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Spatial functions

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A few databases have implemented the ISO/IEC 13249-3 SQL standard spatial extensions (or vendor specific adaptations thereof) to calculate geometric or geographic sets.

These extensions are very useful, and SQL is a perfect match for them. Starting with jOOQ 3.16, we support quite a few of these spatial functions, spatial aggregate and window functions, spatial predicates, and more.

Before moving on with the following chapters of the jOOQ manual, get yourself acquainted with the various standards around spatial data, the WKT (Well-known text representation of geometry), and other related topics, to see how a polygon like:

POLYGON ((-1 -1, 1 -1, 1 1, -1 1, -1 -1))

... can produce the equivalent:

Table of contents
ST_Area (new)
ST_AsText (new)
ST_Centroid (new)
ST_Difference (new)
ST_Distance (new)
ST_EndPoint (new)
ST_ExteriorRing (new)
ST_GeometryN (new)
ST_GeometryType (new)
ST_GeomFromText (new)
ST_InteriorRingN (new)
ST_Intersection (new)
ST_Length (new)
ST_NumGeometries (new)
ST_NumInteriorRings (new)
ST_NumPoints (new)
ST_PointN (new)
ST_SRID (new)
ST_StartPoint (new)
ST_Union (new)
ST_X (new)
ST_Y (new)
ST_Z (new)

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