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jOOQ as a SQL executor

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Instead of any tool mentioned in the previous chapters, you can also use jOOQ directly to execute your jOOQ-generated SQL statements. This will add a lot of convenience on top of the previously discussed API for typesafe SQL construction, when you can re-use the information from generated classes to fetch records and custom data types. An example is given here:

// Typesafely execute the SQL statement directly with jOOQ
Result<Record3<String, String, String>> result =

By having jOOQ execute your SQL, the jOOQ query DSL becomes truly embedded SQL.

jOOQ doesn't stop here, though! You can execute any SQL with jOOQ. In other words, you can use any other SQL building tool and run the SQL statements with jOOQ. An example is given here:

// Use your favourite tool to construct SQL strings:
String sql = "SELECT title, first_name, last_name FROM book JOIN author ON book.author_id = author.id " +
             "WHERE book.published_in = 1984";

// Fetch results using jOOQ
Result<Record> result = create.fetch(sql);

// Or execute that SQL with JDBC, fetching the ResultSet with jOOQ:
ResultSet rs = connection.createStatement().executeQuery(sql);
Result<Record> result = create.fetch(rs);

If you wish to use jOOQ as a SQL executor with (or without) code generation, the following sections of the manual will be of interest to you:

  • SQL building: This section contains a lot of information about creating SQL statements using the jOOQ API
  • Code generation: This section contains the necessary information to run jOOQ's code generator against your developer database
  • SQL execution: This section contains a lot of information about executing SQL statements using the jOOQ API
  • Fetching: This section contains some useful information about the various ways of fetching data with jOOQ


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