary projections are mapped with DefaultRecordMapper
#16703 Settings.transformPatternsUnnecessaryScalarSubquery produces wrong SQL when subquery column is aliased
#16706 Pattern replacement activates RETURNING clause of DELETE / UPDATE statements
#16709 Settings.transformPatternsUnnecessaryScalarSubquery produces wrong SQL when subquery column is an embeddable
#16722 Confusing error message when reading a non-existing Field from a Record containing accidentally nested row types
#16726 Avoid operator associativity rendering logic if operator isn't nested


Version 3.19.8 - May 2, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

#16548 Auto wrap Field arguments to a Routine's Object typed parameter in Field<Object>
#16553 Work around lack of support for INSERT .. SELECT .. UNION [ ALL ] SELECT in SingleStore
#16572 DELETE .. ORDER BY .. LIMIT on partitioned tables without unique constraint uses non-unique ctid for self joins
#16575 Cannot configure matchers using jOOQ-codegen-gradle plugin
#16577 SAXParseException warnings when using jOOQ-codegen-gradle or any other MiniJAXB.unmarshal() usage
#16582 Time zone information lost when fetching TIMETZ[] value in PostgreSQL
#16586 Work around HSQLDB bug where wrong LocalTime value is fetched when using bind values of type LocalTime[]
#16603 Wrong cast type name when casting value to NCLOB in Firebird
#16617 Fix order of NOT NULL and DEFAULT clauses in BigQuery CREATE TABLE statements


Version 3.19.7 - April 4, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Features and Improvements

#16437 Document DSL.jsonGetElement() index being 0 based

Bug Fixes

#16428 DefaultDataType.getDataType logger should add more details about how to fix the problem
#16429 Row[N].eq(Row[N]) should apply data type bindings if necessary
#16430 Unnecessary static type registry warning when inlining custom converted enum value
#16431 Static type registry deprecation warning shouldn't appear when using the INSERT valuesOfRows() clause with converted data types
#16440 QuantifiedSelect wrapping array doesn't correctly convert array component types
#16453 Fix other cases where org.jooq.impl.Val uses "inferred data type," but cannot actually lazily infer the type
#16457 ParsingConnection should not rely on org.jooq.impl.Val identity to match user bind value indexes with rendered indexes
#16462 SEEK doesn't work correctly when there are multiple noField() arguments and ORDER BY is uniform and Settings.renderRowConditionForSeekClause is true
#16471 Work around CockroachDB's lack of support for the POWER() function accepting integer arguments
#16474 jOOQ parser parses indexed parameters as named
#16480 SQL Server's CREATE cannot fully qualify a sequence name
#16495 Intercept SQLFeatureNotSupportedException caused by DatabaseMetaData::getImportedKeys and other calls
#16504 Improve compilation speeds of generated QOM types
#16511 Avoid PostgreSQL empty array cast when explicit cast is given
#16536 Parser fails to parse TIME[STAMP] WITH TIME ZONE literals
#16540 Incorrect conversion of LocalDateTime to LocalDate during daylight saving time


Version 3.19.6 - March 8, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

#16348 Parser fails with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when encountering invalid PostgreSQL unicode literal
#16351 Parser shouldn't fail with NumberFormatException
#16357 ParsingConnection doesn't correctly execute batches when using ParamType.INLINED or StatementType.STATIC_STATEMENT
#16364 UUID bind values should be auto-cast to avoid issues with lack of auto-conversion support in PostgreSQL
#16371 Parser always parses NULL literal of type BOOLEAN
#16374 Cast NULL literal in subquery SELECT projection in PostgreSQL
#16382 DataType should cache null_() and notNull() variants
#16386 Add some WARN logs when synthetic key objects aren't matched
#16389 Add arity check to synthetic foreign key configuration to avoid wrong generated code when FK / UK columns mismatch
#16394 Empty derived column lists generate wrong SQL syntax
#16397 Regression in fetchCount execution when argument query uses plain SQL tables
#16400 jOOQ-codegen-gradle should lazily evaluate its configuration
#16406 Parser doesn't support GROUPING SETS with <ordinary grouping set> specification
#16411 Code generator and MetaImpl return CREATE DEFAULT statement instead of just the default expression


Version 3.19.5 - February 27, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

#16317 Regression: Gradle plugin thinks it's up to date when it's not
#16320 Wrong SQL generated when nesting predicates on subqueries projecting embeddables within MULTISET
#16323 SelectIsNull renders invalid SQL when SELECT projection is embeddable
#16327 DSLContext.fetchCount(Select) produces wrong SQL when query projects embeddables
#16337 NumberFormatException in parser when encountering double value with implicit 0 exponent
#16341 DefaultRenderContext::peekIndex doesn't contain correct bind index


Version 3.19.4 - February 20, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Features and Improvements

#16122 Add Context.scopeParts(Class<Q>): Iterable<Q> to allow for iterating over the values that are currently in scope

Bug Fixes

#16115 jOOQ-codegen-gradle fails with UnknownDomainObjectException when java plugin isn't applied first
#16116 Generated implicit join alias collision when child table foreign keys share the same name
#16124 RenderTable.WHEN_AMBIGUOUS_COLUMNS doesn't cover all ambiguous column name cases
#16126 RenderTable.WHEN_MULTIPLE_TABLES doesn't work correctly in correlated subqueries
#16129 Maximum consumed results reached when Hikari close a SQL Server connection, leading to excessive logging
#16134 jOOQ-codegen-gradle doesn't consider basedir property for its OutputDirectory
#16181 %ROWTYPE UDT types generate invalid system columns when underlying table references object types
#16185 Settings.returnDefaultOnUpdatableRecord and Settings.returnComputedOnUpdatableRecord don't work for replacing embeddables
#16196 Overall performance improvement in AbstractNamed.hashCode() specialisations by avoiding Name::append
#16204 Remove internal AbstractContext::toggle utilities
#16210 AbstractScope::dsl, ::settings, ::dialect, and ::family should avoid unnecessary null-checks on Configuration
#16223 BatchCRUD implementation should extract bind values with SQL string in one go
#16230 Emulate LIMIT 0 where not supported
#16233 Wrong Support annotation on CREATE TRIGGER for INFORMIX
#16238 IndexOutOfBoundsException in DerbyDatabase when <includeExcludeColumns/> excludes a column from an index
#16247 Avoid allocating DataMap in short lived Scope implementations
#16250 Cache TableRecord Constructor in TableImpl for use in Tools.recordFactory()
#16256 JavaGenerator doesn't generate serialVersionUID in Path classes
#16259 Avoid allocating Collections.nCopies in ScopeStack
#16263 Avoid allocating JoinNode in scope registration of tables if unnecessary
#16267 Avoid constructing for constant internal names
#16271 Refactor QualifiedName to improve performance
#16276 name(null, "") should equal to name("")
#16280 Result::formatXML should omit type attribute on columns whose type is unknown
#16284 Meta::ddl generates incorrect queries for SQL Server (max) lengths
#16294 Remove unnecessary up-to-date prevention in jOOQ-codegen-gradle plugin
#16295 Wrong SQL generated for CREATE TABLE in non-default schemas for DuckDB
#16298 MULTISET equality is ORDER dependent in dialects without support for correlated derived tables
#16303 Can't parse MySQL ALTER TABLE .. DROP .., DROP .. syntax


Version 3.19.3 - January 19, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Breaking changes

#16085 Wrong order of MiniJAXB.append() calls in jOOQ-codegen-gradle

Bug Fixes

#16076 Compilation error in ScalaGenerator generated code of generated DAOs when using scalac 3
#16079 Remove unnecessary runtimeClasspath dependency of the jOOQ-codegen-gradle plugin
#16082 Syntax error in generated SQL of ALTER INDEX or ALTER SCHEMA statement, when identifiers aren't quoted
#16086 jOOQ-gradle-plugin multi execution configuration shouldn't require an explicit default configuration
#16095 Compilation error in ScalaGenerator generated Keys.scala class when using GeneratorStrategy
#16106 Wrong Javadoc in RTRIM() and LTRIM()


Version 3.19.2 - January 12, 2024

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Features and Improvements

#16023 Add Javadoc to discourage using any Fields.field(x, Class<T>) method if there's an Fields.field(x, DataType<T>) overload, as well as inline(T), value(T), and val(T)
#16032 SQLPerformanceWarning should log hint about gathering dictionary statistics in OracleDatabase
#16045 should delegate to org.jooq.impl.Convert, instead of duplicating implementations

Breaking changes

#16058 Remove mandatory dependency from compileJava to jOOQ-codegen-gradle tasks

Bug Fixes

#15976 Wrong statement generated for MySQL when leading unqualified asterisk is used with plain SQL template table
#15983 Comparison predicates and quantified comparison predicates should hint array type to org.jooq.impl.Array for empty expression array casts
#15985 Regression in PostgreSQL query using 'x' = ANY (ARRAY [(SELECT ARRAY ['x'])]) style quantified comparison predicate on multi dimensional arrays
#15994 RenderTable.WHEN_MULTIPLE_TABLES only works with table lists, not with joins
#16004 Misleading XSD warnings logged when working with MiniJAXB
#16010 Code generator fails when generating triggers because TriggerExecution value is null
#16014 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code when GeneratorStrategy produces identifiers conflicting with property access syntax of AbstractRoutine getters
#16026 Cannot project TableAsField if table contains embeddables in PostgreSQL
#16030 Regression: NullPointerException in KotlinGenerator generated code when InlineDerivedTable constructor calls TableImpl.where(null)
#16038 ScalaGenerator produces duplicate paths for cyclic foreign key relationships
#16040 Compilation error in JavaGenerator generated code when <pojosAsJavaRecordClasses> is active and a table references a UDT
#16049 DATE column in Oracle is null when fetched through multiset
#16057 Cannot look up tasks.named("jooqCodegen") from gradle scripts
#16060 MetaSQL lookups are done with, not SQLDialect
#16063 Regression: Table metadata calculation for Oracle does not work after 3.19.0
#16066 Add Javadoc to all XJC-generated "withers" and setters of boolean types


Version 3.19.1 - December 20, 2023

This is a 3.19 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

#15945 jOOQ-codegen-gradle should resolve relative directories with respect to the gradle project, not the running process
#15947 KeepNamesGeneratorStrategy generates ambiguous path names if implicitJoinPathTableSubtypes is activated
#15948 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code with KeepNamesGeneratorStrategy and generated implicit join paths
#15954 SQLite requires parenthesised DEFAULT expressions in DDL
#15959 YugabyteDB doesn't support ALTER TABLE .. DROP CONSTRAINT IF EXISTS
#15971 Implicit path correlation shouldn't generate correlation predicate if correlation isn't in scope
#15973 Regression in LiquibaseDatabase when omitting the database.liquibaseSchemaName value


Version 3.19.0 - December 15, 2023

New dialects

It's been a few releases since we've added support for new dialects, but finally some very interesting RDBMS of increasing popularity have joined the jOOQ family including:

These dialects are available in all jOOQ editions.

New dialect versions

In addition to these entirely new dialects, big new CockroachDB and Oracle versions have shipped:

We've added support for many new Oracle features, including:

As well as CockroachDB features, including:

Join path improvements

Implicit to-one path joins have been with jOOQ since version 3.11. Now, we've greatly improved this very useful feature by adding support for:

This is best shown by example:

// Before 3.19:, ACTOR.LAST_NAME)
// After 3.19:, ACTOR.LAST_NAME)

This feature is available in all jOOQ editions.

Gradle plugin

One of the longest awaited features is an official jooq-codegen-gradle plugin, that offers a tight integration with gradle's task system while being released in the same release cadence as jOOQ itself.

Our new gradle plugin supports all of the code generation features in both an idiomatic groovy or kotlin DSL

More information here:

This feature is available in all jOOQ editions.

Commercial maven repository

A feature that many of our paying customers have wanted for a long time has finally been implemented: our commercial maven repository at, where all historic and new commercial only jOOQ artifacts as well as snapshot versions will be hosted, in addition to our ZIP file download website:

This feature is available only in commercial jOOQ editions.


Similar to PostgreSQL's powerful POLICY feature, or Oracle's Virtual Private Database, jOOQ 3.19 allows for declaring policies that act as automatic filters on some of your tables, to allow for a simple and thorough row level security implementation.

For example, with a policy on the multi tenancy capable CUSTOMER table, a query like this:, CUSTOMER.NAME)

Might in fact run a SQL statement like this, instead:


Not just queries, but all DML statements are rewritten to disallow any inaccessible data from being written / read.

More information here:

This feature is available only in commercial jOOQ editions.

UDT paths

In addition to adding User Defined Type (UDT) support to CockroachDB and Informix, we've improved our code generator support for UDTs in a way for attribute paths to be made accessible to client code in a type safe way.

So, with types like these:

CREATE TYPE country AS (
  iso_code TEXT
  first_name TEXT,
  last_name TEXT
CREATE TYPE address AS (
  street TEXT,
  country COUNTRY
CREATE TABLE customer (
  name NAME,
  address ADDRESS

You can now destructure the UDTs directly in your SQL query like this:

More information here:

This feature is available in all jOOQ editions.

Trigger meta data

The code generator can now reverse engineer trigger meta data from most RDBMS that support triggers. This meta data can be helpful at runtime, e.g. to render improved RETURNING support in the absence of triggers, in dialects where triggers require special emulations (e.g. SQLite or SQL Server).

This feature is available only in commercial jOOQ editions.


A new Collector has been added to recursively collect a flat representation of hierarchical data into an object hierarchy. This plays very well with our MULTISET nested collection support.

For more details, see this blog post:

This feature is available in all jOOQ editions.

Java 8 support removed from jOOQ Express and Professional Editions

Like other leading platforms, we're moving on to help with the adoption of newer JDK versions. Our Java 8 support will be discontinued for the jOOQ Express Edition and jOOQ Professional Edition. If you require Java 8 support, you can upgrade to the jOOQ Enterprise Edition, which will continue supporting Java 8 for another few minor releases, or stay on jOOQ 3.18, which will also receive bug fixes for another while.

This change affects only commercial jOOQ editions.

For a complete list other, minor improvements, see the below change notes.

Features and Improvements

#228 Enhance API to provide access to UDT members
#2356 Support PostgreSQL multi table TRUNCATE statement
#2536 DAO should copy the inserted identity value back to the POJO on DAO.insert(P)
#2682 Add org.jooq.Policy, to support shared-schema multi-tenancy and row level security
#3751 Support UDT object names in MatcherStrategy
#3862 Improve Javadoc on DSLContext.executeInsert(), executeUpdate(), and executeDelete() about optimistic locking not applying
#4092 Add a section to the manual showing how to bind LOBs via org.jooq.Binding
#5210 Add code generation option to generate string constants for all object names
#6028 Add JSONFormat.NullFormat to offer different NULL encoding options
#6182 Support renaming Keys and Indexes with matcher strategy
#6542 Add some gifs to the on Github, also for examples
#6587 Add InsertQuery.setRecordForUpdate(Record)
#8012 Override Table.where(Condition) methods in generated tables
#8474 Add support for CREATE TYPE AS <member list>
#8617 Add org.jooq.Generated annotation with RUNTIME retention for generated code
#9483 Add support for { CREATE | ALTER | DROP } MATERIALIZED VIEW
#9635 Add DSL.noTable() for optional, dynamic joins
#9906 Offer a public Maven repository for commercial distributions
#10096 LiquibaseDatabase should create database.liquibaseSchemaName, if configured
#10504 Update manual to show also Gradle/Kotlin configuration examples
#11248 Add Trigger runtime meta model
#11251 Add emulation support for IF [ NOT ] EXISTS to MySQL for DDL on INDEX and VIEW objects
#11263 Add KeyColumnUsage.positionInUniqueConstraint to the InformationSchema for use with XMLDatabase
#11485 Support for Trino DB
#11584 Add parser support for SQL Server CREATE TYPE and DROP TYPE
#11944 Add Firebird 4.0 native support for DELETE .. ORDER BY and UPDATE .. ORDER BY
#12052 Add experimental DuckDB support
#12083 Work around missing support for REMARKS on DatabaseMetaData.getColumns()
#12270 Add Javadoc hints about Record.changed() values to InsertValuesStep[N].valuesOfRecords(...)
#12341 Add a Records::intoHierarchy Collector to turn Result into tree representations
#12493 Support INSERTING, UPDATING, DELETING in PostgreSQL via TG_OP
#12747 Add support for Informix UDTs
#12985 Create an official jooq-codegen-gradle plugin
#13065 Document the InlineDerivedTable feature
#13295 Allow for specifying both <name> and <binding> / <converter> in <forcedType>
#13301 Allow kotlin pojos to not have defaulted constructor parameters
#13639 Add support for to-many path expressions
#13786 Parser should support TIMESTAMP 'YYYY-MM-DD' and TIME 'HH:MM' literals
#13912 Simplify SQL Server's RETURNING emulation in the absence of triggers
#13947 Support CockroachDB 23 user defined functions
#14011 Add SQLDialect.ORACLE23C
#14429 Builds should log their build date with the logo
#14551 Add more startup tips to be logged with the jOOQ logo
#14614 Implicit JOIN improvements
#14756 Continue work on public query object model API
#14777 Add <E, R : Record1<E>>ResultQuery<R>.fetchValue(): E? extension method to kotlin
#14790 Add DataType.isUUID()
#14799 Add support for TRY_CAST()
#14800 Error when PostgreSQL anonymous block contains dollar quoted string token
#14803 BlobBinding and ClobBinding should fall back to byte[] and String binding if unavailable
#14808 Add more documentation after 3.18 release
#14814 Split Aliased tables section of the manual into subsections
#14818 Add a remark on the Converter Javadoc that implementations must be able to handle NULL
#14840 Apply Settings.batchSize also to other batch API
#14876 Add warnings to manual and Javadoc about ON KEY ambiguity caveats
#14895 Add Javadoc to DAO::insert and DAO::update regarding Settings.returnRecordToPojo
#14914 Add DSL.domain(Name, DataType<T>) and overloads
#14932 Add a jooq.codegen.propertyOverride system property to GenerationTool
#14933 Add the missing DSLContext.fetchValue(TableField, Condition) and other overloads
#14934 Upgrade liquibase-core to 4.21.0
#14953 Add Javadoc hints about implementation of JSONB::toString, JSONB::hashCode, and JSONB::equals
#14967 Reactive batch implementations should throw UnsupportedOperationException with a message
#14975 Upgrade Jackson to 2.15.0
#14985 Allow for specifying explicit path joins
#14988 Emulate LATERAL (TableImpl | JoinTable) where not supported
#14992 Join elimination for implicit join paths
#14993 Add a new <matchers/> subelement <foreignKeys/>
#14998 Add code generation flag <implicitJoinPathUnusedConstructors/> to offer an option to stop generating unused implicit join path constructors
#15002 Add native support for NULLS FIRST and NULLS LAST in CockroachDB 23
#15003 Add SQLDialect.COCKROACHDB_23
#15006 Support Oracle 23c's new 64k IN list limit
#15023 Add a section to the manual about SQL translation
#15024 Improve Javadoc of lookupLiteral() for generated enums
#15025 Generate annotations on generated EnumType::getLiteral method, if so configured
#15050 Add support for generic org.jooq.log.<logger>=threshold system properties
#15051 Add JooqLogger.isErrorEnabled()
#15060 Add DataType.isOther()
#15065 Upgrade maven plugins
#15070 MiniJAXB should support reading simple elements as attributes
#15072 Add error message to which doesn't work with Maven 3.9.0 due to MNG-7679
#15075 maven-install and maven-deploy shell scripts should use -e flag to report more error info
#15093 Add API support for ( UNION | INTERSECT | EXCEPT ) DISTINCT
#15103 Add DSLContext.transactionCoroutine overload accepting CoroutineContext
#15117 Recognise :yugabytedb: JDBC URLs in JDBCUtils
#15126 Add SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_40
#15142 Support parsing T-SQL's named DEFAULT constraints in CREATE TABLE
#15143 Add native support for CockroachDB 23 DELETE .. USING clause
#15144 Add native support for DELETE .. LIMIT and DELETE .. ORDER BY in CockroachDB
#15145 Add runtime support for CockroachDB 23 UDTs
#15148 Add CockroachDB support for LATERAL
#15156 Add Context.inScope(QueryPart): boolean
#15160 Add parser support for Teradata specific analytic functions
#15171 Upgrade various dependencies
#15181 Remove manual section about interning
#15186 Add a section about operator precedence to the manual
#15188 SelectQueryImpl::toSQLReferenceLimitWithWindowFunctions should use QUALIFY to emulate WITH TIES where possible
#15207 Add a configuration flag to avoid generating DefaultCatalog and DefaultSchema
#15209 Support ad-hoc compilation of programmatic GeneratorStrategy objects in the code generator
#15210 Add code generation flags to avoid overrides of as() methods or rename() methods
#15212 Add <genericConverter/> and <genericBinding/> to allow for passing T and U types to custom Converter and Binding instances
#15213 Support ad-hoc compilation of programmatic Generator or Database objects in the code generator
#15230 Add support for MySQL DECIMAL/FLOAT/DOUBLE/REAL UNSIGNED types in Meta and code generation
#15239 Add Settings.parseMetaViewSource to allow for opting out of parsing view source in MetaImpl
#15248 Add documentation about the nullability of kotlin generated properties in the presence of DEFAULT or IDENTITY expressions
#15249 Add ExecuteContext.skipUpdateCounts to allow for setting the AbstractContext.skipUpdateCounts flag in an ExecuteListener
#15258 Manual section about the QUALIFY clause should reference the QUALIFY transformation section
#15261 Add Javadoc to plain SQL DSL.field() constructors recommending to use code generation or at least pass a DataType
#15275 Update jakarta.xml.bind:jakarta.xml.bind-api from 3.0.0 to 4.0.0
#15276 Add code generation support for synthetic enums
#15277 Add Replacers.transformPatterns(Configuration) public API to give access to the internal Replacer
#15279 EnumConverter should support org.jooq.EnumType as U type
#15281 Generated code should import user defined types in data type definitions
#15293 Various Meta DDL related issues
#15307 Emulate CREATE SCHEMA with CREATE USER .. NO AUTHENTICATION in Oracle 18c
#15315 Upgrade pgjdbc to 42.6.0
#15316 Add support for SQLite 3.35 RETURNING
#15323 Add native support for Db2 XML type in DDL, code generator, etc.
#15347 Support single-statement trigger bodies on RDBMS that only support SQL triggers
#15350 Add SQLDialect.H2_2_2_220
#15351 Add PostgreSQL support for CREATE TRIGGER and DROP TRIGGER
#15354 Emulate REFERENCING clause in CREATE TRIGGER in dialects that don't support it natively
#15356 Add Replacers.mappingTable(Function<? super Table<?>, ? extends Table<?>)
#15357 Add manual sections for built-in Replacers
#15372 Make EACH an optional keyword in FOR EACH ROW / FOR EACH STATEMENT in the parser
#15400 Add a jOOQ-meta-kotlin module for kotlin extensions to the jOOQ-meta module
#15401 Add extension functions for Settings, InformationSchema, MigrationsType
#15413 "Ambiguous match found" warning log should reference qualified field name, if available
#15419 Add support for CockroachDB 21 MATERIALIZED VIEWS
#15442 Upgrade dependencies
#15452 Add parser support for Redshift's DATE_PART_YEAR() function
#15453 Manual section about data type conversion should contain an example showing how to attach a converter to a DataType or Field
#15455 Add InsertSetStep.set(Collection<? extends Record>) and set(Record...)
#15464 Add matcher strategy to name path Table subclasses
#15465 Create manual subsections for matcher strategy
#15468 INSERT .. ON CONFLICT .. DO NOTHING emulation should use MERGE in Firebird 3, HANA
#15488 DefaultRecordMapper should be able to reflectively map multisets into Sets of POJOs
#15499 Upgrade jOOR dependency to 0.9.15
#15509 Add a log message whenever an exception occurs with the SQLDialect.DEFAULT
#15510 Upgrade scala.version to 2.13.11
#15514 Upgrade Liquibase to 4.23.1
#15531 Meta.ddl() exports broken DDL for materialized views
#15546 Add Database.getComments(): Map<Definition, String>
#15551 Add runtime UDT mapping
#15554 JavaWriter should have a Mode reference
#15588 Add support for ALTER TYPE IF EXISTS
#15591 Remove unnecessary line breaks in formatted DDL
#15592 Add missing Asterisk and QualifiedAsterisk.except(Collection<? extends Field<?>>) overloads
#15593 Add support for and emulate CREATE OR REPLACE MATERIALIZED VIEW and other objects
#15594 Add CockroachDB support for CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS
#15608 Upgrade H2 to 2.2.224
#15611 Add a disclaimer tip to the DAO section
#15620 Upgrade third party libraries for JDK 21 build
#15627 Add parser support for functions without parameter names
#15632 Support InlineDerivedTables in DML
#15635 Add a Context::scopePart property
#15644 Add Policy::inherited to specify whether child tables should inherit a parent table's policies
#15657 Add link to explanation blog article about inline values from manual
#15682 Emulate INSERT .. DEFAULT VALUES for dialects where no DEFAULT expression exists for DML
#15684 Add support for POSITION() in Informix via INSTR
#15685 Emulate DEFAULT expression in multi row INSERT .. VALUES, where that is emulated with INSERT .. SELECT
#15712 Add documentation about some client side features not working with plain SQL templating
#15719 Remove experimental status of transform patterns and computed columns
#15731 Add a section to the manual highlighting the commercial only or experimental features
#15745 TableDefinition.getTable() should return better meta data
#15754 Add RenderImplicitJoinType.SCALAR_SUBQUERY to allow for configuring the DML implicit join path behaviour also for SELECT
#15755 Add Settings.renderImplicitJoinToManyType: RenderImplicitJoinType to govern the implicit to-many join style
#15783 Add Javadoc to the Query::bind methods indicating that they bind values in the rendered order, not the input order
#15807 Add support for JOIN algorithm hints
#15808 Support H2's USE INDEX hint
#15815 Add more emulation support for ALTER TABLE .. DROP CONSTRAINT IF EXISTS
#15822 Support parsing dynamic intervals in MySQL DATE_ADD() and DATE_SUB() expressions
#15824 Add parser support for STRING_AGG()
#15825 Support parsing a few Oracle DBMS_LOB functions
#15835 Remove workaround for ojdbc bug where JSON_ARRAY() couldn't combine bind parameter marker with FORMAT JSON
#15843 Deprecation log warning about <dateAsTimestamp/> should link to relevant manual section
#15844 Add support for MD5 in SNOWFLAKE dialect
#15845 Upgrade Jackson dependency to 2.16
#15847 Upgrade to version 1.2.0
#15860 Get SNOWFLAKE dialect up to date
#15862 Remove unnecessary managed JDBC drivers from parent pom.xml
#15864 Add support for PostgreSQL DROP TRIGGER .. ON <table name>
#15897 Offer Java 8 support only in the jOOQ Enterprise Edition
#15939 Add a Don't do This: SELECT DISTINCT section to the manual

Breaking changes

#13694 Remove pre 3.8 deprecated API and pre 3.8 documentation
#14306 Avoid second ExecuteContext for native implementations of RETURNING
#15005 Add org.jooq.Path<R>, a type to model join paths
#15046 Let SchemaImpl and TableImpl avoid traversal and replacement recursion
#15201 Experimental migrations API changes
#15303 Meta.ddl() generates broken DDL for columns of unknown types
#15394 Exception thrown inside blocking TransactionPublishable gets wrapped by DataAccessException unlike when thrown from non-blocking TransactionPublishable
#15476 Internal DefaultDataType.getDataType(SQLDialect, String) should parse precision and scale and return it
#15487 Turn off <recordsImplementingRecordN/> by default
#15634 Distinguish between Context::qualify and Context::qualifySchema
#15872 QOM.CreateTrigger and related API should work with new org.jooq.Trigger type


#15196 Deprecate inconsistent DSL.jsonObject(Field...) and DSL.jsonbObject(Field...) overloads
#15286 Add Javadoc to discourage using any m(Class<T>) method if there's an m(DataType<T>) overload
#15583 UDTImpl should use Name instead of String in constructor

Bug Fixes

#7941 Allow for using EnumType not referencing any Schema to be used in PostgreSQL
#8283 BatchCRUD does not update optimistic locking version and timestamp values in UpdatableRecord
#8439 PostgreSQL: array(<domain over UUID>) causes exception
#8930 Fix known issues of PL/SQL BOOLEAN type in SQL emulation
#10107 DDLDatabase throws parse error 'DEFAULT custom_function_name()'
#10234 Unable to rename table with qualified target table name
#11205 ORA-38104: Columns referenced in the ON Clause cannot be updated
#11311 HSQLDB MetaImpl based DataTypes are missing length of array element type
#11975 Fix known limitations of embeddable types
#12098 Fix known limitations of the QUALIFY SQL transformation
#12456 Ambiguous match found when using aliases with implicit join and joining the same table twice
#12547 Internal patchIso8601Timestamp() isn't safe for 5 digit years
#13171 Confusing (outdated) gradle examples in manual
#13541 Various runtime errors when using features in dialects that do not support them
#13680 Remove workaround for H2 process hanging when using FINAL TABLE (MERGE ...)
#14256 Syntax error when from current_timestamp when precision bind value is specified for Postgres
#14764 Avoid dialect version lookup in AbstractDatabase, if unnecessary
#14769 <clinit> race conditions in jOOQ internals
#14771 NullPointerException when using plain SQL identity and additional column in INSERT .. RETURNING
#14776 Javadoc contains warning boxes
#14780 Correctly annotate SIMILAR TO operator
#14785 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code when <kotlinNotNullRecordAttributes/> and <recordsGeneratingRecordN/> are both active
#14791 SQLDialect version check throws NumberFormatException in Percona DB
#14801 JavaGenerator creates broken code for arrays when kotlinNotNullPojoAttributes is true
#14802 [#14801] Fix Java String generation for non-nullable arrays
#14817 Nullable kotlin records break columns with default values
#14830 Compilation error in generated code when table valued function returns table with client side computed columns and <recordsImplementingRecordN/> is active
#14833 Version support check shouldn't log error message for MockConnection
#14839 PL/SQL procedure returns wrong result when combining boolean and record type as input
#14841 ERROR: type "blob" does not exist when casting NULL as a domain converted as user defined type using class literal
#14843 Switch links from /doc/dev to /doc/latest for recently added diagnostics
#14845 Upgrade Spring to mitigate CVE-2023-20861
#14849 ROLLUP, CUBE should generate Keyword, not Name
#14853 Kotlin Code generator generates invalid code for embeddables in POJOs when immutable interfaces is activated
#14855 Compilation error in generated code for embeddable properties when reducing visibility to internal, and generating interfaces
#14872 Regression when using INSERT .. RETURNING pre MariaDB 10.5
#14875 Inconsistent implementation of TableImpl::equals and TableImpl::hashCode when comparing generated tables with plain SQL ones
#14882 Generate nullable annotations also on record constructor, when <pojosAsJavaRecordClasses/> is set
#14883 Regression: KotlinGenerator produces superfluous public keyword for overriding methods
#14890 QUALIFY transformation should unalias columns again
#14902 Work around Oracle 23c regression when nesting aggregate JSON functions in MULTISET
#14906 Internal API leaks into client code via generated table's join(TableLike<?>, JoinType) method
#14908 Missing parentheses when second subquery in set operation contains deep nesting
#14916 Compilation error with embedded domains and postgres types
#14923 Explicitly set locale to English in maven-javadoc-plugin
#14924 Explicitly set locale to English in maven-javadoc-plugin
#14930 jOOQ-meta should avoid redundancies between getTables0() and sources() methods to fetch view sources
#14937 Support NULL bind values of type Interval in R2DBC integration
#14938 Unstable ordering of Derby generated foreign keys
#14942 Manual section about code generation configuration contains wrong comment about LiquibaseDatabase
#14944 Wrong warning logged regarding CockroachDB version support
#14949 Upgrade spring-core dependency to mitigate CVE-2023-20863
#14960 No-arg DefaultConfiguration() constructor clones default settings twice
#14991 KotlinGenerator produces wrong code with kotlinNotNullPojoAttributes when multiple references to an embeddable have different nullability
#14995 OffsetDateTimeRange javadoc should reference tstzrange not tsrange
#14996 #14995 fix OffsetDateTimeRange javadoc
#14997 Use awaitSingle instead of awaitFirstOrNull in transactionCoroutine to correctly sequence transaction script
#15007 Change DSL.multisetAgg() overload accepting Field<?>...|Collection<? extends Field<?>> to work with SelectField<?> instead
#15008 Cannot pass Table reference to row() constructor in array or list
#15013 GROUPING() support was only added in MySQL 8
#15015 A few MySQL 5.6 related fixes
#15022 SchemaImpl and CatalogImpl $replace() and $traverse() methods shouldn't recurse into Name or Comment parts
#15028 R2DBC bind value related exceptions produce misleading error message
#15035 Support NULL bind values of type Year in R2DBC integration
#15039 The exported DDL of the table for POSTGRES_15 dialect is missing a default value
#15042 Support NULL bind values of type UUID in R2DBC integration
#15048 DDLDatabase defaultNameCase=lower doesn't work with ENUM types
#15052 JooqLogger log methods don't check if log level is enabled
#15056 Parser meta lookup fails when using qualified asterisk on a table alias
#15088 Misleading error message when ON KEY finds ambiguous keys
#15095 Generate property access syntax in KotlinGenerator generated tables
#15096 Ambiguous type name warning for non-ambiguous type name in OracleDatabase
#15097 Compilation error in Oracle generated code for package type in PL/SQL RECORD constructor
#15104 InlineDerivedTable should wrap query lazily
#15114 Upgrade sqlite dependency to to mitigate CVE-2023-32697
#15115 Improve error message when unversioned, row based optimistic locking doesn't work with DAOs and POJOs
#15121 Derived column list doesn't work on InlineDerivedTable
#15125 Handle SQLite's incompatible change of implementation for LOG(x)
#15127 DefaultConfiguration::toString logs wrong flags in R2DBC context
#15149 PostgresDatabase and subtypes may produce wrong table comments in presence of stored functions
#15154 Fix various Javadoc links
#15168 NullPointerException in code generator when omitting <target> directory
#15182 Add tests to prevent leaking of invisible, internal API through generated code
#15183 Compilation error in generated DAO code when visibility of a field is changed to private
#15190 DISTINCT .. LIMIT emulation renders redundant DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY ...) clauses
#15195 H2 dialect should cast binary data of unknown length as VARBINARY, not as BINARY
#15202 Add missing Experimental annotation to migrations API types
#15218 NullPointerException in AbstractMeta::lookupTable and other methods, when there is no DefaultCatalog
#15238 MetaImpl::ddl() should produce plain SQL CREATE VIEW statements if it can't parse the view contents
#15250 LoggerListener logs some batch queries twice, when using BatchMultiple
#15253 ScalaGenerator produces wrong code when generator strategy adds multiple interfaces to legacy enum type
#15270 Wrong implementation of SelectQueryImpl::wrapQueryExpressionBodyInDerivedTable in jOOQ Open Source Edition
#15278 CheckDefinition.getSource() should return CheckDefinition.getCheckClause() contents
#15282 Wrong encoding of lists in generated programmatic code generation configuration examples
#15291 Meta.ddl() export generates wrong DDL for constraints with USING INDEX clause in Oracle
#15302 Meta.ddl() generates broken DDL for smallserial columns
#15318 MetaImpl is missing view source code or unique constraints for objects in other catalogs
#15319 Error when generating code from a MariaDB database containing packages
#15326 Meta.ddl() should export tables first, then views
#15331 Batch::executeAsync throws NullPointerException when executed with R2DBC driver
#15336 Parser error when using SET new.x = y syntax in triggers
#15341 Bad syntax in Firebird when creating triggers for unquoted table names
#15359 Block::$replace doesn't replace anything
#15364 Wrong deprecation notices in PostgresDSL
#15366 Avoid generating sort specification in indexes in dialects that don't support it
#15375 Table with 255 columns generates record and POJO objects whose constructors have too many parameters
#15383 Compilation error in generated code when global object references conflict with schema names
#15388 Settings.metaIncludeSystemIndexes doesn't work for system indexes of unnamed constraints in HSQLDB
#15395 Exception when MockResult contains UDTRecord
#15402 Bad formatting of hints at the end of scripts
#15412 Missing CAST in generated MERGE statement when using inline values in PostgreSQL 15's ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE emulation
#15414 Can't generate code using CockroachDB materialized view
#15423 Table list to ANSI JOIN transformation doesn't work if table declarations are fully qualified, but references are not
#15433 AutoConverter loses nanosecond precision when converting from Instant to LocalDateTime or OffsetDateTime
#15472 Code generation fails on BigQuery when querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA without a DefaultDataset being specified
#15473 Failure in MetaImpl.MetaSchema::source in BigQueryDatabase
#15478 AutoConverter should be lenient about TIME type fractional seconds
#15482 Can't invoke default methods on proxied types returned by DefaultRecordMapper in JDK 9 or more
#15497 Work around SQL Server's 1000 row value limitation for INSERT statements
#15504 Query::isExecutable should be checked in the R2DBC implementation, allowing no-ops for non-executable queries
#15507 Fix various UDT related issues in KotlinGenerator
#15511 Manual should stop recommending use of deprecated DefaultExecuteListener or DefaultRecordListener
#15524 Missing Stringly annotation on String... varargs parameters
#15553 AbstractTypedElementDefinition should cache resolvedType property only once per file
#15555 Datetime precision isn't maintained by code generator for domain types
#15559 KotlinGenerator - isKotlinNotNullPojoAttributes setting prevents generated DAO to set serial ID to pojo
#15563 DefaultRecordMapper should skip most mappers when an instance is provided
#15564 MutablePOJOMapper should be able to map to instance, even if there isn't a default constructor
#15569 Record.into(recordInstance) should modify argument record
#15574 DefaultOtherBinding shouldn't create string literals for inline values for numeric data types
#15582 MariaDB UPDATE .. RETURNING emulation should work on tables with unique constraints only
#15584 Install shell/batch scripts should be clearer about Java 17+ support
#15595 DefaultStringBinding should bind java.sql.Clob for CLOB types in Oracle MERGE statements
#15598 Fix DefaultRecordMapper Javadoc to reflect actual behaviour
#15602 Plain SQL Javadoc disclaimer is absent on api generator generated step methods
#15610 Bump org.eclipse.jgit:org.eclipse.jgit from to in /jOOQ-migrations
#15614 Wrong Support annotation on COMMENT ON COLUMN for MariaDB
#15619 On JDK 21, generated code should apply "this-escape" warning suppression
#15621 Synthetic comment flag <deprecated> should produce @Deprecated annotation in addition to Javadoc
#15623 Stop using deprecated DSL API in jOOQ-meta
#15625 QOM.Delete mutators produce a copy that always has a RETURNING clause
#15629 InlineDerivedTable can't be outer joined
#15639 RenderMapping doesn't apply to QualifiedRowid
#15650 DefaultConfiguration doesn't serialize AuditProvider or TransformProvider
#15656 InlineDerivedTable doesn't maintain contained table's meta data in some cases
#15658 Copy paste errors in likeIgnoreCase and containsIgnoreCase Javadoc
#15668 INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE emulation mustn't silently insert the last row only in Derby multi row inserts
#15673 Domains aren't generated if they don't have a CHECK constraint associated with them, in HSQLDB
#15677 Code generator doesn't generate multiple check constraints for DOMAIN types
#15683 Incorrect DEFAULT values generated for Informix
#15686 Generated DEFAULT expressions should always be syntactically valid for all data types in HANA
#15687 HANA sort indirection doesn't work with bind values
#15693 Fix a typo in a Tip
#15697 Upgrade jgit from the jOOQ-migrations prototype to
#15702 Reactive transaction hangs when exception thrown in lambda constructing reactive flow
#15714 Possible compilation errors in generated code when column names contain double quotes
#15724 BindingSetStatementContext should reference actual ExecuteContext, if available
#15735 Ill-formed Javadoc causes JDK 21 javadoc tool to crash
#15752 JSONB inline values should be rendered using not JSONB.toString()
#15756 Implicit JOIN implementation for DML is incorrect if paths navigate self joins
#15760 Compile errors of generated classes using scala 3
#15767 MiniJAXB::marshal(XMLAppendable, OutputStream) does not flush decorating writer
#15799 LazyVal::generatesCast should return true
#15803 MetaImpl reports system indexes for Derby 10.16
#15816 Misleading example in manual's section about the CREATE TRIGGER statement
#15820 Incorrect query generated when combining SEEK with GROUP BY
#15823 Wrong grammar for intervalLiteral in manual
#15826 Parser cannot parse undocumented reverse syntactic order of FOR UPDATE and LIMIT clauses from PostgreSQL
#15828 Support overlapping embeddables when enabling <embeddablePrimaryKeys/>
#15832 Oracle UDTs are sometimes inlined as [UDT] instead of IDENTIFIER(CONTENT)
#15848 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code for tables containing a FROM column, when <interfaces> is activated
#15850 Accidental override when enabling <interfaces> for tables with columns X and IS_X in Kotlin
#15873 IllegalArgumentException when calling UpdatableRecord methods on tables with embedded domains that replace their underlying fields
#15876 Internal RecordDataType.getDataType() should be non-nullable for records consisting of all non-null fields
#15883 Compilation error in generated code when using <embeddableDomains/> and the domain is part of a composite key
#15899 Upgrade logback dependency in jOOQ-jooby-example to mitigate CVE-2023-6378
#15901 Incorrect ExecuteListener Javadoc regarding ExecuteListener lifecycle
#15917 Swapped examples in manual section "group-by-tables"
#15918 AbstractDatabase::markUsed doesn't work in some edge cases
#15927 SnowflakeDataType is missing references to Snowflake's JDBC-internal spellings of TIMESTAMPNTZ, TIMESTAMPLTZ, TIMESTAMPTZ


Version 3.18.0 - March 8, 2023

DiagnosticsListener improvements

A lot of additional diagnostics have been added, including the automated detection of pattern replacements, helping you lint your SQL queries irrespective of whether you're using jOOQ to write your SQL, or if you're using it as a JDBC / R2DBC proxy for an existing application.

A lot of these diagnostics are available as ordinary pattern transformations, which we've started adding in jOOQ 3.17. Some new patterns include:

See these sections for more details:

More SQL/JSON support

SQL/JSON is one of the most promising recent additions to the SQL language, and we're always keen on improving jOOQ's support for these features. In this release, we've added support for a variety of useful, vendor specific SQL/JSON extensions, including:

More information on new JSON function support can be found here:

More QOM implementation

The Query Object Model (QOM) API, which was introduced in jOOQ 3.16, has been enhanced with more statement, function, expression support, allowing for more complete SQL transformation and traversal. This is specifically interesting for pattern replacements, diagnostics, and custom SQL transformations.

The QOM API is still in an experimental state. While we don't expect any fundamental changes anymore, there can still be source incompatibilities between minor releases.

For details about the model API, please refer to:

Oracle associative array support

When using stored procedures in Oracle, users are likely going to make heavy use of Oracle PL/SQL package types. We've supported PL/SQL RECORD types and PL/SQL TABLE types for a while, both of which had limited ojdbc support in the past. Associative array support can still be a challenge with ojdbc, but with jOOQ and its code generator, most associative arrays can be bound and fetched very easily.

PostgreSQL Multi dimensional array types

An often requested feature from our PostgreSQL integration is multi dimensional array support. This version of jOOQ will support those types in code generation (where possible) and at runtime via multi dimensional Java arrays.

Kotlin specific improvements

jOOQ is also the best way to write SQL in kotlin. We're always looking out for new convenience via the jOOQ-kotlin extension module, for example:

For more details, see:

R2DBC 1.0 support

This jOOQ version upgrades its R2DBC dependency to 1.0.0.RELEASE.

For a complete list other, minor improvements, see the below change notes.

Features and Improvements

#252 Add support for multi-dimensional ARRAY types
#3173 Add SQL transformation to inline CTE
#5254 Add some additional description to each jOOQ-example
#5620 Add support for PL/SQL TABLE and associative array types in Oracle 18c
#5679 Document MySQL and T-SQL style hints in the manual
#5799 Add support for the SQL Standard WITH ORDINALITY clause
#6237 Merge all manual versions into one
#6311 Add <oracleUseDBAViews/> flag to code generator to use DBA_XYZ views instead of ALL_XYZ views
#7398 Add Settings for each individual diagnostic
#7503 Add support for PostgreSQL functions returning anonymous RECORD types
#7512 Emulate LATERAL on SQL Server for table lists
#7527 Add more diagnostics to DiagnosticsListener SPI
#8630 Support MySQL GROUPING() function
#8893 Add Settings.renderTable
#8952 Support parsing JSON_VALID(x) and ISJSON(x) as x IS JSON
#9720 Support logical XOR operator
#9743 Support qualified asterisk on unaliased JoinTables
#9760 Translator's "identifier case" option is confusing
#9818 Get view source code from org.jooq.Meta views
#9844 Generator strategies should support <schemaExtends/>, <tableExtends/>, <recordExtends/>, <daoExtends/>, <routineExtends/>
#9880 Translate SQL Server WITH (ROWLOCK) clauses to corresponding FOR UPDATE
#10018 Add support for PostgreSQL's JSON/JSONB -> and ->> operators
#10026 Emulate LATERAL on SQL Server for simple JOIN with trivial ON
#10212 Add options to generate non-null attributes on Records, Pojos, and interfaces in KotlinGenerator
#10340 Add SQLDialect.category()
#10619 Create manual subsections for each function
#10730 Add support for JSON_ARRAYAGG(DISTINCT)
#11355 Log warning when unsupported dialect version is being used
#11681 Get SQLDialect.VERTICA up to date
#11830 Add Settings.renderRowConditionForSeekClause to allow for avoiding row predicate usage
#11966 Various parser bugs / missing features
#11981 Add support for more array functions
#11986 Get HANA dialect support up to date
#12022 Add code generator support for MySQL's invisible columns
#12033 Add MULTISET_AGG(DISTINCT ...) aggregate and window function support
#12037 Implicit JOIN improvements
#12045 Support correlating MULTISET operators in dialects that can't correlated subqueries from derived tables
#12531 Auto-inline bind values in ON CONFLICT .. WHERE clause
#12621 Split manual section about the SELECT clause into its subsections
#12907 Add a QOM.UConvertibleOperator utility with methods like $converse()
#13182 Improve formatting XMLATTRIBUTES
#13249 Emulate JSON_OBJECT's ABSENT ON NULL clause in MySQL
#13262 Manual should distinguish more clearly between Maven XML and standalone XML content
#13358 Add SQLDialect.POSTGRES_15
#13375 Add support for unnesting collections of expressions with DSL::unnest
#13408 Get TERADATA dialect up to date
#13418 Add a Settings.emulateComputedColumns
#13423 Add more "Don't Do This" content to the manual
#13592 Add more startup tips to be logged with the jOOQ logo
#13593 Replace more common patterns in query object model
#13596 Add QOM.Aliasable, a query object model type implemented by all aliasable objects
#13640 Continue work on public query object model API
#13656 Add a SQLDialect.SQLSERVER2022
#13701 Add a section to the manual about runtime vs code generation version compatibility
#13706 OnError.FAIL should log a message about the user's option how to handle the problem
#13718 Log warning should show jOOQ-meta type to help disambiguate objects that share the same name
#13728 Add SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_39
#13737 Getting started section should clarify that jooq is the main dependency, and jooq-meta, jooq-codegen are typically unneeded
#13747 Add a "main types overview" to the manual
#13748 Support parsing the PostgreSQL DATE_PART function
#13763 Support DB2 selectivity-Keyword in Query-Parser
#13764 Refactor internal schema mapping logic to use the new QualifiedImpl type
#13769 Emulate GROUP BY <column index> using substitution in dialects where this isn't natively supported
#13781 Add SQLDialect.COCKROACHDB_22
#13791 Apply an auto-converter to <forcedType> in the absence of an explicit converter, if possible
#13850 Get MEMSQL dialect up to date
#13881 Parse and ignore SQLite DDL conflict-clause
#13882 Parse length on unknown data types
#13891 H2 dialect should always generate standard OFFSET .. FETCH
#13893 Add SQLDialect.H2_2_1_214
#13894 Add SQLDialect.precedesStrictly(SQLDialect)
#13902 Support H2's strict mode
#13925 Show deprecation warning for javax.persistence annotations also for method and field annotations
#13935 Support H2's qualified domains
#13936 Code generator should properly qualify H2 domain enums
#13944 Add Traversers.consuming(Consumer<? super QueryPart>): Traverser<?, Void>
#13951 Add support for MySQL's JSON modification functions
#13957 Add support for Oracle associative array of object types as IN parameter
#13964 Add a SQL building in kotlin section
#13970 PostgreSQL code generation fails when user defined type starts with _
#13971 Add DataType.array() as a DSL style shortcut for getArrayDataType()
#13973 Add DataType.getArrayBaseDataType() and getArrayBaseType()
#13986 Add support for Db2 11.1 LISTAGG(DISTINCT)
#13995 Improve documentation on Fields lookup methods
#14002 KotlinGenerator shouldn't generate public default constructor if non-nullable attributes are generated on records
#14004 Add documentation for KotlinGenerator and ScalaGenerator
#14006 Add ResultQuery<Record2<T1, T2>>.fetchMap() and fetchGroups() extension methods to jOOQ-kotlin
#14009 Add DataType.isBoolean()
#14014 Slow query against SYS.ALL_INDEXES in OracleDatabase
#14046 Add support for MySQL's JSON_KEYS()
#14064 Add SQL Server 2016 support for JSON_VALUE
#14065 Add internal utilities to help avoid repeating expressions
#14066 Split SimpleQueryPart into two, allowing for marking types that are always simple
#14071 Add parser support for undocumented AS keyword in SQL Server procedure parameter list
#14074 Add support for passing a list of bind values to DSL.unnest(Collection)
#14077 Add support for SQL Server's ALTER VIEW .. AS syntax
#14081 Translator should use 100% screen width
#14082 Add parser support for MySQL's CREATE INDEX .. VISIBLE keyword
#14084 Parser should parse Oracle WITH FUNCTION syntax (and throw an unsupported exception)
#14089 Add parser support for CREATE SCHEMA .. DEFAULT CHARSET
#14098 Document the fact that some DDL emulations may require the commercial editions
#14099 Upgrade pgjdbc to 42.5.0
#14103 Add parser support for MySQL USE / FORCE / IGNORE INDEX hints
#14110 License header should use HTTPS rather than HTTP
#14118 Support defaulted PL/SQL RECORD and TABLE parameters to stored procedures
#14131 Improve Val.getName() for array values
#14136 Let DiagnosticsContext extends Scope
#14146 Add a LoggingDiagnosticsListener, a default DiagnosticsListener implementation that logs events
#14155 Add ExecuteListener::transformStart and ::transformEnd events
#14157 Upgrade to kotlin 1.7.20
#14158 Add ExecuteContext::batchMode to indicate what type of batch is being executed
#14159 Add parser support for <grouping column reference list>
#14160 Parse and ignore the T-SQL SPARSE column definition flag
#14166 Render correct SQL when COALESCE or CASE have empty contents
#14179 Add a QOM.UReturnsNullOnNullInput marker interface
#14180 MANIFEST.MF contains unnecessary javax.persistence dependency
#14181 All QOM function types should implement UOperator[N]
#14186 All UOperator[N] types should extend UOperator, offering an $args():List<?>
#14201 Improve formatting of non ordinary grouping sets
#14202 QOM API mutator methods should be annotated with @CheckReturnValue
#14214 Add Traverser.recurseChildren(): Predicate<QueryPart>
#14230 Add native support for Snowflake * EXCLUDE (columns) syntax
#14242 Add support for DB2 ROWNUMBER and DENSERANK window function in parser
#14248 Add parser support for CockroachDB STRING type
#14249 Add support for RIGHT JOIN and FULL JOIN in REDSHIFT
#14251 Add an internal Tools.allMatch() utility
#14262 Field::contains should implement PostgreSQL @> also for JSONB types
#14268 Add support for SQL Server 2022 GENERATE_SERIES
#14269 Add support for SQL Server 2022 GREATEST and LEAST
#14270 Add support for SQL Server 2022 WINDOW
#14271 Emulate SPLIT_PART using STRING_SPLIT in SQL Server 2022
#14272 Add support for SQL Server 2022 IGNORE NULLS and RESPECT NULLS
#14301 Add SQLDialect.MYSQL_8_0_31
#14302 Add support for INTERSECT ALL and EXCEPT ALL in MySQL
#14303 Add support for INTERSECT ALL and EXCEPT ALL in MariaDB 10.5
#14308 Support qualified asterisk on aliased JoinTables
#14309 Add Field::nullsFirst and Field::nullsLast convenience methods
#14310 Add support for aliased JoinTables
#14311 Improve formatting of nested JoinTable
#14320 Add native Informix DECODE support
#14331 Add Settings.renderRedundantConditionForSeekClause to improve SEEK predicate performance in some RDBMS
#14336 Parse and ignore Teradata (TITLE '...') syntax
#14337 Parse the Teradata (NAMED ...) syntax
#14342 Generate referenced sections list in manual
#14360 Add parser support for prefixed PARTITION BY .. OUTER JOIN syntax
#14361 Add API support for fullJoin(..).partitionBy(..)
#14363 Support BITNOT in HANA dialect
#14365 Emulate expressions in LIMIT .. OFFSET where not natively supported in more dialects
#14366 Add HANA support for UPDATE .. FROM
#14379 Add DSL.raw(String) and Settings.renderPlainSQLTemplatesAsRaw to allow plain SQL without templating
#14388 Add support for ARRAY concatenation
#14406 The AutoAlias feature isn't applied from within the JOIN tree, only from the TableList
#14416 Support UNNEST(ARRAY[...]) in dialects that do not otherwise support arrays
#14426 OUTER APPLY emulation should use TrueCondition, not hard coded 1 = 1
#14440 Add Teradata support for STRTOK via SplitPart
#14441 Support parsing && and ! logical operators in MySQL
#14442 Add ParserContext::parseCategory
#14447 Get BigQuery dialect up to date
#14450 Add native support for WINDOW in BigQuery
#14457 Add support for MySQL style ELT() function (equivalent to CHOOSE())
#14458 Add native DECODE() support in MemSQL and DECODE_ORACLE() support in MariaDB
#14464 Improve confusing parser error message "SELECT or SEL" expected
#14465 Add parser support for SQL Server OPENJSON with WITH clause
#14473 Refactor Db2 v9 and Teradata LISTAGG emulation to use native support for XMLSERIALIZE instead of plain SQL templates
#14481 Add parser support for bitemporal table queries with system_time and business_time
#14488 Parser should disambiguate SQL Server + operand based on operand lookup
#14496 Implement BatchMultiple::toString and BatchSingle::toString
#14499 Add an R2DBC LoggingConnection
#14506 Add a manual section for LoggingConnection
#14510 Add Field<T>.comment(Comment): Field<T>
#14511 GROUP_CONCAT manual page is missing a reference to `Settings.renderGroupConcatMaxLenSessionVariable`
#14512 CREATE TABLE statements should generate COMMENT clauses for Field comments
#14513 ALTER TABLE statements should generate COMMENT clauses for Field comments
#14534 Add <generatedAnnotationJooqVersion/> option to the code generator
#14537 Add org.jooq.True, org.jooq.False, and org.jooq.Null to QOM API
#14538 Add DataType.isFloat()
#14539 Add ALTER TABLE .. ADD .. [ FIRST | AFTER .. ] support for MariaDB
#14548 UOperator[N] QOM types should generate both named accessors and mutators
#14555 Improved emulation of row value expression predicates of degree 3+
#14560 Refactor QuantifiedSelectImpl into separate subtypes
#14572 Document kotlin coroutine usage in manual
#14573 Add Settings.returnDefaultOnUpdatableRecord and Settings.returnComputedOnUpdatableRecord
#14578 Add native support for DISTINCT predicate in SQLDialect.SQLSERVER2022
#14579 Add native support for LEFT_SHIFT(), RIGHT_SHIFT() in SQLDialect.SQLSERVER2022
#14580 Add native support for BIT_COUNT() in SQLDialect.SQLSERVER2022
#14581 Add support for BIT_SET or BIT_GET functions
#14584 Add bitwise operation support for EXASOL
#14586 Update third party dependencies
#14592 Add parser support for T-SQL table hints without WITH keyword
#14594 Support parsing whitespace between : and named parameter identifier
#14595 Support parsing WITH READ ONLY and WITH CHECK OPTION clauses
#14611 Support WITH CHECK OPTION and WITH READ ONLY in other dialects
#14631 Add parser support for SQLite's STRICT tables
#14641 Settings.emulateMultiset should use NestedCollectionEmulation.JSONB as default again, in PostgreSQL
#14642 Add a SQLExceptionLoggerListener that logs additional information to help debug constraint violations
#14648 Get SNOWFLAKE dialect up to date
#14653 Add SQL/JSON support for the SNOWFLAKE dialect
#14655 Add Snowflake support for the TABLE() constructor to call table valued functions
#14658 Get MariaDB dialect up to date
#14660 Work around Snowflake's INSERT .. VALUES limitation of not being able to reference expressions
#14665 Non-boolean field emulation should be NOT NULL aware
#14690 Add parser support for SQLite's WITHOUT ROWID tables
#14701 Let DataAccessException::sqlStateClass be based on SQL Server error codes for SQLStateClass 22 or 23
#14708 Add Queries.batch(): Batch
#14711 Add missing set(String, Param) and setLocal(String, Param) overloads
#14713 Add support for interval types in DefaultConverterProvider
#14717 Transform MySQL IN (SELECT .. LIMIT) to derived table also for MemSQL
#14718 Add dialect versions for MEMSQL
#14722 Add bitwise aggregate function support for Vertica
#14726 Document Converter behaviour for UNION and other set operation subqueries
#14738 Add parser support for Snowflake's EQUAL_NULL function
#14742 Remove MariaDB's self-reference-in-DML-subquery restriction workaround
#14755 Link to execute with jOOQ blog post from jOOQ / JPA manual sections
#14763 Update maven-plugin-api and maven-core depedency

Breaking changes

#2500 Add support for the MySQL YEAR data type, mapping to java.time.Year
#5405 Generated SETOF table_type functions should reuse the TableRecord type of the referenced table
#7841 DSL.asterisk() does not work well with plain SQL
#13047 Make JAXB API dependency optional
#13565 Update R2DBC dependency to 1.0.0.RELEASE
#13961 Add ContextConverter, a Converter subtype that receives a ConverterContext in from() and to() methods
#14007 Exclude SQLITE_SEQUENCE, SQLITE_MASTER, SQLITE_STAT% when <includeSystemTables/> is false
#14058 WindowSpecification::$partitionBy should return UnmodifiableList<? extends GroupField>
#14095 DSL.createView() returns raw type CreateViewAsStep
#14138 DiagnosticsConnection should store duplicate SQL strings in Configuration, not static variable
#14153 Make NullStatement a UTransient QueryPart
#14263 Add jsonbObject() convenience overloads for single element objects
#14267 Upgrade liquibase-core dependency to 4.17 in jooq-meta-extensions-liquibase
#14409 Refactor Values to implement AutoAlias
#14445 Delay ExecuteContext::connection in BatchMultiple and BatchSingle
#14476 Move experimental migrations API to DSLContext::migrations to avoid conflicts with transaction statements
#14546 QOM mutators on generic types such as UOperator should return covariant type
#14561 Rename various QOM accessors / mutators from $select() to $query()
#14675 Add a DataException for SQLState 22 and a IntegrityConstraintViolationException for SQLState 23
#14727 Generated TRecord.from(IT) method behaves differently from Record.from() with respect to NOT NULL DEFAULT columns


#14634 Deprecate transformInConditionSubqueryWithLimitToDerivedTable configuration and offer transformation in the jOOQ Open Source Edition

Bug Fixes

#6359 PostgreSQL inlined numeric arrays shouldn't generate string literals
#6516 ORA-01704 when generating large CLOB inline values in Oracle
#7076 ForcedType enum with no matching value being converted to last enum value
#7552 INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY { IGNORE | UPDATE } emulation should consider all UNIQUE keys on PostgreSQL
#8277 Manual example for running the code generator with ant is missing the JDBC driver dependency
#8609 MemSQL does not support "nested scalar subselects in project list"
#9623 Update manual example about binding JSON types
#10014 Infinite loop in code generation templating language if a parameter is forgotten
#10712 Firebird invalid ORDER BY clause when using ORDER BY column with set operation
#10819 NULL clause on H2's columns should not be produced
#11015 VALUES() must cast NULL literals in the first row, if the type is known and the RDBMS cannot infer it
#11620 In MySQL, withReturnAllOnUpdatableRecord(true) causes two SELECT statements
#11682 Avoid generating field names using toString()
#11856 StackOverflowError in parser with Settings.parseWithMetaLookups == IGNORE_ON_FAILURE
#12214 JoinTable.onKey(ForeignKey) does not work when tables are aliased
#12942 maven-deploy and maven-install bash and batch scripts should terminate on mvn command error
#13343 R2DBC implementation may hang when there's an exception in the rendering logic
#13575 Support EXCLUDED table emulation also in expressions
#13669 Connection::close call is skipped when R2DBC query fails
#13689 Cannot parse computed columns in the presence of identity column
#13690 Data type rewrites to BOOLEAN don't work in Oracle JSON_OBJECT
#13703 Ill formatted Javadoc in DSLContext
#13717 Wrong query in example of manual section about dynamic SQL
#13722 Regression: Client code no longer compiles when calling DSLContext.fetchSingle(Table, Condition...)
#13723 Regression: Zero-length delimited identifier is generated for enum columns when using <outputSchemaToDefault/>
#13730 Generated sources emits "reference not accessible" warning for `org.jooq.impl.AbstractTable#convertFrom`
#13732 Wrong Javadoc in generated AbstractSpringDAOImpl
#13738 Reactive transactions don't call Connection::close
#13751 GROUP BY <table> does not use table alias
#13752 Returning null from transactionCoroutine throws NoSuchElementException
#13762 DefaultRecordBinding.pgRenderRecordCast and others don't apply schema mapping
#13766 Upgrade log4j to 2.18.0 to mitigate CVE-2022-33915
#13771 Parser doesn't support parsing parenthesised GROUP BY expression
#13780 ERROR: unknown function: nameconcatoid() in CockroachDBDatabase on CockroachDB 22
#13796 Virtual client side computed columns must be excluded from generated DDL statements
#13798 GenerationOption.DEFAULT should act as STORED in client side computed columns
#13800 Improve formatting of H2 computed columns
#13802 TransactionPublisher does not commit transaction when wrapped in reactor's Mono
#13803 AbstractSpringDAOImpl imported from wrong package when generating multiple schemas
#13804 Wrong kotlin code generated for SQL Server stored procedures
#13808 ArrayGet should not produce parentheses when used as a store assignment target, e.g. in UPDATE
#13816 Wrong example in manual section about ST_Equals
#13818 MySQL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP column is generated as computed column
#13827 NullPointerException when calling DBMS_AQ.dequeue
#13843 Cannot use Table as SelectField from derived table where nesting records is supported natively
#13844 Fix typo in code generation log message
#13851 Wrong DDL generated for computed columns in MEMSQL
#13854 Syntax error in MemSQL code generation
#13857 Upgrade pgjdbc to mitigate CVE-2022-31197
#13866 KotlinGenerator produces directory names with backticks when catalog names contain special characters
#13867 MemSQL doesn't support the SET @@var = @other_var syntax
#13872 PostgreSQL arrays don't deserialise correctly when using XML MULTISET emulation
#13880 Parser should parse and ignore PRIMARY KEY UNIQUE
#13890 Broken Javadoc link for JDK Generated annotation in manual
#13897 The maven codegen plugin does not load syntheticObjects from external configurationFile
#13904 Code generation fails with H2 2.1.214 when using CASE_INSENSITIVE_IDENTIFIERS
#13906 Logger name repeated twice
#13913 Convert truncates microseconds from OffsetDateTime when converting to Instant
#13919 PostgreSQL generated code doesn't maintain precision / scale on NUMERIC or TIME, TIMETZ, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPTZ types
#13926 NullPointerException thrown instead of DetachedException, when executing detached query
#13934 DDLDatabase cannot handle qualified enum types in CREATE TABLE
#13952 IsNotDistinctFrom predicate doesn't declare non-nullability
#13965 Work around HSQLDB bug where NULL literal cannot be fetched as array
#13974 ParsingConnection doesn't correctly relay Statement::getResultSet, Statement::getUpdateCount, or Statement::getMoreResults on static Statement
#13976 Wrong Java version support listed on website for jOOQ 3.17 Open Source Edition
#13993 Wrong value returned from NullCondition::isNullable
#14003 Compilation error in generated code when combining <pojos/>, <interfaces/> and <embeddables/>
#14010 Postgres array of single-field UDT reads UDT's field as null instead of actual value
#14017 Moderately slow query on ALL_TAB_COLS due to cartesian product in OracleTableDefinition
#14021 Moderately slow query on ALL_ARGUMENTS due to EXTENDED DATA LINK FULL in OracleTableDefinition
#14026 Fix "Use case" -> "Possible solution" field name in feature request template
#14027 ClobBinding and BlobBinding shouldn't delegate sql() generation to internal DefaultStringBinding or DefaultBytesBinding
#14033 Fix incorrect grammar in XSD documentation
#14034 Upgrade to Scala 2.13.9 to mitigate CVE-2022-36944
#14052 Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.7.1 to mitigate CVE-2022-41853
#14053 Upgrade jackson-databind dependency to 2.13.4 to mitigate CVE-2022-42004
#14055 Upgrade protobuf-java to 3.16.3 to mitigate CVE-2021-22569
#14060 Work around Derby's Error [30000] [54002]: A string constant starting with '...' is too long
#14067 ClobBinding and BlobBinding shouldn't bind a null value on PreparedStatement::setClob and ::setBlob in Firebird, HSQLDB
#14086 Support parsing SELECT .. INTO <qualified table> FROM ..
#14094 Manual shouldn't suggest calling JSON::toString or JSONB::toString
#14097 Cannot pass null values as arguments for associative arrays
#14100 Table as SelectField native support relies on actual column order, not generated order
#14105 ClassCastException when nesting array(select row) projections in PostgreSQL
#14108 Upgrade jackson-databind dependency to to mitigate CVE-2022-42003
#14111 Wrong key data type stored in associative record
#14112 Cannot pass null values as arguments for PL/SQL RECORD types
#14125 Document a few missing SQL transformations in the manual
#14126 Wrong descriptions in manual section "codegen-extension-postgres"
#14130 Wrong claims about SQL standard optional FROM clause in manual
#14132 Code generator shouldn't generate JPA Column precision on non-decimal types
#14141 Generated text blocks for view sources should escape \
#14163 Wrong transformation for transformPatternsTrivialPredicates when DISTINCT predicate operand is NULL
#14169 HAVING TRUE is not a trivial predicate for the transformPatternsTrivialPredicates transformation
#14176 ParserCLI in interactive mode should use Settings defaults for its SQL transformation flags
#14182 Typo in window function section of the manual
#14185 [#14182] Fix typo in percentRank javadoc comment
#14187 StackOverflowError in transformPatternsArithmeticExpressions when commutative operator has 2 inline arguments
#14191 DefaultDiagnosticsContext should cache resultSetFetchedRows
#14194 Bad syntax generated when using the Field.collate() clause in CREATE TABLE statements
#14195 Cannot query geometry value in a multiset
#14204 AbstractToJacksonConverter does not work when userType is array
#14205 ResultSet diagnostics don't work for PreparedStatement
#14206 Improve formatting of H2 procedural ELSE statement
#14210 Regression in MS Access CONCAT implementation
#14213 Typo in mapping exception message
#14215 Plain SQL INSERT .. RETURNING doesn't work with unqualified field templates in SQL Server
#14220 Update blog links from Javadoc and comments
#14225 Missing changelog for version 3.17.5
#14226 Outdated Javadoc on DSL.array() for how jOOQ renders H2 array constructors
#14231 Cannot query geometry value in a nested ROW
#14232 ORA-00904: "v0"."GET_WKT": invalid identifier
#14236 DefaultDiagnosticsContext shouldn't call ResultSet::getMetaData on already closed ResultSet
#14239 Work around SQLite's error: HAVING clause on a non-aggregate query
#14245 Replace internal DSL.NULL(x) by DSL.inline(null, x)
#14246 Improve DERBY emulation of ROUND
#14252 Document CHOOSE
#14255 Improve generated unknown data type javadoc when forcedTypes match return type, but there are still unknown parameter types
#14258 ClassCastException in WithImpl::$replace
#14276 Median emulation ignores FILTER and OVER clauses
#14282 Bump postgresql from 42.5.0 to 42.5.1
#14283 Kotlin Value Classes in Constructor lead to name based mapping failure
#14286 Upgrade pgjdbc to 42.5.1 to mitigate CVE-2022-41946
#14289 ScalaGenerator generated code should avoid "procedure syntax"
#14294 ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING emulation should continue to be applied for PostgreSQL 9.3 and 9.4
#14300 Expand unqualified asterisk in MySQL when it's not leading
#14313 Informix DDL statements generate invalid SQL for timestamp columns
#14316 Informix CURRENT_TIMESTAMP emulation doesn't work as DDL DEFAULT expression
#14319 Informix BOOLEAN expressions can't be compared in some cases
#14321 Wrong NULL behaviour of BitAndAgg, BitOrAgg, and related aggregate function emulations
#14325 Informix BOOLEAN literals 't' and 'f' need to be cast to BOOLEAN explicitly
#14328 Excess query executed against SQLite when emulating INSERT .. RETURNING
#14333 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing ill formed SQL ending with a comment and a semicolon
#14339 Exception in Teradata code generation: Unknown column TVName
#14346 Error: Invalid Top N Value: N is too big for Teradata OFFSET emulation
#14349 Teradata TOP expression or DISTINCT TOP don't work
#14352 PostgresDSL arrayOverlap does not properly cast arguments
#14353 Parser meta lookups don't work correctly when using DELETE .. FROM with aliased tables
#14356 java.lang.StackOverflowError at org.jooq.impl.Expression.acceptAssociative
#14357 Use ? as parameter marker on MySQL, MariaDB when using R2DBC
#14368 Meta::getTables should list also PARTITIONED TABLE in PostgreSQL
#14371 Slow TableAlias::equals implementation, when argument type is TableImpl
#14372 Parser reports wrong Ambiguous field identifier error when derived tables share column names
#14373 Parser produces wrong projection data type when parsing doubly nested derived table
#14382 Wrong example code in manual section "connection-access"
#14383 Broken link in a logging statement and Javadoc
#14387 Table::useIndex and similar table wrapping methods break joins using onKey()
#14395 DSL::noField doesn't work in SEEK clause
#14403 "You can't specify target table '...' for update in FROM clause" when target table has index hint in MySQL
#14421 Update error reporting URL in log messages
#14425 Code generation for sequences fails for SQL Server 2014
#14431 Generated TableImpl::getSchema override should be annotated Nullable
#14432 Correctly hint nullability of getSchema() method
#14437 UnsupportedOperationException when selecting row with YearToSecond
#14448 BigQuery * EXCEPT can't have qualified identifiers
#14451 WindowSpecificationPartitionByStep::partitionBy doesn't match dialects from WindowPartitionByStep::partitionBy
#14452 BigQuery without FROM clause cannot use SELECT DISTINCT
#14453 Emulate BETWEEN SYMMETRIC in BigQuery
#14454 Wrong cast to CHAR type when generated code references SQLDataType.CHAR in BigQuery
#14459 Work around Db2 error "The string constant beginning with ... is too long"
#14463 Work around SQL Server's 4000 character JSON_VALUE length limitation
#14466 Wrong result column type for requested conversion when reading JSONB_ARRAYAGG and JSONB_OBJECTAGG in DB2
#14469 MULTISET comparison doesn't work in Db2 with XML or JSONB emulation
#14470 Support parsing ALL keyword in aggregate functions
#14477 Wrong SQL generated in SQL Server when virtual client side computed columns are referenced in RETURNING clause
#14479 SQL Server RETURNING clause emulation for fetching trigger generated values generates incorrect SQL if no columns are fetched
#14489 Syntax errors lead to unclosed R2DBC connection in SQL Server
#14507 Remove redundant manual section "connection access"
#14514 Feedback about translation tool
#14519 Building jOOQ on Java 19 fails in xtend
#14524 Compilation error due to missing import in generated code when using <lambdaConverter/> on a routine
#14528 Update ParserCLI manual page with --help output
#14530 NullPointerException in DB2Database when constraint schema is unavailable
#14535 Fix org.jooq.Null Javadoc
#14541 Add support for top level nested records in R2DBC queries
#14553 Some QOM mutators of optional function parameters are annotated @Nullable, when they are not
#14564 KotlinGenerator generates invalid code in equals() and hashCode() methods for inline value class fields
#14565 Add missing documentation about <pojosEqualsAndHashCode/>
#14571 Regression: UpdateQuery.execute() with RETURNING clause returns 1 even when no records were updated
#14574 Regression: Meta::getTables returns tables of type TableType.TABLE when they're actually system views
#14597 CockroachDBDatabase doesn't report enum types on columns correctly anymore
#14598 Exception while executing meta query on MySQL 5.6: Unknown column 'information_schema.COLUMNS.GENERATION_EXPRESSION'
#14599 setAllToExcluded also sets fields not specified in insert to excluded when using INSERT .. SET syntax
#14607 Manual dialects comparison should turn off the generation of optional AS keywords
#14615 Wrong window function example in manual
#14617 SQL Server nullability information isn't generated correctly for domains
#14618 Missing nullability information on nullable DOMAIN types that are made non-null by CREATE TABLE
#14621 Work around a YugabyteDB regression querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ATTRIBUTES table
#14628 Missing default information on DOMAIN types that get an overridden DEFAULT by CREATE TABLE
#14635 Single message JooqLogger doesn't work
#14644 LoggerListener::fetchEnd should check if DEBUG logging is enabled
#14650 Wrong emulation of GENERATE_SERIES with STEP parameter for Snowflake
#14657 Nesting MULTISET/ROW/MULTISET/ROW with ad-hoc converters and JSON emulation results in ClassCastException
#14668 Wrong ON KEY JOIN generated when aliased table appears twice in the JOIN tree
#14671 Wrong column resolved by JoinTable.field(Field), when JoinTable contains aliased tables and lookup uses unaliased tables
#14684 Translator duplicates comment only content when retaining comments
#14694 INSERT statement does not apply types to bind values in VALUES clause when using valuesOfRows()
#14696 Wrapping SQLException must copy SQLState and other info from wrapped SQLException
#14699 PostgreSQL interval parser handle fractional seconds with interval style iso_8601
#14703 SQL Server RETURNING clause emulation for fetching server side computed columns generates incorrect SQL if only computed columns are fetched
#14721 performace regression after upgrade from 3.14.16 to 3.17.8
#14723 Work around Vertica's ERROR: Subqueries not allowed in target of insert limitation
#14730 Push down ScopeMappable marker interface from AbstractField to AbstractWindowFunction and TableFieldImpl
#14731 Use LazyName in AbstractParam
#14736 PostgreSQL Numeric array type with precision/scale too large in generated code
#14747 Speed up AbstractRow.equals() and hashCode() when comparing with other AbstractRow


Version 3.17.0 - June 22, 2022

Client side computed columns

A ground breaking new core feature available in all commercial distributions is the new client side computed columns feature, building on top of jOOQ 3.16's commercial support for readonly columns and server side computed columns.

Not all RDBMS support computed columns (e.g. using the standard SQL syntax GENERATED ALWAYS AS), and if they do, they might not support them in both STORED (computed on write) and VIRTUAL (computed on read) variants. jOOQ can now emulate both features at the client side, by transforming your SQL queries:

Unlike their server side counterparts, these client side features can produce arbitrary expressions, including:

Think of this as "views" written in jOOQ, on a per-column basis. An expecially useful feature combination is to combine these computed columns with the new visibility modifier that allows for keeping computed columns (or the underlying base columns) private and thus invisible to user code.

More about this feature here:

Audit columns

A special case of STORED client side computed columns are audit columns, whose most basic implementation comes in the form of:

Other approaches to auditing exist, including soft deletion, additional meta data, (bi)temporal versioning, but these columns are among the most popular approaches, making this commercial only convenience feature very useful to a lot of customers.

More about this feature here:

Java 17 baseline for the jOOQ Open Source Edition

Java 17 has been the latest LTS, and it includes a lot of really cool features, including:

jOOQ 3.16's experimental new Query Object Model (QOM) API experiments with sealed types, which will be adopted more generally once the QOM API is finalized.

To get broader user feedback on these improvements, as well as to embrace Java's new LTS update cadence, we've decided to make Java 17 the baseline for the jOOQ 3.17 Open Source Edition, continuing our Java 8 and 11 support in the commercial jOOQ distributions.

The following older jOOQ releases will continue to receive upgrades for a while:

PostgreSQL data type support

The jooq-postgres-extensions module, which contained support for the HSTORE type, now has a lot more support for PostgreSQL specific data types, including array types of each of:

In order to profit from these data types, just add the org.jooq:jooq-postgres-extensions module to your code generation and runtime dependencies, and the types are generated automatically.

Implicit JOIN improvements

In this release, we experimented with a few new implicit JOIN features, including support for implicit JOIN in DML statements. The current implementation produces correlated subqueries where JOIN isn't supported in DML statements.

We've also experimented with creating a "convenience syntax" for other commonly used correlated subqueries, such as EXISTS(...) subqueries or MULTISET(...) subqueries. The experiment has been very interesting. The prototype, however, was rejected. See the discussions here:

Future jOOQ versions will implement the desired convenience in the form of more implicit JOIN functionality, offering the feature also as an implicit to-many JOIN.

A leftover from the prototype is the fact that you can now more easily project expressions other than classic Field<T> in your SELECT clause, namely:

This means you can write a query like this:

Result<Record3<CustomerRecord, AddressRecord, Boolean>> result =
        // Project a CustomerRecord directly
        // Project an AddressRecord from an implicit JOIN
        // Project a boolean expression, instead of wrapping it with DSL.field()

Pattern matching SQL Transformations

SQL transformations have been a strategic feature set to recent jOOQ releases, offering additional compatibility between SQL dialects to commercial customers, such as, for example:

This release ships with a new commercial only feature that directly transforms the new Query Object Model (QOM)'s expression tree prior to rendering. It does so by applying pattern matching to the expression tree. Some assorted examples include:

And much more. The primary use-cases for this functionality are:

For more information about the feature, see:

Note that this feature is also available for free online:

Reactive and kotlin coroutine support

A lot of minor improvements have been implemented. A few more significant ones include:

For a complete list other, minor improvements, see the below change notes.

Features and Improvements

#1592 Add formal support for "audit" fields, such as CREATED_AT, CREATED_BY, MODIFIED_AT, MODIFIED_BY
#2092 Add support for the Postgres INET data type (
#2333 Add DSL.noField() for "conditional" LIMIT, OFFSET, GROUP BY, ORDER BY support when creating dynamic SQL
#2968 Add support for PostgreSQL RANGE types
#3497 Add methods to Context to distinguish between derived tables and other types of subqueries
#4727 Let Table<R> extend SelectField<R>
#5214 Add support for PostgreSQL's EXCLUDED table
#5641 Support overriding code generation <target/> configuration via system properties
#5695 Allow for expressions to be put in LIMIT / OFFSET
#5934 Add support for the Postgres CITEXT type
#5970 Add Setting to auto-inline all bind variables that participate in predicates on certain fields
#6454 Support converting from java.sql.Array to Object[] types
#6489 Code generator should support SQL-generated "dynamic regular expressions"
#7284 Replace common patterns in query object model
#7508 Add support for path expressions ("implicit joins") in DML
#7803 Let ArrayRecord extend Formattable
#7912 Add InsertOnDuplicateSetStep::setAllToExcluded to auto-set all insert column list columns to their EXCLUDED value
#8653 Add support for parsing VALUES <row value special case>, ...
#8997 Remove jOOQ-spring-example and documentation
#9335 Add a jooq-kotlin-coroutines module to support transactional coroutines based on reactive streams Publishers
#9347 DataType#getCastTypeName() does not respect rendering settings
#9425 Add Meta.migrateTo(Meta):Queries to generate a migration script between two Meta versions
#9768 Support MySQL inline INDEX specifications in DDLDatabase
#9817 Add support for text blocks in generated code
#9879 Add support for VIRTUAL and STORED client side computed columns
#10120 Add some more aliasing examples to the manual
#10132 Cast NULL literal to known type in Derby
#10407 Add support for FIREBIRD 4 RETURNING * syntax
#10521 Push down derived column list aliases to derived table's SELECT clause instead of using UNION ALL emulation, if possible
#10523 Emulate UPDATE .. SET row = (SELECT ...) for dialects with no native support
#10537 Split manual section about forcedTypes into different subsections
#10677 Add <onUnused/> to code generation configuration to specify behaviour when encountering unused objects
#10756 Generate @Transactional on DAOImpl and generated DAOs query-methods
#10763 Official jOOQ-postgres-extensions bindings should register themselves as low priority bindings if found on the code generation classpath
#10832 Review our Nullable and NotNull annotation usage
#11232 Parser should parse all Names.* values at least once
#11331 Support SQLDataType.XML in DDL
#11467 LoggerListener should log batch sizes for BatchSingle and BatchMultiple
#11575 Replace internal dialect switches by Set<SQLDialect>
#11717 Known limitations of the R2DBC integration
#11731 Emulate Oracle INSERT .. SELECT.. RETURNING
#11770 UpdatableRecord::merge should use new EXCLUDED semantics to avoid repeating bind values
#11823 Investigate whether read-only converters really require the Class<U> reference
#11969 Let Condition extend Field<Boolean>
#12481 ParsingConnection's PreparedStatement.getMetaData should be able to produce ResultSetMetaData prior to execution
#12515 Support for RowN.mapping(Function<? super Object[], ? extends U>)
#12533 Use org.jetbrains.annotations.ApiStatus
#12608 Support referencing the same embeddable type multiple times per table
#12688 Add support for H2's BIT_NAND_AGG, BIT_NOR_AGG, BIT_XNOR_AGG aggregate functions
#12721 Add more startup tips to be logged with the jOOQ logo
#12734 Address known limitations of MULTISET support
#12779 Add support for MySQL COMMENT syntax in DDLDatabase's CREATE TABLE statements
#12782 Add DiagnosticsContext.message(): String to give access to a text message
#12785 Add DiagnosticsListener::exception to handle exceptions encountered while running diagnostics
#12807 Parse and ignore Teradata's COMPRESS DDL clauses
#12829 Support parsing H2's undocumented DROP TABLE .. CASCADE CONSTRAINTS syntax
#12830 Support DROP TABLE .. CASCADE in Oracle
#12832 Improve parser error message when encountering unterminated quoted identifier
#12834 Support parsing empty column lists in INSERT statements
#12836 Parser should support VALUES constructor in FROM clause without parentheses
#12838 Support parsing DATABASE() as synonym for CURRENT_CATALOG() or CURRENT_DATABASE()
#12840 Parser improvements thanks to the sqlancer team related test cases
#12843 Support parsing LOG(n) without explicit base, based on input dialect
#12846 Support parsing alternative H2 and HSQLDB DROP CONSTRAINT c IF EXISTS clause
#12848 Support parsing HSQLDB's inline FOREIGN KEY syntax
#12862 Upgrade all relevant R2DBC dependencies to 0.9.0.RELEASE
#12874 Upgrade org.jetbrains:annotations dependency to 23.0.0
#12875 Annotate all blocking execution methods with org.jetbrains.annotations.Blocking
#12877 Improve blocking call error message when trying to run Query.execute(), etc. with R2DBC
#12883 Add DSL.nullCondition(), a condition that correctly represents the NULL / UNKNOWN predicate value
#12893 Add an Replacers.listening(Replacer, BiConsumer<QueryPart, QueryPart>) to allow for listening to QueryPart.$replace() events
#12894 Add accessors for Select::$limit, ::$limitPercent, $limitWithTies, ::$offset
#12896 Add Settings.renderOptionalAssociativityParentheses
#12905 Emulate expressions in LIMIT .. OFFSET where not natively supported
#12906 Add a QOM.UCommutativeOperator utility with methods like $swap()
#12911 QOM type accessors should accept Collection when they return UnmodifiableList
#12912 Add missing Select.$groupBy(), $orderBy(), setter accessors
#12914 Document QOM API outside of the QOM type, and annotate it as @Experimental
#12920 Add Traversers.recursing()
#12921 Replace internal org.jooq.impl.Finder utility by Traverser API usage
#12945 Add Field<Result<Record[N]>>.mapping(Function[N]<T[N], E>): Field<List<E>> kotlin extension functions
#12959 Gradle examples should list the usual commercial groupIds
#12973 Add Traversers.containing(Predicate<? super QueryPart>)
#12989 Update R2DBC dependency to 0.9.1.RELEASE
#13000 Add Replacers.decomposing(): Replacer to decompose a compound statement into equivalent individual statements
#13001 Refine Replacer Javadoc
#13004 Add a TableElement type, a super type of Field<?> | Constraint | Index
#13014 Add support for providing a --schema to the ParserCLI
#13031 Add a rootPath property to the LiquibaseDatabase configuration for the FileSystemResourceAccessor
#13037 Add documentation for the new FormattingProvider
#13070 Change Function[N] to be non-experimental
#13072 Remove experimental status on Row[N].mapping(Function[N])
#13077 Bump postgresql from 42.3.2 to 42.3.3
#13078 Add internal Tools.CONFIG as a convenience for Tools.CTX.configuration()
#13093 Remove a few redundant null checks in jOOQ's internals
#13097 Add Converters.forArrayComponents(Converter<T[], U[]>): Converter<T, U>
#13104 Reimplement SQL Server RETURNING emulation using QueryPart.$replace instead of SchemaMapping
#13109 Add Settings.parseIgnoreCommercialOnlyFeatures
#13118 Pull up Field::convert, ::convertFrom, ::convertTo methods to SelectField
#13129 Add Context::predicandSubquery
#13131 Add sections to the manual about using Table references as GroupField, SelectField
#13132 DSLContext.fetchValue(SelectField<T>) should work with Table<R>
#13135 Generate mapping() deconstruction convenience methods on generated Tables if <recordsImplementingRecordN/> is set
#13137 Change default for <pojosEqualsAndHashCode/> code generation option to true
#13142 Add JSONFormat.mutable(), XMLFormat.mutable()
#13143 Add code generation flags to turn off the recognition of jOOQ-specific types
#13157 Remove Oracle work around for JSON_ARRAYAGG causing ORA-40590: invalid format in Oracle 21c
#13161 Add support for array bindings for the PostgreSQL HSTORE, INET, and CIDR types
#13162 SchemaVersionProvider etc should be looked up using context classloader, too
#13183 Add Javadoc warnings to UpdatableRecord::fetchChildren, and TableRecord::fetchParent about the N+1 problem
#13188 Add support for the LTREE data type in the jooq-postgres-extensions module
#13192 Add SQLDialect.MARIADB_10_7
#13194 Various third party dependency updates
#13195 Add a SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_38 dialect
#13201 Add SQL Server JSON_ARRAY support via JSON_MODIFY
#13223 Emulate inline indexes in CockroachDB
#13224 Document declaration vs reference rendering mode of Field, Table, WindowDefinition, Parameter, CommonTableExpression
#13244 Upgrade kotlin dependency to 1.6
#13246 Add more examples to manual section "codegen-database-version-providers"
#13248 Amend manual sections about data types (XML, Spatial, JSON)
#13255 Support casting VARCHAR to XML / XMLTYPE in Oracle
#13260 Add DAO.deleteById(T) overload
#13264 Manual anchors should be generated from text, not from XSL generated ID
#13267 Make QOM::unmodifiable public, internal
#13271 Add support for SQLite 3.33 UPDATE .. FROM
#13272 Add support for SQLite 3.35 ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN
#13275 Add SQLite 3.35 support for CTE MATERIALIZED hint
#13277 Add support for SQLite 3.35's built-in math functions
#13278 Add support for inverse hyperbolic functions ASINH, ACOSH, ATANH, ACOTH
#13281 Add more explicit links to Record::from and RecordUnmapper wherever this applies
#13284 Add support for T-SQL FOR XML EXPLICIT clause
#13287 Emulate SQL/XML XMLCOMMENT in T-SQL
#13288 Emluate SQL/XML XMLCONCAT in T-SQL
#13289 Support XMLQUERY() and XMLEXISTS() also in SQL Server
#13306 Separate QOM.Ln (natural logarithm) from QOM.Log (logarithm with base)
#13324 Code generation output shouldn't print table mapping output, if it's the same as the input
#13325 Refactor internal FieldMapForUpdate to support the row assignments, too
#13326 Emulate UPDATE .. FROM with MERGE, where available
#13329 Add a FieldOrRowOrSelect nominal union type
#13334 Add native support for MySQL's derived column lists starting from SQLDialect.MYSQL8_0_19
#13335 Add Table::as and TableLike::asTable overloads accepting Collection<? extends X> for derived column lists
#13336 Generate covariant overrides for Table.rename(Table) and methods
#13342 Refactor Multiset::jsonxArrayaggEmulation
#13391 Add support for the FOR XML BINARY BASE64 clause
#13393 Replace internal usage of DatatypeConverter::parseBase64Binary by java.util.Base64
#13399 jOOQ-checker should system property defaults that apply to the entire checked code
#13400 Add native Informix MULTISET and nested ROW support
#13410 Add a "Don't Do This" page to the manual
#13417 Add native EXASOL ROWNUM support
#13432 Add <visibilityModifier/> code generation option to <forcedType/>
#13434 Add <columns/> to <syntheticObjects/> to generate synthetic columns
#13437 Add Definition.isSynthetic() to indicate that a jOOQ-meta object has been created synthetically
#13446 Add H2_2_0_202 support for UPDATE .. RETURNING and DELETE .. RETURNING
#13457 New configuration to generate implicit join definitions ALWAYS from foreign key name
#13458 PI() emulation should be ACOS(-1) rather than ASIN(1) * 2
#13461 ResultQueryTrait::getFields should accept Supplier<ResultSetMetaData> instead of ResultSetMetaData
#13467 KotlinGenerator should generate open properties in generated records
#13471 Add Scope.creationTime() and make it available through GeneratorContext.renderTime()
#13482 Upgrade H2 dependency to 2.1.212
#13485 Add a QOM.UOpaque marker interface for non-traversable QueryPart types
#13486 Replace internal ConstantSortField by noField()
#13496 Specify the various Scope subtype's lifecycle in their Javadoc
#13497 Add BindingScope, a common super type of the various BindingXYZContext types
#13502 Add a reactive transaction API
#13516 KotlinGenerator should generate implicit joins path accessors as properties
#13523 Add support for parsing ! (bang) as equivalent to . (dot) in MS Access identifiers
#13525 Improve Documentation for DSLContext.fetchStream() and related methods
#13528 Document <implicitJoinPathsToOne/> flag
#13534 Avoid rendering PostgreSQL native cast operator :: which cannot be used in Hibernate native queries
#13538 Add a <T, E> Field<Result<R>>.collecting(Collector<R, ?, E>) kotlin extension function, and similar
#13540 Remove "inline" and "reified" keywords from jOOQ-kotlin extensions where unnecessary
#13544 Remove EXPERIMENTAL remark from ad-hoc converter and MULTISET construction API
#13546 Stop aligning generated POJO members and constructor arguments in columns
#13552 Change DSL.multiset(Select<R>) into DSL.multiset(TableLike<R>)
#13553 Add TableLike<R>.asMultiset(): Field<Result<R>>
#13556 Consistently use org.jooq Maven groupId across the manual
#13558 Add a PrefixSuffixGeneratorStrategy to jOOQ-codegen
#13571 Emulate the PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. EXCLUDED pseudo table in MERGE emulation
#13572 Add SQLDialect.MYSQL_8_0_20
#13573 Add parser support for the PostgreSQL EXCLUDED pseudo table and MySQL VALUES() syntax
#13578 Add native support for BITXNOR in H2
#13579 Add documentation to the manual for bitwise aggregate functions
#13582 DefaultRecordMapper should check whether user is attempting to map into an inner class
#13591 Add a new ColumnElement type
#13594 Change the Java 17 distribution to --release 17
#13599 Let Context extends ExecuteScope
#13605 Add JSONtoJacksonConverter, JSONBtoJacksonConverter, XMLtoJAXBConverter implementations
#13607 Add JSONtoJacksonConverter, JSONBtoJacksonConverter, XMLtoJAXBConverter forcedType configuration convenience
#13616 Scala extensions should have some multiset convenience
#13618 Document EnumType::lookupLiteral's nullable result
#13631 Add Context.topLevel() and Context.topLevelForLanguageContext() to give access to the top level QueryPart type that is being rendered
#13632 DDLDatabase should have a sql property, as an alternative to scripts
#13634 Add Field<Record[N]>.mapping(Function[N]<T[N], E>): Field<E> kotlin extension functions, and the Scala equivalent
#13642 Add a section about security to the manual's reference section
#13650 Settings.emulateMultiset should have NestedCollectionEmulation.JSON as default in PostgreSQL
#13657 Ability to download OSS edition snapshot
#13666 Support Oracle JSON data type in DDL
#13670 Add support for Oracle SYS.XMLTYPE in plain SQL templates
#13679 Upgrade HSQLDB to 2.6.1
#13693 JPA code examples should produce a jakarta.persistence.* import

Breaking changes

#12430 Make Java 17 the baseline for the jOOQ Open Source Edition
#12772 Continue work on public query object model API
#12781 Remove pre 3.7 deprecated API and pre 3.7 documentation
#12895 Rename QOM.UOperator[N]::constructor to ::$constructor
#12904 Remove redundant limit(int) and offset(int) overloads
#12910 Add DSL.emptyGroupingSet(): GroupField for explicit empty grouping sets
#13028 Generated DAOs should use an embeddable's referencingName, not name for the fetchByXYZ() and fetchRangeOfXYZ() methods
#13053 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/postgresql/util/PGInterval when rendering SQL without the pgjdbc dependency
#13068 Change selectFrom(Table<R>) methods to selectFrom(TableLike<R>)
#13080 Standard SQL MULTISET emulation using XML produces a null Result
#13082 SQL Server MULTISET as JSON emulation of empty subquery produces NULL instead of empty Result
#13094 Throw an exception when calling ConvertedDataType.getArrayDataType() when the type has a custom Binding
#13114 should return SelectField<T>, not Field<T>
#13115 Change Table::getType to Table::getTableType
#13116 Rename QOM.RowField to QOM.RowAsField
#13149 Let Query.keepStatement() return CloseableQuery and ResultQuery.keepStatement() return CloseableResultQuery
#13181 MULTISET emulation using SQL/XML doesn't correctly distinguish between NULL and ''
#13208 SQL Server JSON_OBJECT should implement NULL ON NULL semantics by default
#13307 Change $number() arguments in experimental QOM function types to $value()
#13426 DSLContext::fetchFromJSON and ::fetchFromXML wrongly assume dialect specific data types in header


#13005 Deprecate FieldOrConstraint
#13071 Deprecate the org.jooq.Internal annotation
#13542 Replace SPI default implementation class (e.g. DefaultExecuteListener) by default methods in interface

Bug Fixes

#1049 Better GREATEST() and LEAST() emulations for SQL Server using MAX() or MIN() with VALUES() correlated derived table
#5612 Inline enum values should be cast to their enum type just like inline bind variables
#6133 Cannot combine CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE .. AS .. with ON COMMIT ..
#7362 Excess parentheses generated in NOT operator
#7783 Nested row value expressions produce String column types when concrete type information should be available
#8614 Passing arrays of generated tableRecords to a stored procedure generates SQL that won't parse due to cast ::any[]
#8681 Wrong SQL generated for connectByRoot(minus(one()))
#9981 Some BooleanDataKey values should be reset when entering a new scope
#10277 CAST to PostgreSQL enum type lacks type qualification
#10304 Unnecessary parentheses generated in ConditionAsField
#11114 CAST should generate qualified type when casting to Table::getDataType or UDT::getDataType
#11424 Improve the alignment of GenerationTool INFO log
#11441 Inlining PostgreSQL CHAR(len)[] types produces VARCHAR[] instead
#11509 batchStore(), batchInsert(), etc. with StatementType.STATIC_STATEMENT throws java.sql.BatchUpdateException
#11552 UpdatableRecord::merge doesn't work in the presence of a unique constraint and in the absence of a primary key value
#11637 FilePattern cannot load classpath resource from within jar file
#11722 Code generator cannot handle tables from other schemas than PUBLIC referencing H2 enum domain types
#12036 Timestamp Arithmetic fails with ConvertedDataType
#12134 Support deserialising binary data in MULTISET emulations
#12269 Records detached when converting nested multiset
#12287 Replace calls to System.currentTimeMillis() by Clock usage
#12428 DDL export no longer exports INDEX WHERE clause
#12525 Nesting of converters causes unexpected Exception
#12783 Feature Comparison on website is different from docs
#12788 Support SQLite columns having no data type declaration
#12794 Parser and code generator does not recognise H2 2.0's BINARY VARYING and other standard SQL data type synonyms
#12795 Upgrade H2 dependency to 2.0.206
#12801 GroupConcat renders string_agg separator argument within wrong parentheses
#12804 Add parser support for Teradata's { UPDATE | DELETE } .. ALL syntax
#12811 DAOImpl.findOptionalById shouldn't be final
#12818 GROUP_CONCAT doesn't work as window function
#12820 Parser doesn't support Derby's FOR BIT DATA data type modifier
#12824 Parser cannot handle 1. decimal syntax in SELECT
#12825 Parser shouldn't parse Teradata cast syntax based on Settings.parseAppendMissingTableReferences, but only based on the parseDialect()
#12852 Parser can't handle TRIM (FROM <value>) syntax
#12854 jOOQ Open Source Edition code generation doesn't work PostgreSQL 11 or less because of ERROR: column pg_attribute.attgenerated does not exist
#12855 Bump spring-core from 5.3.13 to 5.3.14
#12858 Computed column related support annotations claim SQLDialect.POSTGRES instead of SQLDialect.POSTGRES_12
#12864 OSS Edition H2 INSERT .. RETURNING no longer works if columns are qualified with a schema
#12868 The DATA_RENDERING_DATA_CHANGE_DELTA_TABLE qualification omission doesn't work correctly in the presence of scalar subqueries
#12884 Upgrade jOOQ-checker's error_prone_core's transitive protobuf dependency to mitigate CVE-2021-22569
#12888 Parser should treat AS optional in CREATE TABLE AS SELECT
#12890 Parser fails to parse SET SCHEMA 'string-literal'
#12908 Select::$replace loses GROUP BY clause
#12916 Select.$where(), $having, $qualify(), $connectBy(), $connectByStartWith() don't actually return null in the absence of a predicate
#12917 Wrong SQL generated when InlineDerivedTable is transformed using $replace()
#12922 Bump h2 from 2.0.206 to 2.1.210
#12923 Upgrade H2 to 2.1.210
#12925 Work around H2 issue 3398 which hangs the process when using FINAL TABLE (MERGE ...)
#12929 NullPointerException when mapping NULL nested ROW from scalar subquery
#12930 Nested ROW projection emulation doesn't work in scalar subqueries
#12931 DAOImpl#deleteById(Collection<T>) ignores Converter
#12938 Outdated implementation examples in manual's MULTISET section
#12939 should have same description in --repository flag as maven-deploy.bat
#12944 Consider improving invalid JDBC URL error messages in class generation
#12951 GenerationTool should handle JDBC driver returning null Connection on Driver::connect
#12954 Typo in manual section "codegen-ddl"
#12955 Wrong code generated for identity columns in H2 1.4
#12956 Can no longer store/retrieve blob data exceeding 1M in H2 2.0
#12966 NullPointerException in MetaDataFieldProvider when reading plain SQL column without a name in MySQL
#12970 jOOQ Open Source Edition does not generate routine with long name
#12976 Bump postgresql from 42.3.0 to 42.3.2
#12977 Jooq holds onto connections when using r2dbc
#12979 Upgrade the pgjdbc dependency to 42.3.2 due to CVE-2022-21724
#12982 Bump postgresql from 42.2.8 to 42.2.25 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-spark-chart-example
#12983 Outdated JAXB dependency in manual tutorial
#12991 Typo in manual section "codegen-tables"
#12992 Code generation <indexes/> flag should turn on <tables/> as a dependency
#12993 [jOOQ/jOOQ#12992] Automatically enable table generation if indexes are enabled
#12994 Typo in manual section "fetching"
#13008 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator output when implicit join path cache conflicts with keyword
#13010 [#13008] Unquote keyword when mapping one to many relation
#13013 Interpreter does not correctly interpret CREATE INDEX .. WHERE
#13023 Record.formatJSON(Writer) and Record.formatXML(Writer) should flush the writer
#13029 SQLDataType.XYZ.getArrayDataType().getTypeName() and getCastTypeName() should produce standard SQL XYZ ARRAY type
#13033 DSL.function not replacing schema for function call in generated SQL
#13034 SchemaMapping should apply Settings.defaultCatalog even if Settings.defaultSchema doesn't apply
#13035 SchemaMapping should cache result of Settings.defaultCatalog or Settings.defaultSchema application
#13040 AbstractRecord.from(String[], TableField[]) no longer works as expected
#13043 Avoid generating H2 NUMBER type alias for NUMERIC types
#13048 Settings.parseRetainCommentsBetweenQueries doesn't work for the last comment
#13054 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create a VALUES() constructor with an empty set of rows when using JSON_ARRAY(ABSENT ON NULL) in PostgreSQL
#13058 NullPointerException when using CAST(x AS user-defined-type) with SQLDialect.JAVA
#13060 Typo in Records.intoArray(Class) Javadoc
#13073 Order of calling DataType.asConvertedDataType(Converter) and DataType.getArrayDataType() should not matter
#13076 Bump postgresql from 42.2.25 to 42.3.3 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-spark-chart-example
#13081 Cannot use H2 enum values in JSON documents
#13085 Field.sortAsc() should not hard wire NULLS FIRST behaviour
#13089 MySQL's BIT(1) type doesn't map correctly in MULTISET subqueries
#13107 Register array types of built-in types in internal static type registry
#13113 Manual dialects translations for nested records emulations is wrong
#13117 Bad deserialisation of UDT TIMESTAMP value in the presence of a Converter in PostgreSQL
#13119 Nested record projection should generate ROW constructor keyword for rows of degree 1 in PostgreSQL's RETURNING clauses
#13120 Cannot use RETURNING with 2-level nested ROW expressions in SQL Server
#13124 Sequence.nextvals() doesn't work with DSLContext.selectFrom()
#13138 Bad JSONFormat rendering of nested records
#13144 ClobBinding shouldn't call Clob.length() in Firebird
#13147 Context::scopeMapping should return @NotNull QueryPart
#13148 Prevent Context::scopeMapping to apply when wrapperFor(X) is equal to X
#13156 Work around Oracle / ojdbc bug where JSON_ARRAY() can't combine bind parameter marker with FORMAT JSON
#13163 Compilation error when PostgreSQL stored function has an ANY[] data type reference
#13169 Incorrect parsing of (NULL) row literal in PostgreSQL for nested records, UDTs, etc.
#13170 NPE in INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY emulation when defaulted PRIMARY KEY value isn't supplied in Oracle
#13174 ERROR: could not determine data type of parameter when projecting PostgreSQL UDT bind value
#13184 UNNEST table expression does not maintain derived column list
#13189 Feedback about manual section "codegen-ddl"
#13196 Db2 RowAsField emulation using JSON_OBJECT is lacking RETURNING BLOB when using the JSONB emulation
#13200 MULTISET nested record as JSON_OBJECT() emulation (Db2, SQL Server) doesn't work for records with more than 10 fields
#13202 SQL Server CREATE TABLE statement should generate VARBINARY(MAX) for BLOB
#13204 Boolean values aren't serialised correctly in SQL Server JSON documents
#13211 KotlinGenerator cannot read existing catalog/schema version
#13212 [#13211] Use square brackets for KotlinGenerator
#13216 Change Sakila database such that all ID types are INTEGER
#13217 Work around xerial SQLite driver's Clob behaviour when data is null
#13220 SQLite's JSON operators don't retain boolean three-valued logic
#13226 Wrong escaping of string literals in doubly nested EXECUTE IMMEDIATE blocks for DDL emulations
#13230 UNNEST with array argument doesn't work in Oracle when used with derived column list
#13237 ORA-03001: unimplemented feature when nested row emulation produces double quotes in Oracle identifiers
#13240 Code generation fails with H2 2.1.210 when using MySQL execution mode
#13245 Bump liquibase-core from 4.4.3 to 4.8.0
#13251 Error when nesting ROW() expressions with values instead of with fields, with degree > 22
#13252 Cannot insert data into PostgreSQL XML column due to missing cast
#13273 INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY { IGNORE | UPDATE } emulation should consider all UNIQUE keys on SQLite
#13276 Wrong code generated for SQLite table with unnamed primary key and unique constraints
#13290 NullPointerException in Result.formatJSON(), formatXML(), formatCSV(), formatHTML() when a Record is null
#13302 H2TableDefinition with H2 2.0+ produces wrong code generation output when the run mode is Oracle
#13311 QOM API mutators on Select type don't copy OFFSET .. LIMIT and a few other clauses
#13315 Compilation error in generated UDTRecord's POJO constructor if the UDT contains arrays of table records
#13319 Generated records shouldn't have a @ConstructorProperties annotation on their POJO constructor
#13340 Wrong precision documented in forceIntegerTypesOnZeroScaleDecimals manual section
#13341 jOOQ internals shouldn't create unnamed derived tables
#13348 Internal deprecation note on FieldsTrait::field leaks into generated code
#13349 Select.asTable() should delay slow call to Tools::autoAlias
#13355 Invalid code generated when pojosEqualsAndHashCode option is enabled and column name is 'other'
#13364 Result::formatXML does not escape type names
#13379 Generated SQL Server code uses `sp_executeSQL`, which fails for binary (case sensitive) collations
#13383 Invalid SQL generated in Oracle 11g when query has LIMIT clause and scalar subqueries without explicit aliases
#13392 Generated column name for binary bind values shouldn't use Java's byte[].toString()
#13395 Bump spring-core from 5.3.16 to 5.3.18
#13396 Update spring-core dependency to 5.3.18 to mitigate CVE-2022-22965
#13403 MULTISET and ROW generated nested records should not have their changed flags set to true
#13415 GroupConcat renders string_agg separator argument within wrong parentheses in EXASOL
#13422 Dead links in manual for nested class Javadocs
#13424 Duplicate headers in manual where there exist redirects
#13429 DSL.noCondition() isn't applied correctly to aggregate FILTER WHERE clause
#13439 No warning is logged when readonly columns or rowids are not used
#13447 Upgrade to org.postgresql:postgresql:42.3.3 to mitigate CVE-2022-26520
#13454 ARRAY_AGG cannot aggregate array columns in H2
#13465 Expressions based on computed columns must not retain computation reference
#13468 Work around SQLite INSERT .. SELECT .. ON CONFLICT bug
#13473 SQLException when calling oracle.jdbc.driver.ArrayDataResultSet.getMetaData()
#13479 Bump spring-core from 5.3.18 to 5.3.19
#13488 org.jooq.SQL and manual should document plain SQL templating's capability of recognising :named parameters
#13489 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering PostgreSQL plain SQL template containing ?@
#13499 Improve implementation of QualifiedName.hashCode()
#13503 Parser meta lookups don't work for INSERT .. SELECT .. RETURNING
#13509 MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server may ignore MULTISET subquery ORDER BY clause
#13513 LoaderLoadStep.execute() shouldn't have @CheckReturnValue annotation
#13536 Wrong documentation for <printMarginForBlockComment/>
#13543 NullPointerException when rendering CTE without a top level context
#13545 DSL.quotedName(String[]) should produce QualifiedName only if argument array length != 1
#13555 Field::likeIgnoreCase should cast lhs operand just like Field::like and Field::similarTo
#13557 MySQL / MariaDB generated columns with enum type are not generated as readonly
#13560 Invalid SQL generated for Oracle when selecting multiple unaliased rows
#13563 INSERT .. RETURNING emulations shouldn't acquire multiple connections from ConnectionProvider when using ThreadLocalTransactionProvider
#13574 UpdatableRecord::merge might produce wrong update count if generated keys can't be fetched
#13581 Excess parentheses generated in unary ~ (QOM.BitNot) or - (QOM.Neg) operators
#13600 Bump spring-core from 5.3.19 to 5.3.20
#13601 Derby boolean expressions have to be wrapped in parentheses when passed to COALESCE
#13608 Distribute jOOQ-postgres-extensions also with the commercial distributions
#13611 UnsupportedOperationException when selecting single nested row with JSON column
#13624 Manual documents wrong artifactId for
#13625 Wrong code generated for Oracle package procedure SYS.DBMS_STATS.GATHER_DATABASE_STATS
#13635 Test container does not close in example
#13636 Close testcontainer in example
#13643 Wrong result column type for requested conversion when reading JSONB_ARRAY and JSONB_OBJECT nested in ROW in DB2
#13647 DefaultRecordUnmapper should cache AbstractRow and record type
#13660 PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. WHERE .. DO NOTHING generates not valid SQL
#13663 Remove the "modern IDEs" section from the manual
#13664 Avoid ambiguous reference when using Table<R> as SelectField<R> for table conflicting with column
#13667 Link.$schema() is Nullable
#13671 Oracle doesn't support ORDER BY in UPDATE .. SET correlated subquery
#13673 Settings.returnAllOnUpdatableRecord doesn't work for UPDATE queries in HSQLDB
#13676 Improve <inputCatalog/> warning message in code generator
#13681 Cannot use scalar subquery originating from MULTISET in JSON_OBJECT() VALUE clause in Db2
#13691 Manual should link JDBC types to Javadoc


Version 3.16.0 - January 5, 2022

This release tackles two long standing and complex feature requests that users have asked us to offer for a long time: a public API for manipulating jOOQ's query object model (QOM), and spatial support.

New Query Object Model (QOM)

Every jOOQ query is modeled as an expression tree constructed via our intuitive DSL. For some use-cases there exist historic model API versions (e.g. SelectQuery), but those models aren't readable or transformable. We're now starting to offer most of our expression tree model as a public API for users to consume and manipulate. Every expression tree element has a corresponding type in org.jooq.impl.QOM. Every type provides access to its components using "$" prefixed method names, e.g.:

// Create an expression using the DSL API:
Field<String> field = substring(BOOK.TITLE, 2, 4);
// Access the expression's internals using the model API
if (field instanceof QOM.Substring substring) {
    Field<String> string = substring.$string();
    Field<? extends Number> startingPosition = substring.$startingPosition();
    Field<? extends Number> length = substring.$length();

The new API is experimental and might change in the next minor release.

Licensed power users will get auxiliary APIs to traverse and transform the expression tree, e.g. traversal:

// Contains 7 query parts
long count2 = BOOK.ID.eq(1).or(BOOK.ID.eq(2))

Or replacement:

// Contains redundant operators
Condition c = not(not(BOOK.ID.eq(1)));
System.out.println(c.$replace(q ->
    q instanceof QOM.Not n1 && n1.$arg1() instanceof QOM.Not n2
        ? n2.$arg1()
        : q

The above prints the following, having removed the redundant NOT operators:

"BOOK"."ID" = 1

This new API is very powerful for even more sophisticated dynamic SQL use-cases, such as:

For more info, see:

Spatial support

A long awaited feature that starts shipping to our commercially licensed customers is spatial support. Many dialects support the ISO/IEC 13249-3:2016 SQL standard extension, and finally, so do we.

jOOQ introduces new auxiliary data types for GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY data to use as standardised bind variables, containing WKB or WKT data, as well as a variety of out of the box functions and predicates.

Future versions will add more support for other functions and dialects.

New dialect and versions

Another new officially supported SQL dialect has been added to all jOOQ editions including the jOOQ Open Source Edition: YugabyteDB. This was a sponsored integration, thank you very much Yugabyte!

Other dialects have upgraded versions, meaning:

The versions are:

Computed and readonly columns including ROWID

A lot of dialects support computed columns ("generated" columns), and we now support those as well in jOOQ. For most use-cases, this does not affect jOOQ usage, but especially when writing CRUD code, the new readonly column feature can be very helpful to avoid having to exclude computed columns manually from the CRUD operation.

This also includes a new, improved ROWID support, where users can choose to work with a synthetic ROWID column instead of the primary key, when performing CRUD operations.

All of these features are available in the commercial jOOQ editions.

Jakarta EE

We've moved on from Java EE to Jakarta EE dependencies. This change is currently backwards incompatible because:

The following Jakarta EE modules are affected:

If this breaking change causes issues, please get in touch at

Various improvements

As with every minor release, a lot of smaller improvements have been implemented. Some highlights include:

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#982 Add support for spatial extensions
#4764 Reduce log level of most DefaultRelations messages from INFO to DEBUG
#4845 Add support for additional Firebird 3.0 features
#5306 Add support for the standard SQL <data change delta table>
#6492 Add support for computed columns
#7425 Integration test jOOQ also on the module path
#7965 Review manual for places to explain that in jOOQ, views = tables
#8388 Add code generation option to generate a synthetic, readonly ROWID column
#8431 Add support for PostgreSQL 11 procedures
#8543 Support FILTER for GROUP_CONCAT
#9310 Add support for MariaDB 10.3 PERCENTILE_DISC, PERCENTILE_CONT, MEDIAN functions
#9367 Create a SQL dialect version support manual page
#9542 Remove deprecated reference to org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent
#9609 Add SQLDialect.H2_2_0_202
#9864 Add support for readonly columns
#9931 Add a new DSL.systemName type
#10022 Remove Alias.SUPPORT_DERIVED_COLUMN_NAMES_SPECIAL3 on SQLDialect.H2_2_0_202
#10039 Add support for the Oracle 21c WINDOW clause
#10051 UpdatableRecord.merge() should support fetching generated keys, where possible
#10149 Modularise jOOQ-meta, jOOQ-codegen and others
#10710 Make org.jooq.impl.CombinedCondition a binary expression
#10881 Enum literals should be defined by generator strategies
#10935 Add documentation for formatChart()
#11109 Add SQLDialect.ORACLE21C
#11120 Add DSLContext.fetchMap(ResultQuery<? extends Record2<K, V>>) and fetchGroups(ResultQuery<? extends Record2<K, V>>)
#11415 Support parsing the JDBC escape syntax { call ... }
#11465 Add JSON support for SQLite via the JSON1 extension
#11627 Add ParseListener.parseStart() and parseEnd() events
#11670 Add support for GROUP BY DISTINCT
#11834 Let Table<?> extend GroupField
#11864 Add more startup tips to be logged with the jOOQ logo
#12005 Emulate DML in WITH using data change delta tables
#12021 Address known limitations of MULTISET support
#12102 Add support for MariaDB 10.6
#12116 Support nesting ROW in MULTISET
#12120 Spring Boot example should use `@SpringBootApplication(exclude = { R2dbcAutoConfiguration.class })`
#12128 Document lack of correlated MULTISET support in Db2, H2, MariaDB, MySQL 5.7
#12146 Split MCVE template into 3 modules for Java, Scala, and Kotlin
#12151 Add a cache for Tools.fieldName() and fieldNameString()
#12163 Add support for TO_CHAR in Db2
#12177 Remove "These are currently generated" from single page manual and PDF manual
#12193 Upgrade R2DBC dependency to 0.9.0.RELEASE
#12195 Improve formatting of XMLELEMENT()
#12206 Add an R2DBC example project to our examples
#12222 Avoid reflection with ParserImpl.IGNORE
#12231 Add support for enums in PostgreSQL R2DBC
#12235 Avoid maven per-execution configuration in manual, if unnecessary
#12236 Add missing DSL.dateSub() overloads
#12249 Support parsing Oracle 21c's JSON construction convenience syntax
#12255 Let RowIdImpl implement toString(), equals(), hashCode()
#12304 Add Configuration::formattingProvider to offer various formatting related SPIs
#12305 Add missing @NotNull annotations to TXTFormat, CSVFormat, JSONFormat, XMLFormat, ChartFormat
#12322 Add support for SQLDialect.POSTGRES_14
#12344 Add DMLQuery<R> as a common super type for Insert<R>, Update<R>, Delete<R>, Merge<R>
#12348 Add parser support for DML in CTEs
#12367 Add another jOOQ testcontainers example that includes using Flyway
#12371 Add ParseContext.characters() to access and replace the SQL char[]
#12385 Upgrade ojdbc dependency to and require its module name
#12394 Parser should accept 1 and 0 as boolean literals in MySQL
#12405 CLI programs should set java.util.loggin.SimpleFormatter.format if not already set
#12407 Add a SQLDialect.YUGABYTEDB dialect
#12408 Make the OSGi imports for jackson and gson modules optional
#12415 Add native support for BIT_AND_AGG() and BIT_OR_AGG() in PostgreSQL
#12423 Offer alternative EnumConverter constructor accepting Function<U, T> as a Converter::to implementation
#12425 Add public query object model API draft
#12427 Extract bitwise operations into their own classes
#12431 Extract arithmetic operations into their own classes
#12432 Extract CompareCondition and CombinedCondition into their own classes
#12457 Generate some Javadoc on implicit join path navigation methods
#12470 Add better Javadoc documentation about what Class<T> literals can be passed to DSL.val(Object, Class), etc.
#12476 Change source, target, and release level to 17 for Java 17 distribution
#12484 Manual should point to JDK 17 Javadoc
#12488 Log warning in code generator when wrong runtime version is used
#12501 Offer more Settings flag in ParserCLI and TranslationService
#12506 SQLDialect.supportedBy() and supportedUntil() should specify that they're inclusive in their Javadoc
#12507 Improve some internal Nullable / NotNull annotation usage
#12509 DefaultConverterProvider should be able to convert from JSON(B) to the usual JSON types and back
#12513 Add new Functions.nullOnAllNull(FunctionN) and nullOnAnyNull(FunctionN)
#12528 Add ExecuteScope, a Scope that knows about an ExecuteContext
#12529 Add nullability annotations to BindingXYZContext types
#12530 Let Function1 <: Function and Function2 <: BiFunction
#12538 Add Settings.parseRetainCommentsBetweenQueries
#12539 Better seek clause examples
#12566 JDBCUtils::safeClose methods should debug log stack traces
#12574 Add ExecuteContext::resultLevel and ::recordLevel to indicate the Result and Record nesting level
#12582 ControlFlowSignal should use Throwable(String, Throwable, boolean, boolean) super constructor
#12583 Add DAO.findOptionalById()
#12585 Use INFO level instead of WARNING level for routines with more than 254 parameters
#12592 JPADatabase should log a WARNING message if it cannot find any entities on the classpath
#12601 Produce compilation error if code generator version doesn't match runtime version
#12604 Add SQLDialect.FIREBIRD_4_0
#12620 Document that the asterisk may lead to column order mismatches
#12625 Manual examples shouldn't re-create Gson or ObjectMapper instances all the time
#12630 The JavaGenerator.printDeprecationIfUnknownType should hint at a UDT being in a different schema
#12644 Upgrade Spring Boot example to Spring Boot 2.6
#12658 Add HANA support for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE et al
#12662 Add H2 support for ON CONFLICT ON CONSTRAINT
#12663 Add EnumType.<E extends EnumType>lookupLiteral(Class<E>, String) and generate E.lookupLiteral(String) methods
#12664 Support distinguishing between STORED and VIRTUAL computed columns
#12667 Add Source.of(InputStream, int) and Source.of(Reader, int) to create length limited sources
#12681 Add JooqLogger.getLogger(Class<?>, int) to create a logger whose number of messages are limited to some number
#12691 Support parsing single element IN predicate without parentheses
#12692 Development version of the manual should include a disclaimer in the header
#12720 Split manual section about CREATE TABLE into multiple subsections
#12725 Manual section "daos" should link to "codegen-daos"
#12728 Add support for Informix stored procedures
#12737 Add DataType.isSpatial()
#12758 Bump log4j-core from 2.16.0 to 2.17.0
#12759 Additional SQL statements after JDBC connection
#12766 Mention fetchSingle() in the manual section about fetching

Breaking changes

#9641 Migrate Java EE dependencies to Jakarta EE
#9676 Add support for H2's data change delta tables
#12109 Remove pre 3.6 deprecated API and pre 3.6 documentation
#12127 R2DBC execution should wrap R2dbcException in DataAccessException
#12212 Unnecessary generic type parameter in localDateAdd and other date time arithmetic functions
#12586 Remove DB2DataType.ROWID
#12633 Move XSDs from jOOQ and jOOQ-meta to subpackages to avoid split xsd packages
#12757 Experiment with sealed classes


#12238 Deprecate Internal.fieldsRow(TableField)
#12420 Deprecate PostgresDSL.oid() and replace its usage by actual OID columns
#12465 Deprecate IGNITE dialect again

Bug Fixes

#3035 INSERT .. RETURNING does not return any value in H2, when no AUTO_INCREMENT column is involved
#3398 Avoid generating new SQL statements for every bind variable length in Firebird 3
#4311 Usage of jOOQ API inside of ConnectionProvider.acquire() causes issues with Oracle cross-schema OBJECT type bindings
#8205 Use JDK 9 Matcher.replaceAll(Function) instead of Matcher.replaceAll(String) where possible
#9129 Support parsing ALTER TABLE ... ADD ... AUTO_INCREMENT
#9136 Wrong SQL generated in DB2's NTH_VALUE() IGNORE NULLS window function
#9162 Parser missing type information for Enum fields
#9917 Codegeneration fails with case sensitive data types in postgres 9.0 or less
#10423 Bad translation of identity to CockroachDB
#10866 Generator produces an invalid enum with an underscore "_" as the name
#11386 Avoid streaming SQL Server FOR JSON or FOR XML in chunked results
#11401 Improve JSON_VALUE formatting
#11659 Upgrade Liquibase dependency of jooq-meta-extensions-liquibase to 4.x
#11703 Parser can't parse functions receiving operator based string expressions
#12025 Parsed DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB don't translate correctly when lacking column meta data
#12104 R2DBC nested subscription loops forever when nesting or sequencing INSERT .. RETURNING run on r2dbc-pool
#12108 Operator called default onErrorDropped: PostgresConnectionClosedException when chaining queries
#12117 ORA-06550 when calling a PL/SQL procedure with a %ROWTYPE parameter that has DATE fields when dateAsTimestamp=true and javaTimeTypes=true
#12118 Regression in SQLite code generation for unnamed composite pkeys on JDK 9+ with the jOOQ Open Source Edition
#12123 Regression in ResultQuery.fetchMap(Field, Field) with null values
#12125 Wrong Support annotation: HSQLDB doesn't support MULTISET or MULTISET_AGG
#12130 Wrong deserialisation of temporal data types in MULTISET XML emulation
#12131 DefaultConverterProvider should be able to convert both ISO timestamp formats to Timestamp and LocalDateTime
#12135 MULTISET emulation doesn't correctly deserialise single column record containing only a NULL value in SQL Server
#12136 IndexOutOfBoundsException when deserialising MULTISET as XML emulation with NULLs
#12139 MULTISET as JSON emulation using JSON_ARRAY must use NULL ON NULL clause
#12141 Data conversion error converting "TIMESTAMP to JSON" in H2
#12144 Regression when binding JSONB value containing a JSONB string in PostgreSQL
#12148 Setter return type must be Unit & '@set:' annotations could be applied only to mutable properties
#12149 DSL.using(String, String, String) based R2DBC Connection does not use provided username and password
#12150 [jOOQ/jOOQ#12149] Use username and password properties for r2dbc connection
#12155 Nested multiset record mapping fails at the 3rd level of nesting
#12158 MULTISET/JSON emulation can't read TIME type in Db2
#12160 Error when embedding a timestamp in Db2 XMLELEMENT
#12168 Deeply nested MULTISET produce quoted JSON in MariaDB
#12174 Unnecessary finalizer registration in DefaultConnectionProvider
#12181 SQL Server doesn't correctly serialize TIME bind values in FOR XML and FOR JSON usage
#12183 An R2dbcException wrapping DataAccessException should properly produce sqlState() and other properties
#12187 The XML MULTISET_AGG emulation doesn't work with unnamed bind values in Db2
#12189 Db2 cannot handle scalar subqueries in JSON_OBJECT in the presence of a MULTISET ad-hoc converter
#12192 INSERT .. RETURNING doesn't work in H2 when a composite key does not have the identity as its first column
#12194 MySQL DELETE .. USING with JOIN produces duplicate table declarations in USING clause
#12197 The DataKey.DATA_PREPEND_SQL and DATA_APPEND_SQL feature must work on Query only, not other QueryParts
#12200 SelectOnStep::onKey returns wrong type, preventing combinations of join predicates
#12201 Error when embedding a timestamp in Db2 XMLATTRIBUTES
#12208 Deeply nested MULTISET mappings with ad-hoc conversion doesn't work when using reflection
#12210 Aliasing implicit join paths produces invalid queries
#12216 Remove references to javax.annotation.Generated from jooq-codegen Javadoc
#12225 DefaultConverterProvider truncates timestamps to milliseconds precision when converting from Timestamp to LocalDateTime
#12237 Embeddables cannot be placed in MULTISET
#12240 NullPointerException in MetaImpl.MetaTable.getReferences() when there are catalog conflicts in SQL Server
#12244 Inconsistent formatting of table list when using generated or non-generated aliased tables
#12247 Replace remaining reflective call to OracleConnection.createARRAY from DefaultBinding
#12253 Long lists are no longer wrapped when rendering formatted SQL
#12260 NullPointerException when reading empty results for MULTISET_AGG / JSON emulation
#12262 Delay initialisation of Jackson, Gson, JAXB classes in Convert
#12265 Custom data type binding example in manual works only on JDBC, not R2DBC
#12267 jOOQ 3.15.0 XSD is not published?
#12277 Wrong method name used in manual section schema-diff
#12278 Empty subsection in manual section codegen-config-generator
#12281 IllegalArgumentException: Minimum abbreviation width is 4 when TXTFormat::minColWidth is less than 4
#12286 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/annotation/XmlSchema when running examples from manual tutorial
#12289 In manual section jooq-in-7-steps-step3, fix multi line shell syntax
#12291 Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.sys.schemas' is not supported in this version of SQL Server.
#12306 Wrong table list to ANSI join transformation when tables are qualified and aliased
#12307 Wrong result for Table or Field.getQualifiedName() on aliased table(Name) or field(Name)
#12308 MockDataProvider cannot handle MULTISET fields
#12315 Wrong procedure declaration generated in MySQL when using IN parameters with VARCHAR(length) types
#12316 ParseListener example doesn't compile, should use onParseCondition(), not onParseField()
#12324 Wrong (+) to LEFT JOIN transformation in join tree A⟕B, A⟕C, A⋈D
#12327 ImmutablePOJOMapper cannot map more than one nested POJO on the same level
#12328 Empty select() should not project asterisk if unknown table is used with leftSemiJoin() or leftAntiJoin()
#12332 Result.formatChart() produces bad default formatting for Display.HUNDRED_PERCENT_STACKED
#12333 IndexOutOfBoundsException when calling Result.formatChart() on an empty result
#12340 Improve <dialects/> to display correct number of dialects for operators
#12345 Inline floating point formatting shouldn't depend on default Locale
#12357 Wrong SQL example in manual section multiset-value-constructor
#12363 Nested Block generates top-level anonymous block behaviour when top level Statement is not a Block
#12364 Spelling mistake in manual section "jooq-with-flyway"
#12373 ClassCastException when using returning() with R2DBC
#12375 NullPointerException in OracleDatabase.getArrays0()
#12379 Wrong type documented in INSERT .. RETURNING section of the manual
#12381 DSLContext.explain(Query) doesn't work with bind values in Oracle
#12386 Positional window functions without ORDER BY should generate ORDER BY 1 in Oracle
#12399 FOR JSON emulation must use RETURNING CLOB in Oracle
#12413 DataTypeException in multiset with a mapped nested row
#12417 BIT_AND_AGG(), BIT_OR_AGG() emulations shouldn't use bind values
#12434 CVE-2021-26291 via maven-core-3.6.3 dependency
#12437 Avoid generating overloaded table valued functions with compilation errors, until they are supported
#12440 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code when @set:JvmName is applied to overriding property
#12441 Fix generating multi-key DAOs with Java records
#12442 Compilation errors in generated code when using <daos/> with <pojosAsJavaRecordClasses/>
#12446 Unnecessary cast in Db2 when comparing value with concatenation
#12459 KotlinGenerator setter return type must be Unit also for records
#12463 H2 enum values which contain brackets are not generated as Java literals
#12468 MockFileDatabase example doesn't compile
#12469 InlineDerivedTable shouldn't inline when used in outer joins
#12480 DSL.arrayGet() does not generate required parentheses
#12491 api-diff generates wrong nested class Javadoc links
#12492 Clarify whether .offset(..) starts from 0 or 1
#12495 Ignored COMMENT ON CONSTRAINT syntax should support qualified object identifiers
#12498 Meta does not produce correct DataType::nullable information when data type isn't supported
#12499 Wrong documentation in section "codegen-database-regex-flags"
#12500 Unable to fetch Instant field within a multiset
#12502 NPE in Query.equals() when Query isn't attached
#12508 Cannot map JSON(B) in MULTISET when mapping with Jackson from DefaultConverterProvider
#12516 Field with Converter<String, Boolean> inside multiset causes JSON parsing error on Oracle
#12520 Parser should support PERCENTILE_CONT / PERCENTILE_DISC with expressions as percentiles
#12527 DefaultExecuteContext.LOCAL_SCOPE is reset to null when nesting lazy executions
#12537 ParserCLI interactive mode ignores setting booleans to false
#12543 ParserCLI interactive mode can't handle leading /* comment block
#12544 Field<Instant>.div(int) regression for Instant fields that have a converter
#12545 Lenient support for H2's time zone format when using the Instant type
#12549 Wrong JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE function generated when embedding JSON in MULTISET in MariaDB and MySQL
#12557 Add support for unwrapping Optional types in DefaultConverterProvider
#12561 ROWNUM transformation doesn't work when projecting an expression containing ROWNUM
#12564 Exception in LoggerListener when projecting top level row(...).mapping()
#12568 Connection leak when ExecuteListener::fetchEnd throws an exception
#12589 CockroachDB IDENTITY column recognition is broken
#12596 ParamType.INLINED produces wrong behaviour for Settings.cacheParsingConnection
#12599 Incorrect MERGE statement syntax generated in FIREBIRD when aliasing USING derived table
#12602 Parser cannot parse INSERT .. SELECT without column list
#12611 SQLDataType.null generated when using XMLDatabase with lower case array type
#12612 Generated column in table valued function of type TIMESTAMP without precision is generated using precision zero
#12638 OracleDatabase::sequences produces query that doesn't work on older ojdbc driver versions
#12639 typo in jOOQ-academy setup script
#12640 OracleDatabase doesn't produce correct CYCLE sequence flag information in code generation
#12645 Parser should support PostgreSQL date part syntaxes with explicit type casts
#12649 Parser parses and ignores NOT keyword after column expression
#12655 Fix Firebird Support annotations on INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE as well as UpdatableRecord.merge
#12659 Wrong SQL generated for PostgreSQL functions returning single UDT OUT parameters
#12666 Restore streaming bind value method behaviour on ParsingStatement
#12669 Blob.length() and Clob.length() calls shouldn't be silently downcast to int
#12674 HanaTableDefinition reports all computed columns as identities
#12675 MariaDBDatabase no longer generates check constraints
#12678 Potential resource leak in SettingsTools static initialiser
#12683 Regression in code generation catalog mapping
#12697 Mapped JSON in multiset causes multiple ad-hoc conversions
#12700 Single element IN predicate without parentheses uses wrong operator precedence
#12704 DefaultRecordUnmapper.IterableUnmapper uses name based field access instead of index based ones, leading to ambiguities
#12706 Cannot nest MULTISET in top level ROW in PostgreSQL
#12712 Parser mis-interprets KEY columns as MySQL KEY (INDEX) specification if unquoted and of type VARCHAR(n)
#12713 Debug log output causes exceptions when data type converter is re-applied incompatibly
#12718 Some manual "previous" and "next" links use wrong URL
#12731 DB2Database should order routine overloads by signature, not specificname
#12733 Update log4j to 2.15.0 because of CVE-2021-44228
#12741 Loader.onDuplicateKeyIgnore doesn't work on tables that don't have a PRIMARY KEY
#12742 ListAgg not working with filter clause.
#12751 Bump h2 from 1.4.199 to 2.0.202 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-javafx-example
#12752 DDLDatabase defaultNameCase property shouldn't affect built in functions in view definitions
#12753 SQLDialect.JAVA produces wrong output for quotedName()
#12755 DSL.unquotedName() has wrong Javadoc
#12776 Compilation errors in generated code when enabling <pojosAsJavaRecordClasses> and <embeddables>
#12780 Support generating the PostGIS GEOMETRY type as SQLDataType.GEOMETRY


Version 3.15.0 - July 6, 2021


What a lot of users have been waiting for: jOOQ 3.15 is reactive, thanks to the new native R2DBC integration. Recent versions already implemented the reactive streams Publisher SPI, but now we're not cheating anymore. We're not longer blocking. Just wrap your R2DBC ConnectionFactory configured jOOQ query in a Flux (or any reactive streams API of your choice), and see what happens.


Both blocking (via JDBC) and non-blocking (via R2DBC) can work side-by-side, allowing users to quickly a query between the two execution models without any changes to the query building logic.

Projecting ROW types, ARRAY of ROW Types, and MULTISETS

After having implemented standard SQL/XML and SQL/JSON support in jOOQ 3.14, another major milestone in taking SQL to the next level is now available as an experimental feature: Nesting collections using the standard SQL MULTISET operator.

The operator is currently emulated using SQL/XML or SQL/JSON. The resulting documents are parsed again when fetching them from JDBC. Future versions will also provide native support (Informix, Oracle), and emulations using ARRAY (various dialects, including PostgreSQL).

Imagine this query against the Sakila database (

var result =

You're really going to love Java 10's var keyword for these purposes. What's the type of result? Exactly:

Result<Record3<String, Result<Record2<String, String>>, Result<Record1<String>>>>

It contains:

|title                      |actors                                            |films          |
|ACE GOLDFINGER             |[(BOB, FAWCETT), (MINNIE, ZELLWEGER), (SEAN, GU...|[(Horror)]     |
|ADAPTATION HOLES           |[(NICK, WAHLBERG), (BOB, FAWCETT), (CAMERON, ST...|[(Documentary)]|

Two collections were nested in a single query without producing any unwanted cartesian products and duplication of data. And stay tuned, we've added more goodies! See this article on how to map the above structural type to your nominal types (e.g. Java 16 records) in a type safe way, without reflection!

More info here:

New Dialects

We've added support for 5 (!) new SQLDialect's. That's unprecedented for any previous minor release. The new dialects are:

Yes, there's an experimental "JAVA" dialect. It's mostly useful if you want to translate your native SQL queries to jOOQ using, and it cannot be executed. In the near future, we might add SCALA and KOTLIN as well, depending on demand.

BigQuery and Snowflake were long overdue by popular vote. The expedited EXASOL support has been sponsored by a customer, which is a great reminder that this is always an option. You need something more quickly? We can make it happen, even if the feature isn't very popular on the roadmap.

Many other dialects have been brought up to date, including REDSHIFT, HANA, VERTICA, and two have been deprecated: INGRES and ORACLE10G, as these grow less and less popular.

Drop Java 6/7 support for Enterprise Edition, require Java 11 in OSS Edition

We're cleaning up our support for old dependencies and features. Starting with jOOQ 3.12, we offered Java 6 and 7 support only to jOOQ Enterprise Edition customers. With jOOQ 3.15, this support has now been removed, and Java 8 is the new baseline for commercial editions, Java 11 for the jOOQ Open Source Edition, meaning the OSS Edition is now finally modular, and we get access to little things like the Flow API (see R2DBC) and @Deprecate(forRemoval, since).

Upgrading to Java 8 allows for exciting new improvements to our internals, as we can finally use default methods, lambdas, generalised target type inference, effectively final, diamond operators, try-with-resources, string switches, and what not. Improving our code base leads to dogfooding, and that again leads to new features for you. For example, we've put a lot of emphasis on ResultQuery.collect(), refactoring internals:

There are new auxiliary types, like org.jooq.Rows and org.jooq.Records for more functional transformation convenience. More functions mean less loops, and also less ArrayList allocations.

At the same time, we've started building a Java 17 ready distribution for the commercial editions, which unlocks better record type support.

Refactoring of ResultQuery to work with DML

With all the above goodies related to Java 8, and a more functional usage of jOOQ, we've also finally refactored our DML statement type hierarchy (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), to let their respective RETURNING clauses return an actual ResultQuery. That means you can now stream(), collect(), fetchMap() and subscribe() (via R2DBC) to your DML statements, and even put them in the WITH clause (in PostgreSQL).

Massive improvements to the parser / translator use case

jOOQ's secondary value proposition is to use its parser and translator, instead of the DSL API, which is also available for free on our website:

With increasing demand for this product, we've greatly improved the experience:

CREATE PROCEDURE, FUNCTION, TRIGGER and more procedural instructions

Over the recent releases, we've started working on procedural language extensions for the commercial distributions. In addition to creating anonymous blocks, we now also support all lifecycle management DDL for procedures, functions, and triggers, which can contain procedural language logic.

This is great news if you're supporting multiple RDBMS and want to move some more data processing logic to the server side in a vendor agnostic way.

Explicit JDBC driver dependencies to avoid reflection

To get AOP ready, we're slowly removing internal reflection usage, meaning we're experimenting with an explicit JDBC driver build-time dependency. This currently affects:

Only drivers available from Maven Central have been added as dependency so far.

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#1729 Add DSL.aggregate() and DSL.aggregateDistinct() as plain SQL AggregateFunctions
#1985 Add support for the EXASOL database
#2620 Add support for Google BigQuery
#3884 Add support for the MULTISET operator
#4474 Allow to form CTE from plain SQL or from ResultQuery
#4876 Add Firebird 3.0 support for IDENTITY columns
#5179 Add support for returning unique constraints from Meta Table<R>.getKeys()
#5310 DataType.toString() should generate DDL type declaration fragment
#5507 Add a new jooq-postgres-extensions module for PostgreSQL specific extension
#5757 Support batch in DSLContext.parsingConnection()
#5810 Emulate Teradata's QUALIFY clause for window function filtering
#6080 Add support for multiple ROW nesting
#6277 Add SQLDialect.JAVA to generate Java code from a SQL statement
#6347 Add TableLike.get(X) kotlin operators as aliases for Table.field(X)
#6562 Add a recursive CTE example to the manual
#6604 Add multi Row[N] or Record[N] VALUES support
#6956 Add support for { CREATE | DROP } TRIGGER commands
#7100 Add <U> Field<T>.convert(Binding<T, U>), convert(Converter<T, U>), convert(Class<U>, Function<T, U>, Function<U, T>)
#7290 Add DSL.chr(int)
#7421 Stop rendering "FROM dual" in MySQL 8+ and MariaDB 10.4+
#7520 Add code generator support for foreign keys in Teradata
#7536 Implicit JOIN improvements
#7789 Support Java 8 only in Professional and Enterprise Edition
#7900 Add support for SQL Server style DATEDIFF(datepart, date, date)
#8166 Add support for SELECT .. INTO <variables> for use inside statement blocks
#8230 Add support for RAISE or SIGNAL in the procedural API
#8263 Add syntax highlighting to /translate
#8284 Emulate label-less iterate and leave in DB2, HSQLDB, MariaDB, MySQL
#8334 ParsingConnection should cache frequent input / output SQL string pairs
#8469 org.jooq.Meta should try parsing default expressions
#8495 Avoid copying around lists and arrays in jOOQ's internals
#8500 Review callers of Tools#field(T) in AbstractField
#8521 Transform MySQL IN (SELECT .. LIMIT) to derived table
#8714 Support SQL Server function SQUARE()
#8715 Add support for the LOG10 function
#8775 Record.get(n) etc, Javadoc could state if n starts from 0 or 1
#8821 Add Settings.parseNamedParamPrefix to support dialect specific named parameter placeholders
#8888 Improve HSQLDB Dual table implementation
#8973 Create a troubleshooting page in the manual
#9038 Add support for the PostgreSQL SPLIT_PART function
#9087 Document CallbackExecuteListener
#9191 Add support for DROP FUNCTION and DROP PROCEDURE
#9376 Document <fluentSetters/> in the manual
#9472 Add support for UUID generator functions, such as NEWID() or GEN_RANDOM_UUID()
#9627 Add Settings.metaIncludeSystemIndexes
#9650 Add support for the Snowflake database
#9728 Add <comments/> configuration to allow for generating custom Javadoc on generated code
#9767 Built in SQL transformations
#9804 Make TableOptions available through code generation to remaining dialects
#9854 Add support for DB2 DIGITS() function
#9945 Implement generated TIMESTAMP precision in code generation
#9953 Add support for nested declarations in Firebird procedural logic
#10030 Add a type annotation to all jOOQ API that accepts explicit string types
#10036 Add support for BIT_AND_AGG(), BIT_OR_AGG(), BIT_XOR_AGG()
#10048 Add logging to BatchCRUD when the number of generated SQL queries is too high
#10080 Add a manual section about LATERAL and APPLY
#10118 Add support for CockroachDB CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW
#10150 Support JDK 14, 15, 16
#10175 Add support for H2 and PostgreSQL array functions
#10181 Improve parser performance
#10229 Convert should be able to convert types into any type with a single argument constructor
#10243 Add ParseListener SPI to parse custom syntax
#10287 Add <pojosAsJavaRecordClasses/> to allow for generating Java POJOs as JDK records instead
#10349 Add more Settings to enable / disable DefaultRecordMapper mapping algorithms
#10437 Get HANA dialect support up to date
#10505 Split up manual's JOIN section into different subsections
#10514 Improve Settings.parseWithMetaLookups
#10522 Emulate UPDATE .. SET row = (SELECT ...) using UPDATE .. FROM for uncorrelated subqueries
#10528 Improve procedural language abstraction API
#10546 Add { Schema, Meta } . { getUniqueKeys(), getForeignKeys(), getIndexes() }
#10551 Add support for Apache Ignite
#10572 Various parser bugs / missing features
#10626 Add support for CockroachDB CREATE SCHEMA et. al
#10645 Add SQLDialect.POSTGRES_13
#10690 Use some newer JDK API when creating a distribution for JDK 17
#10724 Get Redshift dialect support up to date
#10745 SQLDialect Javadoc should explain the distinction between commercial and OSS dialects
#10775 Add Rows.toRowList() and Rows.toRowArray() methods to create Row[N] arrays and lists
#10801 Add JavaGenerator.printDaoConstructorAnnotations() to allow for custom annotations in generated DAO constructors
#10807 Meta.migrateTo(Meta) should not produce any diff when timestamp default precision is specified
#10827 Add a DSL.currentCatalog() function
#10829 Exclude synthetic fields and keys from diff
#10844 Implement MetaImpl.getSequences()
#10851 Add <visibilityModifier/> to allow for generating explicit / implicit public visibility, as well as internal in KotlinGenerator
#10873 Add alternative DSL.key(...).value(...) syntax to produce JSONEntry
#10883 Add Table.getUniqueKeys()
#10893 Add Javadoc link from SQLDialect to the new version support matrix page
#10898 Add Settings.metaIncludeSystemSequences
#10899 Add <includeSystemSequences/> to code generator configuration
#10909 Enhance MCVE template to also include KotlinGenerator and ScalaGenerator out-of-the-box
#10913 Add Database.getPrimaryKeys() and overloads to jOOQ-meta
#10927 Add code generator support for SQLite CHECK constraints
#10932 Support MySQL 8.0.16 CHECK constraints
#10936 Add DataType.null_() and notNull() as synonyms for nullable(boolean)
#10952 Add a DDL textarea to /translate
#10953 Add additional JSONFormat options to optimise formatting of JSON in the presence of SQL/JSON result set content
#10962 Remove Disqus from manual
#10963 Parse DEFAULT nextval('<id>_seq'::regclass) as Serial data type
#10990 Add support for MERGE in Informix
#10998 Add <enumsAsScalaSealedTraits/> to let ScalaGenerator generate Java enums
#11002 Remove the outdated manual section about dependencies
#11009 Add support for the MySQL FIELD() function
#11023 Throw more explicit DataTypeException when Convert fails to convert between JSON/JSONB/XML and a user-defined type
#11031 Extract common API from Cursor | Record | RecordType | Result | Row | TableLike | UDT to new Fields type
#11061 Parser should look up data types for bind variables from context
#11063 Add TableOptions.function(String)
#11070 Propagate type nullability through API
#11074 Parser should be able to replace expressions for bind variables
#11076 Add support for SQLDialect.MYSQL_5_6
#11082 DSL.currentTimestamp(int) is missing
#11089 Add parser support for COERCE(x AS <data type>)
#11091 Avoid calling DSL.nullSafe() and similar all over the DSL API, move the calls to QueryPart constructors
#11093 Use instance methods in parser implementation
#11097 Add single argument DSL.function() overload
#11107 Parser should parse 3-argument Oracle INSTR function
#11123 Add Settings.mapConstructorProperties to allow for opting out of reading the ConstructorProperties annotation in DefaultRecordMapper
#11125 Let AbstractQueryPart::configuration return Tools.CTX::configuration
#11131 Make functional interfaces F0, F1, F2 public, internal, deprecated
#11136 Add Name.qualifierQualified() to check if a Name's qualifier (if any) is qualified as well
#11154 Add Javadoc to Map producing API (fetchMap(), fetchGroups()) about map iteration order guarantees
#11155 Add documentation for using LiquibaseDatabase with Liquibase's YAML or JSON formats
#11157 Add support for COVAR_SAMP and COVAR_POP aggregate and window functions
#11161 Add formal support for SQL Server PIVOT clause
#11172 Add support for SQLite's fts3 and fts4 virtual tables
#11176 Add <includeSystemTables/> to exclude SQLite virtual table implementation tables from code generation
#11177 Add further vendor-specific <includeSystemTables/> implementations
#11180 Clarify unused logger warning message about what is obsolete
#11182 Generate DAO.fetchByXYZ() methods for embeddable types
#11183 Generate a record constructor taking a generated POJO
#11187 Add DAO.fetch(Field<Z>, Collection<? extends Z>) overload
#11189 Improve generated Javadoc formatting
#11190 UPDATE .. RETURNING cannot be used Reactively
#11192 Add Javadoc remark to code generation flags available to commercial editions only
#11194 Add code generation configuration for Javadoc line wrapping
#11202 Add documentation for the QUALIFY clause
#11231 Support parsing Access ASC() or Firebird ASCII_VAL() functions
#11237 Add SafeVarargs annotation to DSL.greatest() and DSL.least()
#11243 Emulate FOR UPDATE .. WAIT n using SET LOCAL LOCK_TIMEOUT in PostgreSQL dialects
#11246 Add support for TRIGGER pseudo columns DELETING, INSERTING, UPDATING
#11250 Add a language context to the ParserContext and RenderContext
#11252 Add support for SET LOCAL statements
#11253 Add some convenience API for locally overriding Context.paramType(), Context.qualify(), and other flags
#11254 Add lambda constructor in CustomField, CustomCondition, CustomQueryPart
#11269 Add CreateTableConstraintStep.primaryKey(), unique(), check() convenience methods
#11279 Support ALTER TABLE .. RENAME INDEX .. TO .. in SQL Server
#11318 Add native support for the standard JSON function RETURNING clause
#11323 Add HSQLDB procedural language support
#11333 Add parser support for hash style comments (#) in MariaDB, MySQL
#11336 Emulate CREATE OR REPLACE in MySQL using compound statements
#11338 Add convenience for common bracing / formatting / indenting SQL rendering
#11344 Add Context.declareParameters()
#11356 Add support for CALL in procedural languages
#11358 Add some CSS syntax highlighting to all content in the manual
#11359 Add support for INFORMIX procedural language
#11360 Add CustomStatement
#11367 Refactor internal ScopeMarkers functionality
#11369 Emulate using expressions in Db2 DECLARE .. DEFAULT statements
#11373 Add ParamOrVariable<T>, a common super type of Param<T> and Variable<T>
#11374 Wrong algorithm to aggregate local variable declarations at the beginning of a block
#11379 Update RecordListener documentation to explain this is about UpdatableRecords only, not bulk DML
#11382 Add parser support for <explicit table>
#11383 Add Configuration.commercial()
#11389 Add parser support for PL/SQL style variable declarations in function / procedure headers
#11390 Support parsing RETURN statement
#11393 Add CockroachDB ENUM type support
#11394 Support parsing Teradata's zeroifnull()
#11402 Support parsing Teradata's UPDATE .. FROM .. SET syntax
#11403 Support parsing Teradata's undocumented SELECT .. GROUP BY .. WHERE clause ordering
#11405 Emulate procedural SELECT .. INTO variables in T-SQL
#11406"@i")) should produce T-SQL aliasing syntax
#11408 Procedural DECLARE should support declaring multiple variables, for convenience
#11410 Support HSQLDB's procedural destructuring assignment
#11420 Support Parsing the MySQL version of the VALUES constructor
#11421 Parser should throw exception if not all rows have the same degree in a VALUES constructor
#11422 Add parser support for JSON_ARRAYAGG() and JSON_OBJECTAGG() as window functions
#11429 Add missing parser support for EXECUTE IMMEDIATE
#11430 Add parser support for ALTER TABLE .. DROP .. DROP syntax
#11432 Support parsing Db2 style LISTAGG() without WITHIN GROUP clause
#11433 Add parser support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD .. ADD syntax
#11436 Support parsing UPDATE .. SET (row) = (row | subquery)
#11449 Support parsing SQLite MIN() and MAX() functions
#11450 Support parsing SQLite's IS [ NOT ] predicate
#11452 Add parser support for MySQL's DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB functions
#11458 Add support for the ANY_VALUE() aggregate function
#11461 MetaTable does not contain table COMMENT (REMARKS)
#11470 Add support for the CORR aggregate functions
#11472 Document immutability of CSVFormat and related types
#11481 Stop using the deprecated JSON_MERGE function in MariaDB 10.4+ and MySQL 8.0.19+
#11491 Add a Settings.forceIntegerTypesOnZeroScaleDecimals
#11492 Add jbang example to the manual
#11494 Add parser support for OCTET_LENGTH alternative names
#11499 [jOOQ/jOOQ#11492] Add jbang catalog
#11502 Unknown table identifier when trying to look up CustomTable or TableImpl whose Schema doesn't reference its tables
#11504 Default[UnsignedType]Bindings should delegate to integer bindings, rather than implement their own
#11507 Add Log.isWarnEnabled()
#11508 Emulate procedural RETURN (SELECT ..) statement where not supported
#11512 ParsingConnection should infer bind variable type from PreparedStatement calls
#11520 Add CallbackXYZListener implementations, and static convenience API on XYZListener
#11525 Upgrade scala version to 2.13.5
#11530 Add Configuration.setAppending() and Configuration.deriveAppending() methods to create derived configurations by appending listeners
#11531 Add jsonEntry(X, Select<?>) overloads
#11536 Document pom.xml plugin inheritance mechanism
#11543 Emulate FOR UPDATE .. WAIT n using SET SESSION innodb_lock_wait_timeout in MySQL dialects
#11547 Emulate statistical aggregate functions
#11549 Add startup tips to be logged with the jOOQ logo
#11567 Add Database.getSources(): Map<Definition, String> as an alternative way to produce source code for generated objects
#11572 Add versioned dialects for COCKROACHDB 20, 21
#11578 Add DSL.inlined(Field<T>): Field<T>
#11585 Remove unnecessary restriction from sequences and domains "Must provide a qualified name of length 1 or 2"
#11587 Fix ordering of TOP_LEVEL_CTE
#11601 Add a manual section for trueCondition(), falseCondition(), and noCondition()
#11602 Support parsing WITH in derived tables or scalar subqueries
#11603 Add parser support for WITH nested inside WITH
#11606 DefaultRenderContext(RenderContext) constructor should only copy flags
#11616 Missing DB2 and Derby @Support on DROP SCHEMA .. RESTRICT
#11623 Refactor a few internal checked exception throwing functional interfaces
#11626 Add DefaultDataType.getDataType(SQLDialect, int) to lookup JDBC types
#11633 ParsingConnection should batch translated statements without having to re-translate the statement several times
#11640 Use ojdbc8 API internally
#11641 Emulate SPLIT_PART
#11642 Emulate OVERLAY in H2 using INSERT
#11645 Add procedure support in the VerticaDatabase
#11647 Add MySQL SUBSTRING_INDEX() support
#11648 Add Db2, Derby, H2 support for POSITION(in, search, startIndex) via LOCATE
#11649 Add parser support for Db2's LOCATE_IN_STRING function
#11650 Get SQLDialect.VERTICA up to date
#11654 Add code generation support for CHECK constraints in Vertica
#11655 Emulate statistical window functions in Vertica
#11656 Add support for a TO_HEX(number) function
#11660 Emulate CONNECT BY LEVEL < x and CONNECT BY ROWNUM < x
#11666 Expand unqualified asterisk when combined with other projection expressions and when not supported
#11672 Function and QueryPartCollectionView formatting improvements
#11674 Add native support for NVL2 where supported
#11684 Add a CacheProvider SPI to allow for overriding the default ConcurrentHashMap
#11688 Remove experimental remarks from all parser related API
#11694 Support parsing TO_DATE(string) and TO_TIMESTAMP(string)
#11699 Support parsing Oracle comparison operators with whitespace in between
#11700 Add R2DBC support
#11707 SQUARE() should be emulated using POWER() if the argument is not a SimpleQueryPart
#11711 Use floating point literals for inline DOUBLE, FLOAT, and REAL literals
#11712 Support parsing the ** exponentiation operator
#11718 Annotate DSL API with @CheckReturnValue to help detect when calling execute() etc is forgotten
#11719 Add support for TO_DATE() in SQL Server
#11729 Create a Java 17 distribution
#11737 Add dialect version support for H2
#11738 Add optional, provided dependency on mssql-jdbc, ojdbc, pgjdbc to avoid reflection
#11743 Support parsing Teradata cast syntax
#11744 Support the Teradata DATE function
#11755 Extract AttachableQueryPart from Query
#11757 Add Settings.renderCoalesceToEmptyStringInConcat
#11763 Upgrade shaded jOOR dependency to 0.9.14
#11772 Convert should support conversions between ByteBuffer and byte[]
#11774 Add a <priority/> to <forcedType/>
#11778 DefaultRecordMapper should reflect on Class.getRecordComponents()
#11779 Upgrade XJC to com.sun.xml.bind:jaxb-xjc:2.3.4
#11780 Include identity-generated system sequences in PostgreSQL generated code
#11784 Add code generation support for Firebird 3.0 stored functions
#11787 Add an <includeSystemUDTs/> flag to turn on/off the generation of system UDTs
#11788 Add QualifiedRecord and RecordQualifier to unify the Table|UDT and TableRecord|UDTRecord type hierarchy
#11794 Improve MappingException message when no RecordMapper implementation could be found
#11799 Refactor some internals to re-use a new functional mapping method
#11800 Fields.field() methods should add better documentation about what it means when null is returned
#11801 Move some Tools content such as Tools.Cache to the top level
#11803 Support = ANY and != ALL quantified comparison predicates of degree > 1 for MySQL
#11804 Add Records class with common record mapping utilities
#11808 Make sure the SQL in MetaSQL is dialect version specific
#11809 Add SQLDialect.isVersioned()
#11810 RecordMapper<R, E> should extend Function<R, E>
#11812 Let Row[N]<T1, T2, ..., TN> extend SelectField<Record[N]<T1, T2, ..., TN>>
#11813 Add Row[N]<T1, T2, ..., TN>.mapping(Class<R>, Function[N]<T1, T2, ..., TN, R>) to create a SelectField<R> reference
#11815 Change DSLContext.fetchValue(Field<T>) to DSLContext.fetchValue(SelectField<T>)
#11816 Add missing ConstraintTypeStep.primaryKey(Collection<? extends Field<?>>) and related overloads
#11817 Add Converter.from(Class<T>, Class<U>, Function<T, U>) and<T>, Class<U>, Function<U, T>) to create one-way converters
#11821 Support parsing Teradata INSERT without VALUES
#11822 Translator should offer specifying a default schema / search path
#11826 Remove serialVersionUID from jOOQ's internals
#11829 Add DataType.row() to track nested ROW types and allow access to their Field<?>[]
#11831 Support parsing array(select)
#11838 Add Settings.namePathSeparator
#11843 Add parser / render support for COUNTIF()
#11844 Support parsing Teradata eq, ne, gt, ge, lt, le operators
#11845 Transform Teradata style implicit join syntax in the parser
#11850 Get SQLDialect.TERADATA up to date
#11851 Add Settings.renderImplicitWindowRange handling different default window RANGE clause defaults
#11854 Generate identity column information in Teradata
#11855 Support parsing CT as Teradata alias for CREATE TABLE
#11860 Generate FOREIGN KEY meta data in Teradata
#11861 Emulate LISTAGG in Teradata using XMLAGG
#11863 Add SingleStore native support for multi row inserts
#11871 Document missing ExecuteListener::resultEnd event when ResultQuery::collect and other methods are used
#11879 Define rawtype API compatibility strategy
#11880 Implement improved INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE emulation via MERGE
#11884 Refer to DSL.val() in Javadoc to raise awareness
#11897 ClassCastException when calling Convert.convert(Object, Class) with a collection
#11905 Update Hibernate dependency in jooq-meta-extensions-hibernate
#11908 Use the @Deprecate(forRemoval = true, since = "...") flags in the API
#11925 Emulate DELETE .. USING where some equivalent native syntax is available
#11926 Add parser support for DELETE .. JOIN and UPDATE .. JOIN
#11927 Add a Javadoc remark about performance to all the fetch() methods that map results
#11931 Support translating DATEADD from Snowflake to BigQuery
#11932 CLI APIs should log more helpful error messages on NoClassDefFoundError
#11938 Support parsing Snowflake style DATEADD() function with date part as string literal
#11943 Add native OFFSET support to Db2 11.1
#11960 Add support for Redshift YEAR TO MONTH interval literals
#11961 Get Redshift dialect up to date
#11964 Add new DefaultBinding(Binding<T, U>) constructor
#11979 Add Configuration.deriveSettings(Function<Settings, Settings>)
#11985 Add HANA support for REGEXP_REPLACE
#11992 Pull up Fields super type declaration from Select<R> to ResultQuery<R>
#12002 Support parsing HSQLDB CALL <expression> statement
#12011 BindingGetResultSetContext<T> should offer field(): Field<T> methods
#12028 Add MULTISET_AGG aggregate and window function support
#12030 Support creating MULTISET predicates
#12035 Upgrade kotlin dependency to 1.5
#12042 Improve error message in MockFileDatabase from "Invalid SQL" to something more descriptive
#12043 Add DataType.isMultiset()
#12046 Add support for XMLSERIALIZE
#12053 Add disclaimers about mocking also to Javadoc
#12055 Highlight new manual menu items in each version
#12061 Improve XML path notation in section jooq-in-7-steps-step3
#12065 Add manual section about scalar subqueries
#12071 Add an internal means of ad-hoc table mapping
#12079 Avoid auxiliary in-memory table when emulating DML RETURNING in SQL Server, if not strictly necessary
#12092 MySQL queries running GROUP_CONCAT() or JSON_ARRAYAGG() should auto-increase the default group_concat_max_len
#12093 Add <includeExcludePackageRoutines/> to let code generator <includes/> and <excludes/> match package procedures and functions
#12110 Move Sakila database to own repository

Breaking changes

#3185 Let InsertResultStep<R>, UpdateResultStep<R>, DeleteResultStep<R> extend ResultQuery<R>
#7863 Link Oracle %ROWTYPE references to their corresponding table types
#9280 Unsupport Scala 2.10
#9288 Offer Result.intoMap(), intoGroups(), intoSet() functionality as Collector
#9715 Render DSL.currentDate() as TRUNC(CURRENT_DATE) in Oracle
#10803 Remove jOOQ-refaster from distributions
#10809 Dialect specific data type is reported from Meta, instead of SQLDataType
#10884 Change jOOQ-meta Relations.getUniqueKeys() to return unique keys only
#10918 XMLasDOMBinding and AbstractXMLasObjectBinding should implement Binding<XML, T>, not Binding<String, T>
#10937 Add Settings.renderDefaultNullability
#11053 Pull up PostgresDSL.array() to DSL.array()
#11115 Table.getSchema() should not return the generated schema for aliased generated tables
#11164 Remove ResultQuery::fetchLater and ResultQuery.fetchLazy(int)
#11196 Drop support for Java 6 and 7 in jOOQ Enterprise Edition
#11207 AbstractBinding empty base implementations should throw exception
#11218 KotlinGenerator generates Record[N]<T1, T2, ..., TN> for PK types in DAOs, instead of Record[N]<T1?, T2?, ..., TN?>
#11242 Remove deprecated on(Boolean), where(Boolean), having(Boolean), etc
#11286 Use org.jooq.Meta to discover SQLite primary key, unique key, and foreign key names in code generator
#11495 Remove pre 3.5 deprecated API
#11498 DSLContext.connection() and connectionResult() shouldn't produce null Connection when detached
#11511 Stop casting SQLDataType.OTHER to VARCHAR
#11625 GeneratorStrategy references package-private AbstractGenerator.Language class
#11720 XResultStep<R> should not extend X<R> for X<R> = Insert<R> | Update<R> | Delete<R>
#11802 Add new Transformation enum for Settings with values ALWAYS, WHEN_NEEDED, NEVER
#11892 Add Settings.fetchIntermediateResult
#11901 Implement more optimal ResultQuery.forEach() method
#11980 MockConfiguration set() and derive() calls return delegate instead of MockConfiguration
#12023 JSONB equals, hashCode, toString() should be formatting agnostic


#8611 Some MySQL encryption functions were removed in MySQL 8.0.x
#10796 Deprecate the empty dialect specific DSL classes
#11092 Deprecate DSL.nullSafe() and related protected methods, and move them to Tools
#11129 Log a warning when users call deprecated Param.setValue(), setConverted(), setInline()
#11329 Deprecate XYZFinalStep types
#11505 Deprecate DateToLocalDateConverter, TimeToLocalTimeConverter, TimestampToLocalDateTimeConverter
#11506 Log deprecation warning when Serialization of jOOQ API is triggered
#11515 Deprecate INGRES dialect
#11618 Deprecate JDBC41Connection, JDBC41Statement, JDBC41ResultSet
#11797 Deprecate Oracle 10g support
#11898 Deprecate, the public API
#11902 Deprecate RecordHandler

Bug Fixes

#2815 Bad SQL rendered in MySQL, when selecting from DUAL with ORDER BY
#3619 Result.intoGroups() and intoMap() do not run through RecordListener
#5851 VALUES constructor generates wrong SQL if one row contains a null bind variable
#5865 Avoid allocation of new internal ConvertAll instances
#6252 Infinity values not correctly escaped with PostgreSQL
#7201 Incorrect emulation of SELECT DISTINCT .. FETCH NEXT .. ROWS WITH TIES
#7648 Issue with insertion with DEFAULT value with H2 and onDuplicateKeyIgnore
#7721 OFFSET .. FETCH should not be emulated in Oracle 18c anymore even when projection has duplicate column names
#8509 Equals on fields not symmetric
#8554 Improve documentation regarding nullable forced types
#8762 Improve performance of implicit join algorithm
#8875 Field.getDataType().defaultValue() value is 'null' instead of actual value.
#8917 INSERT .. RETURNING emulation doesn't work on SQL Server when returning expressions or aliases
#9067 StackOverflowError generating code from Postgresql XML schema with ARRAY columns
#9206 Wrong implementation of DayToSecond#equals() and YearToMonth#equals()
#9475 Support parsing number literals with exponent
#9553 Parser cannot parse WITH in EXISTS() and other subqueries
#10019 Fetched result is not logged when using collect(), only with fetch()
#10245 Blocking subscriber.onComplete called after subscriber.onError
#10527 Fix known limitations of embeddable types
#10529 Ignore <records>false</records> for UDTRecords
#10668 Parser should ignore TRUNC() call when parsing TRUNC(CURRENT_DATE) or TRUNC(SYSDATE)
#10697 Address known issues of Settings.transformTableListsToAnsiJoin
#10699 Parser cannot parse set operations combining SELECT * with SELECT <column list>
#10716 Fix known issues of Settings.transformRownum
#10760 Wrong emulation of INSERT .. RETURNING for embeddables on SQL Server
#10761 KotlinGenerator produces invalid syntax for PostgreSQL enum types
#10762 Wrong XSD schema in org.jooq.Constants#XSD_CODEGEN in version 3.14.0
#10767 Kotlin code generator generates Record with invalid kotlin syntax when a column is named "value" and <recordsImplementingRecordN/> is true
#10768 Compilation errors in KotlinGenerator generated classes when tables have array types
#10769 Cannot convert from UUID to JSON in H2's JSON_OBJECT() and related functions
#10771 KotlinGenerator creates incorrect @Generated annotation
#10774 Remove @Nullable annotation from ResultQuery.fetchSingleInto(Class) and Record.into(Class)
#10778 Fix compilation errors for Oracle Packages, UDTs, ArrayRecords, Queues, Links in KotlinGenerator
#10779 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated DAOs for data type TINYINT
#10782 Wrong code generated for <jpaAnnotations/> Table annotations with KotlinGenerator
#10783 KotlinGenerator does not annotate properties with <jpaAnnotations/>
#10787 KotlinGenerator and ScalaGenerator don't produce correct POJO.toString(), equals(), hashCode() methods for array types
#10788 DSL.jsonbArray() generates json_build_array() call in PostgreSQL, instead of jsonb_build_array()
#10793 Most package-info Javadocs refer to Sybase ASE
#10797 Applying a forcedType prevents identity(true) from being generated
#10804 NullPointerException when calling MetaImpl.snapshot() on a PostgreSQL schema with function based indexes
#10805 Kotlin POJOs with array properties must implement equals() and hashCode()
#10808 Converter using primitive types fails when used in UDT array in PostgreSQL
#10812 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code when <enumConverter/> flag is turned on
#10813 Meta.migrateTo(Meta) produces constraint rename operations for MySQL PRIMARY KEY constraints
#10817 MetaImpl should not produce explicit DEFAULT NULL value
#10821 Code generation fails in PostgreSQL when grants for enum types are missing
#10822 Meta.migrateTo(Meta) should not produce DROP SCHEMA "" calls
#10824 Stop using information_schema.table_constraints in PostgresDatabase
#10825 Missing INFORMIX dialect in CTE support annotations
#10828 Record.get(Field) doesn't work for embeddable table fields when non field-replacing embeddables are projected explicitly
#10830 There should be no diff between implicit and explicit ASC ordering in index definitions
#10834 Wrong columns requested from Connection.prepareStatement(String, String[]) when running INSERT .. RETURNING with embeddables in HSQLDB and Oracle
#10835 KotlinGenerator should produce open classes
#10837 KotlinGenerator produces invalid syntax for enums with special characters
#10839 DefaultConverterProvider should be Serializable
#10849 Deadlock on lazy initialisation of Tables in Scala
#10852 Parser fails to parse schema qualified type in CREATE TYPE .. AS ENUM commands
#10856 Avoid querying information_schema.columns.datetime_precision in older versions of MySQL 5.7
#10858 <includeSystemIndexes/> doesn't work correctly on MySQL 8.0.22
#10864 Don't create a diff between DECIMAL and NUMERIC types, where they are just aliases
#10867 KotlinGenerator should quote identifiers containing $
#10869 KotlinGenerator should escape $ in string literals
#10871 Add `yield` to kotlin keywords for use in KotlinGenerator
#10877 Compilation error in ScalaGenerator generated code when table has column "CLASS"
#10882 Code examples contain excess or missing semi colons
#10887 ALTER TABLE code examples shows wrong multi column addition syntax
#10889 Meta.filterPrimaryKeys() is not implemented correctly
#10895 Attaching configuration to unbound ResultQuery does not work when executed async
#10900 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code, when OTHER data type columns have a default value
#10904 KotlinGenerator produces compilation error in generated interfaces when <jpaAnnotations/> is set
#10910 java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.lang.Class cannot be cast to class java.lang.reflect.ParameterizedType when custom data type extends List
#10915 Wrong code generated by KotlinGenerator for <validationAnnotations/>
#10920 PostgreSQL supports XMLTABLE only after version 10
#10923 KotlinGenerator produces compilation errors in UDT Records when <recordsImplementingRecordN/> is true
#10931 LIMIT without OFFSET is emulated using window functions when value is not a bind variable
#10934 Unnecessary ORDER BY (SELECT 0) clause generated in SQL Server when using TOP
#10939 Wrong SQL generated for IIF() emulation in MySQL
#10940 <includeSystemCheckConstraints/> fails with missing FROM-clause entry for table "alias_18649163" on PostgreSQL
#10944 Code generator warning message should refer to deprecated <customType/> only if customType configuration is present
#10949 Missing data type display in ParserCLI help listing
#10951 JPAConverter may cause DataTypeException if it does not detect the proper <T, U> types using reflection
#10954 Unqualified field lookup in ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause doesn't work
#10956 Add missing documentation about throwing of DataDefinitionException in relevant API
#10964 Parser should support plural form of DatePart where applicable
#10968 Ambiguous field identifier when parsing unions with unqualified columns and parseWithMetaLookups
#10970 Unknown field identifier when parsing ORDER BY clauses referencing field aliases with parseWithMetaLookups
#10972 jOOQ-checker does not work with error prone 2.4.0
#10974 Support ARRAY_AGG in H2
#10979 XMLDatabase does not produce parameters for overloaded routines
#10983 Wrong Oracle style to ANSI JOIN transformation result, depending on predicate order
#10989 Wrong SQL generated for INSERT .. SELECT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE emulation using NOT EXISTS
#10992 Wrong SQL generated when outer and correlated subquery share implicit join path
#10997 Compilation error in KotlinGenerator generated code when enum literals conflict with modifier keywords
#11000 Parser cannot look up column from tables by same name from different schemas
#11011 Subquery IS [ NOT ] NULL predicate should avoid RVE emulation for degree = 1
#11014 JSON_TABLE emulation in PostgreSQL broken
#11016 Kotlin POJO generator produces wrong equals/hashCode for binary types
#11017 KotlinGenerator should generate equals(other: Any?), not equals(obj: Any?) on pojos
#11021 Avoid synthetic ORDER BY clause in window functions if not strictly necessary
#11022 The NAME keyword in XMLELEMENT(NAME <name>) should be optional for the parser
#11025 Wrong variable binding for boolean values in Oracle and Db2 JSON_OBJECT(), JSON_ARRAY() and others
#11032 Compilation errors for <implicitJoinPathsToOne/> when referenced table is called RECORD_TYPE
#11041 Bug in documentation for JSON_TABLE
#11042 Add support for parsing INSERT .. WITH .. SELECT
#11043 NullPointerException when parsing WITH .. INSERT .. SELECT without explicit INSERT column list
#11045 Support parsing table aliases in DELETE statements
#11047 Code generator does not produce indexes for quoted identifiers in PostgreSQL
#11050 Parser doesn't support derived column lists in MERGE
#11051 DSL.array(Select) produces bad formatting
#11055 RenderQuotedNames.ALWAYS does not work correctly for stored functions
#11056 Wrong nullability annotations on Parser.parseSelect() and others, when parsing blank strings
#11057 KotlinGenerator should generate kotlin.Deprecated annotation instead of java.lang.Deprecated
#11062 Remove deprecated Param.setValue(), setConverted(), setInline() calls from manual
#11066 Tests failed for jooq-spring-boot-example
#11078 Override CatalogImpl.equals()
#11086 Wrong SQL generated when DomainDataType is loaded before base SQLDataType for SQLDialect.DEFAULT
#11095 KotlinGenerator should take ParameterDefinition nullability into consideration
#11101 Misleading error message when something goes wrong in the code generator
#11103 NullPointerException when custom JavaGenerator subclasses don't call JavaWriter.printPackageSpecification()
#11105 NullPointerException when GenerationTool is not properly initialised
#11116 Cache implicit join path references
#11118 Nested records produced by DefaultRecordMapper do not pass through RecordListener lifecycle
#11132 ParseWithMetaLookups produces wrong projection on self join
#11134 ParseWithMetaLookups looks up columns in Meta that cannot possibly appear in query
#11139 ParseWithMetaLookups propagates wrong type from derived table
#11143 ParserWithMetaLookups reports ambiguous column in correlated subquery, when there is none
#11148 Regression calling Record1<JSON>.into(OtherTableRecord)
#11150 Omitting parts of the foreign key in onKey(TableField…) doesn't produce the expected result
#11165 Converter should use Jackson kotlin module if available when mapping JSON to kotlin data classes
#11166 Wrong SQL generated for Informix STDDEV_SAMP and VAR_SAMP
#11168 DataType.convert(Object...) and convert(Collection<?>) don't work for converted data types
#11179 Compilation errors in generated DAOs when embeddables use <replacesFields/>
#11185 Compilation errors in generated embeddable pojos if the embeddable is located in a "synthetic" schema
#11191 Generated code of a routine with TIMESTAMP parameter has too little precision
#11200 Multithread deadlock: org.jooq.impl.AbstractField references subclass org.jooq.impl.Val in static initializer
#11201 MetaTable::getReferences and MetaUniqueKey::getReferences do not take into account inverseSchemaCatalog
#11213 Error mapping a jsonObject field: Cannot convert from LinkedHashMap
#11216 JDBCUtils.dialect() should recognise MariaDB versioned SQLDialect
#11220 Manual produces wrong Javadoc link for java.beans package
#11223 Prevent parsing the same flag twice in CREATE SEQUENCE and ALTER SEQUENCE
#11224 DROP TEMPORARY TABLE doesn't generate TEMPORARY keyword in MariaDB
#11226 Broken JDK Javadoc links in the PDF version of the manual
#11228 Settings.isMapConstructorParameterNamesInKotlin doesn't work for kotlin inline classes
#11233 Parser throws IllegalArgumentException instead of ParserException when date_trunc() is parsed with invalid DatePart
#11235 Parser fails when union subquery contains correlated subquery
#11238 FILTER or OVER clause does not work on JSON_ARRAYAGG() or JSON_OBJECTAGG() functions in H2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL style dialects
#11239 Generated order of check constraints does not respect Database::getOrderProvider
#11244 SelectQuery.setForUpdate and similar methods do not clear flag when value is false
#11247 VariableImpl should render qualified name
#11255 Meta.getTables() does not include PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper tables
#11258 NullPointerException in MetaImpl.snapshot() when foreign key column order doesn't match unique key column order
#11259 NullPointerException when using table valued function without explicit parameters
#11261 Interpreter cannot find unique key if foreign key references columns in different order
#11265 Internal DataKey.DATA_PREPEND_SQL functionality should be cumulative
#11270 Wrong support annotation for FIREBIRD ALTER TABLE .. RENAME
#11273 Behavior of MockResultSet.close() differs from ResultSet.close() javadoc
#11275 NullPointerException when using InsertSetStep.set(Map) on plain SQL table with plain SQL field names
#11277 Wrong Support annotation for Derby DROP { INDEX | TABLE } IF EXISTS
#11280 Add native support for CREATE INDEX .. INCLUDE in Db2
#11281 Wrong SQLSTATE handled in Db2's CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS
#11284 Wrong emulation of CREATE UNIQUE INDEX .. INCLUDE
#11287 NullPointerException in AbstractMeta.copyFK for SQLite when a foreign key references a unique key
#11290 Parser parses PRIMARYKEY as PRIMARY KEY
#11292 AbstractMeta.getForeignKeys() and other key / index producing methods don't handle namespacing correctly for named keys
#11295 POSITION(in, search, startIndex) emulation returns wrong result when search was not found
#11299 SQLite's DSL.extract() emulation should render an explicit CAST(STRFTIME(...) AS INT)
#11302 Wrong Support annotation on ALTER TABLE .. RENAME CONSTRAINT
#11304 ExecuteContext.exception() should accept null exceptions and translate them to an unspecified DataAccessException
#11307 PostgreSQL MetaImpl based DataTypes are missing length of array element type
#11309 ArrayDataType.toString() should indicate that it's an array type
#11317 Wrong documentation of RenderQuotedNames.EXPLICIT_DEFAULT_UNQUOTED
#11319 JDBCDatabase produces empty string as default value everywhere
#11325 PostgreSQL routines with long names are excluded by code generator
#11334 Field.getDataType(Configuration) resets nullability
#11341 intoXML() throws NPE exception
#11343 Simplify JSONConverterProvider example in the manual
#11345 Memory leak regression in DefaultDataType cache
#11347 Wrong syntax generated when WITH clause is empty in DSL
#11348 BooleanDataKey.DATA_FORCE_STATIC_STATEMENT only forces inlining of bind values, not static statement execution
#11350 Missing H2 support on WithStep::selectOne and similar methods
#11361 Wrong emulation of the procedural FOR loop with index
#11366 Collect nested DECLARE statements in Firebird and pull them up to the top level block
#11370 Occasionally repeated BEGIN BEGIN blocks from emulations around DECLARE
#11376 Implicit joins don't work inside of procedural logic
#11377 DML statements should enter a ScopeStack scope
#11387 NullPointerException when using Enums
#11388 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot create a DerivedColumnList from a qualified name
#11398 Wrong emulation of JSON_OBJECTAGG in Db2 and other dialects for String values
#11417 Parser::parseStatements parses DECLARE <decl> BEGIN <stmt> END; into bad structure
#11427 Parser doesn't accept INSERT .. SELECT .. ON CONFLICT
#11435 Support parsing quoted identifiers containing escaped quotes
#11437 Passing an empty array or collection to returningResult() does not match the behaviour of returning()
#11442 Plain SQL templates improperly recognise "?<>" as a PostgreSQL operator
#11443 BatchedPreparedStatement doesn't work if statement is re-used
#11446 Bad formatting for UPDATE .. ROW = ROW statements
#11447 Missing CockroachDB support on WITH RECURSIVE method Support annotations
#11462 LoaderOptionsStep.commitAfter() is not implemented correctly
#11466 DataType::identity Support annotation should list dialects that support identity types
#11468 CustomTable.getUniqueKeys() should return super.getUniqueKeys() not super.getKeys()
#11474 Cannot parse JSON[B]_AGG() FILTER or OVER clause
#11475 Translator should avoid bind variable casts in the absence of schema information
#11477 Missing ABSENT ON NULL declarations in JSON_OBJECT emulated by FOR JSON
#11484 FILTER clause does not work on JSON_ARRAYAGG() or JSON_OBJECTAGG() functions in Db2 and Oracle dialects
#11486 Bad extra derived table generated when INSERT .. SELECT references target table from correlated subquery in MariaDB, MySQL
#11517 Support annotation wrong for Derby on DROP VIEW IF EXISTS
#11521 ClassCastException when ResultQuery.fetchArray() returns no rows
#11522 Wrong precision generated for SQL Server SMALLDATETIME data type
#11535 Parser parses incorrect FOR UPDATE OF syntax, depending on dialect
#11560 java.lang.ClassCastException: class org.jooq.impl.ResultImpl cannot be cast to class java.sql.ResultSet when mocking Oracle SYS_REFCURSOR procedure
#11564 Add a way for emulated table expressions to auto-alias themselves
#11566 JDBCDatabase doesn't yet distinguish between TableType.TABLE and VIEW and others
#11576 DefaultMetaTableDefinition doesn't consider DataType.identity() flag
#11579 Add internal Cascade enum type
#11580 fetchParent() doesn't work properly with foreign key referencing just a part from a composed primary key
#11582 Avoid auxiliary derived table in SQLite GENERATE_SERIES emulation
#11586 Put TOP_LEVEL_CTE marker at DML statement beginning, not SELECT, in SQL Server
#11591 Misleading Javadoc about Settings.isInsertUnchangedRecords
#11596 ArrayTable doesn't pass derived column list to ArrayTableEmulation
#11605 DropTableStep.cascade() and restrict() have wrong dialects in Support annotation
#11614 Fix @Support on ALTER TABLE .. RENAME INDEX
#11621 Parser wrongly recognises VERSIONS table alias as keyword
#11629 Cannot parse MariaDB FOR LOOP syntax
#11630 Cannot parse empty blocks
#11631 Boolean field expected when parsing NOT(?)
#11632 Parser fails when parsing nested not unary operator without parentheses
#11634 XMLFormat.quoteNested() is not being considered in Result.intoXML()
#11638 Missing DERBY @Support on, DSL.time(), DSL.timestamp() methods
#11639 Support parsing DROP SEQUENCE .. RESTRICT
#11644 Invert defaults for internal Tools.visitSubquery() parentheses flag
#11651 Add parser support for VERTICA IDENTITY column type
#11652 Vertica has native support for DECODE
#11658 PostgresDatabase doesn't produce CHAR type length for CHAR(n)[] array types
#11661 ROWNUM transformation doesn't work in the presence of DISTINCT
#11663 Wrong order of WINDOW / QUALIFY clauses
#11667 Oracle MetaTable fields do not have identity information
#11673 Emulate NVL using COALESCE instead of CASE, where possible
#11683 REPLACE should inline empty string parameter, not use val
#11689 Code generator regression for SQL Server defaulted parameters
#11695 Support parsing "! =" and "< >" and other operators containing white space in Oracle
#11701 Bad inlining of Infinity or NaN in PostgreSQL
#11704 Support floating point NaN and (-)Infinity values in other dialects
#11705 Add parser support for Firebird's BLOB SUB_TYPE syntax
#11709 Oracle typed REF CURSOR produce wrong code
#11721 Wrong precision for H2 timestamp when using domains
#11732 PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. WHERE <index_predicate> generates not valid SQL
#11733 Column "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS.INTERVAL_TYPE" not found in H2 1.4.197
#11740 Stop using deprecated ojdbc API
#11747 TO_CHAR(x) without format is not natively supported in PostgreSQL
#11749 Oracle UPDATE .. RETURNING emulation doesn't work for boolean data type rewrites
#11760 NullPointerException instead of DetachedException when executing a detached Routine
#11762 Regression when using plain SQL H2 array types
#11767 ROWNUM transformation should avoid creating derived tables if possible
#11769 NPE when ParsingConnection is not attached to an actual connection
#11783 Named parameter mapping doesn't work with missing or excess source column values
#11790 Oracle DUAL table incorrectly quoted by RenderQuotedNames.ALWAYS
#11791 <recordsImplementingRecordN/> no longer works in Scala
#11818 Avoid new Integer(...) calls in JSON Parser
#11819 Coerce should delegate all QueryPartInternal calls to the wrapped field
#11832 Typo in AggregateFunction.keepDenseRankLastOrderBy() Javadoc
#11841 Work around Simba for BigQuery's lack of NULL bind variable support
#11847 Regression in Teradata where DUAL is no longer quoted
#11852 DUAL emulation in Teradata MERGE .. USING DUAL doesn't work
#11857 Emulate CASE WHEN EXISTS in Teradata
#11866 MemSQL computed columns of type int aren't generated correctly
#11870 MiniJAXB cannot read code generation's regexFlags content (an xs:list type)
#11873 Code generation error when generating code for Redshift
#11876 Regression in OracleDatabase for sequences with large MAXVALUE
#11883 jOOQ 3.13 manual refers to not-yet existing jsonEntry(String, Field)
#11893 DefaultConverterProvider isn't able to look up value to single-arg constructor conversions
#11895 ResultQuery.fetchStream() fetches entire resultset at once
#11904 ORDER BY <field index> should resolve nested record emulation
#11912 KotlinGenerator generates invalid code when column names X and isX clash
#11918 Add Settings.renderOptionalXYZ support to ParserCLI
#11921 Wrong position reported for parser meta lookup failures
#11924 Incorrect SQL generated for multi table DELETE with JOIN in MySQL
#11930 Wrong result displayed for SQRT(4) function call in the manual
#11934 Constants.MINOR_VERSION was not updated in 3.14
#11936 Manual section using-jooq-with-jdbctemplate shouldn't use deprecated JdbcTemplate method
#11953 Parser grammar does not reflect both possible positions of FROM FIRST / LAST and IGNORE / RESPECT NULLS
#11954 Date Add and Date Sub conversion not working for Redshift dialect
#11958 BOOL_AND() and BOOL_OR() emulation does not correctly implement FILTER clause
#11973 JDBCUtils.dialect(Connection) recognises MYSQL_8_0, not MYSQL_8_0_19
#11977 PostgresDatabase should ignore unknown functions when parsing index column expressions
#11987 Parser doesn't support date time arithmetic in DATE_TRUNC arguments
#12013 Support parsing HSQLDB post-fix IF EXISTS in DROP statements
#12019 ORA-06550 when calling a PL/SQL procedure with a %ROWTYPE parameter that has DATE fields when dateAsTimestamp=true
#12020 Result.formatXML() and formatJSON() do not correctly format nested records
#12026 Result.formatXML() re-declares xmlns on each level for nested results
#12044 Correctly emulate XMLAGG(...) FILTER (WHERE ...) in Db2, Oracle, Teradata
#12050 CAST must not generate length, precision, scale in Oracle PL/SQL context
#12054 Wrong comment in manual meta section about the manual
#12064 Informix can't handle bind values as arguments to NVL() or COALESCE()
#12070 JSON_OBJECT and JSON_ARRAY functions should generate a Name, not a Keyword
#12072 Work around Oracle bug where a CASE expression without ELSE clause in JSON_ARRAYAGG causes ORA-40590: invalid format
#12078 SQL Server UpdatableRecord.refresh() is unnecessary when calling
#12080 Generate a FORMAT JSON clause in Oracle's JSON_OBJECT if contents are of type JSON
#12085 Work around Oracle's JSON_ARRAYAGG() bugs when aggregate inputs should be DISTINCT
#12086 Nested JSON_OBJECT() emulation is wrong in SQL Server
#12088 UDT.getQualifiedName() does not produce package qualification for a package UDT
#12091 Manual section data-types-oracle-date uses deprecated API
#12094 Meta.ddl() produces TIMESTAMP instead of DATE for columns with dateAsTimestamp=true active
#12105 Work around Db2 Reply.fill() - insufficient data (-1). Message: Insufficient data. when fetching JSON_ARRAY
#12106 Manual section about limit-clause contains broken link about Oracle ROWNUM filtering performance


Version 3.14.0 - October 19, 2020

In this release, we've sorted our github issues according to user feedback and finally implemented some of the most wanted features, which include better Kotlin support, embeddable types, and domain type support.

In addition to this, we believe that our newly added XML and JSON operation support will be a leading game changer in how ORMs interact with SQL databases in the future.


Standard SQL has long supported SQL/XML, and since recently, most RDBMS also support standard SQL/JSON or vendor specific variants thereof. While ORDBMS extensions have never seen the adoption they deserve, XML and JSON do. It makes sense to occasionally denormalise data and store documents in the database directly. However, this is not what we're most excited about.

We're excited about our support for all the fancy operators like:

Similar functions are available for XML, like XMLTABLE, XMLELEMENT, XMLAGG, etc. All editions of jOOQ 3.14 support standard SQL XML and JSON operators, and emulate them where non-standard support is available (e.g. PostgreSQL and SQL Server).

The commercial editions also support SQL Server's very convenient FOR XML and FOR JSON APIs, emulating that syntax using standard operators elsewhere. See:

But that's not all of it! If you have Gson, Jackson, or JAXB on the classpath, we can use that to map org.jooq.XML, org.jooq.JSON, org.jooq.JSONB types from your query results to your nested data structures, automatically. See:

These approaches are extremely powerful. In many cases, you might just skip most of your middleware layer and bind a REST or similar endpoint directly to a jOOQ / SQL query, producing JSON for your frontend:

Kotlin support

We've long supported some Scala extensions and a ScalaGenerator. Kotlin is an additional very promising JVM language where a new jOOQ-kotlin module as well as a KotlinGenerator will add a lot of value for your jOOQ/Kotlin integration.

The KotlinGenerator offers, among other things:

The jOOQ-kotlin module offers some useful extension functions to further improve the experience of the jOOQ/Kotlin integration.

In addition to the above, we've annotated the entire jOOQ API with nullability annotations from JetBrains:

This will remove many of the annoying T! types in your Kotlin/jOOQ code, turning them into T or T? types instead, giving you more confidence.

With these improvements, we've also critically reviewed our existing ScalaGenerator, fixing a lot of bugs.

Embeddable types

One of the biggest new features in jOOQ 3.14 is inspired by JPA, which ships with embeddable types. An embeddable type is an emulation of a database user- defined type (UDT), which are supported natively only in Oracle and PostgreSQL. The biggest gain of such types is to create more semantic, composite data types in your database schema, and profit from the additional type safety.

Our interpretation of the feature is mostly in the source code generator, whose output now becomes even more valuable. All jOOQ editions support the basic infrastructure to pattern-match column sets and turn them into synthetic embeddable types.

In addition to the above, our commercial editions offer some auto configuration of embeddable types in cases where they really shine:

We took the concept a step further than JPA. In jOOQ, embeddable types can act as views on the underlying columns, without replacing them, or as a replacement like in JPA. jOOQ respects all levels of relational modelling, including overlapping constraints and thus allowing for two embeddable types to overlap.

For more information, please refer to:

DOMAIN types

Speaking of types, some database dialects support standard SQL DOMAIN types, which are a simpler form of UDTs. Instead of working with low level technical types like VARCHAR(10), why not give your single-column types a name, and add a few re-usable CHECK constraints to them?

That's what a DOMAIN type is:

All of the above is reusable across your schema and if you're commercially licensed, you can even have the code generator auto-generate embeddable types for all of your domains to profit from the additional type safety in Java.

For more information, please refer to:

Synthetic constraints

Related to the above improved code generator output are synthetic objects, such as the previously supported synthetic primary keys, and now also synthetic unique and foreign keys.

If you invest heavily in security and re-usable components within your database, you will make heavy use of SQL views. Unfortunately, views do not have any meta data like foreign key constraints - despite the meta data being "obvious" to you the database designer. With synthetic constraints, you can tell jOOQ about your knowledge of underlying constraints.

The main benefits of meta data being available to jOOQ being:

For more information, please refer to:

Better MERGE support

We've finally tackled support for more advanced MERGE statement clauses and now support:


With the parser and our translator tool, we'll invest more and more in new use-cases for putting jOOQ to use other than as an embeddable DSL in Java.

Our translation capabilities have already been strong, and with a new set of SQL transformations, they become even stronger helping customers migrate off RDBMS A towards RDBMS B (and back, if they made a mistake).

While our website translator is free of charge, the jOOQ library can always be used programmatically, or as a command line utility:

To make this use-case even more useful, new transformation features have been added, including:

This is an exciting area that we'll be exploring for our commercially licensed customers in the future, while even the jOOQ Open Source Edition profits from these improvements. For example, the infrastructure created for transformations finally enabled emulating PostgreSQL's DISTINCT ON clause, elsewhere.

For more information, please refer to:

Better manual

We've taken a step back and reviewed a few important parts of our documentation. We're now offering:

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#229 Enhance API to provide access to ARRAY elements
#681 Add support for type DOMAINs
#1571 Add support for REGEXP_REPLACE()
#1962 Improve formatting of SQL rendered by window functions
#2230 Add support for INTERVAL data types in code generator
#2530 Add support for "fetch groups" or "embedded record types", where a group of fields is defined as a reusable RowN type across various tables
#2961 Add UpdatableRecord.merge()
#3419 Add support for intercepting PreparedStatements, collecting individual bind value sets into larger batch sets
#3505 Emulate quantified comparison predicates for row value expressions, if not natively supported
#3564 Emulate PostgreSQL's DISTINCT ON clause
#3713 Add <pojosAsScalaCaseClasses/> to the code generator to generate case classes
#3774 Move Configuration thread safety content to new section
#3896 Add Configuration.converterProvider() to allow for implementing default converters between <T> and <U> types
#4528 Add manual section about DSLContext.connection()
#4941 Add LoaderListenerStep.onRowStart() for preprocessing input data
#5216 Add UpdatableRecord<R>.children(ForeignKey<O, R>): Table<O>
#5218 Add support for FOR SHARE OF in Postgres dialect
#6124 Add code generator option to generate an embeddable record per primary / unique key
#6183 Add GeneratorStrategy.getGlobalReferencesFile(Class.class) and getGlobalReferencesJavaClassName(Class.class) etc. to allow for overriding the files that contain global references
#6187 Add Schema.getTable(Name), getSequence(Name), getUDT(Name), getDomain(Name)
#6188 Add Catalog.getSchema(Name)
#6248 Implement KotlinGenerator
#6256 Add Kotlin infix and extension functions to a new jOOQ-kotlin extensions module
#6345 Generate Kotlin data classes
#6456 Generate comments also on POJOs
#6501 Can we profit from Kotlin's named and defaulted parameters for procedure calls, record constructors etc?
#6598 Support mapping into nested immutable POJOs
#6736 Add support for PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. WHERE <index_predicate>
#7067 Specify jOOQ's lack of Serializable backwards compatibility in the manual
#7155 Add support for synthetic foreign keys
#7168 Maven, Gradle, programmatic configuration code should be toggled using tabs
#7253 Add support for Loader.batchAll() with onDuplicateKeyIgnore()
#7262 Improve formatting of dual emulations
#7291 Add support for multiple MERGE .. WHEN MATCHED AND { condition }
#7312 Add Setting to transform table lists to ansi join
#7507 Implicit Joins should produce inner joins when possible
#7553 Add more and better DDL examples to the manual
#7681 Add programmatic and Gradle examples on how to configure generator strategies in the manual
#7711 Support recent features for Sybase ASE
#7860 Add support for synthetic unique keys
#7997 Emulate DISTINCT predicate using DECODE in Db2, H2, Oracle
#8054 Support `NO WAIT` with FOR SHARE on MySQL/Postgres
#8254 Publish an API version diff in the manual
#8353 Fix known limitations of embeddable types
#8381 Pull up OracleDSL.toChar() to DSL
#8384 Emulate support for INSERT INTO t [ AS alias ]
#8450 Improve procedural language abstraction API
#8492 DSL.row(Collection<?>) should also accept Select in argument collection
#8519 Add native support for H2 JOIN .. USING syntax
#8548 Add support for SQLite window function extensions from version 3.28
#8553 Add support for foreign keys referencing unique key columns in different order than in the unique key definition
#8575 Implement native support for H2 RATIO_TO_REPORT()
#8592 Emulate PERCENT_RANK and CUME_DIST where not natively supported
#8719 Use native support for H2 <rve> IS [ NOT ] NULL predicate
#8732 Add native support for H2's new UNIQUE predicate
#8805 Support OVERLAY() function
#8841 Redshift: Support ILIKE
#8844 Emulate FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED using READPAST table hint
#8949 Add CharsetProvider SPI
#8950 Add support for standard JSON functions - continued
#9017 Add Settings.transformRownum
#9044 Add support for parsing single parameter numeric TRUNC() function
#9054 Manual headers should offer a link to the "latest" version
#9061 Improve Settings.parseWithMetaLookups
#9131 Support parsing MySQL BIT(1) value literals
#9212 Add support for MariaDB INSERT and DELETE RETURNING
#9351 Let DataType extend QueryPart
#9404 AbstractKey and subtypes should accept Name instead of string in constructors
#9492 Deprecate static data type registry lookups for user defined data types
#9496 Improve formatting of CREATE TABLE and derived column lists
#9639 Apply Database::getOrderProvider to content as well
#9744 Add <locale/> to code generator <target/> specification
#9764 Rework formatting of SQL
#9775 Various parser bugs / missing features
#9798 Make the names in org.jooq.impl.Names unquoted
#9825 Document new jOOQ-refaster module
#9833 Add missing @Support annotation to DSLContext#fetch*() methods
#9839 Remove manual version 3.2, unsupport 3.7
#9841 Update documentation to refer to org.jooq.trial-java-8 Maven groupId
#9851 Rewrite ResultQuery Javadoc
#9861 Add covariant overrides Record[N].with(Field, T) for fluent setting of values on a Record
#9866 Liquibase imports should use ClassLoaderResourceAccessor
#9868 SQL Server: Support STRING_AGG() function
#9872 LiquibaseDatabase should use configured changeLogParameters.contexts when updating
#9874 [#9872] LiquibaseDatabase should use provided contexts on update
#9882 Deprecate SQLDialect#supports(Collection<SQLDialect>) method
#9885 Add support for DSL.execute() in Oracle
#9888 Support parsing some PostgreSQL specific matching operators
#9889 Add support for native ILIKE in H2
#9891 Change Pro annotation retention to class
#9894 DB2: New aggregate functions in version 11
#9898 Implement native support for LIKE ANY et al in PostgreSQL
#9899 Programmatic code generator configuration documentation should fully qualify org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration
#9900 Add TransactionalRunnable.of(TransactionalRunnable...) to compose nested transactions
#9902 Add Settings to apply native JSR 310 data type binding
#9911 Deprecate Comparator.supportsQuantifier() and supportsSubselect()
#9921 Offer additional settings as dropdowns in /translate
#9923 Add support for FOR XML and FOR JSON
#9924 Emulate SQL Server FOR XML (single table) in other dialects
#9925 Add support for standard XML functions
#9926 Emulate SQL Server FOR JSON (single table) in other dialects
#9927 Add support for JSON_ARRAYAGG
#9928 Add support for JSON_OBJECT <JSON constructor null clause>
#9930 Add internal DefaultAggregateFunction and DefaultWindowFunction
#9932 Add DSL.jsonEntry(String, Field) and jsonObject(String, Field)
#9936 Add support for JSON_OBJECTAGG
#9938 Emulate SQL Server FOR JSON PATH and FOR XML PATH with dot / slash notation in other dialects
#9939 Emulate SQL Server FOR JSON AUTO nested collections from to-many joins
#9950 Improve support for EXECUTE for use in procedural blocks
#9952 Implement procedural language support for Firebird
#9958 Add DataType.precisionDefined(), scaleDefined(), lengthDefined()
#9959 Code generator should produce TIMESTAMP(precision) calls instead of TIMESTAMP.precision(precision)
#9967 Add support for HSQLDB temporal tables
#9971 Support parsing BETWEEN ASYMMETRIC where the SQL standard supports it
#9973 Remove internal AbstractFunction
#9976 Deprecate also CUBRIDDSL
#9977 Add more thread safety documentation around DSLContext and Configuration
#9979 Add DSL.val(), value(), and inline() overloads for JSON, JSONB, and XML types
#9985 Refactor some rendering logic to make better reuse of QueryPartList
#9986 Add an internal QueryPartListView class
#9990 Add some convenience API to SQLDialect, delegating to JDBCUtils
#9991 Offer an org.jooq.impl.AbstractBinding base implementation for the common case
#9994 Add missing with(Collection<? extends CommonTableExpression<?>>) overloads
#9995 Add SQLDialect.POSTGRES_12
#10000 Add DSL.tau() to support τ, which is a better π
#10008 Add a configuration flag to DDLDatabase to specify whether queries should be logged
#10010 Rename Loader { CSV | JSON | Rows } Step.fieldsFromSource() to fieldsCorresponding()
#10013 Add <constructorPropertiesAnnotation/> to generate @ConstructorProperties on pojos and records
#10015 Replace internal usages of QueryPartList by QueryPartListView
#10016 Improve H2's derived column list support
#10023 Add Table.with(SQL) to allow for plain SQL templating in T-SQL style table hints
#10024 Upgrade dependencies
#10025 Move Keywords.F_XYZ to Names.N_XYZ and make them unquotedName
#10032 Add a /doc/dev URL mapping to the manual
#10038 Add SQLDialect.ORACLE20C
#10040 Add support for Oracle 20c EXCEPT ALL and INTERSECT ALL
#10041 Add support for Oracle 20c window function GROUPS and EXCLUDE clauses
#10042 Add RecordListener.mergeStart() and RecordListener.mergeEnd() lifecycle events
#10043 Add Support annotations to TableRecord.insert(),, DAO.update(), etc.
#10045 Deprecate the H2 style MERGE statement
#10046 Add DSLContext.batchMerge()
#10049 Add DAO.merge()
#10050 Add support for optimistic locking with UpdatableRecord.merge()
#10052 Add support for standard SQL MERGE .. WHEN MATCHED [ AND .. ] THEN DELETE
#10053 Improve tutorial "jOOQ as a SQL builder" explaining the resulting bind parameter markers
#10060 Emulate JSON_ARRAYAGG() in older MariaDB versions
#10061 Add native support for DISTINCT predicate in Db2
#10064 trueCondition(), noCondition() and falseCondition() should generate TRUE and FALSE, where BOOLEAN types are supported
#10068 Add native support for the DB2 11.1 OVERLAPS predicate
#10070 jOOQ should allow empty JOIN .. USING clauses
#10071 DefaultRecordMapper should apply ConverterProvider for Record1.into(...) calls
#10072 Out of the box support mapping between XML/JSON and POJOs using JAXB or Jackson/Gson
#10074 Provide default implementation of
#10075 Support unqualified column lookups in parser
#10078 Create manual subsections for each function
#10079 Create subsections in the manual for aggregate function features
#10082 Add JSON.json(), JSONB.jsonb(), XML.xml() methods
#10085 Add DataType.isJSON() and isXML()
#10089 Emulate JSON_OBJECTAGG where unavailable
#10090 Add a <generatedAnnotationDate/> flag to allow for turning off generating @​
#10094 Emulate FOR XML AUTO with joins in other dialects
#10097 Add support for DB2 CREATE INDEX .. EXCLUDE NULL KEYS clause
#10099 Emulate XMLTABLE in SQL Server with NODES() and VALUE()
#10100 Emulate JSON_TABLE in SQL Server with OPENJSON
#10104 Add synthetic FOR JSONB syntax that produces JSONB instead of JSON
#10105 Support parsing ALTER { SEQUENCE | TABLE | TYPE | VIEW } .. OWNER TO ..
#10112 Add QueryPartInternal.rendersContent(Context<?>)
#10127 Generate dialect specific rendering information in manual
#10128 Add support for Postgres 12 materialized CTEs
#10131 Emulate NVL2 using IIF in SQL Server
#10133 Add Javadoc and manual documentation for WIDTH_BUCKET
#10137 RPAD() and LPAD() should no longer need to cast
#10152 Add support for SAP HANA's BOOLEAN data type
#10153 Get HANA dialect support up to date
#10156 Deprecate createView(X, Function),, Function), and DSLContext.with(X, Function)
#10160 Add support for MySQL's IF() function
#10162 Add parser support for named NOT NULL constraints in DDL
#10164 Support parsing statement batches without delimiter
#10165 Add support for MySQL's INSERT() function via OVERLAY()
#10171 Parse a few known syntaxes and throw an exception about them not being supported
#10178 Add[Not]DistinctFrom(Select) and[Not]DistinctFrom(Select)
#10179 Boolean field emulation should be NOT NULL aware
#10180 Add native support for DECODE where it is supported
#10184 Add missing TableLike.asTable(Name) and asTable(Table) overloads
#10188 Add Tools.visitSubquery(Context<?>, Select)
#10193 Support precision on LOCALTIME and LOCALDATETIME data types
#10196 GeneratorWriter should auto-indent generated code
#10204 Add a way to filter out objects from org.jooq.Meta instances
#10210 Add support for CREATE, ALTER, and DROP DATABASE statements
#10215 Stop emulating GROUP BY () in PostgreSQL 9.5+
#10216 Add code generation support for HANA ARRAY type parameters
#10220 Support parsing CHECK constraints without parentheses
#10230 Let DataType extend Named
#10235 jOOQ-kotlin-example should use new KotlinGenerator
#10246 Add missing <includeXYZ/> flag documentation to manual
#10250 Add Db2 11.1 support for more EXTRACT DateParts
#10258 Improve PostgreSQL dateAdd() implementation
#10264 Support \s in the code generation config's indentation configuration
#10278 Add Named.getCommentPart()
#10280 Add Meta.snapshot() to create an in-memory copy of a Meta implementation
#10284 Add UDT.getPackage() in the OSS edition API
#10288 Add <pojosAsKotlinDataClasses/> to the code generator to generate data classes
#10291 Add support for CITEXT and VARCHAR_IGNORECASE types in parser
#10292 Add org.jooq.Qualified
#10294 Remove unnecessary covariant overrides from RenderContext and BindContext
#10299 Improve ParserImpl code reuse for single arg functions
#10300 Add DataType.getArrayComponentType() and getArrayComponentDataType()
#10309 Add code generation support for arrays of domain types
#10317 Deprecate Context.formatIndentLockStart() and formatIndentLockEnd()
#10321 Add support for JSON / JSONB types in H2
#10322 Add parser support for JSON, JSONB, and XML types
#10353 Add a new internal InlineDerivedTable implementation
#10354 Retrofit Table.where() implementation to use new InlineDerivedTable
#10360 Support parsing NOT DEFERRABLE INITIALLY IMMEDIATE on foreign key constraints
#10361 Add JSONFormat.quoteNested() and XMLFormat.quoteNested() flags
#10362 Refactor DefaultBinding to reference DataType<T>, not Class<T>
#10368 Add DataType.isNString()
#10372 Refactor internal org.jooq.impl.Cast.Native for better reuse
#10377 Inline internal AbstractContext.visit0() to reduce stack trace size
#10382 Add support for CockroachDB 20.1 features
#10383 Add support for CockroachDB WITH RECURSIVE
#10384 Add support for CockroachDB TEMPORARY tables
#10388 Add parser support for Oracle's INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH and INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND types
#10391 Implement TableOptions equals() and hashCode()
#10397 Default implementation of AbstractTable.getIdentity() should check Table.fields() for any Field with DataType.identity()
#10400 Use DataType.identity() information in the absence of Table.getIdentity() in INSERT .. RETURNING emulation
#10402 Add when(Field<Boolean>) overloads to CASE expression API
#10404 Add SQLDialect.ASE_12_5, ASE_15_5, ASE_15_7, ASE_16_0 dialects
#10406 Get ASE dialect support up to date
#10420 Add Context.methodIf(Arg, boolean) for an "internal if" implementation
#10422 Let User and Role extend Named to give access to quoted / unquoted and qualified / unqualified names
#10428 Improve manual section "importing"
#10429 Make LoaderRowListener a FunctionalInterface
#10432 Add Settings.cachePreparedStatementsInLoader to keeping open PreparedStatements in Loader API
#10438 Support lazy DataType lookups in DSL.val() and DSL.inline()
#10447 Refactor some internal duplicate logic
#10451 Use H2, HSQLDB native interval arithmetic instead of DATEADD emulation
#10453 Support parsing additional standard interval literals
#10456 Add static YearToMonth and DayToSecond.<intervalType>(String) constructor methods
#10460 Use MERGE to emulate INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE in H2
#10472 Add LazySchema and LazyCatalog to allow for lazy referencing a schema or catalog in generated code
#10478 Add Matchers for catalogs
#10481 Add <replacesFields/> to embeddable configuration
#10483 Add Database.getUniqueKeys(), getForeignKeys() to look up constraints without a specific schema
#10489 Add parser support for qualified data types in DDL and casts
#10491 Add conditional-expressions subsection about Field<Boolean>
#10493 Add TemplatingException for errors that occur with plain SQL templating
#10495 Add a "show imports" button to all manual code sections
#10497 Add parser support for the PostgreSQL CREATE INDEX .. ON .. USING syntax
#10499 Support overlapping embeddables
#10511 Add <embeddableDomains/> to allow for wrapping all DOMAIN types in embeddables
#10518 /learn should clearly distinguish between unreleased and released versions in the docs
#10524 Add DataType.isEmbeddable()
#10532 Add new <lambdaConverter/> configuration in <forcedType/> to further simplify programmatic converters
#10535 Generated code should import org.jooq.impl.SQLDataType if possible
#10540 Implement new internal syntax to create derived column lists only if necessary
#10542 Add Comparator.inverse()
#10543 Manual should discourage using jOOQ without the code generator
#10550 Remove the Derby SelectQueryImpl.UNION_PARENTHESIS_IN_DERIVED_TABLES emulation
#10554 Avoid workaround for too large initialisers when unnecessary
#10568 ParserCLI should offer configuration of RenderQuotedNames
#10569 ParserCLI should display individual flags when not providing a new value in interactive mode
#10575 Add some empty protected methods to generate custom class footers in reference classes
#10578 Add PackageDefinition.getUDTs()
#10583 Loader API should pad input rows if more target fields are provided than source fields
#10588 Add new <syntheticObjects/> configuration, and deprecate / replace existing functionality
#10592 Add DDLExportConfiguration.includeConstraintsOnViews to prevent Meta::ddl from exporting synthetic constraints on views
#10600 Gradle example in the manual should not use MarkupBuilder to avoid issues with name
#10613 Add Key.nullable() to indicate that a key is (partially) nullable
#10616 Add Settings.implicitJoinType to govern whether an INNER or LEFT JOIN is generated
#10625 Static import all SQLDataType types in the manual
#10631 Display context sensitive imports in manual
#10632 Log all column and parameter types in DEBUG level in JavaGenerator
#10633 Add DataTypeDefinition.getMatchNames()
#10636 Link to SEEK clause from OFFSET clause in the manual
#10638 Add parser support for arbitrary CONNECT BY .. START WITH .. GROUP BY .. HAVING ordering
#10640 Remove unneeded private DSL constructors
#10641 Support and emulate Oracle's TO_CHAR() function
#10646 Document that import-on-demand cannot be used with org.jooq.Record
#10648 Log info when code generation run doesn't produce any difference
#10651 Manual section about like should document example of concatenating "%" to a bind value
#10653 Make the JavaGenerator::INITIALISER_SIZE configurable through <maxMembersPerInitialiser/>
#10654 Make the generation of the serialVersionUID configurable
#10658 Add Sequence.nextvals(int):Select<Record1<T>> and DSLContext.nextvals(Sequence<T>, int):List<T> to fetch a number of sequence values in one go
#10659 Add Informix emulation for GENERATE_SERIES
#10660 Add WITH RECURSIVE emulations for GENERATE_SERIES, where available
#10665 Change org.jooq.impl.Expression implementation to be binary only
#10682 Add Collection overload for CatalogMetaProvider, SchemaMetaProvider, TableMetaProvider constructors
#10688 Add Converter.forArrays() to turn a Converter<T, U> into a Converter<T[], U[]>
#10689 Deprecate zero-args and one-arg Converters.of() methods
#10692 Address known issues of BatchedConnection
#10693 Add Settings.batchSize to transparently specify a maximum batch size for BatchedConnection
#10694 Add DataType.asConvertedDataType(Class<U>, Function<-T, +U>, Function<-U, +T>)
#10705 MockResultSet::toString should visually display current row
#10707 Add Routine.getInValue(Parameter) to allow for retrieving IN parameter values
#10711 Emulate using WITH in UNION subqueries by wrapping the subquery in a derived table in dialects where this isn't supported
#10713 Upgrade SQLite JDBC dependency from 3.30 to 3.32
#10728 Add DSL.jsonEntry(Field) and DSL.jsonObject(Field...) overloads that derive key value(s) from field name(s)
#10731 Bump junit from 4.13 to 4.13.1 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-spark-example
#10732 Bump junit from 4.13 to 4.13.1 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-academy
#10733 Bump junit from 4.13 to 4.13.1 in /jOOQ-examples/jOOQ-javafx-example
#10735 Bump junit from 4.13 to 4.13.1
#10750 Deprecate some internal field(String) and field(Name) implementations
#10753 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. SET NOT NULL in Oracle

Breaking changes

#3285 Add support for HSQLDB table-valued functions
#4695 Create separate Row[N] and Record[N] implementations for each N
#4703 The underscore "_" is a reserved token in Java 9. The jOOQ code generator should avoid generating it
#6612 Modularise jOOQ
#7328 Replace cursor-based FOR UPDATE emulation in SQL Server by table hints
#7342 and should inherit alias-defining Named's quoted flag
#8576 Regenerate jOOQ-meta code with <instanceFields>true</instanceFields>
#8829 Loader should decode binary data as base64, not with new String(byte[])
#8945 Add org.jooq.XML
#9754 Unstable routine name suffix generation with overloaded names
#9840 Remove DSL.groupingId() from jOOQ Open Source Edition, as no OSS dialect supports it
#9933 Optimistic locking does not work when recordTimestamp column has precision less than TIMESTAMP(3)
#10081 Make accidentally public classes package private again
#10129 SQLite's SIGN() emulation does not produce the correct value on NULL
#10146 Let SQLDataType.TIMESTAMP map to DATETIME2 instead of DATETIME in SQL Server
#10187 Remove CONNECT BY support from OSS Edition
#10276 DSLContext.ddl() should not produce foreign keys that point outside of the argument schema
#10283 Stop generating singleton Identity declarations and move logic into TableImpl
#10331 Split jOOQ-meta-extensions into jOOQ-meta-extensions-hibernate and jOOQ-meta-extensions-liquibase
#10338 XMLGenerator should produce 1-based <ordinal_position/> in <key_column_usage/>
#10343 Make JSON::data, JSONB::data, and XML::data NotNull
#10355 Change JavaGenerator.printClassAnnotations() to (JavaWriter, Definition, Mode)
#10418 GrantOnStep.on(String) and RevokeOnStep.on(String) should wrap String argument in Name
#10435 DSLContext.connection() and similar methods should not wrap RuntimeException in DataAccessException
#10512 Add a CloseableDSLContext and stop subtyping AutoCloseable from DSLContext directly
#10534 <enumConverter/> and <lambdaConverter/> don't work in ScalaGenerator and KotlinGenerator
#10566 Wrong DDL generated in Oracle when translating integer types
#10576 Compilation error when 2 Oracle packages both contain the same record type name
#10686 ConnectionRunnable and ConnectionCallable should accept throwing Throwable

Bug Fixes

#3379 Table-valued function aliasing is confusing as the order of .call() and .as() is relevant
#3479 Awkward formatting of "short" functions
#4691 Add an unused forced type hint about Pattern.COMMENTS being turned on to help debug regexes with whitespace
#5200 Loader API onDuplicateKeyIgnore() doesn't work when primary key is an identity
#5422 ScalaGenerator should follow Scala Style Guide in generated code
#5488 Excess newline in formatted SELECT without FROM clause
#6004 DSL.values(Row[N]...) and DSL.table(Record) should emulate simpler SQL
#6186 Log warning if standalone <outputSchema/> element is not paired with <inputSchema/>
#6266 JoinTable.join(...).onKey() does not work
#6278 Wrong DDL generated when using SQLDataType.TINYINT on SQL Server
#6356 H2 row expression IN predicate with subquery doesn't work when subquery columns are aliased
#6385 Derby emulation of all(T...) is incorrect
#6793 Avoid allocating (and iterating) the MutablePOJOMapper's nestedFields HashMap
#6819 PostgreSQL UDT not working when used as stored procedure return type
#6935 insert queries having auto-generated ids are not executed
#7070 Add code generation support for PostgreSQL types referencing domains
#7334 DataAccessException.sqlStateClass() always returns OTHER for SQLite
#7411 `returning` statement does not work in MySQL even with primary key and auto increment
#7489 Datetime arithmetic generates bind values when input uses inline values
#7626 join(...).onKey(TableField) doesn't work with aliased tables
#7667 Generated SQL is missing aliasing for Stored Procedure
#7673 Cannot call SQL Server stored procedure on HSQLDB
#7679 Cannot use Meta.getSchema() for DROP SCHEMA statement
#7682 KeepNamesGeneratorStrategy doesn't work with ScalaGenerator
#7867 DSLContext.fetchCount(Select) should rename the select statement's column names to prevent ambiguities
#7917 Use H2 1.4.198 domain qualification for enums stored as domains
#8029 Cast expressions on TIMESTAMP data types should use explicit precision
#8045 EnumConverter doesn't work when fromType is Kotlin Int
#8089 Compilation error in generated Scala code for single letter schema names
#8139 scala.UninitializedFieldError in runtime using generated data objects
#8220 Row[N] predicates should wrap T argument values in Tools.field() to allow for raw type scalar subqueries
#8278 Code generation for SQLite doesn't pick up view column types correctly
#8589 Unstable code generation in PostgreSQL regexp_split_to_table function
#8869 jOOQ-scala modules no longer compile under JDK 13
#8965 Wrong DDL generated when using precision on TIMESTAMPTZ type
#9103 Remove EPUB manual from website
#9164 Consistently show SQL code to the left and Java code to the right in manual
#9188 Cannot use DayToSecond intervals in Oracle, for intervals bigger than 99 days
#9246 ALTER TABLE .. ADD UNIQUE INDEX syntax cannot be parsed
#9337 DDLDatabase does not support JSON or JSONB columns
#9396 Too many tables produced from DSLContext.meta(Tables).getSchemas()
#9540 SQL Server NVARCHAR literal is not rendered correctly
#9554 not(unique(c)) / notUnique(c) and not(exists(c)) / notExists(c) should generate the same SQL
#9590 JDBC DatabaseMetaData backed Meta implementation should read DECIMAL_DIGITS for timestamp precision, not COLUMN_SIZE
#9647 Dead links to javax.validation
#9832 jOOQ Open Source Edition code generation fails on MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.3
#9834 jOOQ-meta Database implementations should dynamically detect server version and use appropriate dialect version
#9835 NPE when using AbstractDatabase instance without explicit configuredCustomTypes
#9842 Update error messages to refer to org.jooq.trial-java-8 Maven groupId
#9849 Compilation error in generated code for check constraints containing bad escape sequences
#9856 Parser cannot handle double quotes in string literals
#9865 Fix a few REDSHIFT support annotations and DDL statements
#9870 OracleDatabase produces wrong query when tableValuedFunctions is active
#9873 LiquibaseDatabase should use actual changeLog database table names
#9875 [#9873] LiquibaseDatabase should use actual changeLog table names
#9896 DB2: Wrong rendering of DSL#stddevSamp() and DSL#varSamp()
#9897 CockroachDB does not yet implement STDDEV_SAMP() and VAR_SAMP()
#9903 Changing getJavaClassName() for Mode.ENUM in DefaultGeneratorStrategy generates invalid code
#9907 NullPointerException in ByteArrayClassLoader, when it is asked to load an external class
#9914 PostgreSQL UNION requires parentheses if subquery has WITH clause
#9916 NullPointerException in XMLDatabase when new <enforced> element is missing
#9922 INSERT .. RETURNING with aliased target table generates wrong SQL in Oracle
#9934 Fix Sakila install scripts for Oracle Database
#9935 Oracle Database 11g: Column SEARCH_CONDITION_VC does not exist in table SYS.ALL_CONSTRAINTS
#9940 AS keyword is mandatory when aliasing DML target tables in SQLite
#9946 INSERT .. RETURNING emulation produces wrong follow up SELECT query when target table is aliased
#9954 Incorrect SQL generated in DB2's INSERT INTO t .. RETURNING t.* emulation
#9961 Wrong SQL generated when using implicit joins in union subquery
#9968 Error when reading or writing timestamps of year 10000+ in HSQLDB
#9975 Fix generated imports in RowN types
#9980 Wrong Javadoc link in DSL.value() methods
#9992 Firebird batch statements can produce java.sql.DataTruncation
#9996 INSERT ... RETURNING documentation in chapter is lacking further explanation about returningResult
#9998 DSL.and(noCondition()) and DSL.or(noCondition()) generates a "1 = 1" or "1 = 0" predicate
#9999 Work around CockroachDB's wrong implementation of <row> IS NULL predicate
#10007 "constant string too long" in generated code when view source code exceeds 64KB
#10029 Manual documentation about RenderQuotedNames is not up to date
#10033 Stop casting bind values in INSERT .. VALUES()
#10034 Stop casting bind values in UPDATE .. SET
#10056 Again ORA-38104 on newer versions of Oracle
#10066 The FOR LOOP is supported only by MariaDB 10.3
#10093 Sqlserver datetime2 precision not respected in batch insert
#10098 Support parsing SQL Server multi-column ADD syntax
#10121 Compiler regression on CI
#10130 Remove reference to ADBA from docs
#10134 Bad formatting of nullif()
#10135 Improve SPACE(n) emulation where possible
#10136 DSL.repeat().getName() is "rpad"
#10139 Unknown columns in code generator queries for Firebird 2.5
#10143 java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <*> when using FilePattern on module path
#10144 Runtime compilation error when compiling enum types on module path
#10145 NoClassDefFoundError when trying to load JAXB from a modularised jOOQ
#10158 The default ParseNameCase for MariaDB should be AS_IS
#10169 Improve parser error message for 2 expected tokens
#10172 Wrong Javadoc: There are also DSLContext.fetchSingle() methods that return null
#10183 Bad record type returned for selectFrom(T) when T contains LEFT SEMI JOIN or LEFT ANTI JOIN
#10189 Bad formatting when selecting NULL
#10191 Fix several ScalaGenerator issues
#10192 Optimistic locking does not work when recordTimestamp column has precision less than LOCALDATETIME(3)
#10194 DefaultRecordMapper incorrectly maps immutable Kotlin classes with defaulted properties
#10195 GenerationTool should execute SHUTDOWN on HSQLDB connections
#10197 Implicit join constructor shouldn't be generated on table valued functions
#10203 Bad Javadoc generated for in the default schema
#10205 NullPointerException when calling Meta.apply() on an H2 database with views
#10207 DataDefinitionException: Table can only have one identity when using Meta.apply() on PostgreSQL
#10211 Syntax errors in manual's SQL snippets
#10223 AUTO_INCREMENT columns fail to parse if they are preceded by a column with DEFAULT
#10226 DSLContext.fetchValue(field(name("t", "i"))) should select "i" from "t"
#10227 Global UDT, Index, Identity, references are generated as static, not static final
#10248 Wrong emulation of EXTRACT() with DECADE, CENTURY, MILLENIUM date parts
#10252 Add empty comment after stmt in trigger in Db2 Sakila scripts
#10254 Derby date time arithmetic uses unsupported sql_tsi_milli_second
#10256 HSQLDB cannot handle negative DAY intervals when using expression syntax
#10262 Newline configuration doesn't work
#10267 ImmutablePOJOMapperWithParameterNames throws InaccessibleObjectException on module path
#10268 Unrelated Liquibase error when using jooq-meta-extensions with Spring Boot
#10269 Settings.renderQuotedNames does not work with Routine
#10271 Cannot create or drop catalog-qualified schema in SQL Server
#10272 NPE in Interpreter when foreign key references table from other schema that does not exist
#10279 Missing implementations in DetachedMeta
#10281 AbstractKey.equals doesn't work for MetaPrimaryKey
#10282 Creating a Record, setting no fields explicitly, doing .insert(), PK is not set into Record object
#10289 Tutorial documentation - Incorrectly suggests installing XAMPP to get MySQL
#10295 Configuration.transactionProvider() is null after deserialisation
#10296 Reflect branch renaming from master to main in
#10301 Columns are aliased by default to their own name, when using SQL Server parse dialect
#10305 Excluded schema is still included in code generation of foreign keys in PostgreSQL
#10311 Javadoc of SQLDataType.INTERVAL is incorrect
#10312 Converted datatype not using type from dialect after calling nullable
#10313 SQLDialect.supportedBy() sets should be used with contains(dialect()), not contains(family())
#10315 Bad formatting of single WHEN simple CASE expression
#10318 Long source code workaround allocates substrings twice
#10326 Derby binary literals don't work with BLOB types
#10334 MySQLRoutineDefinition uses HSQLDB's INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PARAMETERS table, not MySQL's
#10335 NullPointerException when Database.setOnError(null) is called
#10336 jooq-meta.xsd shouldn't require table_type
#10339 orderProvider is not applied to AbstractDatabase.getSchemata0()
#10345 NON_BIND_VARIABLE_SUFFIXES should only be used in PostgreSQL dialect
#10350 Document Kotlin meta data usage by the DefaultRecordMapper in Javadoc
#10364 Mistake in the "FOR clause" documentation
#10365 DSL.currentTimestamp() should generate GETDATE() instead of CURRENT_BIGDATETIME() in Sybase ASE 12.5
#10370 General exception error has occurred in the optimizer in Informix code generation, when generating only one schema and <includeSystemIndexes/> is turned on
#10373 Db2 and Derby CHAR casts erroneously casts to VARCHAR
#10374 YearToSecond interval not correctly supported in Oracle
#10381 CockroachDB FOR UPDATE must now specify unqualified names
#10387 XMLGenerator should quote source code from views, check constraints, and default expressions in generated output
#10390 <sources/> and <sourcesOnViews/> are not implemented in XMLGenerator
#10394 <comments/> and related flags implemented incorrectly in JavaGenerator
#10398 <syntheticIdentities/> doesn't set DataType.identity(true) in generated code
#10399 DataType.defaultValue() and DataType.identity() shouldn't be mutually exclusive
#10408 Error in Sybase ASE INSERT .. DEFAULT VALUES emulation when used with identity column
#10410 Excess derived table generated when putting unions in derived tables in Sybase ASE
#10413 and should use #!/bin/bash
#10415 Wrong Support annotations on INTERSECT and EXCEPT for MySQL
#10417 Sybase ASE cannot cast from numbers to TEXT directly
#10421 Sybase ASE TEXT columns get generated as LONGVARCHAR rather than CLOB
#10425 ImmutablePOJOMapperWithParameterNames no longer injects default values for unmapped primitive arguments
#10426 Use standard SQL for identity columns in H2 DDL
#10442 Wrong Javadoc on Settings.renderKeywordStyle
#10444 PostgreSQL code generation is incorrect when two tables share check constraint name
#10445 Manual redirects don't produce anchors in manual-single-page
#10448 Firebird arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation; numeric value is out of range, when using Field.add(DayToSecond) with large millisecond numbers
#10459 Empty GROUP BY emulation stops working in HSQLDB 2.5.1
#10461 INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE emulation using MERGE should support multi value inserts
#10463 Configuration log level is ignored by GenerationTool for first log statements
#10466 Code generator fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for Index..Include statements
#10467 PostgresUtils.toPGArray does not handle escaped quotes
#10474 Manual refers to wrong <nonnnullannotation/> code generation configuration element
#10479 Manual section about custom code section doesn't document the possibility of overriding catalog related methods
#10480 Avoid generating empty header comments in
#10494 Avoid querying ALL_JSON_COLUMNS on Oracle
#10498 Compilation error in generated code when there is a table called OVERRIDE
#10508 DSLContext.meta(Table) may contain sequences
#10538 Improve emulation of (a, b) >= (x, y)
#10548 Unnecessary stack elements when SelectQueryImpl doesn't have both semi join and where clause predicates
#10558 Mention mapping into Record types in DefaultRecordMapper Javadoc
#10561 Various compilation errors when schema, table, key names conflict
#10565 Known issues with new FOR XML, FOR JSON features
#10567 Translator doesn't correctly quote identifiers in FOR XML and FOR JSON emulations
#10579 JavaWriter::beforeClose shouldn't search for package using a regex
#10586 Some missing nullable annotations in generated code
#10587 NullPointerException when misconfiguring code generator, lacking a <database/>
#10594 Meta::ddl does not correctly export view contents from generated code
#10595 Error when fully qualifying a view with catalog name in CREATE/DROP VIEW in SQL Server
#10602 Missing NOT NULL constraint in generated DDL for some dialects
#10603 Ambiguous match found when using complex implicit join graphs
#10605 offset(0) is ignored
#10608 Apply URL rewrite in /latest and /dev manuals also to internal links
#10614 Avoid ClassCastException when comparing two column values without natural order in Record::compareTo
#10624 Failing constraint exclusion with partitioned tables in Postgres 12.4 - 10.2
#10628 BackslashEscaping.DEFAULT should implement ON behaviour in Redshift, not OFF
#10635 AbstractQueryPart::equals might not work when one QueryPart has a different Configuration than the other
#10644 Add Settings.transformUnneededArithmeticExpressions to optimise arithmetic prior to SQL generation
#10655 Support empty INSERT .. VALUES() clause via DEFAULT VALUES
#10663 Improve formatting of CONNECT BY emulation of GENERATE_SERIES
#10664 DataType.getArrayDataType() should wrap custom Converter<T, U> implementations into Converter<T[], U[]> automatically
#10669 Parser should parse DATE - DATE to dateDiff() and TIMESTAMP - TIMESTAMP to timestampDiff()
#10670 Error when parsing Oracle (+) operator with ParseUnknownFunctions.IGNORE
#10674 jOOQ Translator - Maria DB Version are missing
#10675 Parser doesn't recognise Oracle ( + ) operator, if it contains whitespace
#10678 Unsafe re-use of object in Expression math causes incorrect SQL generation
#10679 Parser incorrectly parses IN predicate of degree > 1 with extra parentheses around SELECT subquery
#10680 Translator should ignore unknown functions
#10704 ClassCastException when using MockDataProvider with Oracle ArrayRecord types
#10718 Error when mocking Oracle routines that have VARRAY or TABLE parameters
#10720 MockConnection must not produce first ResultSet when calling stored procedures with OUT parameters
#10736 NullPointerExceptions when calling DSLContext.informationSchema() with DSL.schema(Name) and similar meta data
#10738 NullPointerException in Meta.migrateTo() when using DatabaseMetaData backed Meta containing views
#10741 NullPointerException in SQLite Meta.migrateTo() when using DatabaseMetaData backed Meta containing FK referencing wrong identifier case
#10743 Fix emulations of nested FOR JSON and FOR XML queries
#10751 Code generator can't handle SQL Server database names with dash


Version 3.13.0 - February 13, 2020

Starting with this release, we will further embrace our support for parsing, translating, executing, and now also interpreting DDL statements. The driving force is better code generation support, but in the future, also better integration with database change management systems like Flyway or Liquibase.

We've added support for a very promising new dialect: CockroachDB.

We're starting to support one of SQL:2011's most interesting features: temporal tables for system and application time versioning, and we've generally improved the way we build and distribute jOOQ to our paying customers.

SQL Dialects

We've worked together with a team of great engineers at CockroachDB to speed up our newly added, formal CockroachDB support in the jOOQ Professional and Enterprise Editions. While many users have successfully used the POSTGRES dialect with CockroachDB for simple integrations, this new dialect is now fully integration tested and supported for future jOOQ and CockroachDB versions. The integration fixed a variety of issues and minor differences that we have encountered in the code generator and the runtime library.

We've added support for a variety of features now available in Firebird 3.0+, MariaDB 10.3+, MySQL 8+, and PostgreSQL 10+.

DDL interpretation

Our biggest investment has been made in the area of DDL interpretation. Since jOOQ 3.9, we can parse more and more SQL syntax. A logical next step is to allow for interpreting parsed (or ordinary, DSL constructed) DDL statements in order to maintain an incremental, in-memory meta model of a database. This has a variety of benefits, which we will take advantage of in this release and in the future.

The main out of the box benefits in this version include:

In the context of these investments, we have improved a variety of infrastructure that were needed for these features and that users can benefit as well. These improvements include:

Temporal table support

Perhaps the SQL:2011 standard's most exciting "new" feature are temporal tables, an enhancement on top of Oracle's historic flashback query feature, and much more.

In many systems, single, or bi temporal versioning of data is essential. The two dimensions of versioning that are now supported in jOOQ are:

jOOQ 3.13 supports org.jooq.Period and related API in Select, Update, and Delete to manipulate and query temporal tables in dialects that ship with native support for these features. To different degrees, these dialects include:

Emulations of incompletely supported syntax in the above dialects, as well as in all other dialects will be added in future jOOQ versions, making temporal validity a problem of the past.

More details here:

This is a commercially licensed only feature.

Build improvements

We've invested a lot of time in improving our build automation using newer Jenkins features that allow us to publish builds more frequently, especially snapshot builds of upcoming minor releases for early adopters, as well as patch releases for customers needing urgent fixes:

These new releases also include trial versions for Java 6, 8, 11, without the need to register for extended trials.

In addition to the above, we've improved and continue to improve our documentation of features per edition, in the future.

Procedural API improvement

In jOOQ 3.12, we've introduced support for procedural languages, which we are improving in every new release. jOOQ 3.13 adds support for additional procedural statements, including:

In the future, we're planning to support also the generation of functions, procedures, and triggers through standard jOOQ API.

More details here:

This is a commercially licensed only feature.


Some of our users have had a lot of success using our checker-framework or ErrorProne integrations, which allow for some static API usage analysis in client code (e.g. plain SQL / SQLi risk, dialect compatiblity, etc.)

Starting from jOOQ 3.13, we're also adding support for ErrorProne's sub project "refaster", which allows for automatically rewriting bad API usage to something better, such as for example:

More details here:

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#2286 Add LiquibaseDatabase to support interpreting the liquibase XML format in the code generator
#2370 Add org.jooq.TableOptions to describe the various storage and other options of a table in the meta model
#3521 Implement JDBCDatabase.loadForeignKeys()
#3676 Treat identical UNION [ ALL ] and INTERSECT set operations as associative avoiding unnecessary parentheses
#4245 Add support for PostgreSQL's DELETE .. USING syntax
#4454 Implement Table.getIdentity() for tables obtained via org.jooq.Meta
#4793 Add support for Catalog in runtime schema mapping
#5181 Add additional runtime meta information for indexes
#5317 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD [ COLUMN ] .. [ { PRIMARY KEY | UNIQUE } ] [ REFERENCES | CHECK .. ]
#6314 Add Meta.getIndexes()
#6412 DSLContext.ddl() should distinguish between table types (table, temporary table, view, etc.)
#6659 Add support for PostgreSQL 10 IDENTITY columns
#7004 Add support for MariaDB sequences
#7006 Add support for MariaDB 10.3 Features
#7241 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD .. [ FIRST | BEFORE | AFTER ]
#7293 Generate OFFSET .. FETCH for Firebird 3.0
#7421 Stop rendering "FROM dual" in MySQL 8+ and MariaDB 10.4+
#7511 Add support [ NOT ] ENFORCED in constraints
#7629 Add support for exporting CHECK constraints through DSLContext.ddl()
#7639 Add code generation support for CHECK constraints
#7752 Add support for Sequence flags in meta model
#7775 Add support for ALTER TYPE to modify enum types in PostgreSQL
#8104 Add support for ALTER DATABASE with DDLDatabase
#8105 Interpreter should have an option to disable foreign key checks
#8194 Add a Configuration.systemConnectionProvider() SPI
#8201 Add support for EXECUTE for use in procedural blocks
#8252 Add build integration test verifying if all pro API is annotated with the org.jooq.Pro annotation
#8323 Publish existing jOOQ-xtend project as a Maven module
#8345 Add an org.jooq.Typed<T> marker interface
#8507 Add a parent pom.xml for all examples
#8528 Add org.jooq.Meta implementation that is based on DDL interpretation
#8541 Use MySQL's native derived column lists support
#8545 Add support for CockroachDB
#8621 Add support for exception syntax in MockFileDatabase
#8642 Separate section for jOOQ's SQL extensions
#8755 Make Loader(CSV|JSON|Rows)Step.fields() calls optional
#8787 Support DSL#alterIndexIfExists() for SQL Server
#8800 Add Settings.transformAnsiJoinToTableLists to support pre-ANSI join syntax
#8807 Add setting to specify whether INNER and OUTER keywords should be generated in joins
#8870 Support Scala 2.13
#8901 Cannot use INSERT .. RETURNING in Oracle to fetch back a UDT
#8923 Consider using jaxb2-annotate-plugin in XJC compiler
#8953 Use Internal API for generated code of Queues and Sequences
#8995 Add Javadoc to XJC generated with-methods
#9043 Add org.jooq.Source API
#9053 Offer a SNAPSHOT repository
#9086 Add tags to the manual documenting what editions support a given feature
#9096 Document the procedural language API
#9101 Improve method Javadoc of JAXB generated classes
#9109 Emulate multi column COUNT (DISTINCT col1, col2) in H2 using row value expressions
#9127 Update jOOQ-mcve dependency versions
#9130 Support MySQL FOREIGN KEY [ index_name ] syntax
#9132 Support parsing MySQL's USING [ BTREE | HASH ] index type syntax everywhere where it is supported
#9138 Parser errors from DDLDatabase should hint at jOOQ's parser ignore comment syntax
#9141 DDLDatabase should output query results to log output
#9155 Various third party dependency updates
#9161 Add support for parsing MySQL FULLTEXT KEY inline declaration in CREATE TABLE
#9166 Deprecate loading settings from /jooq-settings.xml or from -Dorg.jooq.settings
#9168 Add a DSL.execute(Query) convenience method
#9171 Add Javadoc to DSL::execute
#9183 Add support for DISTINCT ON in H2
#9186 Correct various @Support annotations for MariaDB
#9192 Add DSL.statement(String), a plain SQL procedural Statement API
#9194 Add support for RETURN in the procedural API
#9200 Avoid unnecessary warning when there are multiple nextval default values (not caused by serial types) in PostgreSQL
#9209 Add support for exceptions in MockResult
#9213 Introduce versioned MARIADB dialects
#9217 Support parsing MySQL's USING HASH index_type in CREATE INDEX
#9221 Postgres supports DateParts MILLISECOND and MICROSECOND
#9222 Align @Support annotation of DatePart enum constants with DSL methods
#9233 Use new Source API throughout the jOOQ API
#9238 Add a new Settings.parseNameCase
#9240 Constraint with empty name rendered as CONSTRAINT ""
#9252 H2: Omit OFFSET clause if offset is 0
#9255 Upgrade Maven version to 3.6.2 in Travis
#9263 Better support for fields with boolean converter
#9265 Add and
#9272 Slightly improved code generation pattern
#9273 Update Gradle example to use newer version of H2
#9276 Java generator always uses LF line terminator for import statements
#9285 Add a link from the dialect family to the latest dialect version in each SQLDialect
#9289 Add Javadoc to Configuration.dsl() explaining that it is just convenience
#9294 Add support for MariaDB FOR UPDATE .. [ WAIT n | NOWAIT ]
#9295 Use Settings.getQueryTimeout() consistently
#9305 Support parsing Vertica's TEMP table syntax
#9307 Add Mock.of(SQLException)
#9312 Add SQLDialect.supportedBy(SQLDialect...) to produce a set of supported dialects from an input
#9313 Add SQLDialect.predecessors() to produce a set of all preceding versions of a given dialect
#9316 Also support STRAIGHT_JOIN for MariaDB and MemSQL
#9317 Synchronize @Support annotations on JoinType and Table methods
#9318 H2: Support WITH clause for MERGE statement
#9320 Add a new DataDefinitionException to be thrown by DDLInterpreter
#9325 Add Name.empty() to check if a name consists only of the empty string ""
#9327 Add DDLFlag.SEQUENCE to allow for exporting CREATE SEQUENCE statements from DSLContext.ddl()
#9329 Add reactive streams in published ZIP file as a dependency, for convenience
#9344 Fix Support annotations for CREATE SEQUENCE flags
#9352 Only render CREATE SEQUENCE ... NO CYCLE clause where supported
#9353 Support parsing ALTER TABLE .. ALTER .. SET DEFAULT
#9354 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ALTER .. DROP DEFAULT
#9358 Add support for parsing the H2 SCHEMA() function
#9359 Refactor common meta extensions code to new InterpretingDatabase
#9361 Upgrade H2 dependency to 1.4.200
#9362 Add Settings.interpreterDialect
#9364 Add DDLFlag.INDEX to allow for exporting CREATE INDEX statements
#9371 H2: DSL#currentTime() should render as CURRENT_TIME
#9372 Improve SEMI / ANTI JOIN documentation
#9374 Support various H2 ALTER .. IF EXISTS statements
#9375 Add code generation and runtime flags to include/exclude automatic indexes on PK/UK/FK
#9382 Add support for Oracle's ALTER TABLE .. DROP UNIQUE (<columns>) syntax
#9384 DataType.getDataType(Configuration) turns this on dialect specific data types
#9394 Move DSLContext.ddl() API to Meta
#9395 Let Meta extend Scope
#9399 Move DSLContext.informationSchema() to Meta
#9403 Deprecate CUBRID dialect
#9407 Deprecate remaining convenience API
#9410 Various Firebird DDL improvements
#9413 Add support for RDB$DESCRIPTION in Firebird code generation
#9421 Add Firebird code generation support for indexes
#9426 DSLContext.meta(Source...) should be able to read InformationSchema from sources
#9427 Let Name extend Comparable
#9428 Meta.toString() should call Meta.ddl()
#9429 Add DSLContext.meta(Query...) as a shortcut for meta(Source...)
#9431 Add a /diff tool to the website
#9432 Add Queries.concat(Queries)
#9433 Implement Meta.equals() and hashCode() based on Meta.ddl()
#9434 Add DDLExportConfiguration.respectOrder flags
#9435 Let Key extend Named
#9436 Add Meta.apply(Queries)
#9437 Add support for ALTER SEQUENCE [ sequence flags ]
#9438 ALTER SEQUENCE .. RESTART emulation should use Sequence.startWith() flag, if available
#9441 Add DSLContext.meta(String...) for convenience
#9442 Add code generation support for sequence flags
#9445 Various Sybase ASE DDL improvements
#9460 Support additional Settings.interpreterDialects and add an InterpreterConnectionProvider SPI
#9476 Add parser support for MySQL [ INNER ] JOIN without ON clause
#9478 Support parsing ALTER TABLE .. ALTER COLUMN .. SET NULL syntax
#9482 Add new internal org.jooq.impl.Names class for commonly used references
#9490 Create an FAQ on the website, and link to it from the issue template
#9491 Add 301 redirects for non-modular Javadoc
#9502 Add Settings.renderOptionalAsKeywordForTableAliases and ...ForFieldAliases
#9504 Add DDLExportConfiguration.createViewIfNotExists and DDLExportConfiguration.createOrReplaceView
#9505 Add org.jooq.Version to describe a database version
#9508 Add Settings.interpreterDelayForeignKeyDeclarations
#9511 Avoid quoted identifiers in jOOQ-meta queries
#9514 LiquibaseDatabase should allow for passing parameters to the Liquibase
#9520 Log info message when a forcedType never matches
#9533 Add support for DROP INDEX .. [ CASCADE | RESTRICT ]
#9534 Add support ALTER TABLE .. DROP UNIQUE <name>
#9536 Add DataType.isInteger()
#9558 Clarify in Javadoc of selectFrom() and related methods that all Table.fields() will be fetched, not DSL.asterisk()
#9562 Add Table.getChecks() to return a list of check constraints
#9565 Add CheckConstraint XSD type to jooq-meta.xsd
#9570 Generate single ADD or DROP ALTER TABLE statements when a list of length 1 is passed
#9578 Upgrade Hibernate dependency to 5.4.9.Final
#9580 Add DDLExportConfiguration.defaultSequenceFlags
#9584 Add Source.readString()
#9588 Use H2's native BITNOT()
#9589 Use H2's native LSHIFT() and RSHIFT()
#9591 Let DefaultRecordContext and DefaultExecuteContext extend AbstractScope
#9595 Regenerate HSQLDB information schema against 2.5.0
#9600 Add code generation flag <includeSystemCheckConstraints/>
#9603 Add sequence flag support on jooq-meta.xsd
#9604 Implement a default OrderProvider in the code generator
#9610 Add code generation support for Derby indexes
#9611 Add code generation support for Informix indexes
#9612 Document JSON and JSONB NULL semantics
#9613 Update Configuration Javadoc
#9614 Clarify that SQL Data Warehouse = Azure Synapse Analytics
#9616 Support parsing ALTER TABLE .. ADD, .. ADD
#9624 Add a DiffCLI command line tool
#9629 Add new <sequenceFlags/> flag to allow for turning off sequence flag generation
#9630 Add more ErrorProne and Refaster checks / refactorings
#9633 Add a new Settings.interpreterNameLookupCaseSensitivity
#9636 Add Settings.locale() as a default for renderLocale() and other locales
#9646 Document <generatedAnnotation/>
#9651 Support parsing // as a single line comment token
#9657 Publish 3.12 snapshots on website
#9660 Update dependency to Derby 10.15
#9661 Support parsing MySQL's unnamed constraint syntax
#9667 Ignore changes to sun-jaxb.episode files
#9668 Offer Java 11 and 6 trial downloads from website
#9669 Move xjb files out of artifacts
#9670 Make slf4j-api version backwards compatible to OSGi consumers
#9672 Add new ConstraintDefinition type
#9675 Postgres: Support MD5() function
#9677 Add Settings.interpreterSearchPath
#9681 Synchronize @Support annotations on MergeUsingStep#columns() methods
#9682 Add SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_30
#9692 Add InsertQuery.setSelect(Collection, Select) overload
#9696 Add a new <generateGlobalIndexReferences/> flag
#9698 How to alter a table to add a column of Enum/Set type in MySQL.
#9700 Sakila/PostgreSQL: Don't fail if language plpgsql already exists
#9703 Document the requirement of matching versions between code generator and runtime library
#9719 Support MySQL ISNULL() function in the parser
#9727 Add configuration/basedir to resolve relative paths in code generator
#9733 Add <nonnullAnnotationType/> and <nullableAnnotationType/>
#9734 Add <nonnullAnnotation/> and <nullableAnnotation/>
#9741 Add org.jooq.Period for temporal validity
#9747 JSON and JSONB should implement Serializable
#9762 Add support for DB2 SET SCHEMA command
#9772 Add SQLDialect.MYSQL_8_0_19
#9776 Add support for MySQL 8.0.19 VALUES clause
#9777 Add SQLDialect.supportedUntil()
#9778 Support NULLS [ FIRST | LAST ] in SQLite 3.30
#9779 Add native support for aggregate and window function FILTER clause in SQLite 3.30
#9780 Add Settings.parseSetCommands
#9781 Add DSLContext.set(Name, Param<?>) for arbitrary set commands
#9790 Add internal functional interfaces F0, F1, F2
#9796 Generated annotation should produce HTTPS link to jOOQ website
#9799 Make TableOptions available through code generation
#9800 Make TableOptions available through org.jooq.Meta
#9801 Make TableOptions available through InformationSchema
#9805 Generate view source code with generated views
#9806 Add Batch.executeAsync() methods
#9807 Apply Configuration.onError flag also to SQL errors from AbstractDatabase
#9808 Add JooqLogger.log(Level) overloads
#9811 Document that CustomRecord subclasses need a no-arg constructor
#9816 Add Definition.getSource()
#9819 Add support for INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS in jooq-meta.xsd
#9822 Firebird support for ALTER TABLE ... ALTER ... [ DROP | SET ] NOT NULL
#9827 Remove SQL 2 jOOQ section from the manual

Breaking changes

#4934 Delay query execution until a Stream terminal op is called
#5714 Change <javaTimeTypes/> default value to "true"
#9031 Remove unnecessary AlterSequenceRestartStep
#9235 Remove checked exceptions from LoaderSourceStep methods
#9237 Remove checked exceptions from MockFileDatabaseConfiguration::source methods
#9241 Change <varargSetters/> to default to false
#9283 DefaultBinding should return null on null JSON values, instead of JSON[B].valueOf(null)
#9365 Support H2's standard LOG() function
#9470 FilePatter.Loader should accept Source, instead of InputStream
#9479 Remove internal, deprecated DefaultConfiguration constructors
#9596 Regenerate MySQL information schema against 8.0.18
#9601 Add code generation flag <includeSystemIndexes/>
#9725 Move API to core library
#9732 Change default value of <generatedAnnotation/> to "false"
#9737 Wrong generics on DSLContext.selectFrom(Name) and similar methods
#9758 Generated constraint names should not be table prefixed in meta data in DB2 and PostgreSQL

Bug Fixes

#2967 Impossible to inline "decimals" parameter of ROUND() function
#4856 UNION generates bad SQL for MySQL, when UNION subqueries contain duplicate column names from JOIN operations
#6497 Add LocalDateAsLocalDateTimeBinding to make <javaTimeTypes/> and <dateAsTimestamp/> work together
#7377 When using org.jooq.Meta, UniqueKey.getReferences throws NPE in Firebird
#7962 ORA-04043 on INSERT when using qualified, quoted table name and fetching generated keys
#8335 DDLDatabase loads too many files when using relative path
#8508 Fix Javadoc warnings
#8555 Parser cannot handle enum literals that are invalid java identifiers
#8580 LikeEscapeStep#escape() also supported by Teradata
#8677 Log warning when file based databases have invalid <jdbc/> configurations
#8721 Enum type with '-' character does not compile
#8824 DDLDatabase can not handle multiple constraints with the same name
#8966 Invalid SQL rendered for recursive query
#8967 Generator outputs duplicate method (not compilable)
#8968 An exception in ExecuteListener#start is not routed to ExecuteListener#exception
#8991 DSL.field(Name) fields should support schema mapping
#9099 Cannot build Javadoc in jOOQ-checker under Java 11
#9100 Fix Javadoc links starting from jOOQ 3.12, which is built with JDK 11
#9104 JooQ 3.12.0 codegen fails with an incorrect query where 3.11 worked correctly (PostgreSQL)
#9110 Wrong SQL generated by DSL.countDistinct() without arguments
#9111 Allow parsing of COUNT(DISTINCT <row-value-expression>)
#9121 Generator does not report file in which invalid SQL was found
#9122 java 8+ distribution of 3.12.0 broken
#9133 404s on /latest Javadoc
#9134 Wrong rendering of [ FROM { FIRST | LAST } ] clause for NTH_VALUE()
#9140 Translation of USE command should result in SET SCHEMA command in dialects that do not support catalogs
#9144 ParserCLI "-f" flag does not work as shortcut for "--from-dialect"
#9145 Manual page about ParserCLI misses reactive-streams in classpath
#9146 ParserCLI --from-dialect is not case insensitive
#9147 ParserCLI -h parameter throws a RuntimeException
#9150 Compilation error in generated code when Oracle OBJECT type contains index_of(varchar2) member procedure
#9157 Prevent "Illegal reflective access operation" warning in jOOQ Open Source Edition
#9158 Review and fix a few formatting issues in the manual
#9165 Quantified LIKE predicate (LIKE ANY) is not documented correctly
#9177 H2: SelectLimitPercentStep#percent() not working properly
#9187 Bad parenthesis in UNION under HSQLDB
#9193 Consecutive RenderContext.formatSeparator() calls ignored when formatIndentStart() is called in between
#9196 Only first value added to date time appears in rendered SQL
#9201 Negative intervals not rendered properly for PostgreSQL
#9205 Fix DefaultYearToMonthBinding and DefaultYearToSecondBinding for Aurora Postgres
#9214 SQLDialect.MEMSQL lacks Pro annotation
#9219 Regression in Extract(QUARTER) on Postgres in 3.12.1
#9223 MySQL: Support date parts MICROSECOND and WEEK
#9224 Regression for "= ANY(?::int[])" no longer produces array bind variable
#9225 Postgres: FILTER clause no longer rendered
#9231 Wrong Javadoc on org.jooq.Source
#9242 AbstractKey#equals() assumes name is unique
#9248 Regression: DSLContext#nextval() broken for H2
#9250 LEFT [ ANTI | SEMI ] JOIN ... USING not implemented
#9251 H2's WITH TIES support broken in OSS edition
#9266 Consistently document all commercial SQLDialects
#9274 AttributeConverterExtractor should receive custom Hibernate configuration properties
#9277 Improve error message when AttributeConverters cannot be loaded due to NoClassDefFoundError
#9291 Sequences are generated as tables in MariaDB
#9296 withRenderSchema(false) does render schema in order by clause
#9311 Incomplete @Support annotations on UpdateQuery.addValues(Row[N], Select)
#9315 Remove unnecessary generic type variable on CreateSchemaImpl
#9324 Name.append(Name) should not produce a QualifiedName when one of the parts is empty
#9331 Postgres 12 exception in code generation output: "column c.consrc does not exist"
#9338 Parse ignore comments not parsed correctly if stop comment is last token of file, prior to a newline
#9343 Wrong SQL generation for PostgreSQL function calls having arguments with custom data types.
#9355 LoggingConnection does not log static statements
#9368 Outdated comment in manual about H2 supporting window functions
#9386 RenderMapping is not applied to DSL.schema(Name)
#9389 CREATE INDEX commands created from DSLContext.ddl() based on Meta contain illegal WHERE clause
#9411 Firebird generated code contains "DEFAULT" keyword in default expressions
#9414 Unable to create index with qualified index name on Oracle dialect
#9415 Emulate RETURNING * in Firebird
#9418 Regression in Firebird's SUBSTRING() implementation
#9420 Incorrect emulation of unnamed indexes
#9424 Add line breaks to a few parser grammar diagrams
#9443 Regression in Sybase ASE source code generation: Cannot generate tables
#9457 UDT.getQualifiedName() doesn't return schema qualification for generated tables
#9461 Missing @PlainSQL annotation on some DSLContext#batch() methods
#9462 Missing @Support annotations on BatchBindStep methods
#9463 Add missing @Support annotations to methods of LoaderSourceStep
#9468 SQLDialect.ASE cannot be used with a MockConnection
#9471 JDBCDatabase does not order objects alphabetically
#9473 Creating tables using DSLContext.ddl() converts VARBINARY columns to TEXT in MySQL
#9480 CREATE SEQUENCE implementation should reuse Sequence.getDataType() in various flags
#9493 JoinStep#crossApply() throws IllegalArgumentException
#9497 NullPointerException when calling methods on DAO that is not attached to a Configuration
#9498 DDLDatabase: Flyway's repatable migrations are executed to early
#9513 Oracle: PIVOT ... FOR always rendered as quoted
#9516 Cannot use MERGE .. DELETE WHERE without UPDATE WHERE
#9528 Some ConstraintForeignKeyReferencesStep.references() methods are missing Support annotations
#9531 Open Source version references dual license
#9545 Parser cannot parse views with WITH
#9547 Query ALL_MVIEWS instead of ALL_MVIEW_COMMENTS in Oracle
#9551 Bad code generated when using SQL Server user defined types
#9567 Cosmetic exceptions caused by JPADatabase when using attribute converters
#9571 Multi column ALTER TABLE .. ADD statement shouldn't qualify column names
#9582 Generator's <globalObjectReferences/> does not prevent the generation of
#9597 DefaultRelations#getCheckConstraints() returns all checks on first call
#9598 Static class initialisation deadlock race between and
#9620 No DiagnosticsListener.missingWasNullCall() when nullability is unknown
#9621 NullPointerException in DefaultRecordMapperProvider when setting a new instance to a Configuration
#9648 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if query has a single or double quote char in vendor specific comment
#9653 Meta.ddl() loses Schema and Constraint Name.quoted() information
#9658 Parser settings repeat available flag documentation
#9659 Missing documentation for Settings.inListPadBase
#9664 Parser should reject duplicate identities
#9671 Fixes #9670 to make jooq OSGi backwards compatible for slf4j and also…
#9674 Bad SQL generated from implicit join from within subqueries
#9685 Generate.globalTableReferences should not impact what is returned by Schema#getTables()
#9690 All links in FAQ are broken
#9697 Full identifier qualification in generated code when <globalObjectReferences> is turned off
#9708 Mapping schema with RegEx generates invalid output name after upgrade to 3.12
#9718 Wrong type returned by LoaderCSVStep#fields(LoaderFieldMapper)
#9726 FilePattern matches too many files when wildcards are being used
#9751 MySQL 5.7: Invalid SQL for set operations in subqueries
#9756 Regression in IGNORE NULLS clause for DB2
#9782 Add missing @Support annotation to PivotForStep#for_(Field)
#9791 Meta.getTables() returns the same table for each catalog in SQL Server
#9792 Meta doesn't produce correct data type in SQL Server for identity columns
#9793 BLOB SUBTYPE not supported in dialect FIREBIRD when using plain SQL
#9797 XMLDatabase cannot read INT type
#9823 WITH TIES emulation not used for FIREBIRD dialect
#9824 Informix check constraint and view generated SQL code is not trimmed


Version 3.12.0 - August 29, 2019

In this release, we've focused on a lot of minor infrastructure tasks, greatly improving the overall quality of jOOQ. We've reworked some of our automated integration tests, which has helped us fix a big number of not yet discovered issues, including a much better coverage of our 26 supported RDBMS dialects.

We're excited about these internal changes, as they will help us implement a lot of features that have been requested by many for a long time, including an immutable query object model, with all the secondary benefits like caching of generated SQL, and much more powerful dynamic SQL construction and transformation in the future.

Major new features include the new procedural language API shipped with our commercial distributions, new data types including native JSON support, MemSQL support, formal Java 11+ support, a much better parser, and reactive stream API support.

Procedural languages

Following up on jOOQ 3.11's support for anonymous blocks, the jOOQ 3.12 Professional and Enterprise Editions now include support for a variety of procedural language features, including

This feature set is part of our ongoing efforts to continue supporting more advanced vendor specific functionality, including our planned definition and translation of stored procedures, triggers, and other, ad-hoc procedural logic that helps move data processing logic into the database server.

New Databases Supported

The jOOQ Professional Edition now supports the MemSQL dialect. MemSQL is derived from MySQL, although our integration tests have shown that there are numerous differences, such that supporting MemSQL formally will add a lot of value to our customers by providing much increased syntactic correctness.

Reactive streams

The reactive programming model is gaining traction in some environments as new, useful streaming APIs emerge, such as e.g. Reactor. These APIs have agreed to work with a common SPI: reactive streams, and since JDK 9 the new java.util.concurrent.Flow SPI. jOOQ 3.12 now implements these paradigms on an API level, such that an integration with APIs like Reactor becomes much more easy. The implementation still binds to JDBC, and is thus blocking. Future versions of jOOQ will abstract over JDBC to allow for running queries against ADBA (by Oracle) or R2DBC (by Spring)

New data types

We've introduced native support for a few new data types, which are often very useful in specific situations. These include:


Our parser is seeing a lot of continued improvements over the releases as we gather feedback from our users. Our main drivers for feedback are:

SQL dialect translation will evolve into an independent product in the future. DDL parsing is already very powerful, and a lot of customers rely on it for their production systems.

In the next versions, we will be able to simulate DDL on our own, without H2, which will open up a variety of possible use cases, including better schema management.

Specific jOOQ 3.12 parser improvements include:

Formal Java 11 Support

While we have been supporting Java 11 for a while through our integration tests, jOOQ 3.12 now fully supports Java 11 to help improve the experience around the transitive JAXB dependency, which we now removed entirely out of jOOQ.

The commercial editions ship with a Java 11+ supporting distribution, which includes more optimal API usage, depending on new Java 9-11 APIs. All editions, including the jOOQ Open Source Edition, have a Java 8+ distribution that supports any Java version starting from Java 8.

Commercial Editions

Dual licensing is at the core of our business, helping us to provide continued value to our customers.

In the past, the main distinction between the different jOOQ editions was the number of database products each edition supported. In the future, we want to provide even more value to our customers with commercial subscriptions. This is why, starting from jOOQ 3.12, we are now offering some new, advanced features only in our commercial distributions. Such features include:

By offering more value to our paying customers, we believe that we can continue our successful business model, which in turn allows us to continue the free jOOQ Open Source Edition for free. Our strategy is:

H2 and SQLite integration

Over the past year, both H2 and SQLite have seen a lot of improvements, which we have now supported in jOOQ as well. Specifically, H2 is moving at a very fast pace, and our traditional close cooperation got even better as we're helping the H2 team with our insights into the SQL standards, while the H2 team is helping us with our own implementations.

Other improvements

The complete list of changes can be found on our website:

A few improvements are worth summarising here explicitly

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#714 Add support for non-standard ORDER BY .. LIMIT clauses in UPDATE, DELETE statements
#1699 Add support for the SQL standard UNIQUE predicate
#1725 Add support for SQL standard SIMILAR TO predicate
#2026 Add a new @Internal annotation to annotate API parts that are not supposed to be used
#2059 Add support for the MemSQL database for the jOOQ Professional Edition
#2132 Add support for non-standard date-time fields in the EXTRACT() function
#2208 Implement a MockFileDatabase
#2233 Add Result<?> DSLContext.fetchFromXML() to allow for loading results that were exported using Result.formatXML()
#2731 Add some sections to the manual helping users migrate from other popular ORMs
#3607 Allow for emitting common table expression declarations to RenderContext
#4371 Let ResultQuery<R> extend Publisher<R>
#4473 Add ResultQuery<R1>.coerce(Field<?>[]), coerce(Table<R>), that coerce a new Record type on a ResultQuery
#4498 Emulate INSERT .. RETURNING via SQL Server OUTPUT clause
#5110 Add support for Derby's MERGE statement
#5576 Add support for SQLite 3.15's row value expression support
#5601 IN list padding setting should also apply to row IN predicates
#5640 MockFileDatabase should support all jOOQ import formats, including JSON, XML
#5700 Add support for Oracle's STATS_MODE() aggregate function
#5781 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. RENAME COLUMN in MySQL 8
#5895 Add support for TIME[STAMP] WITH TIME ZONE in HSQLDB
#5899 jOOQ-checker should provide both checker-framework and ErrorProne checks
#5909 Deprecate RenderNameStyle.QUOTED and replace feature by renderQuotedNames
#5939 Add PRODUCT() aggregate and window function
#5966 Add support for NATURAL FULL [ OUTER ] JOIN
#5969 Add <includeInvisibleColumns/> to code generator configuration to allow for hiding Oracle's and H2's INVISIBLE columns
#6234 Add newline configuration to code generator
#6260 Support loading multiple files in XMLDatabase
#6450 Javadoc should reference JDK 11 Javadoc
#6475 Add procedural language abstraction API
#6486 Add a JDK 11 build
#6548 Support multiple external configuration files through <configurationFiles/>
#6583 Work around MySQL's self-reference-in-DML-subquery restriction
#6709 Support custom Hibernate properties in JPADatabase
#6778 Support parsing PostgreSQL's dollar quoted string constants
#6944 Add a way to specify what object type a <forcedType/> should match
#6971 Allow Maven plugin to succeed in absence of valid DB connection if schema is up to date
#7005 Add support for MariaDB INTERSECT and EXCEPT
#7048 Document the FILTER clause
#7143 Support merging external <configurationFile/> into Maven configuration
#7153 Allow for configuring a locale to be used for upper/lower casing inside of jOOQ
#7163 Add Settings.parseWithMetaLookups
#7216 Add RecordN<T1, ..., TN> fetchSingle(Field<T1>, ..., Field<TN>)
#7235 DDLDatabase fails with ParserException on JSON field
#7268 Add support for MySQL's UNIQUE [ index_name ] syntax
#7297 Support deriving a WindowDefinition from another WindowDefinition
#7305 Add support for DECLARE statements inside of statement blocks
#7306 Add support for the SET command to assign values to variables
#7331 Add reference to <forcedType/> configuration in DataType, Converter, Binding
#7336 Add new flags to Settings to govern parser behaviour
#7337 Add Settings.parseDialect
#7361 Improve formatting of nested joins
#7397 Add a section to the manual about SELECT *
#7426 Add support for Teradata QUALIFY
#7445 Support parsing PostgreSQL-specific interval literals
#7470 Add indexOf() methods to all TableLike types
#7485 Document jOOQ's auto-conversion utility
#7490 Upgrade jOOQ-meta-extensions dependency to Hibernate 5.4
#7545 ForcedType configurations should have include / exclude expressions
#7570 Add support for CREATE TYPE .. AS ENUM
#7587 Use --release flag in JDK 9+ based builds
#7591 Add new ResourceManagingScope which allows for Binding implementations to register resources which are freed after execution
#7595 Add support for Java 11
#7598 Add search box to Javadocs
#7599 Print row count in LoggerListener for ResultQuery
#7602 Upgrade jOOR dependency's Java 9 functionality
#7609 Add Setting to turn off ORDER BY clause in emulated OFFSET .. FETCH pagination
#7612 Add configuration to DDLDatabase to indicate whether unquoted names are reported in lower case, upper case or as-is
#7619 Don't ship old XSDs in binaries
#7628 Add support for PostgreSQL 11
#7633 ALTER TABLE .. ADD FOREIGN KEY .. REFERENCES references unqualified table name
#7646 Support for window functions GROUPS mode
#7647 Support window function EXCLUDE clause
#7678 Mention more ways to inline parameters in manual
#7705 Add support for PostgreSQL FOR NO KEY UPDATE and FOR KEY SHARE
#7712 Add support for Catalogs in JDBCDatabase
#7719 Add code generation flag to treat MySQL TINYINT(1) as BOOLEAN
#7727 Support parsing DEGREES() as a synonym for DEGREE() and DEG(), and RADIANS() for RADIAN(), RAD()
#7734 Make the JAXB implementation dependency optional with a custom fallback implementation
#7748 Add support for CREATE SEQUENCE flags
#7749 Support parsing CREATE INDEX .. ON .. USING btree (..)
#7751 Add support for ALTER TABLE ONLY
#7755 Add an integration test to discover all DSL API that is not covered by the parser
#7756 Improve SQLite repeat() emulation
#7757 Improve SQLite LPAD() and RPAD() emulation
#7759 Add DDLDatabase property unqualifiedSchema to specify what the unqualifiedSchema is
#7760 Upgrade SybDriver version in JDBCUtils.driver(String)
#7774 Add support for DROP TYPE
#7776 Add support for parsing custom data types
#7782 Record.formatJSON() should format nested records recursively
#7788 Support Java 6 and 7 only in Enterprise Edition
#7792 Support DatePart.DAY_OF_WEEK and DatePart.ISO_DAY_OF_WEEK
#7793 Support DatePart.DAY_OF_YEAR
#7794 Support DatePart.EPOCH
#7796 Support DatePart.QUARTER
#7799 jOOQ manual about Gradle code generation should not make explicit use of JAXB
#7800 Let Record extend Formattable
#7801 Record.formatXML() should format nested records recursively
#7802 Record.formatCSV() should format nested records recursively
#7809 Generate overridden Table.fieldsRow() method in generated tables
#7810 Add DSL.rowField(RowN)
#7839 Emulate { UPDATE | DELETE } ORDER BY and LIMIT
#7856 Upgrade maven-scala-plugin to scala-maven-plugin
#7862 Add SQLDialect.ORACLE18C
#7865 Add support for SQLite window functions
#7866 Add support for SQLite ALTER TABLE .. RENAME COLUMN
#7870 Add support for Java 11
#7872 Add support for HSQLDB EXPLAIN PLAN FOR
#7873 Add HSQLDB support for Sequence.currval()
#7882 Add Field.startsWithIgnoreCase() and Field.endsWithIgnoreCase()
#7885 Add Table.rowid()
#7902 Add parser support for negative numeric scales
#7904 Apply optimistic locking logic also for non-updatable TableRecords on insert()
#7905 Add a new org.jooq.RowId type that corresponds to java.sql.RowId
#7906 Add support for H2 window functions
#7907 Support parsing vendor-specific RESPECT NULLS / IGNORE NULLS syntax
#7909 ExecuteContext.sqlException(SQLException) should accept null
#7913 Add support for H2 standard MERGE statement
#7914 Overload fetchXYZ(T, Collection<? extends Condition>) and fetchXYZ(T, Condition...)
#7915 Add Query.poolable(boolean) to govern the JDBC Statement.setPoolable() behaviour
#7921 Add support for Asterisk.except(Field...) and QualifiedAsterisk.except(Field...)
#7922 Upgrade org.checkerframework:checker dependency in jOOQ-checker
#7924 Add a CompileOptions argument object to pass annotation processors and other things to Reflect.compile()
#7947 Let code generation patterns match also partially qualified object names
#7948 Use the new H2 1.4.198 INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS.IS_VISIBLE column
#7952 Add SQLDataType.INSTANT
#7954 Document in Javadoc that JDBCUtils.dialect() and similar methods return DEFAULT, not null
#7956 Deprecate DSL.groupConcat(Field<?>, String)
#7966 Add Setting to turn off fetching generated keys from UpdatableRecord
#7971 Add delegation support to JDBC 4.3 methods in DefaultConnection and similar types
#7974 Add Reflect.initValue(Class)
#7999 Overload AbstractTable.createField(Name, ...) methods
#8000 Deprecate AbstractTable.createField(String, ...) methods
#8001 Overload all date time arithmetic API with Instant arguments
#8004 Handle edgecase with Kotlin boolean types
#8005 Improve the manual's section about serializability to disclaim any backwards compatible format
#8010 Add Table.where(Condition) and overloads
#8022 Support passing java.util.Date as a Field<Object> bind value
#8030 Remove the unnecessary Schema.getComment() override
#8034 Add DataType.isDate()
#8036 Add DataType.isTime()
#8041 Add support for DataType.characterSet()
#8061 Add functions xyz(date) for each extract(xyz from date) datepart
#8074 Support parsing nested block comments
#8075 Support parsing nested block comments in plain SQL
#8076 Allow for chaining DataType.asConvertedDataType(Converter) calls
#8077 Add org.jooq.types.YearToSecond to support PostgreSQL mixed interval values
#8083 Add Interval.toDuration()
#8087 Add support for overloaded functions in H2
#8093 Add support for result less statements in MockFileDatabase
#8107 Add Name.Quoted Name.quoted()
#8108 Add a CriteriaQuery vs jOOQ Example
#8109 Add
#8114 [#8004] Handle edgecase for Kotlin boolean type
#8115 XMLDatabase configuration properties should be in camel case for consistency
#8124 Support regular expressions in MockFileDatabase
#8126 Add an external MockFileDatabaseConfiguration object
#8135 Add support for IF statements inside of statement blocks
#8138 Add indentation configuration to code generator
#8145 Add an UnwrapProvider SPI that allows for unwrapping underlying JDBC types through proprietary APIs
#8163 Deprecate synonym keywords and use suffix underscore instead
#8168 Add support for procedural blocks that do not generate BEGIN .. END
#8174 Add support for WHILE loops in procedural blocks
#8175 Add support for LOOP in procedural blocks
#8176 Add support for indexed FOR loops in procedural blocks
#8179 Provide empty base implementation for QueryPartInternal.clauses()
#8186 Add support for EXIT [ WHEN ] in procedural blocks
#8187 Add support for CONTINUE [ WHEN ] in procedural blocks
#8188 Add support for labels in procedural blocks
#8189 Add support for GOTO in procedural blocks
#8190 Remove private DSL.field(Row[N]) methods
#8206 Add new Settings.inlineThreshold
#8213 Move some DataKey values to a new BooleanDataKey enum
#8217 Add an annotation for commercial only API
#8219 Add additional documentation that explains DefaultGeneratorStrategy's role in disambiguating names
#8233 YearToSecond should be equal to YearToMonth or DayToSecond, if same interval is represented
#8235 Improve Sakila database example scripts
#8236 Add DataType.isTimestamp()
#8238 Add DSL.convert(DataType<?>, Field<?>, int) to support SQL Server CONVERT() function
#8240 Add a Javadoc link from all org.jooq.XYZ types to their respective constructor method
#8247 Add DSL.truncate(String) overload for consistency
#8249 Support configuring ParamType in /translate service
#8255 Add more Javadoc to common org.jooq.XYZ types
#8256 DefaultExecuteContext should contain only a single ThreadLocal list with resources
#8261 Add trim(String, char), rtrim(String, char), ltrim(String, char)
#8262 Add support for SQL Server 2017 TRIM()
#8264 Expose new Settings.parseDialect in ParserCLI
#8275 Improve SQLite's CEIL and FLOOR emulation
#8276 Add overloads CreateTableColumnStep.columns(Name...) and columns(String...)
#8280 Add CTE support for SQLite
#8285 Add support for REPEAT statements in procedural blocks
#8290 Add Parser.parseStatement() to parse procedural code
#8291 Create bug report / feature request / question issue templates
#8294 Add interactive mode to ParserCLI
#8297 Support inverse distribution functions in H2
#8298 Support hypothetical set functions in H2
#8299 Support FILTER clause on aggregate functions in H2
#8300 Support MODE() and MEDIAN() in H2
#8302 Emulate procedural languages in H2
#8308 Support ALTER TABLE .. ADD with multiple columns in PostgreSQL
#8309 Add parser support for declaring multiple variables in one procedural statement
#8317 Improve manual railroad diagrams for repetitions with comma
#8324 Parser should ignore { CREATE | DROP } EXTENSION statement
#8325 Add a special comment syntax to the Parser and DDLDatabase that allows for ignoring certain statements
#8331 Add DSLContext.truncateTable() as an alias for truncate()
#8333 Support INSERT .. ON ( DUPLICATE KEY | CONFLICT ) in Derby
#8346 Improve Javadoc on DSLContext.meta(Table...) etc.
#8360 Add new MatcherTransformType.LOWER_FIRST_LETTER and UPPER_FIRST_LETTER
#8383 Emulate { UPDATE | DELETE } table AS alias in SQL Server
#8386 Support inline constraint names in CREATE TABLE statements
#8390 Add support for unmapping Iterable
#8391 DSLContext.fetchFromJSON() should be able to read JSON without header information
#8407 Add code generation configuration flag to set Connection.setAutoCommit()
#8409 Add support for plain SQL CREATE VIEW statements
#8412 Add DSL.neg(Field<?>) as an alias for Field.neg()
#8415 Support PERCENT and WITH TIES in H2
#8421 Support various DDL statements in Informix
#8424 Better VALUES() emulation in Informix using TABLE(MULTISET)
#8430 Ignore ON { DELETE | UPDATE } NO ACTION in dialects that do not support the syntax
#8433 Add support for SQLite ON CONFLICT
#8438 Add support for CREATE SCHEMA in MySQL
#8446 Add <sql> to <forcedType> to allow for matching columns with SQL
#8447 Add <sqlMatchesPartialQualification>
#8451 Add SQL parser support for PostgreSQL ILIKE
#8463 Add <includeCheckConstraints/> flag to code generator
#8464 Log slow result set fetching in code generator
#8465 Add a new <logSlowResultsAfterSeconds/> code generation flag
#8471 Add a link in the manual from simple-crud to settings-return-all-on-store
#8477 Support views with renamed columns in SQLite's CREATE VIEW statement
#8486 Add Settings.renderNamedParamPrefix to support dialect specific named parameter placeholders
#8498 Add more documentation to the RETURNING clause
#8504 Remove manual from OSS repository
#8505 Modules should reference managed H2 dependency
#8522 Emulate the PL/SQL BOOLEAN type in SQL functions in Oracle 12c
#8529 Improve documentation of INSERT ... ON CONFLICT related APIs
#8539 Add alias DSL.default_() for DSL.defaultValue()
#8542 Add support for LATERAL to MySQL
#8547 Add SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_28 and SQLDialect.SQLITE_3_25
#8551 Support old SQLDialects only in commercial distributions
#8552 Add SQLDialect.supports(Collection<SQLDialect>)
#8556 Support GROUP BY ROLLUP on SQL Data Warehouse
#8560 Add support for calling stored functions with defaulted parameters from SQL in Oracle
#8577 Add synthetic [NOT] LIKE ANY and [NOT] LIKE ALL operators
#8579 Support parsing the UNIQUE predicate
#8588 Add support for SQLite partial indexes
#8590 Add support for SQLite EXPLAIN
#8591 DSL#table(Object[]) calls DSL#table(Field) with incompatible @Support annotation
#8595 Support more DDL for MySQL
#8596 Support more DML for MySQL
#8600 Emulate CREATE TABLE (...) COMMENT syntax in DB2
#8601 Add code generator support for DB2 table and column comments
#8602 Add support for DB2 translate
#8604 Add support for DB2 multi ALTER TABLE ADD / DROP statements
#8616 Add Settings.parseSearchPath
#8619 Let Query subtypes extends RowCountQuery, which extends Publisher<Integer>
#8620 Replace Query references by RowCountQuery where appropriate
#8623 Add parser support for TOP (n) in DML
#8639 Improve documentation about custom syntax elements
#8646 Apply Settings.fetchSize also to other statements than ResultQuery
#8649 Add support for MySQL's ALTER TABLE .. DROP FOREIGN KEY syntax
#8650 Add support for MySQL's ALTER TABLE .. DROP PRIMARY KEY syntax
#8656 Add org.jooq.DDLExportConfiguration
#8657 Add DDLExportConfiguration.createSchemaIfNotExists and createTableIfNotExists flags
#8658 Improve manual's parser grammar and make better reuse of keywords in DDL
#8660 Add support for synthetic ALTER TABLE .. DROP PRIMARY KEY <name> syntax
#8671 Some @Support annotations have duplicated dialects
#8674 Complete parser test suite with tests for all supported built-in functions
#8675 Parse CONNECT_BY_ROOT expressions
#8678 Enable Settings.parseUnknownFunctions in DDLDatabase
#8685 Avoid generating unnecessary {@inheritDoc}
#8689 Generate LN function in H2, instead of LOG
#8693 Add support for generation of comments on HSQLDB schema objects
#8695 Use Configuration#family() convenience
#8696 Use SQL Server 2012's LOG() with base parameter
#8703 Add DSL#log(Field, Field) overload
#8704 Add support for MERGE in Vertica
#8710 Add support for generating comments on tables in Vertica
#8716 Support DSL#md5() for SQL Server
#8724 Add UpdateSetStep.setNull(Field<?>) for convenience
#8728 Parser cannot handle double quoted string literals in dialects that support them
#8735 Support DSL#offset[Date]Time() and DSL#instant() for SQLite
#8736 Avoid catching NumberFormatException when parsing potential numbers
#8739 H2: Support ALTER SCHEMA
#8742 H2: Support DROP SCHEMA ... [CASCADE | RESTRICT]
#8745 Add Guava to the documented list of shaded dependencies
#8746 Add Settings.(execute|record|transaction|visit)Listener(Start|End)InvocationOrder to support REVERSE ordering on end() events
#8751 Improve rendering performance of SQL templates
#8753 Add additional Context.sql(long), sql(float), sql(double)
#8754 Avoid using plain SQL templating, internally
#8759 Add support for SET SCHEMA in Teradata
#8764 Add comments in old manual versions about the jooq-meta and jooq-codegen package renames
#8766 Add missing dialects to DSLContext#mergeInto(Table)
#8767 Complete @Support annotation on DSL#alterView() to include `DB2` and `FIREBIRD`
#8768 Complete @Support annotation on DSL#alterIndexIfExists() to include SQLDATAWAREHOUSE and TERADATA
#8769 Methods on TableOuterJoinStep should for now only support ORACLE
#8770 Align @Support annotations of SelectLimitAfterOffsetStep#limit() methods
#8771 Add LIMIT ... OFFSET ... WITH TIES support for Redshift
#8772 Fix @Support annotations of CreateIndexIncludeStep
#8774 Remove SQLITE from @Support annotations on AlterTableAlterStep
#8780 SQL Server: Support AlterIndexStep#renameTo()
#8781 Improve error message when org.jooq.util class cannot be found in code generator configuration
#8782 WindowRowsAndStep methods should declare VERTICA support
#8783 MergeNotMatchedSetStep methods should declare VERTICA support
#8784 MergeValuesStepN methods should declare MARIADB and AURORA_MYSQL support
#8789 Add support for parsing MySQL numeric interval literals
#8793 Add missing dialects to MergeValuesStepN#values()
#8794 Add missing dialects to OrderedAggregateFunction
#8795 Support AlterTableAlterStep#set() with SQLDATAWAREHOUSE
#8796 Implement InsertOnDuplicateSetStep#set() for FIREBIRD_3_0
#8797 Add Javadoc to StopWatchListener explaining that it should be wrapped in an ExecuteListenerProvider
#8803 Improve performance of StringUtils#replace()
#8825 Add support for additional DB2 and SQLDATAWAREHOUSE DateParts
#8827 SQLServerDatabase should read tables also from sys.all_objects
#8833 Oracle: Support DatePart WEEK
#8837 Add missing @Support annotations to Operator enum
#8850 Informix: Support LikeEscapeStep#escape()
#8852 Support parsing empty IN lists
#8853 Add support for [NOT] LIKE ANY (subquery) and [NOT] LIKE ALL (subquery)
#8854 Add more internal type safety by making Tools.fields() methods generic
#8856 Generate empty IN lists in SQL for H2 and SQLite
#8857 Spring Boot example should reference custom jOOQ version
#8863 Use imported class name in to dereference singleton table instance
#8867 Add SQLDialect.supported()
#8883 Use noCondition() in fetchXYZ(Table), fetchXYZ(Table, Condition) overloads
#8887 Add SQLDataType.DECIMAL_INTEGER(int) as a shortcut for DataType.precision(int)
#8889 Upgrade scala 2.12 dependency to 2.12.8
#8899 Implement specialised emulation for Oracle single row INSERT .. RETURNING with expressions
#8900 Release 3.12: Make current master branch Java 6 compatible
#8903 Add Support annotations to DataType methods
#8905 GeneratorWriter should check the file size prior to opening existing files to compare contents
#8909 Upgrade jOOR dependency to 0.9.12
#8912 Add reference to noCondition(), trueCondition(), and falseCondition()
#8914 Always use MiniJAXB
#8918 MiniJAXB should warn about unknown XML elements
#8919 MiniJAXB#marshal() should output formatted XML
#8920 Implement UPDATE / DELETE .. RETURNING in SQL Server using OUTPUT
#8924 Add Settings.updateRecordVersion and Settings.updateRecordTimestamp
#8925 Add DAO.fetchRangeOf(Field<Z>, Z, Z)
#8932 Use diamond operator in jOOQ code
#8939 Support Flyway file ordering in DDLDatabase
#8943 Add org.jooq.JSON and org.jooq.JSONB
#8944 Add support for standard JSON functions
#8959 Add Settings.mapConstructorParameterNamesInKotlin
#8963 Manual page about SELECT should use DSL.inline() and DSL.val() in addition to selectZero() and selectOne()
#8972 jOOQ-meta should query dictionary views for column existence rather than the column itself
#8975 Log warning when user uses <inputSchema/> on a database that does not support schemas
#8976 [jOOQ/jOOQ#8939] Support Flyway file ordering in DDLDatabase
#8982 Add a SingleConnectionDataSource
#8985 Create a new jOOQ-extensions module
#8986 Move DDLDatabase DDL simulation via H2 to jOOQ-extensions and implement it through org.jooq.Meta
#8987 Improve MockResult Javadoc
#9001 DefaultRecordMapper should internally also use the RecordMapperProvider
#9006 Document logger name for SQL logging
#9009 AbstractMeta should consistently cache all information
#9011 DDLDatabase failed to parse MySQL NOW(6)
#9015 Add support for unqualifiedSchema in JPADatabase to prevent generating the H2 PUBLIC schema
#9018 Update Scala compiler to 2.12.9
#9022 Mention fetch sizes on the topic of lazy fetching
#9030 Add AlterSequenceStep.restartWith(Field<? extends T>) overload
#9032 Add a documentation example for usage of transactionResult()
#9035 Teradata support for InsertOnDuplicateStep#onDuplicateKeyUpdate()
#9036 Missing @Support annotations on SelectSeekStep<N> methods
#9037 Missing @Support annotations on CaseWhenStep#map[Fields|Values]() methods
#9048 Delete files
#9051 Add section titles to multi page manual
#9058 Undocument use-attribute-converters in favour of useAttributeConverters
#9062 AlterTableImpl#dropColumn() should not use #dropColumns()
#9063 Support for ALTER TABLE ... DROP PRIMARY KEY for Derby and HSQLDB
#9064 HSQLDB: Support WEEK() function
#9070 Add Constants.CP_RUNTIME and other values
#9078 Improve MockFileDatabase error message "Invalid SQL"
#9082 ResultQuery.fetchStream() and similar overloads should add an explicit statement about resulting streams being resourceful

Breaking changes

#5309 Add support for CREATE TABLE t(c1, c2, ..., cn) AS SELECT ...
#5538 Compilation error in when two tables contain the same (unique) index name in SQL Server
#7242 Add support for JSON / JSONB types
#7565 Remove @javax.annotation.Generated annotation from jOOQ code
#7583 Add new <generatedAnnotationType/> flag to specify Generated annotation
#7643 Use slf4j directly for logging, remove log4j dependency
#7659 Support any Number type for LIMIT .. OFFSET
#7737 Remove the org.jooq.api.annotation package
#7747 Rename jooq-codegen.xsd Schema, Schemata, Catalog, Catalogs types to have a Type suffix
#7826 Constraints referencing columns that are not generated should not be generated either
#7851 DSL.coerce() should use argument field's qualified name
#7874 Pull up DAOImpl.getId() to DAO.getId()
#7925 Make org.jooq.impl classes Iif, NullIf, KeywordImpl package-private
#7953 Discover JPA annotations also from overridden super class methods
#8033 Relax generic constraint on DSLContext.executeInsert(), executeUpdate() and similar methods
#8173 SelectIntoStep.into() should return SelectFromStep, not SelectIntoStep
#8231 Negative YearToMonth() intervals are not correctly normalised
#8232 Negative DayToSecond() intervals are not correctly normalised
#8234 "Unnecessary" casts should no longer be ignored
#8362 <regexFlags/> is not applied to matcher strategy
#8434 Support H2 v1.4.198 array syntax
#8502 Add support for H2 1.4.198 row value expression subquery syntax
#8682 Parsing of LOG() function
#8877 fetchSingle() failure does not trigger ExecuteListener#exception() event

Bug Fixes

#1535 Generate dummy ORDER BY clause for ranking functions on databases that require them
#5215 Companion object for routine classes generated by ScalaGenerator cause java.lang.IllegalAccessError at runtime
#6382 Fix Derby Support annotations
#6745 DDL statements on MySQL create CHAR column instead of VARCHAR column on unknown lengths
#6754 Significant amount of Object[] allocations due to internal EnumMap
#6920 Update API with Vertica Support annotations
#6932 Document <enumConverter/> in manual
#7161 Slow ROWTYPE discovery queries on large Oracle schemas
#7295 SQL Translation Error with MONEY data type
#7319 SQLDialectNotSupportedException: The ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause cannot be emulated for DEFAULT when using the Batch API with named parameters
#7389 UniqueKey.getReferences returns unnamed foreign keys
#7418 Error when using <matchers/> with <schemas/> in Maven code generation
#7429 Flawed Custom Logging ExecuteListener example in the manual
#7434 ORA-01861 when casting string as date
#7496 UDT data types are unqualified in PostgreSQL, when there is more than one UDT data type per schema
#7518 Various parser bugs / missing features
#7525 Support parsing DAYOFMONTH() function
#7551 Wrong type information associated to Row[N].operator(T1, ..., TN) predicates
#7554 UpdatableRecordImpl no longer work when globalObjectReferences is set to false
#7556 Add a specific error message if org.jooq.util packages are being used in 3.11+
#7562 Incomplete Support annotation on some of the H2 style mergeInto overloads
#7567 Support mixing constraint definitions and columns in the parser
#7568 Cannot parse CREATE INDEX statement on a field called "field"
#7569 Regression in and update() methods when used with connection pools
#7571 Support alternative PostgreSQL array syntax in parser
#7573 Code generator should generate implicit join constructors in absence of inbound foreign keys
#7578 Spring boot example test repeats identical assertion
#7579 org.jooq.meta.xml.XMLDatabase does not generate target classes when project is compiled on JDK 9 or 10
#7584 Regression in DSL.or(Collection) when passing empty collection
#7589 Cannot bind double types to prepared statements when using Oracle and DBCP
#7594 Illegal reflective access when running jOOQ on Java 10
#7597 CREATE TABLE with enum types generates CHECK constraint rather than enum type reference in PostgreSQL
#7600 NullPointerException on Query.getBindValues
#7616 Support CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW in H2
#7622 Typo in manual, additional DDLDatabase and JPADatabase reference
#7627 Cannot parse comma separated identity specification elements
#7630 Close the Maven Plugin's URLClassLoader after code generation
#7634 Add remark to the Javadoc of <SQLDialect>DataType classes indicating what the deprecation replacement is
#7637 Manual refers to non-existent "configuration" element in Gradle code generation configuration
#7641 java.lang.NoSuchMethodException when calling createARRAY on JBoss WrappedConnectionJDK8
#7644 Code generator uses H2 TIMESTAMP precision instead of scale
#7649 jOOQ 3.11+ transitive dependency prevents it from being loaded on WebLogic 12.1.3
#7650 Issues with codegen generating PUBLIC always
#7651 Error Parsing Script for DDLDatabase when column name is called "index"
#7652 Upgrade to maven-compiler-plugin 3.7.1-SNAPSHOT
#7655 ResultImpl#intoMap produces an incorrect error message on duplicate key
#7660 EVERY() aggregate function emulation doesn't yield NULL when aggregating empty sets
#7663 Referenced WindowDefinitions should not be inlined in MySQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere
#7672 NPE in DefaultRecordMapper when returning it from custom RecordMapperProvider
#7680 Allow for overriding the order of generated import statements
#7688 NPE in MockResultSet.withTZ() methods
#7691 NullPointerException when aggregating row value expressions using ARRAY_AGG()
#7692 Compilation errors in generated code for PostgreSQL's pg_catalog schema
#7693 Compilation error in generated code when generated Javadoc contains unicode escape sequences
#7694 Cannot parse OTHER data type
#7696 Cannot parse H2 style ARRAY data type
#7706 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using double quotes in plain SQL as string delimiters
#7707 Dead link to MySQL manual on group by page
#7713 ASEDatabase doesn't work with older Sybase ASE versions
#7714 Meta.getCatalogs() should not return catalogs in databases that do not support them
#7724 Parser should support parsing pi() function
#7725 Support parsing unknown, parameterless functions
#7731 DAO methods do not profit from reflection cache when Settings.returnRecordToPojo = true
#7732 XJC generated classes should compare Pattern.pattern() in generated equals() and hashCode() methods
#7735 XJC generated classes should generate XmlElementWrapper element for Lists
#7741 Unclear code example in 'Sequence and serials' doc
#7742 Potential NullPointerException in custom Converter when running INSERT statement
#7761 JZ0NK: Generated keys are not available in Sybase ASE when calling on a table without identity
#7764 Race condition in cached ImmutablePOJOMapperWithParameterNames
#7765 [#7764] Race condition in DefaultRecordMapper
#7767 DDLDatabase scripts path wild cards do not work correctly
#7769 Parser cannot parse MySQL's DEFAULT CHARSET clause
#7771 DDLDatabase should ignore storage clauses
#7785 Column pg_prog.proisagg does not exist in PostgreSQL 11
#7811 Array types cannot change nullability when generating DDL
#7813 Error during code generation when using DDLDatabase on a table with a MySQL enum type
#7814 DDLDatabase does not generate enum types when parsing MySQL ENUM syntax
#7816 Implement <includeUniqueKeys/>, <includePrimaryKeys/> and <includeForeignKeys/>
#7824 NPE when generating code for an index whose column(s) are not generated
#7827 InformationSchema.toString() methods generate empty <comment> elements
#7830 Manual section about CRUD should not display an N+1 example
#7834 AbstractMeta::get never returns an unqualified result
#7835 name("").append(name("a")) produces wrong result
#7846 Document the fact that <forcedType/> converters can be Java code
#7853 Code generator fails to parse partial index when using DDLDatabase
#7861 Oracle 18c ALL_ARGUMENTS.DATA_LEVEL no longer lists nested data types
#7864 Misleading example about bindings in manual
#7867 DSLContext.fetchCount(Select) should rename the select statement's column names to prevent ambiguities
#7878 Single element array expressions must generate trailing comma in H2
#7886 Parser doesn't correctly recognise Oracle MINUS operation
#7889 Typo in manual reading SQLiteDatabaes
#7892 Missing information_schema.routines table error when running code generator on CockroachDB
#7893 Invalid javadoc created for deprecated data types
#7894 [#7893] Generate valid javadoc for deprecated data types
#7908 Add documentation about UPDATE .. FROM
#7918 Bad formatting of constraints in CREATE TABLE statements
#7920 Missing implementation of AbstractRecord.formatCSV()
#7923 jOOQ checker fails with InternalUtils.symbol: tree is null error when checked code has no enclosing method
#7926 jOOQ-checker does not type check in absence of Require annotation
#7929 jOOQ-checker should not allow any jOOQ API usage in the absence of an Allow annotation
#7930 Missing Support annotation on various DSL.val(), value(), inline() overloads
#7937 Documentation examples using jOOQ with JPA show wrong Query.getParams() usage
#7938 Incorrect Javadoc entry for Field#containsIgnoreCase
#7939 Fix Javadoc entry for Field#containsIgnoreCase
#7942 Excess SELECT statement run on, insert(), update() on MySQL
#7950 Illegal reflective access operation on JDK 11
#7959 Internal CursorResultSet does not implement JDBC 4.1 and 4.2 methods
#7961 CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS should intercept error code 1913 in SQL Server
#7968 Document behaviour of unnamed expressions in the SELECT clause
#7982 Unnecessary alias generation in parser for derived tables
#7986 Significant time spent in OffsetDateTime.parse() when reading OffsetDateTime fields
#7991 NullPointerException in QueryPartList.removeNulls with Java 11 and immutable collections
#8006 INSERT .. RETURNING produces records with wrong attached Configuration
#8011 DDLDatabase cannot handle tables containing COLLATE clauses
#8013 Regression in OffsetDateTime parser when PostgreSQL timestamps have fractional seconds of 1, 2, 4, 5 digit precision
#8017 Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE default binding truncates microseconds
#8024 Missing ORACLE Support on DSL.offsetDateTime() overload
#8026 Wrong SQL generated when H2 OffsetDateTime values are inlined
#8035 PostgreSQL DateAdd doesn't work correctly with LocalDate
#8037 DSL.localDate() and DSL.localTime() don't work correctly on SQLite
#8040 Avoid unnecessary loop in Fields.indexOf()
#8044 Code generation fails on JDK9+ with javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpected element when using external <configurationFile/>
#8047 Error Importing Sakila database in Oracle Express 11g
#8048 CustomQueryPart manual section should explain how to implement accept()
#8063 Bad inlining of Double.NaN in HSQLDB
#8065 HSQLDB implementation of Field.add(Interval) cannot handle fractional seconds
#8067 Code generator doesn't generate length on VARCHAR(n) ARRAY types
#8070 Cannot create tables with VARCHAR(n) ARRAY types in HSQLDB
#8072 Code generator fails on PostgreSQL 9.3.9 because of unsupported not in predicate on row value expressions
#8086 Resolve relative paths in target directory in Maven plugin
#8096 Manual page about ParserCLI uses wrong classpath
#8110 Embedded UNIQUE INDEX specification in CREATE TABLE statement does not get generated
#8113 Cannot call MockStatement.getGeneratedKeys()
#8116 XMLDatabase should not distinguish between empty catalog and absent catalog
#8118 NullPointerException in XMLDatabase, when no schemas could be loaded
#8123 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.base/java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.base/java.util.UUID when using UUID types with MockFileDatabase
#8125 Incorrect implementation of MockFileDatabase.nullLiteral()
#8128 returningResult() returns generated record type when returning only the identity
#8131 ClassCastException in H2 when calling returningResult() to fetch an identity when the generated record does not implement Record1
#8143 java.lang.NoSuchMethodException when calling setBinaryDouble on org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.WrappedStatement
#8149 No-arg DefaultConfiguration.derive() does not correctly derive
#8150 DefaultConfiguration is missing some JavaBeans setters
#8151 ClassCastException in ClobBinding when ConnectionProvider provides wrapped Connection
#8156 Wrong Javadoc on LoaderOptionsStep.onDuplicateKeyUpdate()
#8158 ORA-38104 when using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in Oracle
#8172 Document <includeIndexes/> in the manual
#8178 DefaultOffsetDateTimeBinding fails when year field is negative
#8181 Timezone Offset parser doesn't correctly parse offset seconds
#8197 Row[N].isDistinctFrom(T1, ..., TN) and others do not work correctly when passing null values
#8203 ORA-01745 executing a SELECT * FROM WHERE column IN (large collection)
#8210 Fix a variety of compiler warnings when building jOOQ
#8221 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing a PostgreSQL TIMESTAMPTZ with microseconds precision
#8222 Resolves 8221: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException parsing PSQL Timestamp
#8241 Wrong results from field when forcedType references both converter and binding
#8243 Spelling in
#8244 Outdated Javadoc on WindowDefinition referring WINDOW clause support
#8251 Documentation references inexistent org.util package
#8265 ParamType not supported: FORCE_INDEXED when calling Query.getSQL()
#8270 Wrong foreign key specification generated in MySQL, when foreign key shares name with unique key in different table
#8279 Emulate inline window specifications based on other window definitions in SQLite
#8281 PDF manual is missing content contained in tags
#8287 Change message "Please report this bug here" for cases which are not bugs
#8293 Wrong Javadoc on SelectQuery.addHaving(Operator, Condition...)
#8295 RenderKeywordStyle.PASCAL doesn't work when keywords contain whitespace
#8328 { UPDATE | DELETE } .. LIMIT isn't emulated correctly in the absence of unique key meta information
#8329 Lacking formatting for WITH [ NO ] DATA clause
#8332 Wrong documentation for forceIntegerTypesOnZeroScaleDecimals
#8336 DDLDatabase cannot load relative paths in Maven modules that do not contain wildcards
#8338 Redundant and fields
#8339 RemovingPrefixMapper is not implemented correctly
#8342 Array of enums whose literals contain special characters cannot be bound in PostgreSQL
#8350 Parser parses (a, b) IS NULL as (a, b) IS NOT NULL
#8355 NullPointerException on Routine.toString() when routine is not attached to a Configuration
#8361 Cache Patterns in MatcherStrategy
#8363 Slow check for similar generated files that differ by case
#8368 Compilation errors in generated code for DB2 overloaded procedures
#8372 DB2 array types get generated as routines
#8375 DB2 array types get generated as UDTRecord types
#8393 Replace static field references in manual by instance references
#8394 Manual CAST() example shouldn't reference PostgresDataType.TEXT
#8397 Parser doesn't recognise BOOL data type
#8401 Add support for parsing REGEXP, RLIKE, and LIKE_REGEX operator
#8402 Bad SQL generated when setting data type and nullability in PostgreSQL's ALTER TABLE .. ALTER .. SET statement
#8413 Rollback should not be called when TransactionListener.commitEnd() throws exception
#8414 Don't emulate empty ORDER BY clause in H2's ROW_NUMBER() function
#8417 Syntax error when generating code on Informix 12.10 without DELIMIDENT=y
#8423 Typo in manual example code for dynamic SQL
#8429 Field.endsWith() and similar methods should escape argument lazily
#8454 <inputSchema/> doesn't work on Informix code generation
#8456 Calling Record.get(0, int.class) returns null if value is not convertible to int
#8460 Regression calling POJO setters twice from DefaultRecordMapper.MutablePOJOMapper
#8468 DataTypeException when org.jooq.Meta accesses PostgreSQL array column with default expression
#8478 ERROR: conflicting ColumnTypes while executing meta query on CockroachDB
#8484 3.11 vs. 3.12 version mismatches between and XSD files
#8488 Manual page about matcher strategies should use "see MatcherRule", not "--> MatcherRule"
#8489 Overrides of AbstractTable#fieldsRow() in Scala don't work due to compiler bug
#8491 Remove unnecessary marker tokens in source code
#8493 Support JSR 310 types as <name/> in <forcedType/> data type rewriting feature
#8496 Regression in DefaultRecordMapper, calling matching setter for JPA annotated getter
#8503 Make SET clause in ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE optional in parser
#8511 Update SQLite identifier list in DefaultRenderContext#SQLITE_KEYWORDS
#8512 JPADatabase may not be able to properly detect AttributeConverter
#8513 Generator may fail with NPE for CUBRID enums with some <forcedType> definitions
#8515 InsertOnConflictWhereStep#where() should return InsertOnConflictConditionStep
#8527 MiniJAXB#append() doesn't work for enum types
#8531 Wrong Context.subqueryLevel() when emulating derived column lists
#8535 Generate @UniqueConstraint annotation instead of @Column(unique = true)
#8536 Missing constraint name in generated @UniqueConstraint annotation
#8537 Parsing CREATE SEQUENCE always leads to quoted sequence names
#8544 ExecuteListener#end() not last lifecycle event when using DSLContext#fetchOne()
#8550 Improve formatting of generated table-level JPA annotations
#8557 StackOverflowError when using same query instance on both sides of a set operation
#8561 Wrong cast generated for Informix and others when casting a LocalDateTime value
#8570 Wrong Javadoc on Record.setValue()
#8572 Add parser support for RATIO_TO_REPORT
#8573 Outdated Javadoc on ExecuteType.DDL
#8578 DefaultRecordMapper cannot map into generic type variable in Kotlin
#8581 Generator can fail picking up default values using SQLite driver
#8582 MySQLDSL should support Aurora MySQL
#8584 SQLiteDatabase#loadPrimaryKeys() should use DSLContext#fetch(String, Object...)
#8593 DB2 ranking functions require an ORDER BY clause
#8603 DB2 CREATE TABLE IF EXISTS emulation should ignore SQLState 42710, not 42704
#8606 Bad SQL generated when writing multi row insert query with unknown column names (plain SQL table)
#8615 Missing NOTICE file from commons-lang
#8625 Missing DB2 dialect versions in SelectQueryImpl#WRAP_EXP_BODY_IN_DERIVED_TABLE
#8627 Some Support annotation mismatches between DSLContext and DSL methods
#8634 MySQL does not support DROP INDEX IF EXISTS
#8636 Missing PlainSQL annotations on some API
#8637 Support annotation mismatch between overloaded methods
#8645 Sakila/PostgreSQL: Replace nonexisting IF with CASE
#8686 jOOQ generation tool produces Vertica composite unique key columns in wrong order
#8691 Serialization fails when table contains SQLDataType.INSTANT columns or when using Converter.ofNullable() converters
#8694 Floor switch inconsistent wrt SQL dialects
#8697 Add missing MySQL dialects to switch in MD5#getFunction0()
#8698 Sign switch inconsistent wrt SQL dialects
#8699 Trim switch inconsistent wrt SQL dialects
#8700 No foreign key information generated in Vertica
#8701 Code generator produces empty strings as default expressions in Vertica
#8706 Error when translating a query with OFFSET only (no LIMIT) to Vertica
#8707 FunctionTable switch inconsistent wrt SQL dialects
#8708 Ranking functions without ORDER BY are not correctly emulated in Vertica
#8709 Work around Vertica's incorrect IS NOT NULL implementation
#8717 Support parsing SQL Server's UNIQUEIDENTIFIER data type
#8723 Wrong SQL generated when using qualified index references with H2 CREATE or DROP INDEX statements
#8727 Bad Support annotation on Row[N].op(QuantifiedSelect)
#8729 Translator loses quoted names
#8730 DSL#localDateTime(LocalDateTime) drops fractional seconds on SQLite
#8737 SQLite: Date arithmetic does not support fractional seconds
#8756 DSL.timestampAdd() produces wrong cast for teradata
#8758 Parse DEFAULT keyword in UPDATE
#8761 Fix missing Support annotations for Teradata
#8777 Formattable String formatCSV(boolean header, char delimiter) header value is always ignored
#8785 Remove DSL#alterIndex() support for TERADATA
#8786 Remove execution time from logging output in manual
#8791 Remove AlterTableStep#alter() support for TERADATA
#8806 Parser doesn't correctly parse identifiers that can conflict with keywords
#8808 Compilation error in generated code when sequence has the same name as its containing schema
#8810 Emulated ENUM types produce check constraint with bind variables
#8815 Add missing Javadoc to Configuration.visitListenerProviders()
#8817 Remove unnecessary {@inheritDoc} Javadoc tags in jOOQ's internals
#8820 Bad SQL generated in PostgreSQL when calling nextval on a sequence with apostrophes in its name
#8832 Wrong rendering of Oracle's CREATE SEQUENCE `NO` clauses
#8835 No ALTER SCHEMA ... IF EXISTS clause in Postgres
#8836 Correct CreateSequenceFlagsStep#noCache() for Postgres
#8859 Generator does not generate anything for schemas only containing sequences
#8862 Manual code doesn't compile for derived table and correlated subquery examples
#8876 Bad example in CSV import manual section
#8891 Bad code generated when an Oracle table valued function name exists both as a standalone function and as a package function
#8897 INSERT .. RETURNING emulation doesn't work on Oracle for single row inserts when returning expressions
#8898 INSERT .. RETURNING emulation doesn't work on Oracle when returned columns are aliased
#8902 Add missing Support annotation to DSL.collation
#8904 Add Support annotations to and DSL.keyword()
#8908 Statements ignored by the parser do not implement QueryPartInternal
#8910 Parse pg_catalog.set_config('search_path') as SET SCHEMA in DDLDatabase
#8913 TeradataDataType is missing type mapping for SQLDataType.UUID
#8915 COMMENT ON VIEW doesn't work on SQL Server
#8921 Wrong Support annotation on UpdateReturningStep and DeleteReturningStep methods
#8929 DAOImpl should short circuit calls
#8931 Oracle doesn't support asterisks in the RETURNING clause
#8933 DSL.unnest(Collection) doesn't work on PostgreSQL
#8954 NPE in code generator when generating Oracle UDTs
#8956 Document <includePrimaryKeys/> as being a flag influencing generated records
#8957 Parser.parseStatements() fails to parse empty block
#8960 DELETE .. LIMIT 1 generates a bind variable even if input is inlined
#8961 Parser doesn't support bind variables in LIMIT clauses
#8964 Bulk insert of BigDecimals with different scale get truncated to first rows scale
#8978 Make generatePojoMultiConstructor in JavaGenerator protected
#8979 Dead links for generator strategy examples
#8984 Potential NumberFormatException in FilenameComparator
#8993 NullPointerException when JDBC driver returns null on getGeneratedKeys call using ZDAL5 driver on MySQL
#9014 Fix typo in documentation
#9024 ExecuteListener documentation typo
#9028 Translated sequence flags in CREATE SEQUENCE statement get turned into bind variables
#9034 JDBCUtils.driver(String) returns deprecated "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
#9041 Manual typo: "catlogs"
#9049 Stop shipping the Sakila database over the zip files downloaded from the website
#9052 Some dead internal links in old manual versions
#9059 DSLContext.ddl(Catalog) does not correctly create cross schema foreign key constraints.
#9065 Parser does not support NVARCHAR2
#9072 Remove outdated information in manual's logging section
#9073 Manual section about custom query parts should not document internal API
#9088 Pro Oracle oracleTSTZ doesn't unwrap connection from pool prior to TZ constructor
#9090 CREATE TABLE fails with ParseWithMetaLookups.THROW_ON_FAILURE


Version 3.11.0 - June 7, 2018

New Databases Supported

At last, 4 new SQL dialects have been added to jOOQ! These are:

jOOQ Professional Edition

jOOQ Enterprise Edition

Implicit Joins

One of the really cool features in ORMs like Hibernate, Doctrine, and others, is the capability of using a relationship graph notation to access another entity's columns through what is often called "implicit joins".

Instead of explicitly joining a to-one relationship to access its columns:

SELECT author.first_name, author.last_name, book.title
FROM book
JOIN author ON book.author_id =

We would like to be able to access those columns directly, using this notation:

SELECT,, book.title
FROM book

The join is implied and should be added implicitly. jOOQ now allows for this to happen when you use the code generator:,, BOOK.TITLE)

When rendering this query, the implicit join graph will be calculated on the fly and added behind the scenes to the BOOK table. This works for queries of arbitrary complexity and on any level of nested SELECT.

More details in this blog post:

DiagnosticsListener SPI

A new DiagnosticsListener SPI has been added to jOOQ:

The purpose of this SPI is to sanitise your SQL language, JDBC and jOOQ API usage. Listeners can listen to events such as:

The great thing about this SPI is that it can be exposed to clients through the JDBC API, in case of which the diagnostics feature can reverse engineer your JDBC or even JPA generated SQL. Ever wanted to detect N+1 queries from Hibernate? Pass those Hibernate-generated queries through this SPI.

Want to find missing bind variables leading to cursor cache contention or SQLi? Let jOOQ find similar SQL statements and report them. E.g.

Or also:

Anonymous blocks

Many databases support anonymous blocks to run several statements in a single block scope. For example, Oracle:

  l_var NUMBER(10);
  l_var := 10;

jOOQ now supports the new org.jooq.Block API to allow for wrapping DDL and DML statements in such a block. This is a first step towards a future jOOQ providing support for:


jOOQ's parser support is an ongoing effort. This release has added support for a lot of new SQL clauses and functions from various vendors and in various DDL and DML statements.

The parser is now also exposed through a public website and API, where SQL can be translated from one dialect to another:

This website will help further drive jOOQ API development by helping to find missing functionality that is used in real-world SQL.

Another way to access this API is through the new org.jooq.ParserCLI command line tool. For example, run:

$ java -cp jooq-3.11.0.jar org.jooq.ParserCLI -f -t ORACLE -s "SELECT * FROM (VALUES(1),(2)) AS t(a)"

To get:

select *
from (
    select null a
    from dual
    where 1 = 0
  union all (
    select *
    from (
        select 1
        from dual
      union all (
        select 2
        from dual
    ) t
) t;

Formal Java 10 Support

jOOQ 3.11 is the first release that is formally integration tested with Java 10. To use jOOQ with Java 10, use the Java 8 distribution which has not yet been modularised, but contains Automatic-Module-Name specification to be forward compatible with future, modularised jOOQ distributions.

Additionally, package names between jOOQ, jOOQ-meta, and jOOQ-codegen have been cleaned up to prevent duplicate package names, and the JAXB dependency has been added explicitly to the various artefacts. See for more details

End of Scala 2.11 support in the jOOQ Open Source Edition

Scala 2.10 and 2.11 are now only supported in the commercial distributions

Other great improvements

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#629 Add support for the Teradata database
#717 Add support for SQLite unique columns
#1053 Add syntax railroad diagram to the manual
#1502 Add support for implicit join over to-one relationships
#1677 Add SelectFieldOrAsterisk type to support Table.asterisk() (t.*) and DSL.asterisk()
#2051 Add is[Not]DistinctFrom() to Row[N] types
#2637 Add a section to the manual about the MockFileDatabase, change its experimental status
#2769 Add DSL.asterisk() to allow for explicitly issuing SELECT * statements
#2791 Add a Context data map scoped to the outer scope of a subquery
#2908 Add support for COLLATIONS
#3686 Add support for default parameter values in SQL Server
#3930 Improve code generation manual sections explaining each flag individually with XML / programmatic examples
#4015 Add support for LATERAL to DB2
#4059 Add <link rel="canonical"/> references from older Javadocs/manuals to the latest versions
#4627 Support Java 8 constructor parameter reflection in DefaultRecordMapper
#4888 Add <serializablePojos/> to allow for POJOs not to be Serializable
#4930 Create one DefaultXYZBinding type per DataType, internally
#5196 Add support for Amazon Aurora MySQL Edition
#5296 Add a MetaProvider Configuration.metaProvider() SPI
#5314 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD IF NOT EXISTS
#5315 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. DROP IF EXISTS
#5318 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD (...) to add multiple objects to a table at once
#5319 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. DROP (...) to allow for dropping multiple objects at once
#5491 Provide maven-deploy script to install artifacts on remote repository
#5594 Add support for Oracle 12c FETCH N PERCENT ROWS and SQL Server TOP n PERCENT clauses
#5703 Add option to disable code generation of comments
#5863 Support multi-row INSERT .. RETURNING for Oracle using PL/SQL FORALL .. INSERT .. RETURNING .. BULK COLLECT INTO
#5874 Add support for H2's new enum types
#5917 Add Settings.parseUnsupportedSyntax to define behaviour when a parser error occurs
#5925 Replace asList(SQLDialect ...).contains() by EnumSet.of(SQLDialect ...).contains() in internals
#5960 Add a DiagnosticsListener SPI
#5988 Add Javadoc to DSL.table(String) and Table.field(String) explaining the lack of field references in plain SQL tables
#6071 Add Name Sequence.getQualifiedName() and getUnqualifiedName()
#6131 Add plain SQL storage() clause to CREATE TABLE statements
#6140 Add <clean/> to <target/> in code generator configuration
#6145 Add Queries.block()
#6220 Add DSL.localDateTimeAdd() localDateTimeSub(), localDateTimeDiff()
#6240 Add support for SQL Server's ALTER TABLE .. RENAME INDEX emulation
#6261 Support loading multiple files in DDLDatabase
#6265 Add org.jooq.Named API for all types containing a getName() method
#6324 Add support for COMMENT ON statements
#6328 Add SQLDialect.SQLSERVER2017
#6358 Add ResultQuery.fetchSet(RecordMapper)
#6371 Add support for DROP TEMPORARY TABLE
#6474 Add org.jooq.Block to wrap several statements in an anonymous block
#6482 Document in the manual: SQL and JDBC are one-based, jOOQ is zero-based
#6554 Mark Maven plugin as @ThreadSafe
#6577 Add documentation about the <fullyQualifiedTypes/> flag
#6580 Add Settings.fetchServerOutputSize to fetch server output
#6606 End of Scala 2.11 support for jOOQ Open Source Edition
#6627 Add DateToLocalDateConverter, TimeToLocalTimeConverter, TimestampToLocalDateTimeConverter
#6630 Support Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type in UDT
#6631 Deprecate public DefaultBinding constructor
#6632 Generate DAO.fetchOneByXYZ(T value) for unique columns on SQLite
#6642 DefaultBinding should check Settings.executeLogging to decide whether to log
#6644 Improve "no catalogs were loaded" error message
#6654 Improve code generator's INFO message when objects have no name
#6660 Add <catalogs/> to <information_schema>
#6661 Add support for catalogs in the XMLGenerator
#6662 Support new <catalogs/> element in DSLContext.meta()
#6663 Support new <catalogs/> element in DSLContext.informationSchema()
#6676 Add markdown to error message about slow SQL
#6694 Overload SelectWhereStep.where(Condition...) and similar methods to avoid Condition[] allocation
#6704 Support PostgreSQL's escape string constants
#6715 Add { Insert | Update | Delete }ReturningStep.returningResult(Field<T1>, ..., Field<TN>)
#6718 Add missing overload DSLContext.newResult(Collection<? extends Field<?>>)
#6720 Refactor some internals to use Scope.dsl() or Configuration.dsl()
#6721 Deprecate AbstractStore.create()
#6722 Deprecate AbstractQueryPart.create() methods
#6765 Add SQLDialect.POSTGRES_10
#6771 Add a Setting to prevent UPDATE and DELETE statements that lack a WHERE clause
#6772 Add a <jpaVersion/> code generator configuration
#6776 Add MockResult() and MockResult(int) convenience constructors
#6781 Clarify DSL.currentDate() Javadoc: It creates ANSI SQL DATE values, not Oracle DATE
#6783 Add explicit unit of time specification to Query.queryTimeout()
#6796 [#4627] Support parameter info compiled into bytecode
#6798 Add Settings.mapConstructorParameterNames
#6812 Add support for GRANT and REVOKE statements
#6817 Add DSL.noCondition()
#6823 Add DSLContext.explain(Query)
#6832 Enhance DSLContext.fetchFromTXT() to support Oracle DBMS_XPLAN format
#6833 Add TXTFormat to allow for additional text formatting options
#6835 Add new TXTFormat options to generate different table styles
#6836 Add Record.format()
#6838 Add org.jooq.User
#6839 Add org.jooq.Role
#6853 [#6838] The User type for GRANT statement
#6862 [#6839] The Role type for GRANT statement
#6867 Add DSLContext.ddl(Table[]) and ddl(Collection<? extends Table<?>>)
#6872 [#4627] Support using first available constructor with **different** number of arguments as the last resort
#6876 Add DSL.localDateTimeDiff() and localDateTimeAdd()
#6878 [#6812] Added GRANT statement and its implementation.
#6879 Add javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api dependency and avoid using the implementation
#6883 Add support for loading default values and comments for org.jooq.Meta columns
#6884 Emulate SET [ ROW ] = [ ROW ] syntax on all databases
#6885 [#6867] Added a possibility to export several DDL of tables
#6897 [#6868] Prefer public constructors
#6899 Log a link to GitHub when DDLDatabase runs into a ParserException
#6903 Add ExecuteContext.statementExecutionCount() to count the number of executions of a statement
#6906 Add support for PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. ON CONSTRAINT ..
#6911 Add support for GRANT .. TO PUBLIC and REVOKE .. FROM PUBLIC
#6913 Add support for WITH GRANT OPTION clause to GRANT statement
#6919 [#6906] Added support for PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. ON CONSTRAINT ..
#6921 Optimization of {ULong,UInteger,UShort}.toBigInteger
#6922 Upgrade the jOOU dependency to version 0.9.3
#6927 Add ExecuteListener.serverOutput()
#6928 Add AlterTableStep.add(Field) taking the data type from the field directly
#6931 Add support for REVOKE GRANT OPTION FOR
#6933 Add org.jooq.Statement for procedural statements inside of org.jooq.Block
#6934 [#6913] Added a support for GRANT .. WITH GRANT OPTION
#6936 Parse empty INSERT .. VALUES () clause as an emulated DEFAULT VALUES clause
#6938 [#6931] Added a support for REVOKE GRANT OPTION FOR .. clause
#6940 [#6913] Added parser support for WITH GRANT OPTION clause
#6941 [#6931] Added parser support for GRANT OPTION FOR clause
#6943 Add integration test for <forcedType/> applied to table valued function result
#6951 Add <includeTriggerRoutines/> flag to exclude the generation of PostgreSQL trigger routines
#6955 [#6772] Added a new flag `jpaVersion` to code generator.
#6958 Generate hint about <deprecationOnUnknownType/> in Javadoc
#6962 Add code generator flags for <globalKeyReferences/>
#6963 Add section to the manual about the <globalXYZReferences/> code generation flags
#6968 Implement IdentityConverter.toString()
#6969 Support various DDL statements in Firebird
#6977 Add native support for SQL Server 2017 TRIM()
#6978 Add support for TRANSLATE() function
#6982 Make jooq-meta's org.jooq.util.Database AutoCloseable
#6985 Add an org.jooq.Comment type
#6986 Emulate COMMENT ON in SQL Server using sp_updateextendedproperty
#6987 Add DDLFlag.COMMENT to extract COMMENT statements from DSLContext.ddl()
#6990 When DDLFlag.TABLE is inactive, constraints should produce ALTER TABLE statements on DSLContext.ddl()
#6991 Add comments to jooq-meta.xsd
#6992 Add Catalog.getComment()
#6993 Add Schema.getComment()
#6994 Emulate COMMENT ON TABLE in MySQL
#6997 Support system properties in Maven code generation
#7000 Document the possibility of skipping code generation via a Maven command line argument
#7008 Support various DDL statements in MariaDB
#7016 Add option to disable the generation of all Javadoc
#7027 Add DSL.field(Name, DataType<T>, Comment) and DSL.table(Name, Comment), etc.
#7028 Add support for CREATE TABLE .. COMMENT
#7039 DDLDatabase should auto-create missing schemas
#7040 Add DataAccessException.getCause(Class<? extends Throwable>)
#7043 Emulate MySQL's CREATE TABLE .. COMMENT on other databases
#7044 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. COMMENT
#7055 POJO copy constructor should use interface when codegen of <interfaces/> = true
#7069 Add ParserException.sql(), position(), line(), column()
#7073 Add <nullability/> to <forcedType/> to allow for matching nullable / non-nullable / all columns
#7075 Generate equals(), hashCode(), and toString() on XJC generated classes
#7082 Generate comments in SQL Server
#7086 Add support for COMMENT ON VIEW
#7087 Add support for SET SCHEMA and SET CATALOG
#7094 Add ParamType.FORCE_INDEXED
#7095 Add Settings.inListPadBase
#7097 Expose jOOQ Connection proxies also as DataSource
#7101 Add T DSLContext.fetchValue(Field<T>)
#7107 Add support for CREATE INDEX ON (unnamed indexes)
#7112 Support WITH clause for H2
#7115 Allow usage of derived table as aliased parameter of TableImpl constructor
#7116 Add Field.collate(Collation) and collate(String) to support COLLATE clauses
#7117 Add DataType.collate(Collation)
#7120 Add org.jooq.Collation and DSL.collation(String)
#7123 Add CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE support for explicit column collations
#7125 Add code generation support for PL/SQL TABLE types
#7131 Wrap the Table type in an implicit Scala class to allow for writing t.*
#7134 Add ArrayRecord.isSQLUsable() and ArrayRecord.getPackage()
#7139 Add support for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT .. WITH [ NO ] DATA
#7140 Add support for converting java.sql.Struct to UDTRecord
#7148 Add code generation support for to-one implicit join relationships
#7152 Add Context.scopeStart() and scopeEnd()
#7154 Add TableDefinition.getForeignKeys(TableDefinition)
#7158 Add public internal API for use by code generator (to work around Scala issues)
#7162 Add DSLContext.meta(DatabaseMetaData) and meta(Catalog...), meta(Schema...), meta(Table...)
#7164 Add Meta.getXYZ(String), getXYZ(Name) accessors for all object types
#7166 Change DSL.unnest(List) and table(List) to unnest(Collection) and table(Collection)
#7173 Add documentation for the new DiagnosticsListener SPI
#7174 Add support for PostgreSQL ROWTYPE function parameters
#7185 Emulate CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS in PostgreSQL
#7187 Add List<T> DSLContext.fetchValues(Table<? extends Record1<T>>)
#7188 Upgrade Hibernate dependency in jOOQ-meta-extensions to 5.2.13
#7210 Add <serializableInterfaces/> to allow for interfaces not to be Serializable
#7211 Upgrade Scala 2.10 dependency to 2.10.7
#7217 DDLDatabase should sort SQL files
#7219 XMLDatabase should support reading files from classpath
#7229 Add <forceIntegerTypesOnZeroScaleDecimals/> configuration to allow for treating DECIMAL types as BigDecimal
#7237 Add as a synonym for DSL.currentTimestamp()
#7258 Deprecate org.jooq.Clause
#7261 Add more error messages to the parser
#7264 Add Parser.parseSelect()
#7266 Support parsing column references as predicates
#7269 Expose Parser as a CLI tool
#7275 Add DSL.iif(Condition, Field<T>, Field<T>)
#7276 Add support for SQL Server's CHOOSE() function
#7277 Add DSL.with(Name) and DSL.withRecursive(Name)
#7279 Add RenderKeywordStyle.PASCAL
#7280 Add ConstraintForeignKeyReferencesStep[N].references(Table<?>)
#7288 Add DSL.count(SelectFieldOrAsterisk) and countDistinct(SelectFieldOrAsterisk)
#7296 Add to create empty window specifications
#7300 SQL Translation Error - Transact-SQL outer joins
#7310 Document <javaTimeTypes> in the manual
#7311 Add support for (+) outer join in DB2
#7314 [#5873] Add Setting.quoteEscaping to allow for alternative escaping of single quote
#7320 Support parsing Oracle TO_DATE() and TO_TIMESTAMP() functions
#7324 Support Kotlin metadata in DefaultRecordMapper
#7329 [#7324] Support Kotlin data classes in DefaultRecordMapper
#7340 <validationAnnotations/> should generate Size annotations also for (VAR)BINARY types
#7343 Add <includePackageConstants>, <includePackageRoutines>, <includePackageUDTs> code generation configuration flags
#7344 Add Settings.parseUnknownFunctions to turn off failing on unknown functions
#7345 Add section to the manual explaining annotation generation flags
#7346 #7301: Allow customization of LoggerListener
#7347 Support parsing KEY/INDEX specifications in MySQL CREATE TABLE statements
#7348 Add possibility of adding an INDEX (or KEY) as a "constraint" to DDL statements
#7353 Let Cursor extend Formattable
#7355 Add org.jooq.Formattable
#7356 Emulate MySQL's CREATE TABLE (... INDEX) clause using anonymous blocks
#7357 Overload CreateIndexStep.on() clauses with Collection accepting version
#7358 Add support for SQL Data Warehouse
#7365 Emulate PostgreSQL's ON CONFLICT clause with MERGE
#7374 Add DSL.timestampSub() and localDateTimeSub()
#7375 Deprecate <SQLDialect>DataType classes
#7379 Translate MySQL / PostgreSQL ENUM type to check constraint in other databases
#7385 Upgrade jOOR dependency to 0.9.8
#7386 org.jooq.Parser should generate in-memory enum types
#7387 Add DataType.isEnum()
#7388 Make EnumType.getCatalog() and getSchema() default methods
#7407 Add support for ALTER INDEX .. RENAME in MySQL by using ALTER TABLE .. RENAME INDEX
#7409 Emulate PostgreSQL's ON CONFLICT .. ON CONSTRAINT clause with MERGE
#7412 Add support for the CREATE INDEX .. INCLUDE syntax
#7415 Add ability for MatcherStrategy to allow for customizing enum class names
#7420 Code generation XML config snippets should refer to XMLNS in manual
#7431 Document the fact that fetchOne() needs to fetch the second record
#7433 Add support for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Edition
#7437 Add support for generate_series() with step parameter
#7439 Add ORACLE12C support for the STANDARD_HASH function
#7440 Add support for the NTH_VALUE(..) [ FROM { FIRST | LAST } ] clause
#7441 JavaGenerator should allow for overriding POJO constructor generation
#7446 Support parsing ISO_8601 interval literals
#7447 Add DayToSecond.valueOf(Duration)
#7452 Support multi-row INSERT .. SELECT .. RETURNING for Oracle using PL/SQL FORALL .. INSERT .. RETURNING .. BULK COLLECT INTO
#7453 Update docs: SQL Azure is now called Azure SQL Database
#7454 Add SQLDialect.DB2_11
#7461 Deprecate SEEK BEFORE
#7469 Add { ResultQuery | Cursor }.collect(Collector<? super T, A, R>)
#7474 Make number of seconds that are considered "slow" in jOOQ-meta configurable
#7475 Add { Insert | Update | Delete }ReturningStep.returningResult(...) methods
#7477 Add Field.concat(char...)
#7478 Add Javadoc to XYZ..Step API to hint at users they should never need to reference it
#7479 Log warning when { Insert | Update | Delete }ReturningStep.returning() is used with arbitrary column expressions
#7480 Add DSLContext.newRecord(Collection<? extends Field<?>>)
#7483 Deprecate DSL.getDataType()
#7484 Add DSLContext.selectFrom(Name) and selectFrom(String) overloads
#7491 Emulate ON CONFLICT .. DO UPDATE .. WHERE <p> on SQL Server using WHEN MATCHED AND <p>
#7493 Emulate { OUTER | CROSS } APPLY on DB2
#7498 Improve RenderMapping to allow for adding a schema to unqualified objects
#7514 Add MariaDB support for window functions
#7522 Add MariaDB support for inverse distribution functions
#7523 Add MariaDB support for WITH
#7524 Add support for MariaDB WITH TIES
#7538 Deprecate some convenience API

Breaking changes

#6462 INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY { IGNORE | UPDATE } emulation should consider all UNIQUE keys
#6814 JDBCUtils.dialect(Connection) should recognise database version
#6818 [#6814] overload the JDBCUtils.dialect method
#6852 Remove PostgresDataType.MONEY
#6868 DefaultRecordMapper should prefer calling public constructors over private ones
#6961 Remove generated Sequences classes from jOOQ-meta
#7167 Errors should also roll back a transaction
#7322 Trailing newRecord() results in NULL insert statement
#7341 Change SQLServerDataType.TIMESTAMP to be of type VARBINARY / byte[]
#7419 Rename jooq-meta and jooq-codegen packages to avoid conflicts in JPMS
#7504 DefaultDataType.getDataType(SQLDialect) should use family

Bug Fixes

#3045 DSL.groupConcat() without orderBy() is incorrectly emulated for Oracle
#3777 Deadlock when loading DataType classes
#4277 INSERT .. RETURNING acquires two different Connections for MySQL
#4556 Converter or Binding is not applied to standalone bind values that are passed to functions like DECODE(), COALESCE(), NVL(), etc.
#5127 Remove the DATA_LOCALLY_SCOPED_DATA_MAP in SelectQueryImpl
#5537 shouldn't be generated when <globalObjectReferences/> is set to false
#5574 In MySQL, an incorrect column default is generated when the default is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
#5688 PostgreSQL RETURNING <col> AS <alias> is not rendered correctly
#5692 jOOQ website CSS is broken on Android
#6241 DataType.nullable() and defaultValue() are not generated for enum types
#6431 Recursive CTE doesn't work on MySQL because of automatic UNION nesting
#6485 Various parser bugs / missing features
#6607 MockResultSet.getTimestamp(int, Calendar) ignores Calendar
#6620 NPE "Error while fetching indexes" while generating code for function based indexes
#6621 Manual should not display "Unsupported versions" header when there are none
#6625 Copyright statement in PDF manual is outdated
#6626 Manual does not list all contributors from ABOUT.txt
#6635 Limit.numberOfRowsOrMax should be initalised from static value
#6638 Avoid creating a new DefaultConfiguration in and similar methods
#6640 QualifiedName.nonEmpty() shouldn't clone argument
#6643 Error while generating classes from Record Types and Oracle Types in Oracle 11g
#6657 Error in maven-install.bat and .sh scripts when installing cross released Scala deliverables
#6666 Costly null check in CombinedCondition constructor
#6669 Lazy initialise thread local ArrayLists in DefaultExecuteContext
#6672 DefaultBinding.escape() uses String.replace() rather than StringUtils.replace()
#6679 Reduce GC pressure through lazy QueryPartList initialisation in SelectQueryImpl
#6680 Typo in ResultQuery Javadoc: thorws should be throws
#6684 Avoid allocation of CursorImpl.intern array
#6691 Prevent calling with empty arguments
#6696 Lazy allocate DefaultExecuteContext.batchXYZ arrays if not batching
#6699 DSL.trueCondition() and DSL.falseCondition() should return constants
#6706 [#6705] Avoid generating code with a redundant cast
#6707 Parser.parse() fails on trailing whitespace
#6708 DDLDatabase fails when engine=InnoDB is specified
#6712 Redundant Javadoc generated when deprecation for unknown types is generated
#6726 Support precision on TIME and TIMESTAMP data types
#6727 XMLDatabase should be lenient about XML namespace
#6730 Typo in Cursor.fetchOne() Javadoc's deprecation hint
#6733 jOOQ-scala 2.11 cannot be built with JDK 9
#6742 Oracle OBJECT type declarations inside generated RECORD declarations are not bound correctly, if NULL
#6746 Avoid allocating a fresh "ExecuteListeners" instance in the absence of actual ExecuteListeners
#6747 Avoid adding the LoggerListener if the log level is more than DEBUG
#6752 Avoid various array allocations due to unnecessary varargs
#6755 Avoid unnecessary UnqualifiedName[] allocations in QualifiedField etc.
#6758 Avoid allocation of AbstractContext.visitListeners if unneeded
#6763 PostgreSQL 10 multi column update expressions should use ROW()
#6766 Sakila example database: staff.picture column data is too long for mysql
#6774 Improve MockDataProvider Javadoc about null or empty return values
#6779 Oracle's quoted string literals start with case-insensitive Q letter
#6785 Result.format() breaks when there is a tabulator in the content
#6787 Inefficient ProxyMapper allocates a new MutablePOJOMapper delegate every time
#6790 ConvertAll inefficiently unboxes and boxes primitive types
#6794 Custom type converters ignored for table-valued (set-returning) function parameters.
#6797 Code generator doesn't work when Derby database uses non-standard collation
#6800 Optimise internal reflection cache by avoiding cache key arrays where possible
#6803 Cache RecordMapper instances in DefaultRecordMapperProvider
#6804 Override equals() and hashCode() in org.jooq.impl.Fields
#6807 Improve DefaultRecordMapper::init MappingException message
#6820 DayToSecond generates nanosecond precision for DAY_MICROSECOND interval
#6825 Error when passing java.util.Date to DSL.year(), month(), day(), hour(), minute(), second()
#6841 SQLDataType.INTEGER.identity(true) not working for SQLLite
#6845 <deprecationOnUnknownTypes/> has no effect
#6854 sqlite_sequence is not a reliable way to discover identities
#6855 SQLiteTableDefinition.toString() prints "." after empty schema
#6860 Code generator doesn't work in Java 6 build, which calls java.lang.reflect.Method.getParameterCount()
#6873 Line numbers not aligned correctly between OSS and Pro edition
#6875 scala AbstractKeys cannot be accessed
#6880 ALTER COLUMN .. SET with identity type generates wrong query in MySQL and MariaDB
#6881 maven-deploy.bat's help options do not work (cannot be discovered easily)
#6887 org.jooq.Meta ignores foreign key names
#6893 Scala generated code for Oracle queues does not compile
#6898 Parser API doesn't document thrown ParserException
#6904 Javadoc warnings in ExecuteListener
#6912 Bad inlining of Double.NaN in H2
#6918 Generated file headers comment is ill formatted
#6923 Clarify the meaning of == null
#6930 Compilation error in generated code when <enumConverter/> is applied to an enum column
#6949 Video on "learn" page is missing
#6966 In JavaGenerator printed overview, add missing flags
#6967 Oracle array of object containing date mapped to LocalDate cannot be bound as a variable
#6972 Manual examples for code generation includes / excludes contain wrong regular expressions
#6973 Firebird IF [ NOT ] EXISTS clause emulations broken
#6979 Wrong Javadoc on DropIndexOnStep
#6980 DDLDatabase and JPADatabase should use unique in-memory database name
#6988 DDLFlag.TABLE does not work correctly on DSLContext.ddl()
#7001 Confusing debug log output when fetchOptional or fetchOne throw TooManyRowsException
#7009 Invalid SQL rendered for inlined named parameters
#7017 DDLDatabase fails with MySQL ENUM columns
#7019 DDLDatabase fails with MySQL ON UPDATE
#7020 DDLDatabase fails with MySQL TINYINT(1) type columns
#7021 DDLDatabase fails with MySQL DATETIME columns
#7022 DDLDatabase fails with MySQL UNIQUE INDEX clause
#7032 Remove broken Parser "Expected Tokens" error message
#7035 Plain SQL API should recognise multi-character PostgreSQL ltree operators
#7037 Plain SQL API should recognise multi-character PostgreSQL geometry operators
#7049 Generated Tables.scala has unused imports
#7051 Generated scala code contains deprecation warning for TableImpl
#7052 [7051] Fix generated scala deprecation warning
#7054 [#7021] Add parser support for DATETIME data type.
#7061 Programmatic code generator Database configuration doesn't default to <includes>.*</includes>
#7062 NotSerializableException when Record references reflection cache
#7068 Compilation error in generated DAOs when primary key is a composite type
#7074 Support PostgreSQL SMALLSERIAL and BIGSERIAL types in parser / DDLDatabase
#7078 Excess whitespace in generated Scala case classes
#7079 Excess semi colon generated in Scala code
#7084 DDLDatabase not working with PostgresSQL database dump
#7089 Parser and DDLDatabase cannot parse certain PostgreSQL types
#7091 ParsingStatement is not overriding all methods from DefaultStatement
#7102 Inaccurate Javadoc for DSLContext.fetchValue() and fetchValues()
#7114 DSLContext.transactionXYZ() methods throw ConfigurationException with wrong message
#7127 NPE while fetching certain indexes during code generation
#7135 Bad ArrayRecord.toString() rendering for nested arrays in Oracle
#7157 Queries generates trailing separator / newline character
#7171 Various parser bugs / missing features
#7176 Regression in PostgreSQL MODE function implementation
#7177 Flawed implementation of SET SCHEMA for PostgreSQL
#7179 PostgresUtils.toPGXYZString() methods (and others) should avoid using String.replace() pre JDK 9
#7183 Cannot ORDER BY null in PostgreSQL, when Field.sortAsc() has no parameters
#7186 NullPointerException when MetaTable.getIndexes() call retrieves a function-based index expression
#7189 NullPointerException when contains a null Name argument
#7191 Using VARBINARY type with length on Oracle fails in DDL statements
#7194 H2 MetaTable's string column default values are wrong
#7203 DDLDatabase fails with order in Index statements
#7206 DDLDatabase reports DECIMAL(65535, 32767) for precision/scale-less decimals
#7222 IN (SELECT .. UNION SELECT ..) doesn't work on Derby
#7224 Do not emulate nested set operators if not strictly needed
#7231 Not all columns are fetched when plain SQL tables are mixed with generated ones
#7243 Vertica generated sequences are of type Byte instead of Long
#7248 Error when running "SELECT 1" query from AbstractDatabase in unsupported SQLDialect
#7270 Generating JOOQ-classes for CockroachDB fails when using PostgreSQLDatabase
#7271 Generator doesn't select appropriate DataType for Columns using an enum from another schema
#7282 Oracle LIMIT always generates OFFSET clause, even if not required
#7292 SQL Translation Error
#7294 SQL Translation Error
#7298 Internal Tools.peek() methods should not operate on strings, but on char[]
#7299 Missing whitespace between USING and (
#7303 Nondeterministic ordering in generated schemas in PostgreSQL
#7315 SQLDataType.CLOB translates to TINYTEXT rather than TEXT in MySQL
#7321 Make visiting a window actually conditional on its nullity.
#7325 Error when fetching SQLite timestamps in ISO format (including the letter T)
#7330 Workaround for regression in H2 generator where primary keys are no longer found
#7335 Optimise SelectLimitStep.limit(Param) for inline parameters
#7338 jOOQ 3.10.6 download fail
#7351 Error when binding null values to UUID types in PostgreSQL
#7359 IndexOutOfBounds when trying to do a MERGE with SELECT in Postgres
#7370 Regression in jOOQ 3.11 when binding unknown data types
#7373 Undocument <customType/> in jOOQ 3.10+ documentation
#7376 Internal FieldMapsForInsert.empty behaves incorrectly
#7380 Error in PLSQL procedure if CLOB OUT PARAMETER is > 32kb
#7381 3.11 code generator for H2 throws "Error while fetching enums" exception
#7392 Do not use HSQLDB's undocumented NULL keyword for the absence of NOT NULL constraints in CREATE TABLE
#7394 InsertQuery.newRecord() without any values produces wrong SQL
#7396 Optimistic locking should run deep equality checks on arrays
#7400 ORA-01843: not a valid month binding JSR 310 to prepared statements
#7402 Regression on Oracle DATE IN OUT parameters
#7404 Oracle code generator does not recognise TIMESTAMP WITH TZ type in object types
#7405 DSL.inline(UDTRecord) does not work
#7414 XMLDatabase should use XML file's encoding, not default Charset
#7416 Misleading warning message when using external configurationFile with <matchers/>
#7427 Excess ORDER BY "rn" generated in ORACLE11G dialect when LIMIT is used without ORDER BY
#7430 ResultQuery.fetchOne() should not fetch second record on a LIMIT 1 query
#7442 ORA-00932 when running CAST(.. AS CLOB) in Oracle
#7455 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on terminal operation of sorted
#7456 [#7455] Create spliterator correctly
#7459 SEEK with UNION doesn't work correctly
#7460 SEEK without WHERE produces excess 1 = 1 predicate
#7463 Statements provided by delegate should not close underlying connection
#7488 Wrong SQL generated in SQL Server when adding nanoseconds to a Timestamp
#7492 Clarify meaning of <name/> in data type rewriting in manual
#7494 Regression on DB2's INSERT .. RETURNING emulation
#7497 Specify capacity for internal ArrayLists whose size is known
#7500 Nullability is not correctly generated for Postgres JSONB columns
#7501 Binding ARRAY of jsonb in Postgres function results in SQLDialectNotSupportedException
#7505 JDBCDatabase doesn't recognise vendor-specific data types
#7515 SEEK operations do not auto-convert bind variables to appropriate type
#7526 Clean up Support annotations
#7535 Missing Meta Database references in the manual
#7547 Code generator should not generate "USER-DEFINED" for unknown data types
#7548 Underflow when binding small Double values to Oracle JDBC


Version 3.10.0 - September 29, 2017

Formal Java 9 Support

jOOQ 3.10 is the first release that is formally integration tested with Java 9 along with the existing integration tests for Java 6/7 and for Java 8. To use jOOQ with Java 9 use the Java 8 distribution which has not yet been modularised, but contains Automatic-Module-Name specification to be forward compatible with future, modularised jOOQ distributions.

Cross release for Scala 2.10, 2.11, 2.12

We've been offering cross releases for Java 6/7 and Java 8 in the past and we're now doing the same for Scala. In jOOQ 3.10, Scala 2.11+ will be supported by the jOOQ Open Source Edition and Scala 2.10+ by the commercial editions.

More and better stored procedure support for Oracle and SQL Server

We've finally supported SQL Server's table-valued parameters (TVP), which are a great way of passing data sets to procedures in SQL Server.

In Oracle, we're now supporting a variety of cool PL/SQL features that are not supported directly by ojdbc, among which:

We believe that those excellent T-SQL and PL/SQL features would be used much more often by Java developers, if the serialisation was made easier. That's why jOOQ 3.10 greatly helps here.

New parser now fully supported

In jOOQ 3.9, we've introduced an interesting new feature that will allow jOOQ to be used in non-classic jOOQ contexts, e.g. as a JDBC proxy to translate SQL from dialect to dialect, or as a formatting tool.

Users who have been using jOOQ's plain SQL API will be happy to hear that using the parser, they will be able to validate their plain SQL already in the client, and possibly normalise / transform it using the entire jOOQ tool chain including the VisitListener SPI.

One immediate benefit of having a parser is the new DDLDatabase, which can reverse engineer your DDL scripts to generate jOOQ code out of them, without any connection to a database!

Support for index types

While we've supported DDL operations to create / drop indexes for a while, we haven't supported indexes in our meta model. We finally do with jOOQ 3.10. They can now be used:

Other great improvements

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#1735 Add Setting to indicate that bind values should not be cast
#2520 Add RecordUnmapper<E, R extends Record> to allow for the inverse operations of RecordMapper
#2830 Add JavaDoc on Settings classes
#3062 Add support for conversion into Collection types
#3593 Add support for packages and routines in XMLDatabase
#4111 Cross-release several jooq-scala deliverables
#4846 Add <orderProvider/> SPI to allow for injecting meta data ordering
#4900 Add support for LIMIT .. WITH TIES
#4990 Deprecate Context.keyword() and Context.literal()
#5149 Pull up AttachableInternal.configuration() to Attachable. Remove AttachableInternal
#5171 Support SQL Server table valued parameters
#5189 Generate synthetic ArrayRecord and UDTs for SQL Server table types
#5191 Support multi-row UPDATE and DELETE RETURNING for Oracle using PL/SQL RETURNING .. BULK COLLECT INTO
#5231 Add a subsection to the manual explaining each setting from the Settings.xml
#5361 Add ResultQuery.fetchStreamInto()
#5411 Add support for ResultQuery.fetchSingle(), which returns exactly one record
#5493 [#2123] Combining INSERT..RETURNING and ON DUPLICATE KEY
#5551 Add support for MySQL 8.0 CTE
#5552 Add a MySQL 8 SQLDialect version
#5568 #3062 Work on adding ability to convert between collections and arrays.
#5619 Add Field.containsIgnoreCase() to support Postgres' ILIKE operator
#5637 Add support for PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE WHERE
#5638 Add org.jooq.Index
#5645 Add DSL.localDateAdd() localDateSub(), localDateDiff()
#5666 Add support for Oracle 12c implicit result sets returned from procedures
#5667 Review jOOQ's reflection usage for JDK 9 / Jigsaw compatibility
#5724 Add support for MySQL's ALTER TABLE .. RENAME INDEX
#5732 Emulate { ALTER | DROP } .. IF EXISTS in Oracle using a PL/SQL block
#5733 Add a configuration option for varargs setters
#5738 Add DSLContext.parsingConnection() to expose the new Parser API through the JDBC API
#5742 Stop distributing third party dependencies through zip distribution
#5745 Make JDBC driver configuration optional in code generator configuration
#5746 The <database/> element in the code generator configuration should be optional
#5747 Mention JPADatabase in jooq-codegen.xsd
#5750 Deprecate and undocument the <customTypes/> element
#5754 Remove copyright (and dates) from file headers
#5762 Add DataType.getSQLType(Configuration)
#5764 Add support for inlining SQL Server table valued parameters in SQL
#5767 Add a comment to the manual's section about MatcherRules regarding unqualified / qualified identifier matching
#5770 Add Field.notContains()
#5772 Implement Converter.toString() of Converter.of() and ofNullable() results
#5790 Add Setting.returnRecordToPojo to disable copying record values back into inserted / updated POJOs
#5791 Implement DefaultRecordContext.toString()
#5806 Add support for H2's TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type
#5809 Add code generation support for %ROWTYPE references in Oracle
#5823 Add native support for HSQLDB UUID type
#5824 Add Convert support for converting UUID to byte[] and vice versa
#5826 Add Settings.delimiter to specify the standard delimiter for batches
#5828 Add Queries.fetchMany()
#5829 Enhance jooq-meta.xsd to include INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES and PARAMETERS dictionary views
#5833 Add support for routines in XMLGenerator
#5834 Improve formatting of multi-argument named parameter procedure calls
#5850 Add support for Oracle SYS_REFCURSOR IN parameters
#5853 Add XMLFormat, an XML export / import formatting configuration
#5854 Support indented XML output in formatXML()
#5862 Rename Generator.fluentSetters() to Generator.generateFluentSetters() for API naming consistency
#5877 Add <enumConverter/> flag in <forcedType/> to auto-generate EnumConverter
#5878 Add DelegatingConverter<T, U>
#5884 Allow for specifying Java expressions as Converter / Binding configurations
#5885 Document the fact that only the first matching <forcedType/> is a applied to a data type definition
#5894 Add Record.formatXML(), formatJSON()
#5904 Improve Javadoc on ExecuteContext.rows()
#5920 Add several Binding.of() convenience constructors
#5924 Add the Table.fullJoin() and SelectJoinStep.fullJoin() aliases
#5927 Undeprecate Parser
#5942 [5619] Add Field.containsIgnoreCase() to support Postgres' ILIKE operator
#5947 Add TypedElementDefinition.getDefinedType()
#5956 Add DSL.{rank|denseRank|percentRank|cumeDist}(Collection<? extends Field<?>>)
#5968 Add JavaGenerator.printPackageComment() to allow for overriding this
#5973 Allow for formatting / indenting JSON output through JSONFormat
#5987 Add and map(Table) to expose the schema mapping feature
#5993 Add Name DSL.quotedName() and unquotedName()
#5995 Add Context.quote()
#5996 Add and,, Name...)
#5997 and should retain quotation flag from Name
#5998 Add to construct a Name from Name.last() elements
#6000 Add TableImpl.rename(Name)
#6005 Add DDLDatabase to reverse engineer DDL files
#6006 Add DSL.primaryKey(Name...), unique(Name...), foreignKey(Name...)
#6009 Add support for CREATE INDEX ON with on(Name, Name...) arguments
#6011 Add better documentation for the JPADatabase
#6012 Implement specialised Name for unqualified Names
#6013 Add Name Name.qualifier()
#6014 Implement QualifiedTable.getSchema() and QualifiedSchema.getCatalog()
#6021 Add DSLContext.with(Name, Name...)
#6022 Add Name.fields(Name, ...)
#6035 Detect third-party JDBC URL plugins in JDBCUtils
#6044 Add DSLContext.currval(Name) and nextval(Name)
#6052 Create an internal Keyword cache
#6053 KeywordImpl should cache the AS_IS, UPPER, LOWER renderings
#6056 Upgrade optional logger dependencies
#6063 Use eq / ne / etc in manual, rather than equal / notEqual / etc
#6068 Add Name { Field | Table | Schema | Catalog }.getQualifiedName()
#6070 Add Name Name.unqualifiedName()
#6072 Add code generation flag <recordsImplementingRecordN/> to configure whether generated Records should implement Record[N]
#6073 Add Name[]
#6074 Implement QueriesImpl.equals() and hashCode()
#6079 Add JoinType.qualified()
#6082 DSL.condition(Field) and field(Condition) should unwrap previously wrapped QueryPart
#6084 Let { Update | Delete }ReturningStep extend { Update | Delete }FinalStep
#6086 Add Row Parser.parseRow(String)
#6087 Make ParserException public
#6088 should return InsertOnDuplicateStep
#6093 Add Field.pow[er](Field)
#6094 Support Oracle's PARTITION BY prefixed OUTER JOIN
#6099 Document Parser's BNF
#6104 Improve VALUES constructor formatting
#6105 Add Name { Field | Table | Schema | Catalog }.getUnqualifiedName()
#6108 Add PostgresDSL.arrayOverlap()
#6114 [#6063] change Field.equal() and Field.notEqual() to Field.eq() and in manual pages
#6120 Add support for DB2 RENAME INDEX statement
#6121 Add support for DB2 RENAME TABLE statement
#6123 Emulate CREATE TABLE AS for DB2 using CREATE TABLE and INSERT
#6125 Support different DB2 sqlstates when emulating IF NOT EXISTS
#6128 Add more Javadoc to JPADatabase
#6136 [#6022] add Name.fields(Name...) method along with the generated ones
#6139 Put XJC generated sources under version control
#6143 Rename to Queries.queryStream()
#6144 Let Queries extend QueryPart
#6146 Add DSLContext.queries(Query...)
#6147 Let Queries extend Attachable
#6148 Add Queries.executeBatch()
#6154 Remove test dependencies from OSS distribution
#6155 Remove unneeded javax.validation dependency
#6156 Add Configuration.recordUnmapperProvider()
#6162 Deprecate plain SQL DSL.sequence(String) constructors
#6167 GenerationTool should debug-log input Configuration as XML
#6169 Document exception propagation in transaction API Javadoc
#6194 Add a section to the manual about the Query By Example API
#6195 Add DSLContext.fetchByExample(TableRecord)
#6196 Override Iterable.forEach(Consumer) in ResultQuery to provide Javadoc
#6212 Generate deprecation for all objects referencing DataType<Object> (unknown type)
#6214 Pull up jOOQ-meta's AbstractDatabase.getProperties() to Database
#6215 Add localDateAdd() localDateSub(), localDateDiff() support to DSL
#6217 Add more details to QueryPart.toString() Javadoc
#6218 Add a section to the manual about the plain SQL templating part
#6219 Add Parser.parseResultQuery()
#6222 Generate IDENTITY information on data type
#6239 Add SQLServer2016 dialect
#6245 Add Record[N].component[1-N]() methods for better Kotlin interoperability
#6246 Add Kotlin operators on Field
#6247 Add more Kotlin examples
#6253 Add a jOOQ / JPA example to GitHub
#6254 Deprecate the ResultQuery.intern() and Result.intern() features
#6255 Add better Enum to Enum conversion support in
#6258 Emulate MySQL / T-SQL DROP INDEX .. ON for other databases
#6268 Support DROP SCHEMA IF EXISTS for SQL Server
#6271 Improve onKey() join error messages, when join expression is ambiguous
#6273 Document <configurationFile/> Maven plugin property
#6275 Add SQL Server support for ALTER VIEW .. RENAME
#6276 Add SQL Server support for ALTER TABLE IF EXISTS
#6280 Deprecate DSLContext.bindContext() and renderContext()
#6281 Add DSL.arrayAggDistinct()
#6285 Add Javadoc to code generator Configuration classes
#6287 Upgrade Spring Boot example to version 1.5.3
#6296 Update Hibernate Dependency in jooq-meta-extensions and examples
#6297 Add "development versions" link to the manual
#6299 Remove unneeded config files in spring-boot-example
#6300 Remove unneeded config files in spring-boot-example
#6304 Improve internal TableAlias discovery
#6306 Add org.jooq.True and org.jooq.False
#6307 Add code generation support for indexes
#6312 Document DISTINCT predicate emulation using INTERSECT
#6313 Add List<Index> Table.getIndexes()
#6315 Add SortField Field.sortDefault()
#6319 Add INDEXES and INDEX_COLUMN_USAGES views to jooq-meta.xsd
#6320 Import / Export index information with DSLContext.meta(InformationSchema) / DSLContext.informationSchema()
#6321 Export indexes using XMLGenerator
#6322 Import indexes using XMLDatabase
#6323 Generate javax.persistence.Index annotation
#6325 Add ResultQuery.fetchGroups(Field[], Field[]) and similar overloads
#6336 Add another Kotlin example using apply
#6352 Add Result.formatChart() to produce ASCII text charts
#6355 Improve Kotlin example in manual
#6362 Auto-wrap Select as Field in overloaded API like DSL.least()
#6363 Rename Cursor.fetchXXX() methods to fetchNextXXX()
#6368 Port Sakila database to DB2
#6372 Add DSLContext Configuration.dsl()
#6374 In jOOQ-spring-boot-example, use jooq starter instead of jdbc starter
#6381 Add Derby support for RENAME { TABLE | COLUMN | INDEX }
#6386 Add Scope.dsl()
#6391 Add ResultOrRows.exception() to improve support for SQL Server's RAISERROR
#6410 Don't generate empty or files
#6411 Code generator should generate VARCHAR(length) and NUMBER(precision, scale) method
#6413 Add Setting.throwExceptions to define how SQLException should be propagated out of jOOQ
#6416 Add Name.unquotedName() and Name.quotedName()
#6418 Change SQLite's VALUES constructor implementation to support standard multi-row VALUES() clause
#6422 Add support for MySQL 8.0 window functions
#6426 Add support for MySQL 8.0 FOR UPDATE { NOWAIT | SKIP LOCKED }
#6427 Deprecate partitionByOne() API
#6428 Add missing overload WindowPartitionByStep.partitionBy(Collection<? extends Field<?>>)
#6430 Add support for MySQL 8.0 FOR UPDATE OF [ tables ]
#6434 Enhance "Forcing type" INFO message with the full <forcedType/> specification
#6441 Improve TableLike.field(Field) Javadoc
#6443 Explain in TooManyRowsException Javadoc that the exception has no impact on the statement causing it
#6445 Allow for overriding timestamps used for optimistic locking
#6447 Add Clock Configuration.clock()
#6451 Add a JdbcTemplate example to the manual
#6463 Add bind variable capability to Parser API
#6465 Add no-args constructor to some exceptions
#6466 Support fetching HSQLDB arrays from plain SQL results
#6468 Add DSLContext.fetchSingle() to return exactly one record
#6471 Improve manual section about LOBs
#6472 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ALTER COLUMN .. { SET | DROP } NOT NULL
#6473 Add DataType.nullable(Nullability) to support a three valued nullable flag
#6487 Add DSL.groupId()
#6488 Add support for Oracle's WIDTH_BUCKET() function
#6517 JPADatabase should map JPA AttributeConverter types to generated jOOQ Converter
#6519 Improve JPA example by reusing a JPA AttributeConverter in jOOQ
#6522 Add JPAConverter to bridge between Converter and JPA's AttributeConverter
#6525 Add Setting for formatting options
#6527 Support START WITH .. CONNECT BY (reverse syntax order)
#6530 Add runtime support for procedure calls with top-level %ROWTYPE parameter types in Oracle
#6531 Add support for Oracle OBJECT types nested in PL/SQL RECORD types
#6532 Add UDT.isSynthetic() and UDTDefinition.isSynthetic()
#6533 Add support for PL/SQL BOOLEAN types inside of PL/SQL RECORD types
#6534 Add Name.append(String) and append(Name)
#6545 Support formatting of multi dimensional arrays in Result.format()
#6567 Support using org.jooq.impl.EnumConverter as a <converter> configuration
#6575 Enhance plain SQL templating language documentation with parsing rules
#6584 Improve DSLContext.batchStore() Javadoc, indicating that it does not execute MERGE / UPSERT semantics
#6599 In manual ExecuteListeners example, use ConcurrentHashMap.computeIfAbsent
#6611 Add Automatic-Module-Name to MANIFEST.MF
#6617 Specify <pluginManagement> in parent pom.xml

Breaking changes

#5734 Bad type mapping for PostgreSQL TIME[STAMP] WITH TIME ZONE and SQL Server DATETIMEOFFSET types
#5818 Plain SQL fetch() methods should return update count in Result
#5921 MockFileDatabase shouldn't trim lines
#5990 Allow for case-sensitive OWNERs in Oracle's code generation
#6020 values(RowN...) columns are named c0, c1, ... c[N-1] instead of c1, c2, ... cN
#6051 Don't include StopWatchListener with Settings.isExecuteLogging()
#6327 Add OrderField as a common super type of Field and SortField and accept that in ORDER BY clauses
#6342 No-args call to Field.sortAsc(), sortDesc() and empty Map call to Field.sortMap() should not return null
#6373 InsertQuery.newRecord() doesn't generate additional record unless values are set
#6388 Relax type constraints on various set(Map<Field<?>, ?>) to set(Map<?, ?>)
#6440 Throw TooManyRowsException in { Insert | Update | Delete }ResultStep.fetchOne() and fetchOptional()
#6521 Upgrade the optional/provided JPA API dependency to 2.2
#6523 JPADatabase, H2Database, and OracleDatabase should not generate any system sequences
#6529 Move generated PL/SQL RECORD types in a udt subpackage
#6613 Add TransactionContext.causeThrowable() to allow for Throwable causes for transaction rollbacks
#6615 Allow for TransactionRunnable and TransactionCallable to throw Throwable

Bug Fixes

#2123 Cannot combine INSERT .. RETURNING with INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY .. due to DSL API flaw
#2738 Bad inlining, setting, and registering of LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, OffsetTime, OffsetDateTime bind values
#3704 Emit warning on conflict between <customType/> and type rewriting when <forcedType/> name is "Boolean"
#3805 Emulate ALTER TABLE .. ALTER TYPE .. NULL / NOT NULL with anonymous blocks, where supported
#3823 Regression: Date <-> Timestamp converter ignored after upgrading from 3.4.2 to 3.5
#4402 Bulk insert fails when records have different sets of changed columns
#4629 Support INSERT INTO t VALUES with plain SQL tables
#5213 NullPointerException when generating code in single-uppercase-named-database setup on MariaDB and MySQL
#5299 MySQL enum type doesn't generate correct DDL via DSLContext.ddl()
#5344 SchemaMapping and TableMapping are not applied for table(Name)
#5354 Add <javaBeansGettersAndSetters/> to the code generator to support JavaBeans
#5403 IF EXISTS emulation using THROW doesn't work for SQL Server 2008
#5451 Oracle 12c support for OFFSET .. FETCH causes ORA-00918 regression on queries with ambiguous column names
#5453 Work around Oracle 12c issue with INSERT .. SELECT into tables with IDENTITY column
#5587 Oracle's quoted string literals aren't parsed correctly
#5720 Convert doesn't correctly convert Strings to EnumType
#5735 jOOQ-checker is not deployed to Maven Central
#5744 Log WARN if users combine nested catalog configurations with top-level inputSchema configuration
#5755 Parser cannot parse bind variables
#5763 Generated methods should wrap arguments with DSL.val(T, DataType)
#5765 Compilation error in generated schema when table-valued function literal clashes with class name
#5771 MockResultSet should call Converter to transform MockResult's <U> back to <T>
#5776 DefaultBinding cannot parse +HH timezone offset
#5779 DataType.getSQLType() doesn't return the right value for java.time types
#5783 KeepNamesGeneratorStrategy generates wrong
#5794 git push tag
#5804 Various Javadoc warnings
#5807 Exception thrown when creating table with SQLDataType.UUID in MySQL
#5812 InformationSchema export contains wrong column name
#5820 Missing @Support annotations for PostgreSQL on InsertOnDuplicateSetStep.set()
#5840 Shouldn't DEBUG log OUT parameters on procedures that don't have any
#5845 ClassNotFoundException occures when generate codes form JPA entity by maven plugin
#5848 [#5845] Use the correct ClassLoader to load the jpa entity classes de…
#5855 Outdated link to jooq-export.xsd in Result.formatXML() Javadoc
#5858 Data loader unable to decode Base64 encoding binary types
#5872 <types/> cannot match user-defined types (e.g. PostGIS GEOMETRY)
#5879 Schema version check does not work with Scala
#5881 NullPointerException when running Maven code generator plugin without <target/> specification
#5886 Manual typo: >U> should be <U>
#5888 <expressions/> deprecation message is logged several times by the code generator
#5890 H2Database orders tables by ID instead of NAME
#5892 File does not get renamed on Windows when TABLE_A is renamed to TABLEA
#5901 Bind variable index should be logged in stack trace when there is a JDBC data type problem
#5922 Parser doesn't accept FULL JOIN
#5929 java.util.impl.Contains should check both sides of the expression for array types
#5936 Ignore strategy/name when strategy/matchers is present, in code generator
#5938 Fix typo in manual's having example java code
#5940 Do not return ID on Record.update() when updatablePrimaryKeys is set to false
#5943 Boolean data type rewrites on Oracle procedures conflict with PL/SQL BOOLEAN data type logic
#5946 Compilation error in generated code when applying converter to Oracle NUMBER procedure parameter
#5954 Support JTDS limit of 2000 bind variables also for SQL Server
#5955 Various parser bugs / missing features
#5967 Improve performance of Result.formatJSON() by avoiding List and Map allocation
#5971 Do not throw UnsupportedOperationException in DefaultResultSet etc
#5979 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when generating DSLContext.ddl() for DefaultSchema
#5981 LIMIT examples in manual are not consistent
#5989 Case insensitive OWNER search in Oracle code generator causes slow execution for large schemas
#5994 Javadoc points to wrong DSL.field() methods
#6007 Bad formatting of CASE WHEN EXISTS expressions
#6019 Wrong SQL generated on Query.toString() on SELECT .. OFFSET (no LIMIT)
#6025 Unstable alias generation for derived tables
#6031 DefaultBinding.pgFromString() doesn't support TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type
#6033 Manual documents incorrect restriction on ConnectionProvider.acquire() method
#6034 Param.equals() doesn't work for binary data
#6038 Possible leaking JDBC Arrays in DefaultExecuteContext.ARRAYS
#6042 DefaultBinding should register java.sql.Array for later freeing
#6048 UDTRecordImpl.readSQL(SQLInput) and writeSQL(SQLOutput) optimisations
#6055 NullPointerException thrown when calling Oracle Function with BOOLEAN parameter
#6058 StackOverflowError when DefaultBinding.pgFromString() encounters unknown type
#6064 SQL Server doesn't generate any code when top-level inputSchema is specified, but not inputCatalog
#6065 JOIN .. USING emulation doesn't work with plain SQL
#6069 Bad Javadoc on Catalog.getName()
#6077 Replace usage of String.split() by Pattern.split()
#6078 NullPointerException in GenerationUtil with Postgres CITEXT extension applied
#6081 Jsr310 LocalDateTime fail on batch insert queries but works in standard queries
#6085 Bad Javadoc on DeleteResultStep
#6103 Excess whitespace in formatted MySQL WITH ROLLUP clause
#6106 Bad formatting when combining constraints in CREATE TABLE statement
#6109 Prefer Java 8 syntax (method references, lambda expressions) in manual example
#6110 Broken code in docs
#6117 DB2 doesn't support qualified column references in FOR UPDATE OF
#6118 RESTRICT is a mandatory keyword in DB2's DROP SCHEMA command
#6122 Fix DDL Support annotations for DB2
#6127 DELETE RETURNING must be emulated on DB2 with OLD TABLE() not FINAL TABLE()
#6129 ConstraintForeignKeyReferencesStepN.references() should return ConstraintForeignKeyOnStep
#6130 Cannot combine ON DELETE and ON UPDATE actions on foreign key specifications
#6141 Add identity column support to XMLGenerator
#6150 Oracle LocalDate bind variables aren't cast to DATE
#6163 XMLGenerator doesn't export <is_nullable/> for columns
#6165 XMLDatabase doesn't correctly load UNIQUE keys
#6171 DefaultTransactionProvider should not roll back to savepoint in top transaction
#6173 Dead link in Oracle examples
#6189 JPADatabase doesn't correctly generate tables for multi-schema entities
#6191 Compilation error in generated code when column is called RESULT or PRIME
#6198 Manual incorrectly refers to term "paging" rather than "pagination"
#6204 PL/SQL Records not generated depending on the order of procedures in a package
#6207 Compatibility issues in Sakila database for SQL Server 2016
#6213 Document XMLGenerator
#6221 DSLContext.ddl() doesn't generate identity correctly
#6223 Field.contains(T) doesn't delegate to Field.contains(Field<T>) when using plain SQL
#6226 NoSuchFieldError when using commercial dialect with open source edition in Maven code generation
#6235 Manual does not correctly order versions > 3.9
#6236 Improve inListPadding implementation
#6238 Typo in AlterTableRenameConstraintToStep Javadoc
#6249 Null batchSQL when running a batch with a single query
#6251 XMLGenerator: UniqueConstraintCatalog set to referenced key instead of catalog
#6267 Missing SQLDialect.SQLSERVER annotation on CREATE SCHEMA and DROP SCHEMA
#6274 Configuration.dialect() should return SQLDialect.DEFAULT when null
#6289 Don't generate type length modifier for PostgreSQL bytea types in DDL
#6292 Improve support for SQL Server date time literals
#6303 Oracle flashback query for aliased table results in invalid sql
#6316 ALTER TABLE .. ADD COLUMN ignores column type's DEFAULT clause
#6329 Clarify in the manual that INSERT .. SET is emulated for all dialects
#6330 Exception thrown when creating table with converted VARCHAR type
#6331 DataType.hasLength(), hasPrecision(), hasScale(), and others should depend on Binding's <T> type
#6332 JPADatabase with GeneratedValue does not account for dialect
#6333 Error when passing java.util.Date to DSL.timestamp()
#6357 Remove outdated section about Oracle not supporting IDENTITY columns
#6367 PostgreSQL enums aren't linked correctly from generated tables when <outputSchemaToDefault/> is true
#6370 Improve misleading MockDataProvider example in the manual
#6375 INSERT .. SELECT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY emulations using MERGE don't work
#6377 Remove outdated jOOQ-codegen-gradle example
#6383 Derby requires RESTRICT on DROP SCHEMA statement
#6390 SQL Server multiple errors are not propagated if an update count precedes them
#6394 SQL Server Sequence.currval() regression
#6395 Definition.getQualifiedName() is wrong when <outputSchemaToDefault/> is set to true
#6399 Spring Boot example should use official documentation recommendation to configure dialect
#6401 Don't generate javax.validation.NotNull for identity columns
#6404 NullPointerException when fetching unnamed nested records in plain SQL with PostgreSQL
#6406 NullPointerException when trying to get mvn help on goal generate
#6423 Compilation error in generated code when both SchemaVersionProvider and CatalogVersionProvider are applied
#6444 Fix some slightly out of date links in
#6453 Code generation regression for <dateAsTimestamp>
#6467 Manual erroneously claims that routine / udt / table / sequence generation cannot be deactivated
#6478 Typo in DSLContext.fetchCount() and error in DSLContext.fetchExists() Javadoc
#6491 Add support for Oracle SYS_REFCURSOR IN OUT parameters
#6493 XMLDatabase doesn't work when dialect is not a
#6495 Update manual's list of supported databases
#6498 "Invalid column index" on Oracle stored procedure call when return type is converted to boolean and argument type is defaulted
#6513 ClobBinding and BlobBinding don't correctly inline their bind values
#6536 Generated deprecation doesn't work on function / procedure convenience methods
#6537 NullPointerException in AbstractRecord.intern0()
#6540 Oracle IDENTITY columns aren't recognised correctly by code generator
#6557 Error in Record.compareTo(...) Javadoc
#6561 Manual section about optimistic locking has invalid code
#6563 Result.formatJSON() does not correctly format array types
#6571 Trigger generated errors are not fetched through jOOQ's plain SQL API
#6574 "A constant expression was encountered in the ORDER BY list" when calling Field.sortAsc() with empty parameter list on SQL Server
#6593 Incorrect handling of Oracle quoted string literals in plain SQL
#6602 Code generation for routines fails on MySQL 8
#6608 Transaction API does not roll back on Throwable, but Exception only
#6609 Manual section about ForcedTypes uses <converter> instead of <binding>
#6614 Typo in manual section about dynamic SQL


Version 3.9.0 - December 23, 2016

This is another very exciting release

Experimental Parser

This is an extremely exciting strategic feature for jOOQ. jOOQ users are used to creating SQL statements by "manually" creating a SQL expression tree through the jOOQ API. But nothing should prevent us from parsing string-based (and vendor- specific!) SQL statements into jOOQ expression trees. In the future this can be used, for instance, to translate (and format) one SQL dialect into another, making jOOQ not only an excellent SQL client API for Java, but a general-purpose SQL API.

The new Parser API is available from DSLContext.parser() and is currently deprecated as "experimental" (and incomplete). We're including it in jOOQ 3.9 for public review, so we're looking forward for any feedback you may have!

Checker framework integration

We've annotated all of our API with the @Support annotation for quite a while. This annotation allows for documenting what SQL clause or function is available in what SQLDialect (and version). If that's not enough for you, do check out our new JSR 308 / Checker Framework integration, which allows jOOQ API consumers to "type check" their API usage for a given SQL dialect. For instance, using MySQL, you can now get compilation errors if you're accidentally using Oracle-specific API.

More info in this blog post here:

Better Oracle 12c and PL/SQL integration

Oracle 12c introduced a variety of new features that we finally support in jOOQ as well, including the new IDENTITY column type or the OFFSET FETCH clause, which was emulated using ROWNUM filtering, thus far.

In addition to the above, we're continuing our extended PL/SQL support by offering an emulation for the (de)serialisation of PL/SQL RECORD types. This is particularly interesting for everyone who used Oracle's now deprecated (12cR1) and removed (12cR2) JPublisher for PL/SQL bindings.

More info about this here:

JSR-310 Java Time API support

We're now confident that we can support the "old" JDBC date time types and the "new" JSR-310 Java Time API types in parallel in a single API. With this in place, jOOQ now includes a <javaTimeTypes/> code generator configuration, that replaces the "old" JDBC date time types in generated code.

The upcoming patch releases for jOOQ 3.9.x will further improve the situation for TIME[STAMP] WITH TIME ZONE types in databases that do support them. Your continued feedback in this area is very welcome.

New DDL statements and clauses

As in every release, we've added support for tons of new DDL statements and clauses, including:

Improved transactions API

The existing transactions API creates a new "scope" for each transaction, with a new, derived Configuration that contains that transactional scope (and a custom ConnectionProvider, not the user one). This was necessary from a design perspective to allow also for asynchronous transactions, which were introduced in jOOQ 3.8.

But if users can safely rely on ThreadLocal transaction semantics, the existing API that creates a new Configuration is too confusing. This is why jOOQ 3.9 now introduces the ThreadLocalTransactionProvider implementation that allows for the simpler transaction API to be used:

ctx.transaction(() -> { // Safe to re-use the "global" ctx here: ctx.insertInto(TABLE_A); ctx.update(TABLE_B); });

Besides, we now support a new TransactionListener SPI, which allows for hooking into the transaction lifecycle and execute stuff prior to beginning / committing or rolling back a transaction.

InformationSchema import and export

For a while now, we've supported the XMLDatabase in jooq-meta to generate code based on a SQL standard inspired XML format of your database schema:

This format is now also available to the jOOQ runtime library for importing and exporting schema meta information at runtime. In combination with the DSLContext.ddl() command, which was introduced in jOOQ 3.8, this makes for a very powerful schema import / export tool, which we're going to further improve in future versions.

Other minor improvements

Enjoy this exciting new milestone of jOOQ goodness!

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#330 Add code generation support for PL/SQL RECORD types
#2303 Implement a SQL parser
#2607 Add support for Oracle 12c's OFFSET .. FETCH clause
#3146 Add support for Oracle 12c IDENTITY types
#3315 Add code generation hooks to override Record, Pojo, and Interface getters and setters
#3358 Add the manual XML to GitHub
#3906 Allow for customising generated file headers
#4164 Generate varargs setters for array types on interfaces / records / pojos, etc.
#4429 Add <javaTimeTypes/> to code generator configuration to generate Java 8 java.time types instead of java.sql types
#4512 Add, Function<? super Field<?>, ? extends String>) to allow for "functional aliasing"
#4794 Add support for Catalog in code generation schema mapping
#4919 Add support for CREATE INDEX .. WHERE in PostgreSQL and SQL Server (filtered indexes)
#5062 Add support for IDENTITY columns in CREATE TABLE statements
#5063 Improve DSLContext.batchStore() Javadoc
#5083 Add support for ALTER SEQUENCE .. RENAME TO ..
#5084 Add support for ALTER VIEW .. RENAME TO ..
#5085 Add support for ALTER INDEX .. RENAME TO ..
#5162 Use DSLContext.connection() in internal code, rather than calling ConnectionProvider.acquire() directly
#5238 Format timestamp when formatting java.sql.Date, if time component is non-zero
#5239 Read and write the time component as well in Oracle's DATE type
#5243 Manual section showing jOOQ+JPA usage should take into account Binding and Converter
#5244 Add support for CREATE SCHEMA
#5245 Add org.jooq.Allow and org.jooq.Require annotation and a SQLDialectChecker using JSR-308 and the checker framework
#5246 Add an org.jooq.Allow.PlainSQL annotation and a PlainSQLChecker using JSR-308 and the checker framework
#5247 Deprecate SQLDialect.POSTGRESPLUS
#5253 Add support for Oracle COLLECT()
#5255 Add Dao.delete(P) overload (no varargs) to avoid potential generic warnings at the call site
#5271 Add SQLDialect.isFamily()
#5276 Add ParamMode, an enum to specify if a parameter is IN, OUT, or INOUT
#5277 Add support for CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS
#5278 Add support for ALTER SCHEMA [ IF EXISTS ] .. RENAME TO
#5279 Add support for DROP SCHEMA [ IF EXISTS ] .. [ CASCADE | RESTRICT ]
#5286 Add more meaningful error handling when Maven code generator is not configured correctly
#5289 In the doc, part " 4.4.2. The CREATE statement " add a "nullable(false)" example
#5295 Implement Queries.toString()
#5297 Add InsertOnDuplicateStep.onConflict() for native PostgreSQL 9.5 ON CONFLICT support
#5298 Queries should extend Iterable<Query> and implement stream()
#5301 Display a warning in the generator logs for regexes that never match
#5305 Add support for CREATE INDEX .. ON (<expr> { ASC | DESC }, ...)
#5311 Add DSL.constraint() to create an unnamed (system named) constraint
#5312 Add SQLDataType.VARCHAR(length) and other methods for convenience
#5313 Add DSL.check() foreignKey(), primaryKey(), unique() to create unnamed (system named) constraints
#5321 Add support for POSITION(in, search, startIndex)
#5327 Allow for generating immutable interfaces (independently of POJOs)
#5335 Log a warning in the code generator if a table is reported to have two identity columns
#5342 Add nullable(false) in "The CREATE statement" part
#5347 Add XMLGenerator to produce an XML file containing meta information according to jooq-meta.xsd
#5358 Add support for INTERSECT ALL, EXCEPT ALL also in DB2
#5360 Add <syntheticIdentities> regular expression to code generator configuration
#5371 Add an example project using Spark Java and Chart.js
#5372 Add Result.formatJSON(JSONFormat) to allow for different JSON formats
#5373 Add <syntheticIdentities> regular expression to code generator configuration
#5377 Add alternative TransactionProvider that implements ThreadLocal semantics
#5378 Add new TransactionListener SPI that hooks into the TransactionProvider lifecycle
#5379 Add convenience API in Configuration.set() and derive() to bypass the *Provider types
#5384 Add Settings.executeWithOptimisticLockingExcludeUnversioned
#5389 Enhance DSLContext.fetchFromJSON() to support new formats
#5396 Add Converter.andThen(Converter) and Converter.inverse() default methods
#5398 Add converter constructor Converter.of(Class<T>, Class<U>, Function<? super T, ? extends U>, Function<? super U, ? extends T>)
#5413 Add support for Oracle's RATIO_TO_REPORT() analytic function
#5415 Recommend using third party Gradle plugin for jOOQ instead of hand-written Groovy code
#5418 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. ADD CONSTRAINT .. USING INDEX (...)
#5437 Add support for loading the jooq-meta.xsd into org.jooq.Catalog / Schema / Table / etc.
#5439 Add Mock.of(Record), Mock.of(Result), Mock.of(MockResult...), Mock.of(int)
#5443 Document jOOQ 3.8 <forcedType/> configuration changes
#5445 Add support for Oracle 12c TRUNCATE .. CASCADE
#5449 Add to be consistent with
#5452 Add a big disclaimer to the Mock API not to mock an entire database
#5460 Add DSLContext.informationSchema(Catalog...), informationSchema(Schema...), informationSchema(Table...) to export jooq-meta.xsd format
#5461 Add DSLContext.ddl(Catalog)
#5463 Add org.jooq.Meta.getSequences()
#5467 Add Sequence.getCatalog() and Table.getCatalog() for convenience
#5472 Add <emptyCatalogs/> and <emptySchemas/> to the code generator configuration, to prevent generating of empty catalogs / schemas
#5477 Add <configurationFile> element to Maven code generation plugin, for external configuration
#5485 Add createView(String, Function<? super Field<?>, ? extends String>) where the Function receives Select columns as input
#5487 Add, BiFunction<? super Field<?>, ? super Integer, ? extends String>) to allow for "functional aliasing" (with column index)
#5494 Improve section of the manual explaining the plain SQL templating logic
#5501 Add Record.with(Field, T) for fluent setting of values on a Record
#5508 Add Record.intoStream()
#5517 Make JavaWriter.ref() methods public
#5518 Add inverse operations for methods
#5522 Add support for derived column lists with unnest() operator
#5525 Add code generator flag to turn off generation of tables
#5526 Add code generator flag to turn off generation of UDTs
#5527 Add code generator flag to turn off the generation of routines
#5528 Add code generator flag to turn off generation of sequences
#5533 Mention the possibility of running SELECT * by keeping an empty select() field list
#5545 Improve manual to explain Binding implementation in the context of static statements
#5556 Code generator should delete catalog and schema directories when no longer configured
#5561 Log warnings when users misconfigure forceType / customType elements
#5562 Add org.jooq.Log, an API that can be implemented by loggers, such as JooqLogger
#5567 Add Javadoc warnings on and about cursor cache contention problems
#5570 Add debug information on exception stack traces
#5575 Add support for H2's TO_DATE() and TO_TIMESTAMP() function
#5585 Generated file header should read "this file is generated", not "this class is generated"
#5600 Add setting to enable IN list padding
#5603 Add TableLike.fieldStream() and other metadata Streaming methods
#5616 Added hint for m2e to behave
#5618 Further improve select() Javadoc for empty argument lists
#5621 Add FieldEscapeStep as a return type for, such that the ESCAPE keyword can be used explicitly
#5623 Add Name.first() and Name.last()
#5624 Add Name.qualified()
#5625 Add Name.equalsIgnoreCase()
#5626 Add<String>)
#5627 Add runtime support for PL/SQL RECORD types
#5629 Add DataType.isUDT()
#5630 DefaultBinding should TRACE log registered OUT parameters
#5639 MockFileDatabase ignores erroneous rows specification
#5642 Add DSL.localDate(), offsetDateTime(), offsetTime() to construct JSR-310 expressions
#5643 Add DSL.currentLocalDate() currentLocalTime() currentLocalDateTime() currentOffsetTime() currentOffsetDateTime()
#5646 Add DSL.trunc(LocalDate) etc
#5647 Add DSL.extract (LocalDate) etc.
#5648 Add DSL.toLocalDate () etc.
#5657 Explain the different org.jooq.Scope types in its Javadoc
#5659 Add clarification to OFFSET[DATE]TIME Javadoc that the behaviour is defined by the JDBC driver/database
#5664 Implement DefaultBinding.toString()
#5681 Add MockFileDatabase.nullLiteral() allowing to override the null literal in DSLContext.fetchFromTXT()
#5690 Document that only the Open Source Edition is hosted on Maven Central
#5702 Add support for PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT .. DO NOTHING
#5706 Code generator's <recordVersionFields/> setting does not match column
#5709 Add a DataType.identity() flag to specify that a data type is meant to be used as a SERIAL / IDENTITY type

Breaking changes

#2684 Rename org.jooq.scala package to org.jooq.scalaextensions because of potential collisions with the scala package
#3943 Custom Bindings cannot be applied on record version or timestamp columns
#4168 <outputSchemaToDefault/> generates "_" package name when generating multiple schemata
#5233 Remove DSL.field(Row[N]) to speed up client side compilation time
#5320 DSL.orderBy(Field...) returns WindowSpecificationOrderByStep instead of WindowSpecificationRowsStep
#5395 Fix covariance and contravariance on various Converter API usages
#5589 java.math.BigInteger should be generated for Oracle INTEGER columns

Bug Fixes

#4965 DateTimeParseException when parsing "lenient" OffsetDateTime format
#5094 StatementType.STATIC_STATEMENT is not applied to DSLContext.render(QueryPart)
#5232 Regression: Cannot select null values for enums
#5249 Bad inlining of Double.NaN in PostgreSQL
#5251 Oracle PIPELINED functions in packages are erroneously reported as AGGREGATE functions by the code generator
#5256 DAO.delete() should delete via UpdatableRecord.delete(), not via a bulk delete
#5260 Wrong update count when running UPDATE .. RETURNING in PostgreSQL and Firebird
#5264 PostgreSQL SMALLINT function arguments should always be cast explicitly
#5268 Compile error when a schema has the same name as a table within that schema
#5280 Bad Javadoc on dropTable() statements
#5290 Internal Cache$Key is not Serializable
#5291 Bad DataType.defaultValue() call generated for MySQL tables
#5302 Unmarshal warning : cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'target' is not complete. One of '{"jooq-codegen-3.8.0.xsd":encoding}' is expected.
#5303 Code generator aborts catalog browsing on SQL Server as soon as user is denied access to a single catalog
#5307 Avoid parsing ? in plain SQL if followed immediately by another operator-like character in PostgreSQL
#5322 Create constant empty arrays Field[0] and String[0] for faster toArray() calls
#5323 Wrong precision generated in automatic CAST for DB2 and other databases
#5331 Column default expressions using sequences are not treated as identity columns in H2
#5334 Nested record generated when TABLE.COLUMN "overlaps" with a table called TABLE_COLUMN for MySQL
#5349 Wrong defaults for <tableValuedFunctions/> in jOOQ Open Source Edition
#5356 Incorrect order of HSQL column definition tokens: "DEFAULT" and "NULL"
#5362 Plain SQL batches produce wrong INFO messages about bind value count mismatches
#5366 Record.update() produces wrong update counts in HSQLDB
#5368 In HSQLDB, ALTER VIEW .. RENAME is not supported. Use ALTER TABLE .. RENAME instead
#5380 MySQL STRAIGHT_JOIN is not implemented correctly
#5385 Excessive WARN log level when a generated object has no name
#5393 Cannot apply Binding to PostgreSQL UDT arrays
#5399 Conversions.scala returns Option[_] instead of Option[T] or Option[U] where this is possible
#5404 Exceptions when calling Oracle functions / procedures with TABLE of TABLE type arguments
#5408 Optimistic locking doesn't work for PostgreSQL, Firebird
#5416 Bad update count on Oracle UPDATE .. RETURNING emulation
#5424 Don't escape Scala-style setter names produced by naming strategies in ScalaGenerator
#5430 Cumulative Earnings example in jOOQ-spark-chart-example is wrong
#5432 Fix the type-erasure issue for scala vararg helpers in org.jooq.scala.Conversions using scala.predef.DummyImplicit
#5442 Support default methods in DefaultRecordMapper.ProxyMapper
#5446 Unnecessarily costly query to check for Oracle version in code generation
#5457 "overriding method fields in class AbstractRecord" compilation error when using ScalaGenerator on tables containing columns like "fields", "configuration", etc.
#5464 Wrong @Support annotations on DSL.sequence() constructors
#5470 3.8 manual is wrong about UPDATE .. RETURNING not being emulated
#5481 ResultImpl#intoMap produces an incorrect error message on duplicate key
#5483 Documentation of DSL#sql(String, QueryPart ...) does not mention parsing bind value placeholders ("?")
#5495 NotSerializableException thrown when AbstractXMLasObjectBinding is applied on a column
#5509 Cannot combine INSERT .. SELECT .. RETURNING with an arbitrary number of columns
#5521 Bad SQL generated for PostgreSQL when inlining arrays
#5524 Don't System.exit(-1) from within GenerationTool. Throw an exception instead
#5536 Missing reference to ResultQuery.fetchSize() in the manual
#5540 Bad predicate generated for INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE emulation in PostgreSQL 9.3 dialect
#5547 Work around an ojdbc7 driver bug producing a NPE for Oracle 12c INSERT .. RETURNING statements
#5557 Compilation error when generated catalog and one of its contained schemas have the same name
#5559 Add missing documentation for the <catalogVersionProvider/> configuration element
#5569 DataTypeException: Cannot convert from String to class [B when generated code contains VARBINARY type with default value
#5573 NullPointerException when generating Oracle AQs with payload types outside of the included schemas
#5578 Incorrect ambiguity warning when column name appears in 3+ joined tables
#5583 For generated code, change file header style from JavaDoc to regular comment
#5584 Fix all file headers to be regular comments, not Javadoc
#5595 Be more clear about excludes having priority over includes in code generation config manual section
#5596 Error on code generation when schema name is a Windows reserved name like CON, AUX
#5597 Code generator IOExceptions are not logged when error appears during closing of file
#5607 JPADatabase causes warnings
#5608 JPADatabase includes undesired INFORMATION_SCHEMA by default
#5609 Regression: Unspecified inputSchema no longer generates all schemata
#5613 Incorrect deserialisation of deeply nested PostgreSQL ARRAYs / UDTs
#5614 SchemaVersionProvider might cause deletion of schemas that were not updated
#5617 NullPointerException on fetchLazy().stream() / MockStatement.execute() returns false on empty results
#5633 Regression when reading PostgreSQL bytea[] type
#5644 DSL.currentDate() produces field name current_user
#5649 Trailing comma from ScalaGenerator when using schemaVersionProvider
#5661 Casting to SQLDataType.OFFSETTIME puts ojdbc connection in illegal state
#5676 [#5639] Fix MockFileDatabase ignores erroneous rows specification
#5697 jOOQ generated code contains deprecated calls
#5701 Work around PostgreSQL's limit of 32767 bind variables per statement
#5704 Escape HTML characters in generated JavaDoc
#5707 Fix typo for setting WindowSpecification
#5708 Function delegates window RANGE calls to ROWS
#5715 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when fetching an unnamed column from SQL Server with plain SQL
#5717 CREATE SEQUENCE doesn't work in Derby, SQL Server, when names aren't quoted
#5721 jooq-codegen.xsd wrongly makes forcedType/name a mandatory element
#5725 Regression in MySQL's code generation prevents linking column types to enum classes
#5727 INSERT INTO table SELECT ... UNION ... renders bad SQL when column names are omitted and a plain SQL table is given
#5728 Emulate SELECT .. INTO .. also for HSQLDB using CREATE TABLE .. AS SELECT ..


Version 3.8.0 - May 03, 2016

Version 3.8 is a collection of very useful little features and improvements that have been sitting on our roadmap for a long time:

More Java 8 and asynchronicity support:

One of Java 8's interesting new features is the monadic support for asynchronous operation composition: CompletionStage. jOOQ now features a variety of methods like DSLContext.transactionAsync(), ResultQuery.fetchAsync(), Query.executeAsync(), but also DBMS_AQ.dequeueAsync(), which allow for leveraging this new Java 8 API. In order to inject custom Executors into jOOQ, a new ExecutorProvider SPI has been added, defaulting to an implementation that uses the ForkJoinPool.

Kotlin integration:

While we were working on jOOQ 3.8, Kotlin 1.0 was released, a very exciting new JVM language by JetBrains. We've started experimenting with the jOOQ / Kotlin integration, and we've already added new methods to leverage Kotlin's syntax sugar: Record.get() and Record.set() (as synonmys for getValue() and setValue())

With these new methods, it is possible to use Kotlin's square bracket syntax to access and modify fields in a record:

val rec = fetchOne(BOOK);
rec[BOOK.TITLE] = "10 SQL Tricks";

Stay tuned for more exciting Kotlin integration features in the near future!

The SQL Catalog type:

Most databases group objects in three hierarchy levels:

Specifically, in SQL Server, it is possible to select data from objects across several catalogs. jOOQ 3.8 finally formally supports the org.jooq.Catalog type both in the code generator as well as in the runtime.

New DDL features:

Schema migrations and initial database setups become an increasingly useful feature for many jOOQ users. In each release, we're adding support for additional statements and clauses of existing statements. jOOQ 3.8 now supports:

In addition to the above statements, we now allow for generating a set of DDL commands from a Schema or Table reference. This is very useful e.g. to recreate an Oracle schema on an H2 in-memory test database.

Code generator improvements:

Among many other improvements, we've simplified data type conversion and binding configurations. This essentially means: Much less XML for the same feature set!

Also, we've added additional flags that help maintaining more fine-grained control over which artefacts you really want to generate.

General notes:

We have once more postponed thorough JSR 310 (java.time) API support. This feature addition is one of our users' most wanted. We're aware of this and sorry we still couldn't deliver it. The risks of getting things wrong in terms of backwards-compatibility are high, and we don't want to get this wrong.

We have changed some internals, which may affect those of you who heavily extend jOOQ. In particular, the deprecated QueryPartInternal.toSQL() and bind() are no longer overridable. Please move your implementation to the accept() method, which was added in jOOQ 3.4. Our main benefit from this incompatible change is a substantial performance improvement, as we can now traverse the jOOQ QueryPart expression tree only once in order to collect the SQL string and the bind variables, which leads to a roughly 40% faster SQL rendering in benchmarks!

All in all, this is an exciting and big new release with tons of little new features that you won't want to miss once you have upgraded! Details below.


API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#1068 Add integration tests for DSLContext.loadInto() when using only plain SQL objects
#1859 Add Setting to always fetch all record data after INSERT or UPDATE
#2032 Add code generation support for the new org.jooq.Catalog type
#2211 Change Record.getValue() and setValue() to get() and set()
#2438 Add ParamType Param.paramType() to indicate whether a parameter is INDEXED, NAMED, INLINED
#2928 Mapping tables based on regular expressions
#3065 Add performance regression tests
#3073 Distribute commercial jOOQ artifacts under a different groupId to avoid conflicts
#3160 Add Queries DSLContext.ddl(Schema), ddl(Table) and others to re-generate known artefacts
#3254 Add support for PostgreSQL materialized views
#3330 Allow custom quote character/no quote character when exporting to CSV
#3482 Add flags to the code generator to turn on / off generation for tables, views, packages, procedures, udts, etc.
#3570 Add KeepNamesGeneratorStrategy to keep generated identifiers as they are in the database
#3691 Improve API to create CASE expressions with arbitrary numbers of arguments
#3761 Add code generator configuration to specify a log level threshold
#3852 Add DataType.defaultValue(Field<T>) to allow for setting DEFAULTs in DDL statements
#3942 Add support for PostgreSQL functions returning single table records
#4050 Allow for specifying constraints with CREATE TABLE statements
#4124 Add <username/> as a synonym for <user/> in the code generation configuration
#4155 Add support for PL/SQL BOOLEAN types
#4375 Add support for CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE also in MySQL / MariaDB
#4435 Add DSLContext.transactionAsync(TransactionRunnable) and transactionResultAsync(TransactionCallable)
#4480 Emulate H2's MERGE statement for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL 9.5
#4500 Add a short section to the manual explaining how to configure jOOQ with JPA or Vertabelo
#4501 Add .fetch() and .execute() also to historic manual versions
#4517 Allow to configure the output file encoding in the code generator
#4550 Add support for property expressions in the code generator's standalone configuration
#4568 Add support for the PostgreSQL MODE() ordered-set aggregate function
#4598 Add <userType/>, <converter/>, <binding/> in <forcedType/>, to allow for working without <customType/>
#4619 Let SQLTable constructor pass SQL string to AbstractTable parent constructor
#4620 Change error message when jOOQ-meta database type could not be found
#4663 Add DSL.val(X), value(X), and inline(X) overloads for all common types
#4676 Add SelectFromStep.from(Name) and similar convenience methods
#4677 Add type safe overloads DSL.with(String, String, String) that will expect Select<? extends Record2<?, ?>>
#4687 Add ResultQuery.fetchStream() as a alias for stream()
#4688 Add a Javadoc comment to DataType#convert() linking to Convert#convert() for details
#4693 Add DSL.toDate(value, format) and DSL.toTimestamp(value, format)
#4696 Relax API contracts on DAOImpl by removing final keyword on methods
#4715 Allow to specify the newline character for Result.formatCSV()
#4721 Add Javadoc examples to DSL.using(String), showing proper use with try-with-resources
#4724 Add Table.eq(Table<R>) and<R>)
#4729 Emulate DSL.count(Table) and countDistinct(Table) for all other dialects
#4730 Recognise pgjdbc-ng JDBC URL in JDBCUtils.dialect(String)
#4731 Add Javadoc warning to Table.equals() to help prevent accidental usage
#4735 Add DSL.condition(Record) for Query By Example (QBE) predicate building support
#4746 Allow for specifying empty string as formatCSV()'s nullString / emptyString
#4752 Improve documentation of using jOOQ's code generator with ant
#4753 Add Settings for default naxRows, fetchSize, queryTimeout and other values
#4756 Add section to the manual documenting how to include the commercial jOOQ distribution in a Maven build
#4761 Add MySQL IFNULL() support as a synonym for NVL()
#4763 Deprecate on(Boolean), where(Boolean), having(Boolean), etc.
#4769 Improve TableLike.field(Field) Javadoc
#4784 Add support for OFFSET .. LIMIT in addition to LIMIT .. OFFSET
#4785 Add support for OFFSET without LIMIT
#4791 Upgrade scala dependency to 2.10.6
#4792 Add Schema.getCatalog() and render the catalog in SQL
#4795 Add Setting to turn off rendering catalog at runtime
#4796 Add Context.qualifyCatalog() to allow for locally qualifying names without catalog
#4797 Document caveat when using Gradle XML Markup generator with some elements
#4799 Add a note to the manual about the Gradle / Groovy MarkupBuilder caveat related to some elements
#4801 Add DEQUEUE_OPTIONS_T.wait(int) to support timeout-based waits on Oracle AQ
#4811 Add source code in original form to .zip, such that users can build jOOQ right away
#4818 Add org.jooq.CSVFormat: A parameter object to replace the existing formatCSV overloads
#4825 Add support for Oracle table-valued functions
#4827 Add CatalogVersionProvider
#4833 Generate standalone function call for table-valued functions
#4834 Add Context.declareAliases as a flag to indicate whether alias declaration generating QueryParts are allowed to do so
#4837 Add DefaultConnectionProvider.setReadOnly() and isReadOnly()
#4838 Add code generation flag <tableValuedFunctions/> to turn off generation of table-valued functions
#4839 Rename Generator.fullyQualifiedTypes() to generateFullyQualifiedTypes() for naming consistency
#4841 Add code generation support for column DEFAULT values
#4842 Add support for RANGE clause in window functions
#4847 Improve Javadoc's of Loader API's various fields() methods
#4848 Add internal API to configure indentation of generated code
#4855 Remove final keyword on JavaGenerator methods
#4857 Add a chapter to the manual about in-memory importing
#4858 Add a section to the manual about importing JSON
#4859 Deprecate LoaderJSONOptionsStep.ignoreRows()
#4868 Generate 4 spaces in Java or 2 spaces in Scala instead of tabs in generated code by default
#4869 Generate schema and catalog references in order to fully qualify tables
#4873 Add Firebird 3.0 support for MERGE
#4874 Add Firebird 3.0 support for window functions
#4879 Add generateGlobalCatalogReferences() and generateGlobalSchemaReferences() flags to code generator
#4889 Update copyright to 2016
#4891 Accept DataSource in GenerationTool, in addition to Connection
#4892 Add sections to the manual explaining how to use JPADatabase
#4893 Add a tutorial section to the manual showing how to use jOOQ with Kotlin
#4897 Add sections to the manual explaining how to use XMLDatabase
#4901 Add UniqueKey.getName() and ForeignKey.getName(), and generate this info in
#4903 Emulate EVERY() with MAX() rather than with COUNT()
#4904 Add DataAccessException.sqlStateClass() and sqlStateSubclass()
#4906 Add manual and Javadoc URL mapping for /current/ = /latest/
#4907 Add DSLContext.fetchFromHTML() to convert an HTML table into a jOOQ Result
#4914 Add support for CREATE UNIQUE INDEX
#4915 Add UniqueKey.isPrimary()
#4916 Implement Key.equals() and hashCode() for all Key types
#4918 Add Key.constraint() and improve Key.toString() accordingly
#4931 Add a section to the manual explaining the use of dynamic SQL
#4936 Add support for CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS
#4952 Add flag to turn off generation of database links
#4954 Add flag to turn off generation of queues
#4967 Add support for CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS
#4968 Add support for CREATE [ UNIQUE ] INDEX IF NOT EXISTS
#4974 Add ExecuteListener to jOOQ-meta logging a warning when queries take longer than 5s
#4991 Deprecate Param.setValue(), setConverted(), setInline()
#4997 Add DSL.recordType(Field<?>[])
#4999 Add StopWatch.splitXXX(message, threshold) to log a message only if a threshold has been passed
#5009 Generate the JPA GeneratedValue annotation on identity columns
#5011 Add mergeInto(Table).columns(...).values(...) as an alternative syntax for H2's MERGE
#5012 Add CompletionStage<Result<R>> ResultQuery.fetchAsync() and fetchAsync(Executor)
#5014 Add Query.executeAsync() and executeAsync(Executor)
#5015 Add DBMS_AQ.dequeueStream() to create an Oracle AQ Stream
#5016 Add DBMS_AQ.dequeueIterable() to create an Oracle AQ Iterable
#5021 Add DBMS_AQ.dequeueAsync() to create an Oracle AQ CompletionStage
#5022 Clarify fetch() Javadoc with respect to nullable results
#5038 Add an example to the manual showing how to use the maven ant plugin
#5040 Add a new ExecutorProvider Configuration.executorProvider() SPI for asynchronous tasks
#5046 Issue a warning when Record.field(String) runs into ambiguous columns
#5055 Add CreateTableColumnStep.column(Field<?>) for convenience
#5056 Add org.jooq.Queries, a wrapper for Query[]
#5057 Replace Collection.toArray(new T[size]) calls by Collection.toArray(new T[0]) calls
#5058 Add DSLContext.batch(Queries) and other overloads where Query[] or Collection<? extends Query> are accepted
#5059 Add CreateTableColumnStep.columns(Field<?>...)
#5061 Improve formatting of DDL statements
#5064 Improve formatting for MySQL's ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause
#5065 Make all internal classes final if they're not intended for extension
#5066 Add CreateTableColumnStep.column(Name, DataType<?>)
#5067 Add AlterTableStep.alter[Column](Name), add[Column](Name), drop[Column](Name)
#5072 Add default implementations for SPIs, accepting functional event handlers
#5077 Add more examples for using RVE IN predicates
#5081 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. RENAME TO ..
#5082 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. RENAME COLUMN .. TO ..
#5086 Add support for ALTER TABLE .. RENAME CONSTRAINT .. TO ..
#5093 Implement INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE using INSERT .. ON CONFLICT in PostgreSQL 9.5 also when using SQLDialect.POSTGRES
#5105 DEBUG-Log exceptions in LoggerListener
#5113 Remove Vertabelo Plugin from jOOQ-meta-extensions
#5117 Overload internal Tools.field(T) method with concrete T types
#5118 Log error in JDBCUtils.safeFree() methods, in case of ignored exception
#5122 Improve Javadoc for Loader.loadArrays()
#5123 Add LoaderSourceStep.loadArrays(Stream<? extends Object[]>) and loadRecords(Stream<? extends Record>)
#5124 Add a chapter to the manual about case-insensitivity (e.g. in filtering, grouping, sorting)
#5144 Improve CASE expression formatting
#5145 Add LoaderXXXStep.fields(FieldMapper) for better mapping between source and target fields
#5154 Add support for mapping Record1<String> to Enum by Enum.valueOf() in DefaultRecordMapper
#5161 Add logback.xml file to jOOQ-spring-boot-example to enable DEBUG logging per default
#5163 Add UpdatableRecord.refresh(Collection<? extends Field<?>>), store(Collection), insert(Collection), update(Collection)
#5164 Implement BindingSetStatementContext.toString() for improved debugging
#5190 Support UPDATE and DELETE RETURNING for Oracle using PL/SQL RETURNING .. INTO
#5192 Add SafeVarargs annotation to DSL.values() constructor methods

Breaking changes

#3323 Make QueryPartInternal.toSQL() and bind() final in favour of the new accept() method
#4388 Compilation errors when applying <customType/> for PostgreSQL array types
#4650 Collect bind variables while generating SQL, instead of traversing the AST twice
#4658 Let, one(), two() return Param instead of Field
#4815 Relax bound from <R extends TableRecord<R>> to <R extends Record> for DSLContext.loadInto()

Bug Fixes

#2549 SQLDialectNotSupportedException when calling DSL.val(EnumType)
#2995 INSERT INTO table SELECT ... renders bad SQL when column names are omitted and a plain SQL table is given
#3225 Performance bottleneck in MetaFieldProvider when fetching unknown plain SQL fields
#3354 Fix manual's sections about plain SQL. Avoid referencing to toSQL() and bind() directly
#3935 InternalVisitListener accounts for a lot of CPU load
#4131 DSLContext.extractBindValues(QueryPart) doesn't report the implicit bind values from plain SQL QueryParts
#4427 ScalaGenerator generates Java code for MySQL / PostgreSQL enum types
#4624 Compilation error in generated code when column is of type "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" in Oracle
#4626 Zero-length DAO source files generated for non-updatable tables
#4634 Significant CPU overhead in CursorImpl$CursorIterator#fetchOne() due to frequent HashMap access
#4637 Regression in Table.onKey(ForeignKey) with multiple joins
#4638 Misleading ReferenceImpl.toString() implementation
#4642 Significant schema mapping initialisation overhead when schema mapping isn't even used
#4646 Significant overhead from Map access
#4651 Significant overhead caused by AbstractContext's internal ArrayDeque stacks that created even if there are no VisitListeners
#4659 Significant overhead caused by type lookup when using DSL.val(T) or DSL.inline(T) in org.jooq.impl.Limit
#4664 Inefficent initialisation of SortFieldList and other QueryPartLists
#4668 Significant overhead caused by check if FROM clause is needed
#4672 Too many context objects are created when generating SQL
#4678 Plain SQL version SelectJoinStep.straightJoin() is missing @PlainSQL annotation
#4680 Manual 3.6+ makes use of deprecated fieldByName() and tableByName() methods
#4682 Code generation for Postgres DBs assumes column data type to be in same schema as table
#4685 Manual's "More info about how to read this manual" always refers to 3.4 version of the manual
#4686 Incomplete overloading of SelectJoinStep.straightJoin()
#4692 Use correct term for "ordered-set aggregate function" in Javadoc and manual
#4708 Wrong enum type referenced from UDT, when the same enum type exists in different schemas in PostgreSQL
#4712 Cannot call standalone PostgreSQL function with enum array return type in non-public schema
#4737 Documentation bug: Deprecation remark on fieldByName(Class, String...) points to wrong substitute
#4740 ClassCastException when using DSL.any() in a Condition Field
#4744 Record getter and setter names are generated with Mode.DEFAULT rather than Mode.Record
#4749 Regression in AbstractParam throwing StackOverflowError when calling UDTRecord.toString()
#4755 Manual typo. Manual still referring to "T_" prefix in tables
#4762 org.jooq.Meta must not cache DatabaseMetaData in order not to violate the ConnectionProvider contract
#4771 Confusing SQLDialectNotSupportedException when passing wrong arguments to DSL.nvl() function, and others
#4772 Extremely slow mapping Record.into(ProxyableInterface.class)
#4773 DefaultRecordMapper is not thread safe when mapping proxyable interface
#4780 OracleDSL.DBMS_AQ.enqueue() and dequeue() produce wrong syntax depending on parameters that are passed
#4782 OracleDSL.DBMS_AQ.dequeue() does not return any MESSAGE_PROPERTIES_T values
#4783 Unnecessary SQL exception logged in code generator
#4798 Manual typo: Update returning doesn't return update count
#4800 Oracle Functions accepting returning PL/SQL-only types are not "SQL usable"
#4802 Oracle views with dollar sign '$' in them are not generated
#4806 CREATE VIEW statement fails when it contains bind variables
#4820 Oracle LONG and LONG RAW columns cause "Stream has already been closed" exception when not placed in first position
#4829 Generated convenience methods Routines.f() have misleading Javadoc
#4840 <types/> is a regular expression. The manual should make an indication about this
#4843 Missing @Support annotations for Vertica and window functions and other API elements
#4849 Wrong emulation of SINH() and other hyperbolic functions for Vertica
#4851 Wrong emulation of bitwise XOR for Vertica
#4863 Manual section about importing CSV erroneously refers to AUTHOR table rather than BOOK table
#4870 SQLDialect.POSTGRES_x_x Javadoc is wrong
#4880 Escaped block comment inside of Scaladoc causes compilation error
#4883 Table valued functions generate bad Scala code
#4890 Typo in doc, part "3.4.4. Using jOOQ with Flyway"
#4910 Bad SQL generated for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT .. FROM (SELECT ..) in SQL Server
#4920 Generated functions without parameter names produce malformed SQL
#4922 A negligible amount of CPU is spent in String.indexOf() because of identifier escaping
#4926 A small amount of CPU time is wasted on
#4935 Convert.convert(long, Instant.class) shouldn't pass by LocalDateTime
#4939 SQLFeatureNotSupportedException thrown in some (unsupported) SQLDialects when initalizing MetaDataFieldProvider
#4953 Very slow code generation in Oracle when existing DB Links are not available
#4955 ClassCastException when applying schema mapping on procedures and types in Oracle
#4957 NullPointerException in ArrayRecord.toString() when ArrayRecord is not attached
#4964 Type handling issue when using a custom type with a Postgres UDT field
#4966 Standalone calls to Oracle pipelined functions aren't possible
#4970 PostgreSQL code generation does not stably order overloaded routines
#4976 jOOQ's internals should not call QueryPartInternal.accept(Context), but Context.visit(QueryPart) instead.
#4977 HSQLDB does not support bind variables in DDL statements
#4981 Wrong SQL generated for CREATE TABLE .. AS SELECT in HSQLDB
#4985 Utils.executeImmediate() doesn't work when inlined SQL contains apostrophes
#4992 Support for emulating VALUES clauses in H2 is inefficient
#4996 DateAsTimestampBinding doesn't work as documented in the manual
#5004 Misleading Javadoc on DSL.table(String)
#5010 Remove push tag from repository
#5017 NullPointerException when using MockConnection with DSLContext.transaction()
#5024 Wrong implementation of internal SortFieldList.nulls()
#5028 Slow routine overload index calculation in PostgreSQL's code generator
#5042 Record[N].values(T1, T2, ..., TN) is not implemented
#5051 TableAlias does not delegate getIdentity(), getPrimaryKey(), getKeys(), getRecordVersion(), getRecordTimestamp() calls to aliased table
#5068 SQL Server 2008 SELECT DISTINCT .. LIMIT .. OFFSET emulation does not keep ORDER BY semantics in complex queries
#5088 Bad deserialisation of PostgreSQL UDTs that contain boolean attributes
#5089 Wrong SQL generated for multi row INSERT when ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE is emulated
#5095 ScalaGenerator produces an invalid import expression for SQL array types
#5097 Table.getPrimaryKey() does not work with SQLite's Xerial JDBC driver, when primary key column contains upper-case characters
#5103 Tables referencing object arrays generate Record array in POJOs, rather than POJO array
#5104 Bad HTML in ExecuteListener.outStart() Javadoc
#5106 Result.formatXXX() methods should flush Writers to prevent data loss
#5128 Don't generate javax.validation.NotNull for defaulted columns
#5134 OracleConnection Class not found when jOOQ runs in OSGi and ARRAY types are bound
#5140 DSL.currentTimestamp() cannot be used as a default value for a column, via alterTable
#5150 Settings.backslashEscaping is not applied to LIKE .. ESCAPE clause
#5158 FILTER (WHERE ...) and OVER() is not applied to PostgreSQL ARRAY_AGG()
#5167 Possible NPE when calling InsertImpl.set(Field, Select) with a null Select
#5174 NullPointerException when calling Query.getSQL() on an unattached Query
#5180 DefaultBindings for OffsetTime and OffsetDateTime handle negative offsets
#5182 Meta Table.getKeys() returns an empty list containing "null", if a table has no primary key
#5186 Excessive log level when ignoring foreign key referencing an out-of-scope schema
#5193 PostgreSQL timestamp deserialisation loses millisecond precision, when timestamp is contained in an array of composite types
#5202 MySQL unsigned data types in stored procedures and functions are not captured correctly by jOOQ's code generator
#5212 MetaDataFieldProvider should not catch SQLFeatureNotSupportedException from ResultSetMetaData calls
#5225 Results.clear() does not remove update counts


Version 3.7.0 - October 8, 2015

jOOQ 3.7 means Java 8

This release is great news for all of you working with Java 8. From jOOQ 3.7 onwards, we officially support Java 8 and its new APIs, including Stream, Optional, FunctionalInterface, as well as Java 7 features like AutoCloseable, SafeVarargs, and many more. The newly introduced Stream type is a very suitable match for a JDBC ResultSet, or a jOOQ Cursor, given that jOOQ already knows all the type information on individual streaming elements.

The new paradigm that has reached the JDK with Java 8 is functional programming. SQL and functional programming are a perfect match for data-driven algorithms that aim for transforming values with functions. We've blogged about this in the past:

If you're still on an older version of Java, we'll continue supporting Java 6 for our commercial customers, where we offer a Java 6 build and a Java 8 build.

jOOQ 3.7 means even more Big Data: Azure, Redshift, Vertica

SQL is the language of Big Data. When you have billions of rows in your table, a column store might seem more suitable than a row store ("NewSQL"), and with SQL, you can optimally query, transform, and aggregate your data. jOOQ fits this model perfectly!

jOOQ 3.6 added support for SAP HANA. jOOQ 3.7 now also adds support for SQL Azure, Redshift, and Vertica. With these additions, jOOQ is the best choic for your Java / Big Data application.

jOOQ 3.7 adds support for PostgreSQL 9.5

PostgreSQL is advancing fast. We've now added support for their next major release, which includes GROUPING SETS, UPSERT, SKIP LOCKED, ROW UPDATES and many other features

Other minor improvements

As always, the convenience of the jOOQ API has greatly increased, having added new overloads for popular methods as well as new access paths to existing functionality.

We've also added support for new JOIN types, such as LEFT SEMI JOIN (EXISTS), LEFT ANTI JOIN (NOT EXISTS), or MySQL's STRAIGHT_JOIN syntax.

Writing PL/SQL? Working with TABLE and OBJECT types has now gotten even simpler, and we've also added support for Oracle database links.

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and Improvements

#659 Add support for SQL Azure
#1206 Add Table.leftAntiJoin(Table).on(...) and Table.leftSemiJoin(Table).on(...) to simplify usage of [NOT] EXISTS / IN
#1350 Add support for the VERTICA database
#1364 Generate toString() on POJOs
#1503 Emulate INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY IGNORE in remaining dialects, using INSERT .. SELECT WHERE NOT EXISTS
#1711 Add <K, V> Map<K, List<V>> ResultQuery.fetchGroups(Class<K>, Class<V>) and many others
#1843 Add section to the manual showing how to use jOOQ with JPA native query
#2728 Add support for Amazon Redshift
#2920 Emulate CROSS APPLY as LATERAL JOIN for PostgreSQL
#3082 Let generated POJOs reference Java array types, instead of ArrayRecords
#3645 Let jOOQ require Java 8 - Keep supporting Java 6 in commercial editions
#3772 Publish manual also in EPUB format
#3783 Add Field<String> DSL.currentSchema()
#3887 Support SAP HANA UPSERT
#3955 Add a flag to DefaultTransactionProvider to disable the support for nested transactions via savepoints
#4006 Add <T> Field<T[]> array(Field<T>...)
#4016 Add support for the SQL Standard NTH_VALUE window function
#4113 Add Field<?>[] { Cursor | Record | RecordType | Result | Row | TableLike | UDT }.fields( { Field<?>... | int... | String... } ) for convenience
#4133 Add table name to formatJSON(), formatXML() export formats
#4212 Add LoaderSourceStep.loadRecords(Iterable<? extends Record>)
#4218 Add LoaderSourceStep.loadArrays(Iterable<? extends Object[]>)
#4222 Generate a file containing org.jooq.Link references
#4239 Add Result.formatCSV(boolean) (and related convenience methods) to avoid header
#4252 Provide an out-of-the-box mapping between jOOQ's SQLDialect and Spring dialect names
#4253 Provide an out-of-the-box mapping between jOOQ's SQLDialect and Hibernate dialect names
#4254 Add support for default routine parameters in PostgreSQL
#4255 Add the PostgreSQL VOID data type
#4271 Add implicit ScalaResultQuery type to add additional functionality to ResultQuery for Scala users
#4272 Add missing <E> E ResultQuery.fetchAny(RecordMapper<? super R, E>)
#4273 Add implicit ScalaDSLContext type to add additional functionality to DSLContext for Scala users
#4275 Remove VisitListener's "experimental" disclaimer from Javadocs
#4281 Add support for MySQL's STRAIGHT_JOIN
#4283 Plain SQL queries should read the ResultSetMetaData.getTableName() property if it is available, and produce DSL.field(Name) for better disambiguation
#4284 Add { Cursor | Record | RecordType | Result | Row | TableLike | UDT }.field(Name) to extract qualified fields from a row type
#4299 Add support for PostgreSQL 9.5
#4304 Add support for INTERSECT ALL, EXCEPT ALL clauses
#4305 Add support for the PostgreSQL ROWS FROM () clause
#4307 Add an example using the Spark Framework
#4312 Add various fetchOptional() methods
#4336 Let Cursor and Query extend AutoCloseable
#4337 Add Stream<R>
#4338 Add support for java.time
#4339 Add DSLContext.fetchStream(...) similar to the existing DSLContext.fetchLazy(...) API
#4340 Add
#4363 Replace using the term "simulate" by "emulate" in all documentation
#4365 Document ALTER TABLE .. ADD CONSTRAINT statement in the manual
#4366 Add on(Boolean), where(Boolean), having(Boolean), etc.
#4379 Upgrade Scala dependency from 2.10.4 to 2.10.5
#4380 Make dialect-specific DSL constructors protected to allow further subtyping
#4398 Add "t" and "f" to's TRUE_VALUES and FALSE_VALUES
#4407 Moved jOOQ Spring Boot to dedicated configuration class.
#4408 Document escaping of curly braces in plain SQL templates
#4413 Explain in the manual why LIMIT .. OFFSET emulation for Oracle uses ROWNUM instead of ROW_NUMBER() OVER()
#4416 Add a remark to the VisitListener Javadoc that implementors should be wary of performance implications
#4421 Create sample data for manual sample database
#4422 Update jOOQ 3.7 manual and use try-with-resources statements instead of explicit close() calls
#4424 Use ArrayDeque as a stack, internally, instead of java.util.Stack
#4426 Add <T> T DSLContext.fetchValue(TableField<?, T> field)
#4431 Add an about file to the deliverable and to the manual, as specified in the transfer of rights agreement
#4432 Add support for java.time in Convert
#4438 Add support for CUBRID's { CREATE | DROP } SERIAL statement
#4443 Add support for DROP { TABLE | VIEW } IF EXISTS in CUBRID
#4450 Add support for ALTER TABLE MODIFY in CUBRID
#4451 Add DSLContext.fetchFromCSV(boolean) to allow for fetching header-less CSV data
#4456 Implement Table.field(x).getDataType().nullable() for tables obtained via org.jooq.Meta
#4458 Add support for Oracle DB links via,,
#4463 Add support for passing ROW value expressions to ROLLUP(), CUBE(), and GROUPING SETS()
#4464 Emulate H2's MERGE statement for PostgreSQL 9.5
#4465 Add new FieldOrRow type to provide a common super-type for Field<?> and Row
#4470 Add <springAnnotations/> code generation configuration to generate Spring annotations on select objects
#4475 Add UpdateSetFirstStep.set(RowN, Select<?>)
#4476 Issue a warning when Record.field(Field) runs into ambiguous columns
#4479 DSLContext should implement AutoCloseable, in case it was constructed via DSL.using(String)
#4489 Upgrade Hibernate dependency in jOOQ-meta-extensions to 5.0
#4502 Add org.jooq.Results extends List<Result<Record>> and return this type on fetchMany() calls
#4505 Add Maven plugin skip property
#4508 Add DSL.condition(Map<Field<?>, ?>) to construct a predicate from a field=>value map
#4511 Log a warning when a user accidentally sets the fetchSize with autoCommit == true in PostgreSQL
#4515 Emulate POSITION() with INSTR() in SQLite
#4523 Add the @SafeVarargs annotation to all methods taking Field<T>... and similar arguments
#4524 Add missing DSL.field(String, DataType, QueryPart...) method
#4530 Add support for boolAnd(Condition), boolAnd(Field<Boolean>), boolOr(Condition), boolOr(Field<Boolean>)
#4535 Make existing join() a synonym for a new innerJoin() method
#4536 Make existing { left | right } OuterJoin() a synonym for a new { left | right }Join() method
#4537 Let GenerationTool accept multiple argument configurations
#4538 Add Constants.XSD_EXPORT and NS_EXPORT
#4552 Add DSLContext.connection(ConnectionRunnable)
#4553 Add @FunctionalInterface annotation to all relevant callback types
#4555 Ensure batches are sent
#4562 Do not escape dot in table names during code generation, but use capital case after it
#4565 Add Optional support to
#4566 Let ArrayRecord<E> extend List<E>
#4587 Add Schema ArrayRecord.getSchema()
#4591 .zip deliverable should contain a project folder inside of the .zip file
#4594 Add DSLContext.query(SQL) etc
#4597 Log warning when <forcedType/> doesn't have any matching SQLDataType or <customType/>
#4600 Add support for plain SQL APIs via Scala string interpolation

Breaking changes

#4326 CREATE SEQUENCE statement lets sequences start with MIN_VALUE, not 1 in Derby
#4423 Relax type constraint of DSL.shl() and DSL.shr()
#4459 Result.formatHTML() doesn't escape HTML content, which might produce XSS vulnerabilities
#4488 Relax bound on <T> for Table.getIdentity() from <? extends Number> to <?>

Bug Fixes

#2364 Multi-Result queries may mix ResultSets with update counts. jOOQ doesn't correctly check both in fetchMany()
#2529 Cannot combine INSERT .. SELECT with INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY .. due to DSL API flaw
#2870 TableOnStep.onKey() generates wrong join condition when left-hand side contains aliases
#3707 UDTRecord.toString() doesn't correctly serialise attribute values
#3779 Cannot combine INSERT ... SELECT with RETURNING
#4162 Malformed record literal when using PostgreSQL array of user-defined types
#4224 ORA-00904: "SYS"."ALL_PROCEDURES"."OBJECT_ID": invalid identifier when using the code generator with Oracle 10g
#4225 ScalaGenerator logs that it generates files
#4227 ScalaGenerator should have its own list of reserved words
#4229 ScalaGenerator generates unneeded imports
#4235 JDBCDatabase calls Meta.getPrimaryKeys() for all schemas, not just for input schemas
#4236 Compilation error in compiled code when column is called "null"
#4240 JDBCDatabase fetches tables from all schemas, not just from input schemas
#4246 HANADataType isn't initialised in SQLDataType's static initialiser block
#4248 daoImplements option in MatcherStrategy not generating an implements statement in DAO class
#4258 Bad SQL generated for quantified row value expression predicates in Oracle
#4262 Manual tutorial should import java.sql.*;
#4268 INSERT .. VALUES clause should be rendered on a new line when rendering formatted SQL
#4269 No columns generated for PostgreSQL SETOF [ scalar type ]
#4280 Document MySQL connector's fetchSize behaviour in ResultQuery.fetchSize()
#4286 Manual SQL vs. jOOQ code example are not equivalent
#4287 Remove unused import org.jooq.Row in generated records
#4290 DefaultTransactionProvider should not cache Connection instance
#4291 Add HANA to manual documentation page about DUAL
#4292 Wrong emulation of "grand total" GROUP BY () clause in dialects that do not natively support them
#4295 Common Table Expression declarations don't set the Context.subquery() flag
#4300 DROP SEQUENCE IF EXISTS implemented incorrectly in Sybase SQL Anywhere
#4306 ArrayRecord doesn't correctly implement runtime schema mapping for Oracle
#4308 SQLSERVER2014 dialect doesn't generate correct LIMIT .. OFFSET clause
#4313 NullPointerException in code generator when bypassing GenerationTool without initialising all Lists and String[] to empty objects in Database
#4314 SQL Server UPDATE .. FROM illegally declares aliased tables in UPDATE clause
#4321 Invalid SQL generated when using nullable data types in Derby CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements
#4324 DROP SEQUENCE statement has a mandatory RESTRICT keyword in Derby
#4328 Bad implementation of ALTER TABLE .. ALTER COLUMN .. SET DATA TYPE in Derby
#4331 REFERENCES .. ON { DELETE | UPDATE } SET DEFAULT is currently not supported by Derby
#4333 Firebird CREATE TABLE regression when columns are nullable
#4335 Missing @Support for Firebird for CREATE TABLE statements
#4341 No Results are fetched from SQL Server procedures that contain update counts
#4344 MockStatement returns wrong update counts
#4347 Bad code generated for OBJECT type referencing OBJECT type from different schema
#4348 Missing documentation for <schemaVersionProvider/>
#4349 The trial / pro license is accidentally delivered with the Open Source Edition
#4354 Javadoc warning generated for Result.into(Field<T1>, Field<T2>, ..., Field<TN>)
#4355 Regression with <schemaVersionProvider/> caused by formatting of @Generated annotation
#4358 Wrong @Support value for SQLite which doesn't support ALTER TABLE .. DROP, SET, ADD CONSTRAINT, etc.
#4360 DSL.timestamp() generates wrong output in SQLite
#4367 Wrong implementation of MergeImpl.andNot(Field<Boolean>) and orNot(Field<Boolean>)
#4372 UDTRecord is not "attached" when fetched from standalone stored function call
#4381 No enums generated in MySQL when <forcedType/> contains <types/> matcher
#4385 Missing @Support annotation in MySQLDSL
#4391 Example exception translator should only translate SQLException
#4399 DSLContext.meta().getTables() returns empty fields list for table that are not in the current schema in MySQL
#4406 Manual refers to bad list of supported RDBMS
#4409 Bad syntax generated for MySQL's ALTER TABLE .. SET DEFAULT statement
#4412 Manual section about custom data type binding contains bad link
#4417 Typo in some plain SQL query part Javadocs
#4428 DELETE .. RETURNING is unavailable without WHERE
#4430 Fix routine parameter code generation for types with a binding
#4437 Row value expression IN predicate fails with empty rows collection
#4440 fetchMany() doesn't work with CUBRID
#4447 Empty GROUP BY () clause emulation fails in CUBRID
#4466 Missing CAST() in DSL.dateAdd() when the whole expression is wrapped in a cast
#4471 Record.getValue(Field) returns wrong value if ambiguous column names are contained in the record, and the schema name is not present in the argument
#4481 Missing parentheses when DSL.dateDiff(d1, d2) or timestampDiff(d1, d2) renders "d1 - d2"
#4490 Record not attached to Configuration yet, when RecordListener.exception() is called.
#4494 getSQL() method not available in CustomField.bind() as documented in the manual
#4506 Wrapping condition as field should produce parentheses
#4510 Manual typo. Local variable does not exist
#4526 ScalaGenerator generates broken code when using xxxImplements
#4531 Generated schema and generated Sequences classes import each other, which generates warnings (unused import)
#4540 Performance of org.jooq.impl.Fields.field(Field) could be improved heavily, if checking for identity first
#4545 Error generating code for Oracle Package in Oracle 10g
#4547 Package is not generated when an exception is thrown
#4554 DSLContext#batch(Query) silently discards queries
#4557 ExceptionTranslator in spring examples shouldn't use for SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator
#4563 Incorrect Javadoc on DefaultRecordMapper claims that only public members / methods are considered
#4569 Manual refers to deprecated DefaultGenerator
#4575 SQL comments with javadoc terminators break generated code
#4576 JavaWriter uses regex syntax unsupported in Java <1.8
#4579 Unnecessary log messages when a PostgreSQL database contains tables with multiple inheritance
#4582 Ensure that jOOQ internally uses regular expressions that are Java 6 compatible
#4588 NullPointerException when a TABLE OF OBJECT contains a NULL object
#4592 Improper Restriction of XML External Entity References ('XXE') in XMLasDOMBinding
#4593 Improper Resource Shutdown or Release in LoaderImpl
#4614 Wrong data type reported on org.jooq.Meta by dialect of a family with multiple dialects
#4617 NullPointerException when calling UniqueKey.getReferences() in MySQL

Version 3.6.0 - April 22, 2015

jOOQ goes Big Data with HANA

We've been working hard to add support for our 18th database dialect: SAP HANA, which is now officially supported by the jOOQ Enterprise Edition. HANA is SAP's excellent Big Data offering, supporting column stores combined with the power of SQL standard OLAP functionality, such as window functions. Integrate HANA into your Java or Scala applications with ease, using jOOQ!

Let's talk Scala

We're glad to welcome an increasingly big jOOQ-for-Scala community, an integration where jOOQ really shines thanks to some advanced Scala language features. In order to help you integrate even better, we've now added the new ScalaGenerator that generates jOOQ meta data classes in Scala, instead of Java

Integrate your code generation with JPA

In the previous release, we've implemented a new XMLDatabase that can load arbitrary XML schema metadata formats (via XSLT). We've taken this a step further using our new jOOQ-meta-extensions artefact, which hosts alternative meta data sources, such as your JPA-annotated classes, or ERD exports.

Speaking of XML

Our XML-in-the-database integration just got better! We're showing you in a couple of example Bindings how to get the most out of your vendor-specific data types, such as XML or JSON - which can be integrated into your jOOQ queries effortlessly!

Let's talk some more DDL

This release also adds support for a couple of additional DDL statements that help you standardise your schema migrations for our 18 RDBMS. The newly supported statements are:

SQL 2 jOOQ parser

One year ago, we've added the GUDU Software SQL 2 jOOQ parser with our deliverables. While we still believe that this is an excellent product, we have seen little demand from our users and customers - which is why we no longer ship the parser. You can still download it from GUDU Software.

MULTISET and nested records

While we have published (as promised) some API for nested record support, we're not quite convinced of its design yet. This is why this API is still marked as "experimental". Stay tuned for future releases when we'll take these advanced ORDBMS features one step further.

Tons of new convenience API and bugfixes

jOOQ wouldn't be jOOQ if it wasn't for the myriad convenience methods that make your SQL integration lives so much easier. We've listened to our users and customers and added another bulk of useful fetch(), execute(), map() and many other convenience methods that make your SQL integration fun and efficient.

API Diff:

See what's changed in terms of an API diff here:

Features and improvements

#231 Add BlobBinding and ClobBinding to use java.sql.Blob and java.sql.Clob on a JDBC level
#584 Add a XMLasDOMBinding that can be used to bind SQLXML data types to org.w3c.dom.Node
#1363 Generate a copy constructor for POJOs
#1391 Add support for the Postgres "every" aggregate function
#1464 Allow for a plugin architecture in jooq-meta, jooq-codegen, for custom schema-sources and generation-targets
#2221 The manual's section about "Reusing a Query's PreparedStatement" does not mention what the behaviour is, when the underlying Connection is closed
#2498 Add support for SQL Standard PERCENTILE_CONT() and PERCENTILE_DISC() inverse distribution functions
#2626 Add org.jooq.SQL as a plain SQL type (for templating)
#2639 Add stored procedure OUT values to DEBUG log output
#2664 Add flag to Loader API to enable batch execution
#2686 Add Result.fetchParents(ForeignKey) and Result.fetchChildren(ForeignKey) to fetch relations in a single query
#2899 Support generating code based on JPA annotations
#2905 Add support for named parameters in BatchBindStep.bind()
#2919 Distinguish various PostgreSQL versions in the PostgreSQL family: 9.3, 9.4
#2936 Move .settings, and other Eclipse-related artefacts in a separate place
#3052 Add a section to the manual explaining table-valued functions
#3188 Add support for LEAD() / LAG() with Row[N] arguments
#3329 Support the SQL standard array_agg function
#3336 Add code generation flag to enable / disable imports in generated code
#3338 Add support for ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT .. UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY statements
#3376 Add support for PostgreSQL SETOF functions
#3614 DefaultRecordMapper only sets declared fields of the target type, no inherited fields
#3620 Add section to the manual explaining how to use jOOQ with Nashorn
#3643 Ensure that JPA annotations on private members are considered correctly
#3706 Add a paragraph to the manual explaining how to manually unmarshal code generation Configuration via JAXB
#3708 Emit a newline character when performing formatted logging
#3712 Add Oracle Spatial examples
#3717 Use try-with-resources in manual and tutorial
#3734 Implement "$0" as a default expression in matcher strategy rules
#3744 Add more precise subtypes for InvalidResultException
#3748 Add public Routine T getValue(Parameter<T>) and setValue(Parameter, T) methods
#3765 Add support for HANA
#3781 Add support for DSL.trunc(date, DatePart) for H2
#3784 Add additional <global[XXX]References/> flags to prevent generation of individual reference classes
#3797 For table-valued functions, generate also a static method in
#3800 jOOQ-Meta should log formatted queries on exception
#3801 Add Result#intoMap and Result#intoGroups variants that take field index or field name
#3808 Improve manual's section about batching by making it clear that bind() binds records, not individual values
#3810 Add fetchOne(RecordMapper) shortcut method to ResultQuery
#3816 Use char literals instead of single-character String constants where applicable
#3819 Add Constants.XSD_META and Constants.NS_META to describe the new jooq-meta-x.x.xsd
#3830 Add support for XSL transformation to XMLDatabase
#3840 Add a JavaEE example project with EJB and JSF
#3842 Add DSL.field(Name), DSL.table(Name), DSL.schema(Name), DSL.sequence(Name) methods
#3843 Deprecate DSL.fieldByName(), DSL.tableByName(), DSL.schemaByName(), DSL.sequenceByName()
#3844 Add a new SQLDialect.DEFAULT instead of SQL99
#3846 Let examples work with latest release, not with SNAPSHOTs
#3847 Document the fact that Collection<? extends Condition> or Condition[] arguments are always and-connected
#3848 Add DSL.dateSub() as a convenience for adding negative dates via DATE_ADD()
#3849 Add PostgresDSL.stringToArray(X, Y, Z) support
#3851 Add a @PlainSQL annotation to all methods that produce plain SQL objects
#3853 Add support for CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE and all related flags
#3854 Deprecate DSL.queryPart() in favour of DSL.sql()
#3865 Add an example project showing how to use jOOQ with JavaFX
#3870 Add support for aggregate FILTER clause
#3871 Add support for PostgreSQL 9.4
#3872 Emulate MEDIAN(x) via PERCENTILE_CONT(0.5) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY x) in PostgreSQL 9.4
#3873 Add SQLDialect.predecessor() to establish historic dependencies between SQLDialects
#3874 Add a AbstractXMLasObjectBinding that can be used to bind SQLXML data types to JAXB-annotated types
#3875 Add support for PostgreSQL 9.4 ordered-set aggregate functions
#3876 Add support for SQL Server 2014
#3878 Add R[] ResultQuery.fetchArray()
#3879 Rename Result.intoArray() into Result.intoArrays()
#3882 Overload JavaGenerator.generateXXX() methods to contain a JavaWriter argument
#3886 Add Field<Record[N]> DSL.field(Row[N]) to allow for nesting rows in SELECT clauses
#3889 Add DataType.getBinding()
#3891 Cache Record Constructor in CursorImpl
#3894 Clarify Record.getValue() behaviour in Javadoc
#3897 Add support for nested "to-one" POJOs in DefaultRecordMapper
#3900 Implement better formatting for nested Records
#3904 Add DSL.and(Condition...) / DSL.or(Condition...)
#3907 Upgrade Spring version in tutorials / manuals
#3915 Calls to Configuration.derive() create a Configuration that indirectly references the previous Configuration instance
#3928 Add support for ORA_ROWSCN, SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP() to OracleDSL
#3931 Add RenderKeywordStyle.AS_IS
#3934 Add StopWatch.split() to get current time
#3941 Add additional DSL.param() methods to create unnamed bind value placeholders
#3956 Add Configuration set(DataSource) and set(Connection) for convenience
#3961 Apply Base64 encoding to binary types when formatting them to XML, JSON, etc.
#3975 Add support for bulk insertion in the Loader API
#3981 Implement Meta.getTables()[x].getPrimaryKey().getReferences()
#3983 Add <T> List DSLContext.fetchValues(TableField)
#3984 Implement Meta.getTables()[x].getReferences()
#3985 Add support for more PostgreSQL array functions
#3986 Add DSL.choose() as a synonym for DSL.decode(), and DSL.when(Field), DSL.when(Condition) as shortcuts
#3992 Add <T> DSL.coalesce(Field, T)
#4004 Make the manual's version bar at the top a coloured bar
#4009 Add <R extends Record> Table DSL.table(R...)
#4012 Add new LoaderConfigurationException to indicate bad configurations in Loader API
#4013 Add int Loader.executed(), a new counter that counts the number of executed statements
#4019 Add system property to remove the logo from the log output
#4021 Add a ScalaGenerator
#4027 Let INSERT statements default to using DEFAULT VALUES when no values are specified
#4044 Add support for ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT statements
#4045 Add AlterTableStep.addColumn() and dropColumn() methods as synonyms for add() and drop()
#4046 Add support for ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT .. FOREIGN KEY statements
#4047 Add DSL.deleteFrom() alias for DSL.delete()
#4048 Add support for ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT .. CHECK statements
#4058 Mention SimpleFlatMapper from the jOOQ manual
#4063 Add DSLContext.truncate(String) convenience method
#4064 Add PostgreSQL support for DSLContext.lastId()
#4071 Emit a warning when a batch statement doesn't receive the right number of bind values
#4085 Add DSL.list(QueryPart...) to allow for creating lists in SQL templates
#4086 Add a manual section about Record.into(Table<?>)
#4097 Use SQL standard EXTRACT() function also in Oracle
#4099 Document how to use Converter and Binding without the code generator
#4105 Add an optional, synthetic COLUMNS clause to the INSERT API for convenience
#4107 Add Routine.getReturnParameter()
#4108 Add ExecuteListener.outStart(ExecuteContext) and outEnd(ExecuteContext) to capture fetching of Routine OUT parameters
#4110 Overload DDL API to accept Name instead of String arguments
#4122 Log code generation configuration XML only in DEBUG level
#4125 Add MockConnectionProvider and MockConfiguration for convenience
#4126 Add void DSLContext.mock(MockDataProvider, MockRunnable) and <T> T mockResult(MockDataProvider, MockCallable)
#4127 Upgrade embedded jOOR dependency to 0.9.5
#4129 Add support for @javax.persistence.Id
#4140 Recognize SQLDroid JDBC URLs in JDBCUtils.dialect(String)
#4141 Add support for specifying the encoding when loading CSV or JSON with the Loader API
#4143 Add onRow(LoaderRowListener) to the Loader API
#4144 Explain the rationale of the transaction examples in the manual
#4146 Generate PL/SQL constants
#4152 Add <T> Field TableLike.field( { String | int }, { Class, DataType, Field } )
#4154 Link to source code from
#4174 Split the manual's section about the INSERT statement in several sections
#4179 Add support for MySQL's mandatory ON clause in the DROP INDEX statement
#4198 Improve manual section about SQL injection
#4206 Add Converter<T, T> Converters.identity(Class) to produce an identity converter