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Apart from jOOQ's fluent API for query construction, jOOQ can also help you execute everyday CRUD operations. An example is given here:

// Fetch an author
AuthorRecord author = create.fetchOne(AUTHOR, AUTHOR.ID.eq(1));

// Create a new author, if it doesn't exist yet
if (author == null) {
    author = create.newRecord(AUTHOR);

// Mark the author as a "distinguished" author and store it

// Executes an update on existing authors, or insert on new ones

If you wish to use all of jOOQ's features, the following sections of the manual will be of interest to you (including all sub-sections):

  • SQL building: This section contains a lot of information about creating SQL statements using the jOOQ API
  • Code generation: This section contains the necessary information to run jOOQ's code generator against your developer database
  • SQL execution: This section contains a lot of information about executing SQL statements using the jOOQ API


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