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Table valued functions

jOOQ supports table valued functions in many databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. By default, table valued functions are treated as:

  • ordinary tables in most databases including PostgreSQL, SQL Server - because that's what they are. They're intended for use in FROM clauses of SELECT statements, not as standalone routines.
  • ordinary routines in some databases including Oracle - for historic reasons. While Oracle also allows for embedding (pipelined) table functions in FROM clauses of SELECT statements, it is not uncommon to call these as standalone routines in Oracle.

The <tableValuedFunctions/> flag is thus set to false by default on Oracle, and true otherwise. Here's how to explicitly change this behaviour:

XML configuration (standalone and Maven)

<configuration xmlns="">

Programmatic configuration

  .withGenerator(new Generator(
    .withDatabase(new Database()

Gradle configuration

myConfigurationName(sourceSets.main) {
  generator {
    database {
      tableValuedFunctions = true
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