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// Fetch books and format them as XML
String xml = create.selectFrom(BOOK).fetch().formatXML();

The above query will result in an XML document looking like the following one:

<result xmlns="">
    <field schema="TEST" table="BOOK" name="ID" type="INTEGER"/>
    <field schema="TEST" table="BOOK" name="AUTHOR_ID" type="INTEGER"/>
    <field schema="TEST" table="BOOK" name="TITLE" type="VARCHAR"/>
      <value field="ID">1</value>
      <value field="AUTHOR_ID">1</value>
      <value field="TITLE">1984</value>
      <value field="ID">2</value>
      <value field="AUTHOR_ID">1</value>
      <value field="TITLE">Animal Farm</value>

The same result as an org.w3c.dom.Document can be obtained using the Result.intoXML() method:

// Fetch books and format them as XML
Document xml = create.selectFrom(BOOK).fetch().intoXML();

See the XSD schema definition here, for a formal definition of the XML export format:

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