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First level cache and second level cache

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In the jOOQ world, a first or second level cache is not needed, because it fundamentally opposes the idea that you interact with your database only using queries, not using entity graph navigation.

In the JPA world, this idea exists as well when you use (DTO) projections, which cannot reasonably be cached using first and second level caches (at least not without moving the query execution partially into the client).

As these caches solve problems that jOOQ doesn't have, because jOOQ doesn't have eager or lazy loading, nor does it operate on the entity graph, there is no need for such a cache.

Should you find the need for caching other types of data (e.g. your DTOs of some master data), then it should be quite trivial to use any off-the-shelf cache product and cache that data in the service layer directly. From a jOOQ perspective, the query layer is the wrong place to cache any data.


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