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Record1 to Record22

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jOOQ's row value expression (or tuple) support has been explained earlier in this manual. It is useful for constructing row value expressions where they can be used in SQL. The same typesafety is also applied to records for degrees up to 22. To express this fact, org.jooq.Record is extended by org.jooq.Record1 to org.jooq.Record22. Apart from the fact that these extensions of the R type can be used throughout the jOOQ DSL, they also provide a useful API. Here is org.jooq.Record2, for instance:

public interface Record2<T1, T2> extends Record {

    // Access fields and values as row value expressions
    Row2<T1, T2> fieldsRow();
    Row2<T1, T2> valuesRow();

    // Access fields by index
    Field<T1> field1();
    Field<T2> field2();

    // Access values by index
    T1 value1();
    T2 value2();

Higher-degree records

jOOQ chose to explicitly support degrees up to 22 to match Scala's typesafe tuple, function and product support. Unlike Scala, however, jOOQ also supports higher degrees without the additional typesafety.

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