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The Postgres database has native support for an INSERT .. RETURNING clause. This is a very powerful concept that is emulated for all other dialects using JDBC's getGeneratedKeys() method. Take this example:

// Add another author, with a generated ID
Record record =
      .values("Charlotte", "Roche")


// For some RDBMS, this also works when inserting several values
// The following should return a 2x2 table
Result<?> result =
      .values("Johann Wolfgang", "von Goethe")
      .values("Friedrich", "Schiller")
      // You can request any field. Also trigger-generated values
      .returningResult(AUTHOR.ID, AUTHOR.CREATION_DATE)

Some databases have poor support for returning generated keys after INSERTs. In those cases, jOOQ might need to issue another SELECT statement in order to fetch an @@identity value. Be aware, that this can lead to race-conditions in those databases that cannot properly return generated ID values. For more information, please consider the jOOQ Javadoc for the returningResult() clause.


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