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Interpreted meta data

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jOOQ's parser is used by a DDL interpreter to create an alternative implementation of org.jooq.Meta based on your DDL scripts:

// Using strings:
         "create table a (i int);",
         "create table b (j int);",
         "create table c (k int);"

// Using the jOOQ API:
         createTable("a").columns("i", INTEGER),
         createTable("b").columns("j", INTEGER),
         createTable("c").columns("k", INTEGER)

The above prints all of the tables from the DDL scripts


All the meta data is available, including column names, types, constraints, etc.

DDL can be interpreted from strings or from org.jooq.Source, which represents any string providing source, including files, input streams, etc.

Exporting DDL

Any org.jooq.Meta implementation can be exported back to DDL statements (translated to any dialect!) using Meta.ddl()


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