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Table mapping Replacer

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jOOQ has a powerful runtime catalog, schema, and table mapping feature, which can be used to implement multi tenancy use-cases, etc. This mapping functionality is meant as a global configuration for the entirety of your application. Very often, however, you need to map just a single table, or a small set of tables for a specific purpose, for example:

-- Input
SELECT t.id, t.value FROM t

-- Output
SELECT u.id, u.value FROM u

In order to achieve this, just apply the following replacement:

Select<?> input = select(T.ID, T.VALUE).from(T);
Select<?> output = (Select<?>) input.$replace(Replacers.mappingTable(T, U));

Or, if the decision what to map is more elaborate, use a lambda:

Select<?> input = select(T.ID, T.VALUE).from(T);
Select<?> output = (Select<?>) input.$replace(Replacers.mappingTable(t -> T.equals(t) ? U : t));


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