Module org.jooq

Class DataAccessException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ConfigurationException, DataChangedException, DataDefinitionException, DataException, DataMigrationException, DataTypeException, DetachedException, IntegrityConstraintViolationException, InvalidResultException, IOException, LoaderConfigurationException, MappingException, MockFileDatabaseException, ParserException, TemplatingException

public class DataAccessException extends RuntimeException
The DataAccessException is a generic RuntimeException indicating that something went wrong while executing a SQL statement from jOOQ.

Unlike JDBC, jOOQ throws RuntimeException, knowing that

Apart from jOOQ's own DataAccessException subtypes, which are thrown by jOOQ's internals, most SQLException types (or R2dbcException types) are translated and wrapped by:

Sergey Epik - Merged into jOOQ from Spring JDBC Support, Lukas Eder
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