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Inlined parameters

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Sometimes, you may wish to avoid rendering bind variables while still using custom values in SQL. Some example reasons can be seen in this blog post. jOOQ refers to that as "inlined" bind values. When bind values are inlined, they render the actual value in SQL rather than a JDBC question mark. Bind value inlining can be achieved in several ways:

In all cases, your inlined bind values will be properly escaped to avoid SQL syntax errors and SQL injection. Some examples:

// Use dedicated calls to inline() in order to specify
// single bind values to be rendered as inline values
// --------------------------------------------------

// Or render the whole query with inlined values
// --------------------------------------------------
Settings settings = new Settings()

// Add the settings to the Configuration
DSLContext create = DSL.using(connection, SQLDialect.ORACLE, settings);

// Run queries that omit rendering schema names


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