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BOOLEAN columns

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Some databases support the standard SQL BOOLEAN data type, which produces Field<Boolean> column types in jOOQ's code generator. But even if your dialect doesn't support the BOOLEAN type out of the box, you may have applied a data type rewrite to force a TINYINT(1) or CHAR(1) or NUMBER(1) column to act as a BOOLEAN.

When you have such a column, you will want to use it as a condition, and vice-versa. A org.jooq.Field<Boolean> can be turned into a org.jooq.Condition using DSL.condition(Field). The inverse operation can be achieved using DSL.field(Condition):

Condition condition = BOOK.TITLE.eq("Animal Farm");
Field<Boolean> field = field(condition);

// Fetch boolean values from a table

// Use a boolean field as a condition


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