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Learn jOOQ from these excellent third party resources:

Beginning jOOQ: Learn to Write Efficient and Effective Java-Based SQL Database Operations by Tayo Koleoso
Author Anghel Leonard
Title jOOQ Masterclass
Languages English

Anghel Leonard's jOOQ Masterclass is a complete reference for anyone looking into a deep dive into jOOQ and SQL in general.
Beginning jOOQ: Learn to Write Efficient and Effective Java-Based SQL Database Operations by Tayo Koleoso
Author Tayo Koleoso
Title Beginning jOOQ
Languages English

Tayo Koleoso's Beginning jOOQ provides a lot of introductory insight into the jOOQ ecosystem in a very refreshing and fun way.
Easily accessing databases in Java with jOOQ by Marco Behler
Author Marco Behler
Title Databases with jOOQ
Languages English

Marco Behler offers great introductory courses. Get started very quickly with jOOQ, learning the most important concepts at a good pace.

Third Party Learning

jOOQ is about SQL. We recommend you also read these excellent resources, which talk about SQL in general:

High Performance Java Persistence by Vlad Mihalcea
Author Vlad Mihalcea
Title High Performance Java Persistence
Languages English

Vlad Mihalcea, author of the Flexy Pool library has condensed his persistence tuning experience into a single book in the making. A must-read for everyone aiming for pushing their RDBMS to the limit with a Java application.
SQL Performance Explained by Markus Winand, author of Use-The-Index-Luke.com
Author Markus Winand
Title SQL Performance Explained
Languages English, German, French

Markus Winand has created Use-The-Index-Luke.com. His book explains nicely how to achieve proper indexing and performance in popular RDBMS.
SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming by Bill Karwin
Author Bill Karwin
Title SQL Antipatterns
Languages English

Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and build stronger relational databases. Now he’s sharing his collection of antipatterns—the most common errors he’s identified in those thousands of requests for help.
Reactive Web Applications by Manuel Bernhardt
Author Manuel Bernhardt
Title Reactive Web Applications
Languages English

Manuel Bernhardt has extensive experience in Scala and Reactive programming, showing how to go reactive with Play, Akka, and jOOQ in his book in the making.

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