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Custom Settings

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The jOOQ Configuration allows for some optional configuration elements to be used by advanced users. The org.jooq.conf.Settings class is a JAXB-annotated type, that can be provided to a Configuration in several ways:

The most specific settings for a given context will apply.

If you wish to configure your settings through XML, but explicitly load them for a given Configuration, you can do so as well, using JAXB:

Settings settings = JAXB.unmarshal(new File("/path/to/settings.xml"), Settings.class);


For example, if you want to indicate to jOOQ, that it should inline all bind variables, and execute static java.sql.Statement instead of binding its variables to java.sql.PreparedStatement, you can do so by creating the following DSLContext:

Settings settings = new Settings();
DSLContext create = DSL.using(connection, dialect, settings);

More details

Please refer to the jOOQ runtime configuration XSD for more details:


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