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Record Version and Timestamp Fields

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jOOQ's org.jooq.UpdatableRecord supports an optimistic locking feature, which can be enabled in the code generator by specifying a regular expression that defines such a record's version and/or timestamp fields. These regular expressions should match at most one column per table, again either by their fully qualified names (catalog.schema.table.column_name) or by their names only (column_name):

XML (standalone and maven)

See the configuration XSD, standalone code generation, and maven code generation for more details.

new org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration()
  .withGenerator(new Generator()
    .withDatabase(new Database()

See the configuration XSD andprogrammatic code generation for more details.

generationTool {
  generator {
    database {
      recordVersionFields = 'REC_VERSION'
      recordTimestampFields = 'REC_TIMESTAMP'

See the configuration XSD and gradle code generation for more details.

As always, when regular expressions are used, they are regular expressions with default flags.


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