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Listening Replacer

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This replacer doesn't replace anything on its own, but helps debug things from other replacers. For example, a Replacer that removes redundant NOT(NOT(x)) expressions:

// The input condition
Condition c = ctx.parser().parseCondition("not not not book.id != 1");

// The replacer doing the replacement
Replacer r = Replacer.of(q -> {
    if (q instanceof QOM.Not n1 && n1.$arg1() instanceof QOM.Not n2)
        return n2.$arg1();
    else if (q instanceof QOM.Not n1 && n1.$arg1() instanceof QOM.Ne<?> n2)
        return n2.$arg1().eq((Field) n2.$arg2());
        return q;

// A proxy to the above replacer, doing some logging
r = Replacers.listening(r, (p1, p2) -> System.out.println("Replacing: " + p1 + " => " + p2));

// The application of the replacement
QueryPart result = c.$replace(r);
System.out.println("Result: " + result);

The above now prints each replacement that the depth first replacement algorithm applies to your expression tree, bottom-up:

Replacing: not (book.id <> 1) => book.id = 1
Replacing: not (not (book.id = 1)) => book.id = 1
Result: book.id = 1


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