Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Interface RecordQualifier<R extends Record>

All Superinterfaces:
Fields, Named, Qualified, QueryPart, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
CommonTableExpression<R>, JSONTableColumnPathStep, JSONTableColumnsStep, QOM.CrossApply<R>, QOM.CrossJoin<R>, QOM.DataChangeDeltaTable<R>, QOM.DerivedTable<R>, QOM.Dual, QOM.FullJoin<R>, QOM.GenerateSeries<T>, QOM.HintedTable<R>, QOM.Join<R>, QOM.JoinTable<R,J>, QOM.Lateral<R>, QOM.LeftAntiJoin<R>, QOM.LeftJoin<R>, QOM.LeftSemiJoin<R>, QOM.LinkedTable<R>, QOM.NaturalFullJoin<R>, QOM.NaturalJoin<R>, QOM.NaturalLeftJoin<R>, QOM.NaturalRightJoin<R>, QOM.OuterApply<R>, QOM.QualifiedJoin<R,J>, QOM.RightJoin<R>, QOM.RowsFrom, QOM.StraightJoin<R>, QOM.TableAlias<R>, QOM.Values<R>, QOM.WithOrdinalityTable<R>, QOM.WithTable<R>, Table<R>, TableOnConditionStep<R>, TableOptionalOnStep<R>, UDT<R>, XMLTableColumnPathStep, XMLTableColumnsStep
All Known Implementing Classes:
CustomTable, TableImpl, UDTImpl

public interface RecordQualifier<R extends Record> extends Qualified, Fields
A UDT or Table.
Lukas Eder
  • Method Details

    • getPackage

      @Nullable @Nullable Package getPackage()
      Get the UDT package if this is a UDT, or null if it is not a UDT, or if it is a schema level UDT defined outside of a package.
    • getRecordType

      @NotNull @NotNull Class<? extends R> getRecordType()
      The record type produced by this UDT or Table.
    • getDataType

      @NotNull @NotNull DataType<R> getDataType()
      The UDT's or Table's data type as known to the database.
    • newRecord

      @NotNull R newRecord()
      Create a new Record of this UDT's or Table's type.
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