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Readonly column behaviour

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When using is readonly columns, by default, any values that are attempted to be inserted or updated are ignored. The following Settings allow for overriding and the default behaviour of readonly columns:

Each one of these flags is of type org.jooq.conf.WriteIfReadonly with these permitted states:

  • WRITE: Write to the column as if it weren't readonly. This effectively turns off the feature.
  • IGNORE: Ignore the column in a relevant statement. This is the default.
  • THROW: Throw an exception if the column is included in a relevant DML statement.

The default behaviour IGNORE is particularly useful when loading POJO data into org.jooq.UpdatableRecord and storing it, while ignoring IDENTITY columns, computed columns, synthetic columns (such as the synthetic ROWIDs), and more.

Example configuration

Settings settings = new Settings()
    .withReadonlyInsert(WriteIfReadonly.THROW)                 // Defaults to IGNORE
    .withReadonlyUpdate(WriteIfReadonly.THROW)                 // Defaults to IGNORE
    .withReadonlyTableRecordInsert(WriteIfReadonly.THROW)      // Defaults to IGNORE
    .withReadonlyUpdatableRecordUpdate(WriteIfReadonly.THROW); // Defaults to IGNORE


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