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Schema diff

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Starting with jOOQ 3.13, and the capability of interpreting DDL, jOOQ is now able to create a "diff" between two versions of your schema. An example:

// We're using interpreted Meta objects. But any other type of Meta can be used, too
Meta m1 = create.meta("create table t (i int)");
Meta m2 = create.meta("create table t (i int, j int)");

// The diff is now printed in both directions:
System.out.println("-- Schema upgrade");
System.out.println("-- Schema downgrade");

The output of the above program is:

-- Schema upgrade
alter table T add J int;

-- Schema downgrade
alter table T drop J;

The diff algorithm can non-ambiguously determine the following set of changes

  • Catalog additions and removals
  • Schema additions and removals
  • Table additions and removals
  • Column additions and removals
  • Column type changes
  • Constraint additions, removals, and renamings (including primary keys, unique keys, foreign keys, and check constraints)
  • Index additions, removals, and renamings
  • View additions, removals, and replacements
  • Sequence additions, removals, and sequence flag changes
  • Comment additions and removals

The following set of changes are difficult to detect. Some heuristics could be implemented, but are not yet supported in jOOQ:

  • Catalog renamings
  • Schema renamings, and moving between catalogs
  • Table renamings, and moving between schemas
  • Column renamings, and moving between tables
  • View renamings

Another way to use this API is the https://www.jooq.org/diff website.

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